Day: September 3, 2018

Day six of gentle dragon

Able to see and recognize themselves as weak, it can be a real strong.    One of my older friends in Baba spent more than twenty years, training at the start of speed horse, and later turn to play polo.So a few days ago when she return from vacation, “you can almost see me.Had never been seen in spring training horse named ‘Blackbird’ horse, man and horse planted tens of meters out good, it is a sub-kick himself directly into a high-velocity bullets, flat trajectory to fly out and then rubs up against the ground several direct meters, when the entire face to be disfigured, wearing helmets are out of shape, just listen to his neck rang like a few seconds.”” My God, so thrilling, horse Intuit ruthless.”” I immediately took the fall temper.””and then?””then?Then there are what, ah, I practiced other horses went to chant.””puff.How tenacious you do not train until its conquest?”” Because old!””Hey…”Well joke, but there is indeed a factor in this regard.A young man stubborn temper, which we will be saying good horse training Sike, so completely black and blue also get results, and for the kind of horse, racecourse and ultimately often choose to give up.After all, horses and humans, like some innate character is not suitable for polo, I would as soon forget, what rivalry can get it.”” Like the reason you quit almost race speed?Too dangerous too crazy, just do what enough is enough?””Yes.Do the best within their own degree, this is sufficient.”She said slowly,” Riding is very patient and pay attention to people’s things, just getting started with a horse, you absolutely can not take the initiative to reach out and touch it, the best way is to put his hand out quietly wait.That is, those Americans mean when they say ‘KEEPANDWAIT’, especially horses timid, sometimes it’s own fart sounds can frighten it stormed stretch.So we had to have enough patience, as long as you are willing to wait, it will always walking towards you.Sometimes even happy to follow you directly.”” I’m quite patient!”I said, full of confidence.  ”This is something very important fate, to trust each other very want to run out of results.”” Throw your horse does not trust you?”” It’s who do not believe, or maybe it is believed, however, are born mischievous Zhu Er, we are all human Racecourse have been hurt too much to play it over.” This guy is actually quite a character.” So on personality development, we do not need it barely dry our line.”” Thumbs up for the humane management?”” Point you a sitting duck.Really glad to be alive.In fact, we really are weak, the number of outstanding polo player and expertise in this area, because of falling accidentally killed the horse is alive.One thousand kilos, joke.”” Why is that?”I ask.  ”Before there is a very powerful player in the training of over-confidence, body erect when the horse did not jump off in time, felt completely swung too flat, a direct result of the horse backwards plant down, he was hit on the horse died on the spot , the head is flat.”” Well, imagine.”” We are very fragile creatures, but is able to come today because we see his own insignificance, and try to arm themselves so they become stronger.The most important thing is we have a humble heart and be able to see the reality.Because people see their own weakness, they will be more determined to gain power and change to a strong.”” You did twenty years, and therefore must have suffered a lot of injuries right.”I looked at not far from the wall paintings, the” Naruto “in nine of Naruto Uzumaki.Friends that accompanied me throughout childhood and boyhood.That the boy with my life.  ”I do not feel my body where there is a good place.He fell just beginning to be bitten when too would like to shed tears.But they still love.Do the things you like, and can stay with their favorite, would be very happy.The longer get along, the more difficult to leave.That’s integration into the bones of the love.”” Really great feeling.Maybe I was not so strong.”” Not forced onto the part, people are unanticipated themselves how strong.”So what.    Now, I heard the distant shore is your hometown, where there are mountains and plains of the seven-color flowers and colorful butterflies, such as summer came, I would also like to see you back there together, look at that after the fire in the rebirth of their homes, watching look at that place green wind gently blowing in.As people say you can see the sea at the end of the land, the sea and the worth of poetry says color, but also singing old songs.Old, strong songs.    Gradually, memories of childhood under the catalysis of time, like a distant never happened.Occasionally think everything will be all but yesterday, just yesterday afternoon, red scarf on their own line, lay sweatshirt zipper jacket, hurriedly set foot on temporary hair school bus.And compared to today, their childhood is more like the legendary ageless hero, despite the wind and rain, still standing in the depths of time, in this cold wind and rain more gradually clear up.Gone the time to talk to us something, so if I ask Nishimura Yukie, she will give us what kind of melody played.    People can be so strong.The end of the “steel refining” There are so many words, “no pain accompanying lesson is meaningless, because the man who does not sacrifice something, you get nothing.However, when these painful face and overcome them, people will not lose anything tough heart.Yes, steely tough heart.”I often buy the book stacks of the back, and then write the word on the title page of Haruki Murakami each book – we are deep in the forest, unknown to mortal combat.Do not ask me what you want to melody and rhythm in order to realize their dreams, but to move forward as ordinary I know like, tired to ride on the train, a good rest and then continue to walk down the long run, we walked only the journey is enough compiled into a new version of the Arabian Nights, dreams, will sparkle in a page story.Maybe this is the era of impetuous perhaps, but more people are the dreams and ambitions hanging in the mouth talk, but the real move of courage and planning was shelved.Of course, not so dull themselves how they make improper thoughts guess most people in the world, faced with such a complex problem ah ah dream of the future, perhaps everyone has their own unique perspectives perhaps.Not necessarily the action is reasonable, probably, is not it.      