Day: September 11, 2018

1 first love met

Preface: I recall a friend of first love as a hero, I listen to when not much attention to his tears, but I write when we come to know it is a broke our hearts to remember.It was a true love, soul destroying a strong man!No right or wrong in love, but never meant a sigh and sad!Accidentally into the personal feelings!  When he stood up, I might see a phoenix.Or a desert scorpion.But what relationship, at least he was kind of hot soul dedicated to their favorite people.  I hate the thoughts, so, in reincarnation, I could not resist back to square one.  I know, so I can not miss how long to keep.  I know how these thoughts will be a result of missed.  Slow, slowly faded.Pale slowed to miss.  Over, my thoughts run out.  Finished, Ever since I resumed.  Began, also put the heart slowly changed.  Changed, you will not long emerged.  Does not appear, I will reborn.  Born again, you will not miss me in the.  Say, it is the story of you and me.  Changed is as if this is someone else’s story.  I wrote origin, was afraid that I forgot there was such a person existed in my heart a!  Existed, is already off the petals, branches have to remember that existed!  Write down a piece of paper, even a little is really Payouyitian not miss the.  Beautiful flowers fade, but you are afraid I forgot when she was blooming in full bloom.  So I drew down and placed it in the book.  And other flowers of the season over the winter is out to look at.  Because next year if the flowers, I have slowly not hope for a.  It was a sunny summer morning.On a busy street in front of shops, many parks are especially lively on Sunday.Do not know the name of seedlings of various flowers and a beautiful dress elongated platform.Platform has a rectangular fountain lines, fountain edge of a fire phoenix statue.Red statue sunlight reflected from the people’s face, I feel very wonderful.Those girls are on vacation guy with nothing to do in droves to this place to play, have the same ring, there is fire, there are a variety of games, they play with a smile clamor.Behind the fountain and some elderly people practicing tai chi sword, soft music and blend the beauty of this morning, this is a beautiful landscape.  I am a lazy, rare up so early.After they cup of tea, sitting next file viewing this rare beauty.A rare good mood, but also the most beautiful scenery in my life from the beginning of this morning.  While one end of the old people Shoujian right at home, walked into the store a mother and daughter.The woman looks about forty, wearing a very simple but very clean, although age is not small, his face a little spot.But with a kindly face, with a smile, it is natural to greet me in the past, giving the impression seems to know an old friend a long time.  I will greet the past, the girl was introduced to the store to do is to apprentice.I hit the boss’s phone went busy.I was helping some customers print some of the photos the day before did not complete.The boss came and they talked about some problems on the job and treatment.After over boss told me, she told me later they learn of the print.Her mother called me over and almost move, I am in my age is not commensurate with the steady won the approval of his mother.  Later, her mother said something told me to take care of the girl, then went to the girls went to buy daily necessities.Then the girl stood watching me after my operation.At that time this small town only two photofinishing unit, because my boss easygoing, so business has always been very good, very little room to expand mining, is a triangle in a small room next file type in.By only one person out into.So she stood behind me, I can smell the aroma of his body.Not really what perfume, but all the girls will certainly have a taste.At that time I was shy, saying the same age female interaction is also quite small.Also lazy to speak.  I do not how dare look back and talk to her.Then came the customer to send a piece of my back so that customers put on the table when the film.I saw her face, because you can see the pores on her delicate skin too close, eyes large and very bright, very dark eyebrow curved.Wearing long twist identified the child, reaching down to the bottom.So spend significant amount of high.Country girl full of clothes is also very simple.But the line came from, but look pretty good.At that time the feeling is not very beautiful, but very engaging.At that time she looked at me.Embarrassed to look up the move Minilab.  I also continue to work back up.Because so boring I went up and she tried to strike up a conversation.  You called names?  Lingling.  With names and very, ah, just fine name!  That what is your name?  I ah, if you wish, you can call uncle ah!  Do not pull it!I also see sophomore than three years old, I heard Zhang boss called you, I call you Sally Well.  Zhang also called good!  But then she has told me is that the Zhang.Just started not feel good to hear her voice, sounds a bit like a boy.But then also I think her voice is the voice of the world’s best to listen to it!Feeling a little rustle!  While I was doing alterations, and while she chatted up the mess.I do not know why I once spoke to people and will pull special, that everything seems pretty good.And we have a more natural.She laughed very good-looking, there are two shallow dimples.She years younger than me, just out of school, that year I also nineteen.We talk very happy that some schools do, once you are familiar with what is said, and I asked her if she did not talk about a love, she smiled and said: “When you do the authors talked about high school.”I said:” Yes ah, I was Lover.”She smiled and shook his head to say no letter.  So we are familiar with, and I followed his boss called the Lingling.She did not speak when very quiet, talking all the time is also very quiet, and people will not fooling around, never swearing, so we get along harmonious.  She is very smart, a quick learner, to work very seriously.Her mastery of color seem to have innate ability.So did the ten days have begun to print some movies, maybe she is better than I have patience, so the color adjustment than I place.Autumn is coming to that time, so the business is getting better.And that was a period of reform from traditional to digital, because I have a good grasp of computer technology, digital will do the.Minilab interval between the digital and a reception hall.So we are not too busy during the day time to meet, but the old Minilab always out of some problem, I went to helping repair it.One night I mostly nothing, so it helped her to do something, more importantly played a crooked heart.The film more time we have to work at night to eleven, twelve, and I also shop at the time she was in the field, so we often work overtime only.She lives in a rented room, the boss, and I live in a small compartment behind the store’s cafeteria.So much when we will know what the feelings.Although not a complete understanding.Due to daily life, we may soon fell in love, so whenever I did not find her, she is looking for me, always something to talk.Or teach her some computer knowledge, she’d be happy to learn.I lecture people are more willing to show off yourself.I was willing to live helped her doing, she would bring me some water or get something I want to use.  Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, we opened a shop boss.The new shop also do the latter by the old, so more and more busy, we often have to work until 1 am.2 am, but I’m not too busy, but wanted to be with her, mostly at night because she did not accompany sleep.Since the new store opened, people began to rise, she moved to the new store on the second floor staff quarters to live.Every night I would ride her home.

