Month: September 2018

Dumb mother

Once, a good friend and I drank wine, and when the drinker was drunk, he told a story about his own experience … Ah, my mother was deaf, and my family had originally lived in a very remote countryside.. There are two brothers and three sisters in the family. And I am the youngest in the family. Although I was the youngest, my mother was the only one in the family who hurt me. As soon as I was born, I had a large blue-purple birthmark on my forehead. This was a very’ unknown’ sign in the countryside at that time.   After I was born, my mother had no milk. Later, I heard that there was a cousin of mine in nearby liu village. She had a lot of extra milk. My mother hugged me three times a day to ” ask for milk.”. This has been going back and forth for several hours. Because of this, my mother didn’t have much work to do at home, and she was often scolded by her grandmother and father.. Such a happy time is not long, and soon the seriously ill father left us. The burden of the family is completely on my mother alone. From then on, the family hated me even more because I was the’ unknown’ thing that killed my father in their hearts. It was also from that time on that none of the children in the village played with me any more, and everyone was hiding from me. Grandma tried to throw me away several times, but every time my mother found me again after asking for forgiveness..   Remember that winter, I had a high fever and was burning all over my body.. Mother thought of many ways, but none of them worked. Later, my’ silly’ mother was wearing only a thin dress herself and then stood in the snow, holding me in her room when her body was particularly cold, hoping to get rid of the fever for me in this way.. However, this still has little effect. So the mother finally went to ask uncle and uncle for them. But they wanted me to die early! Mother knocked her forehead with blood, but uncle never promised to send me to the hospital.   At this moment, my stubborn mother resolutely carried me up and quickly ran to a hospital dozens of miles away from home. along the way, her mother did not know how many times she fell. Fortunately, my life is really hard. The doctor said that if I came an hour later, I would really’ go’.   Later, I started school. But since the time when I was called a monster by my classmates and cried not to go to school again, the poor mother made an amazing decision again: to take me to the provincial capital for an operation and remove the large piece of blue and purple birthmark on my forehead.. I still remember my mother’s tearful smile after my operation. But I learned later that she and my brothers and sisters paid a heavy price for this in the future. The mother then slept only a few hours a day and found several jobs outside, getting up early and getting dark every day, resulting in complete exhaustion and serious illness.. My second brother and elder sister took the initiative to give up their studies and go out to work because they did not want to see their mother so tired. The other brothers and sisters are frugal, concentrating all their love on me at home.   Later, I finally went to college and then went to study in the United States. In the second year of my study abroad, my mother was not only diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, but also with diabetes and gastric cancer.. My poor mother, God is so unfair to her that she did not live a safe and happy day.. Until the hospital issued another notice of imminent danger, she still refused to let several older brothers and sisters tell me that she had done so, fearing that I might worry and delay my study.. Later yisow finally felt sorry and secretly called me. she said, ” bro, if you don’t come back, you won’t see mom again …” I hurried to the hospital and saw her seriously ill lying in bed. The illness had already completely tortured her out of shape. But when my mother saw me come back, she smiled at me very hard and tears in her eyes.. When I saw this scene, I could not bear my emotions any longer. Tears finally came down. I immediately knelt on the ground and cried loudly to Niang … Niang … Niang … she couldn’t hear me all my life, as if she had heard my call. She held my hands tightly, just as she gave birth to me 26 years ago and raised me with her hands. That was silent maternal love. That was the echo of the heart of love, and that was the beginning of her suffering..   As long as there is love in this world, life is immortal.     Author Li Yuliang

