Day: September 2, 2018

Cool, light summer light dance in the arms

Road light green landscape, is fanatical breeze put a layer of thick Gaudy.Mama early Yan Fang Fei, was burning hot sun dried the former fragrance.A plume of tenderness is mottled vicissitudes of years into little sad.    Light summer, you slowly to the stage, you are also apply a Prostitute Allure young woman, your sections affectionate, so that the spring tide surging after another, wave after wave, and then, overnight, the earth in you gentle embrace, become warm, warm blood flow to the Quartet.    Deep in your drunk glycol, obsessed with your incense, I’m under the influence of fanaticism you, smug, lost its way.I need to calm down, to be in this hot season, a cool look for it, that makes me a restless to experience the quiet, quietly thinking to the light summer Lotus.    In the evening, toss the day’s sun, round face flushed, she restrained like fire and passion, move forward Scattered slender, retreat to behind Daisy, the breeze Xu, refreshing, I walked along the trail, to find that a cool.    Koike residual summer retreat, tall trees cool early return.Rivers and ponds in the quiet, dense with a thin layer of mist, as if blossoming lotus, in the misty Shuiyun, like so shiny, so cool breeze blowing head, drifting moist and fresh breath, straight floated into my heart and let me refreshed.    Walking in the Hawthorn side, a rare quiet street tall poplar shadows, give you lots of cool, I chose a piece of high ground and sat down, quietly staring at that piece of Jingya Ponds.    A gust of wind, like a cool spring water, gushing in the atria.Hawthorn slim lotus, the fragrance of her dancing, swaying a series of verse.You elegant on the water gently rippling patterns of silk gauze, Dangqi little bit of sadness in my heart, that little bit of sadness, involved with my hurry and lost in the past, such as a gold charming petals, falling on the water.    Huazipiaoling artesian water, it is difficult to touch the past, it is difficult to heal War, walk as the years, gradually turned into a sheet silhouette, like a mist floating Ponds, looming.Not to think, not to read, it will not be carried by the wind, my life became a landscape, deeply imprinted, engraved in mind.    I like the quiet atmosphere of this cool, random walk, casual look, so that a quiet and leisurely invasion of my reverie.Unconsciously, in mind, it will pick up once the fragments, because those residual pieces of memories, in my mind, has constituted a minimalist chapter in my footsteps, the sound of trampling trampling, accompanied I grew up with.Piles of mind, in a quiet precipitated, was filtered off Rouchang ages, the water condensed in the moonlight.    Moonlight, quietly flowing, gleaming silver lit up the rivers and ponds, in this clean river pond, there is every period of time I was growing up, every few days, I will be out, drying in the moonlight.Share with moonlight.Fleeting as fleeting, things such as seasonal changes, scattered over the slightest emotion, dying a plume of sentimental.Only that the same white moon, willing in this cool night, hear me whisper recall.    A plume of cool hit, this is the most beautiful light summer time, Nightingale wings dancing, singing Diming, flowers covered with dew, smiling sweet fragrance.Leaving the hustle and bustle of downtown, the heart nor impetuous, full of quiet tranquil.    In fact, although the hot summer, if you have a peaceful mind, you will enjoy the cool summer belongs.No matter how noisy dust, no matter how agitated the earth, looking for a way to make their stop and corner of the world, be quiet heart, the mind can be sublimated, the kind of cool and cozy comfort to wells, in order to enter nirvana 心静自然凉.    Dense shade trees summer long, the reflection of the tower into the pond, from crystal curtain moving breeze, the touch of cool Qinxin room.Shallow looking cool in summer, in the magnificent scenery of the white moon dance in one place.