Day: September 1, 2018

Chun Yun

“Another year has come the spring, the sky floating catkins children.”After the Spring Festival, ears always sounded snow song Spring Song.Yes, after the Spring Festival, feel the footsteps of spring will be a little bit step closer, heart suddenly see the light up.A cold winter’s such a joy suddenly ushered weather, just like the owner when guests feast bored askew bright smile.All things become so lively in this great spring.At this point, I quietly close your eyes and listen carefully to the rhythm of this spring.Spring sunshine is bright.Standing in the early morning breeze, sinking through the branches of the ginkgo tree, sky Eastern gray dawn glow chaos, a touch of reddish glow like a shy girl’s face.In turn, that round red sun slowly rising from the horizon, a small, semi-circular, and like a naughty children, all of a sudden jumped out, Rays as vector, colorful cross, colorful.Awhile, a bright red light into a golden, ten million lily shot, the earth is a light, shining in the Yao people’s eyes, feeling the chill even swept away.Thirty-two girls dressed in bright clothing traveling on the road from time to time clear laughter Dangqi.Morning roadside park a few old man, hand tossed long whip, with the sound of bells like crying, like pines that the body was actually full of exuberant vitality.Cha few magpies in the trees singing, woodpeckers to be left toot tapping the wooden drum.The earth began to wake up!Spring wind is warm.Spring breeze blowing when the winter has not completely faded, several ablation of snow and ice too late, but also reveals a lonely vicissitudes.But after waking of insects, the wind will warm up.Town streets, as if because of the arrival of spring and had nothing new; in front of the magnolia tree, inadvertently actually in the spring, revealing a little bit of emerald white bloom; jasmine, kapok to be left in the spring in one broadened into a smile.So, happy kids got a few bamboo, a few broken newspaper, made a simple kite, flying in the spring.Spring rain is holy.She is the grandmother lamp needle and thread, are friends who jug of wine and cool invigorating laughter, is hurt and worry out of the window of the girl’s eyes hazy.”Good rain knows the season, when spring is here”, she is like a weak woman, the name of the same clouds sun umbrella, pet child named Dongfeng.She stretched pure arm, brush off a space, Yang Hua, Yang Hua colorful, butterfly-like cheerful flying.Rain is the Word of the sky, light, the graceful Qing-rou humming the melody, floating slanting, thick sown at high altitude full of life and holiness.After hiding in the eaves swallows nest, facing silky dream of rain whisper, anxiety and burnout in this state of mind has been like a punch line Nirvana.Spring Green is charming.”Mountain drunken cook green leaves, moss on the stone sweep poem.”Yes, I did love this home Kawasaki rise Nanshan, there was a clear path meandering of the Qi River water, but I was more obsessed with green leaves in the mountains, because of the color of life — green, I do not tired topic.Often touched green, tender Bise, as if injected vitality of life-like, meaning Yue Huan heart, lift your spirits.Ahead in looking off, it is obsessed with the touch of green, from the willowy layer of pale green mist, his eye over ten million gray melancholy, tender life and life of the tree, as in the poem read ten million.The light green leaves bent, they will surround themselves in its body to sit and rest, random jiggle, but will produce wish into a blur of green impulse.So I said, spring is a hotbed of life, but also the life course of the starting line.”Mo lightly, white boy head, empty sadness.”Let’s casual attitude to life and youth, determination and perseverance to put all heart blossoms in spring are now embrace it, be dedicated to perceive spring!Because there is a warm spring breeze, Jiao Yan flowers, brilliant sunshine, pure heart and vigorous life landscape!