Brother – in – law is back

On the evening of September 4, 2014, I just returned home from the construction site. Three aunts said to me, ” Your sister’s home ( brother – in – law ) is back, you go and talk to him.”. I was surprised. However, after 189 years, at this time of Mid – Autumn Festival, brother-in-law can come back to see my parents and my sister. Anyway, I still want to meet my brother – in – law. When the car was pushed home, it went into the yard where parents cooked and saw brother-in-law standing in the yard.. He said, ” Brother, you’re back.”? Then stretched out his hand and brother-in-law hands together. This is the first time in my life to shake hands with my brother – in – law. Then said, ” elder brother, come and sit in the house! A little later, my sister also came to chat with my brother.     It has been nearly 20 years since I saw my brother – in – law. I heard my sister say, ” Xiao Rui ( niece ) ) divorced me when I was 14 years old.”. ‘ Listen to your father again: ” When you got married ( on the eve of New Year’s Day in 1996 ), your sister’s family also drove back to welcome you.”. Later, I gave him money and he said nothing. However, I don’t know when he divorced your sister. Sister is ten years older than me. I remember when I was a child, when I went to grandma’s house with my mother every Spring Festival, I saw some awards my sister received on the wall of grandma’s cabin.. Remember those testimonials or top three students or advanced workers. I also remember my sister telling me to study hard when she gave me two or five cents or one yuan of new year’s money..     When I was older, I didn’t know that my sister and I were the same mother and different father. According to my father, my sister’s father is my grandmother’s door-to-door son – in – law. When my mother was pregnant, he thought my mother was bad and bad. He wanted to divorce her on the grounds that my mother was lazy and lazy.. But mother firmly disagreed. ( In fact, he is holding the mentality that if a mother has a boy, she will live a good life, and if she has a girl, she will divorce. ) so the marriage lasted only a few years. When her sister was three years old, her father divorced her mother. My sister was raised by her mother. My mother washed her face with tears all day. Later, my aunt’s father-in-law came forward to find my grandmother and set up a match between my father and mother for the media.. My sister lived in my grandmother’s house for several years, and when I was a teenager, my sister’s father had to leave without her knowing her father and mother.. ( Because the elder sister’s father has had several more marriages during this period, but none of those women gave birth to a man and a woman for him. ). ) ) if it weren’t for a few years ago, parents heard aunt complain that her sister didn’t know how to repay her kindness, ” the sister’s parents-in-law and father didn’t go to her aunt and uncle for help until she became a city official job.”. Retired now and old-age pension. ‘ The reason why my sister was taken away will always be a mystery. In this way, my parents have been kept in the dark for decades. My father was angry and said to my aunt, ” Even if I am not Mingzhi’s biological father, is your sister-in-law Mingzhi’s mother?”? It’s ok not to let me know, but you shouldn’t hide from your sister – in – law. ‘ At first, I came to my sister’s house around 1983, when my sister and brother-in-law lived in the north of the present Yuzhong textile factory, in the family yard diagonally opposite to the leather products factory at that time.. A row of low-rise red brick and tile houses is also small in area. The sun was shining in the quiet small courtyard and some unknown flowers in the courtyard. I asked my sister to know that there was one pot called asparagus and the other one called mimosa.. There is also a basin called clivia. At that time, I heard for the first time and saw these flowers for the first time. I also went to my sister’s house several times with my brother.. In April 1989, because the work had just been distributed for less than a year, the unit efficiency was not good either. I can’t pay for more than half a year and I’m in a low mood.. So I want to ask my sister for some money to buy a radio. At that time, no consideration was given to her sister’s family situation at all. My sister lived in an upstairs on the south side of Xuchang Thermal Power Plant and on the north side of the cement plant. I went upstairs on the welding stairs outside.. After explaining the reason to my sister, she gave me 20 yuan. The environment there is very bad. What is striking every day is the fly ash on the poplar leaves on the roadside and in the brick joints of the house. The sky is also full of dust and the blue sky and white clouds are not visible all day long..The elder brother took over the project of the company’s dormitory building in 1997 because the building was close to a nearby family, and later learned in a chat with the owner of the family that her sister had divorced at that time because her brother-in-law had found a younger sister outside.. When we first heard about it, we still didn’t believe it. After asking elder sister, elder sister said the truth, and also let hide from mother, afraid of mother so sad. In 1998, during the period when my wife was admitted to the hospital due to childbirth, I was very moved when I saw my sister arrive at the hospital early in the morning with a lunch box ( inside or cooked chicken soup or other food ). I’m thinking that when my son grows up, he must know how to treat his aunt. It was not until 2002, when my sister got married for the second time, did my mother know about it.     In 2006, after her niece had a baby, her sister has been living in her niece’s home. At that time, I didn’t know my sister was divorced again. Two marital setbacks have caused great harm to the sister’s body and mind. I don’t know when, as if in 2011, my mother said, ” Now I have a lot of forgetfulness and I can’t remember where I put my things.”. So money and other things are not lost less. On several occasions, your sister came back from Zhengzhou to buy something, either on the train or on the bus. Sometimes I get lost. ‘ at that time, also don’t know sister has appeared brain atrophy. People who had suffered from brain atrophy became unhappy and unfriendly.. My sister lives in her niece’s home. My niece and nephew’s son-in-law are busy working and not at home during the day, and my sister is even more lonely.. My niece is also very upset about this. Therefore, this spring, the niece sent her sister back to our family. I hope my sister can live happily and livelier in the love of her parents and our siblings.. After her return, although living conditions were not as good as those of her niece, her sister could go to vegetable garden activities with her parents during the day, see all kinds of vegetables growing in the garden, share the warm sunshine and listen to the birds singing in the trees.. In the evening, you can also talk to our brother, sister and several sisters at home, or talk with your parents about things you can remember. In order to get better as soon as possible, my sister keeps exercising backwards, independence of golden rooster, or playing with walnuts, all of which are beneficial to brain activity and promote brain microcirculation..     It was unexpected that brother-in-law could come back after nearly 19 years. Later, I learned from my sister that the reason was because my niece kept chatting with her brother-in-law about WeChat after watching the movie to participate in the return regulation, hoping to influence her brother – in – law.. I also heard my sister say that her brother-in-law once came back a few days ago and left her two thousand yuan when she left, but her sister, mother and sister were adamant not to do so.. My sister said, ” What my sister needs is not money, but affection and love. You can always come back to see my sister, better than anything.”. Sister and brother-in-law are nearly sixty years old. I don’t know if brother-in-law has had a good time over the years. I only hope my sister can get better as soon as possible. I only hope my sister can have a happier and happier life.!