To some extent, I was kind of the dream deliberately talks about the people.Like that grew up with me every day when the guy exclaimed to Naruto.Perhaps fear of their own hesitation slack, do not always remind myself not to betray a dream, the road becomes a pale, unable to discern the direction, whether it is truth or symbolic of their own will collapse broken, then prostrate in the dust.But I have to admit, this thing is like a dream on the life of fruit cake piece of fruit, rather than discuss it tastes, the more sense it is decorated.Even the “Tao Heung” also have to tell you “fail to recover dream another dream does not have to.”So, even without these fruits, cake is still cake, cream butter is still in itself and delicious taste any substantial changes will not occur.But ordinary fruit cake with cream cake biggest difference It was at that subtle differences, the fruit has become the biggest selling point.It decorate the whole cake in color, were treated with fresh shape, also taste.So I think that there is no dream is not a measure of the degree of the wonderful life, even without this stuff is not really a problem.But, if determined to make a choice, buy a fruit cake instead of the usual cream cake, do not bother because preference, which throw kiwi or cherry tomatoes.    ”She said, with people I do not look directly at the sun; she said, I believe in fate but not resigned; she said that if I become, I will become king, if I lost, I would like blue sky Death, with three feet of loess, I buried dominance ambition; she said, I am very ordinary, tired understand, understand commitment, understand love, understand sad, I am very exaggerated, understand money, fame understand, understand reality, to understand society.I’m only human, falling in the crowd will not find their own.You can hate me, hate me, love me, love me, bother me, I’m bad, betray me, buy me, and my heart is always for the phenomena in the world come out black and white mirror.”If the fox as a tiger, always scheming, resourceful, full of subtlety, if watched friends and memories of bad luck and turned to leave, if only flatter, inability to think of any dust ruthless buried soul, if paralysis of self, for self small profit blasting life cause, if in order to climb higher and will step on others in a single step, if Manshan medal glory from corpses.If, if that’s alive, if that’s what smart people in this world, please allow me to make a fool of a lifetime.    Life gives us unknowingly a lot of answers, but unfortunately I have not been able to understand eleven.When the heart is difficult to calm, how to handle the.Do not go to laugh at other people’s vulgar ignorance, because ignorance is often our own.Try to redeem the kingdom of their own piece of the sky to become the most dazzling Venus, the establishment of a small, always like the spring, then a good look at this world, that we live and continue to compete world.    What do you do when confused?I will then look at the animation, turning a few pages of the book, then a good sleep.Maybe turn coming together in a casual moment, goals and fighting spirit.This article Xu Shan said, “I want to live in a home here, I want to dig wells here, I think this is a grinding stone.Who I am confused what to do, so I’m happy to have this naturally confident.”It has a valuable, no one can spoil the faith is a happy thing.Do not be concerned about what their goal is, since their favorite, by his own choice, even if have to work terribly hard grounds.Even if dreams are about the views of others, that our lives, but also how much really belongs to our own.    People are kind of hard to understand the pain of others creatures, but is most likely to go empathy.Quietly listening to the melody “to Alice”, it seems the whole world is filled with romantic colors.It is one of the few Beethoven piano pieces, the whole song is based on simplicity and friendly theme, it is the Therese gentle, beautiful image depicting summed up.Broken chords played the second half of alternating left and right, as if the two friendly conversation.Finally, it is the end of a very beautiful and gentle atmosphere.We can easily through a song, a text, a poem read even a crush on a man.Mozart, Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet, Pushkin, we feel their work spirit, even in indistinct age I could see a shining light of the.At the same time we must also accept from their depression and frustration, and confusion explore.Unfortunately, we may never visit their mood, share the suffering with the progress of time, precipitation has become a more eternal things, which does not require to be read, understood, still sounding tough stuff.      Why are so easy to fall into confusion, the journey is still far from a long night?With no fighting nothing to follow?Or how can we know swan songbirds, but difficult to exchange for true real meaning.I often confused and facing the stage myself, hello, again asking for trouble yet?Quick goodbye to those boring unfounded negative word hypocritical self-burial of riding, this world no one owes you, even the world itself bothered to provoke you ah.A man die to live in a sad sigh eager to be concerned about who pamper mercy.Much ado about nothing, sad invasion of the city.You are in the best age, the best thing to do in respect of.Writing, travel, love, photography.Virginia said, people should not be in a vase for people to watch the still life, and to be on the prairie wind dance melodies.Life is your own life is your own, not the pursuit of life never find answers to the meaning of life, if we are looking for, at least let it be based on looking to enjoy to enjoy, not just to enjoy life more itself is enjoy yourself.    Believe me, nothing more happy than tired when to crawl into a warm bed, than when thirsty nothing can put that glass of a good drink at hand more comfortable.You often say how cruel the world how dark reality, often complain about the hypocrisy of human love, cold-blooded, you may occasionally scolded two bad language, pressed his temples to climb up from the bed to get to work, chewing very delicious meals and quiet time to sleep tears, then said forget it, it is so, that’s life, right.The other side is to continue to work hard, rest days take the initiative to cook delicious meal treat yourself, love still met death-defying courage, no motivation to comfort those around confused younger generation.For you, the end still believe that the world of dazzling and beautiful.Yes, a beautiful obsession, we insist, that How about you?