Let parting sake of your happiness

Before you leave this time to come.  I tried to adjust their mentality lost to suit you’re not lonely each night around me, though you next to me, but I was already very clear.  This time you really re-affirmed the determination to leave me, right close by is also far apart.  I know I can not do that kind of calm as you, but can not easily convince yourself that you forget.  Because I really do not want to find a random can easily leave your reasons.I can not find a very easy to forget your excuses.  When one kind of infatuation has been unable to keep love, truth has become a burden when you re-select, let leave to fulfill your happiness, my sadness achievements of your new happiness.  Because for no other reason, just because I really loved you, until now still still in love with you.  I know you have to leave the idea of not just now.  You with me from the first days, you have many times thought about this problem, but you can not bear to my disappointment and loss, so you’ve been waiting for an appropriate choice of the day, you can make a choice I bear moments.  Only I know exactly when to leave you to speak, you can not feel the sting in my heart, a deep disappointment to have to drive all my happiness lazy to do the first time I had the feeling of heartache and grief.  But I really want to thank you personally say what you really think.  I would rather tolerate the loss of real cruel, and will not tolerate any reason to deceive.  Although your decision to make me feel very uncomfortable and painful, can not accept such a cruel reality, but I really want to thank you for your sincerity and truth, I understand the importance of your choice for you.  Maybe with some new emotion to forget the other a feeling of loss, or with another piece of new love to heal and dilute sadness, can be regarded as a good way.  But I really can not do.  I do not want to use such an extreme way to let yourself get relief.  Moreover, this approach does not allow me to escape the loss of disappearance.Have you ever gentle face, I can not learn to forget.  I feel the memory, has been standing in the place you left, I never left.  My soul is in the process of erosion you do after the storm, there is no escape and hide, just blankly accept the lonely caress.  Only really loved the people will feel grief, the kind of deep-seated pain Wan heart.  Can not arbitrarily cut a warm sun, not just with some other passion can forget.  Perhaps the passage of time will alleviate some of my pain, but it is not I can do it now.  You just walked categorically.  Maybe you do not have feelings of nostalgia and I do care, I believe you and I were together for your heart, you have never deceived your feelings, but ultimately you need is not love I can give , so the way you choose to leave.  If you think this way can choose from, you can be close to the maximum distance you desire happiness, then I sincerely wish you now.  No matter how you look at that period of love when we were together, I would love that well will find a habitat, let it be a soul in the eternal landscape, when I have free and solitary occasion, you can walk way mourn for my love.  Let me leave you clearly understand that true love is a luxury, there is no corresponding matter is not so expensive prop up consumer.  Love is a kind of fragile, in favor of ups and downs, it is difficult to hold down long-term integrity.  Do not always use to prove the authenticity of love, do not use comments to complete a beautiful love.  Infatuated with infatuation love always pass, not because of the lack of real love and infatuation, not because fate will always be a stranger to passers-by, but there are factors that love and survival long-term effects of too much reality, there are too many love to specific adverse effects of environmental conditions.  Perhaps desolation is always a feeling of true love, true love has lost its original beautiful timeless aura.  Change the concept of economic development and emotion, so that marriage and love life more and more short, has become an undeniable fact, even marriage can not keep love, sex would be difficult to save the love of years, not to mention a secular acceptance and tolerance, can not see a happy ending for some inverse situation.  Little girl, you chose to leave my moment really made me very uncomfortable.  I until now still living in a pleasant memory of the past, perhaps because you do not want to prolong the time, adding to my greater disappointment and sadness, I do not want to because of deep love, loss and loneliness I dignified.  True love is not sex from start.  But sex is indeed a lubricant of love, love to play can extend the life of the role, which women often because of love and sex.  Men often due to sexual and love, like, love is love and sex combined, the best love is the unity of body and mind, so gentle with you lingering memories become every lonely catalytic product after digestion you do not.  Let parting sake of your happiness, let your thoughts substantial achievements.