Day: September 5, 2018

Do not miss the beautiful eyes

Do not miss the beautiful eyes of text / incense attack met a lot of beautiful books, all in the moment pass.Food, beauty, beautiful mood, accompanied by people.In all the way through the time period, the intersection of each other, and separated from each other.Here, we met a special beauty, where we met another a beautiful.As a result, the river of life, we like pebbles, is impact, the forgotten, to be picked up with, he was calmly polished the years.    That day, reaching the town of Pai, exotic flow lines and street.Many roadside stalls, with different colors to entice passers-by line of sight.We sell at a?Stay down shirt in front of the car, those T-shirts of various colors, to provoke the desire we buy, they all chose their favorite T-shirt, the second day of leave Pai, very comfortable to wear, they must also think in a foreign We will meet many of these stalls, ready to buy some to take home.However, many days no longer met the same goods.Also visit many places, looking equally impressive T-shirt, it is difficult to match encounter with Pai, most of them do not meet the mood we want to buy.Missed, it is difficult to go back to the past.Left, there would be a long time to leave.An item of clothing on so missed, not to mention the people do?Perhaps, once miss will regret for a long time, maybe, but not a miss is a lifetime.    At that time a lot of scenery appeared in front of us, a lot of people around at the time on our side, that is between casual, scenery further away in the wave, some people are slowly lost contact.We only have to remember that moment in time, beautiful scenery, people get along with the cheerful.Then later, because we still have a lot of experience, but also to face the front of the scenery, but also peers and others, so the past will stay in the memory, lost just let it go to waste.    Home quietly approaching winter, I also returned to his original life from the outside world.Business as usual, I ate hot meals, doing the things I’ve been doing, I follow the traces of the original, as always, life.Exotic this time walking, I just was experiencing, experiencing transient beautiful scenery exotic, and delicious cuisine.And finally, I will go back to their lives, people do that’s moderate in the end.Who had lived a modest life for many years, and years of mild enthusiasts.    Either met or missed, put it in the memory of precipitation.Occasionally, it is the recollection of shallow drunk to read once beautiful.Not far not near, where it has been, let the years more than a wisp of fragrant aftertaste.    If you can, try to have it.Do not let regret leaving between heart.I saw the participation of about beautiful things went and saw a taste of delicious food to go, saw something they like in their own capabilities to buy it, saw like people to open their hearts to treat.All in all, we will no longer be in the past and unwilling to regret heart.    Continued food, beauty, beauty culture, all beautiful things, we are a better life.Do not wait until the old, less than lament the life.Nothing too late, only if you try to fight now beautiful.Do not miss the immediate things, not to disappoint the people in front of Hello.May, at the time you want to go back to find again, they are no longer waiting for you.    Micro-channel public number: ZL523704792