All the threads are sentient

[ Introduction ]A small courtyard planted with loofah will naturally have the convenience of’ getting the moon before the water floor’, picking off a few or three loofah and cleaning them after peeling them gently, and a dish of fried loofah, or fried eggs of loofah, or fried beans of loofah..       Today, while the soil was still wet, I took down a large old loofah hanging on the windowsill of the backyard, took out the loofah seeds inside, visually selected full seeds, mixed with a little compound fertilizer, and added a large shovel of chicken manure as base fertilizer, so I planted a dozen loofah seeds on the corner of the backyard.. As the saying goes, ” Before and after the Qingming Festival, grow melons and beans”. Think carefully. It’s not too late to grow melons today! Luffa does not have’ deep buckwheat cover, shallow wheat cover, and soybean only covers half of its face’. After the foundation fertilizer is laid, it is only necessary to cover a layer of soil gently, but when Luffa vines begin to climb, it is best to add a thick layer of fat soil around Luffa roots to ensure the nutrition of Luffa all season..     I remember planting loofah in the same place last year. When the temperature is right, the melon seeds will sprout in about seven or eight days after planting. Wait until a few real leaves grow to make sure that the seedlings can survive, then remove the excess seedlings and leave four or five plants, so as not to absorb too much proper nutrients and cause loofah to reduce production.! At this time, a proper amount of farm manure was poured on, and after a few days, the seedlings grew to a foot in the backyard.. Looking at the enchanting posture of the seedlings, quickly take out the bean rack ( batten or bamboo ) placed in the small attic in the first year, insert it into the soil from several inches away from the loofah seedlings, lean against the wall, and let the loofah seedlings climb up the top of the chicken ring along the bean rack. In July and August, when the heat hits the head, the loofah vines and big triangular or nearly circular leaves climbing on the roof are the central air conditioner for the natural cooling and heat prevention of the chicken ring. Lead a few melon seedlings along the other bean racks to the wooden rack net already prepared in the small yard. All summer, the lush towel gourd rack is a happy paradise for me and my son to have fun with. The flowers of loofah, though not as graceful and rich as peony, not as fragrant and fragrant as gardenia, and not as proud and respectable as wintersweet, can also attract butterflies among the greenery, making the yard full of vitality. ” The vines twine around the vines and tie up Qian Qian knot, and the flowers’ are the most true portrayal. In the hot season, at noon in the sun, under the melon rack, my son and I spread a mat on the ground and lay comfortably on it, counting the loofah, one root, two root and three root falling overhead… We don’t even know when to go to sleep. We don’t even feel surprised when my mother-in-law comes to pick loofah for dinner. In summer, loofah on the shelf witnessed my son and I sleeping in a state of embarrassment. In the evening, after taking a bath, the family basked in some toilet water to prevent mosquitoes and moved out of several chairs. The family grew up in a short family under the towel gourd rack and talked to their neighbors. Only when the room temperature in the family dropped did they return to their respective rooms to rest.. Song Dynasty Du Beishan’s participation in the singing of loofah ”’ Lonely hedge households entering the spring sound, not seeing the mountain face is also self – clearing. Days of rain and clear autumn grass grow, and loofah grows along the upper tile wall. The scenes of life related to loofah in the farm yard reflect the beautiful poems of the ancients, with scenery in the poems and scenery in the poems!     A small yard planted with loofah will naturally have the convenience of ” getting the moon before the water floor”, picking a few or three loofah and cleaning it after peeling, and a dish of fried loofah, or fried loofah eggs, or fried loofah beans, or fried loofah tomato egg soup, etc. farm dishes, though not comparable to the full banquet of Manchu and Han, are delicious, but can also demonstrate the noble character that farmers can create a better life through labor.. I’m proud to tell you: Luffa is a treasure all over the body and can be used for medicine. It has the effects of cooling, diuresis, promoting blood circulation, dredging channels, detoxifying and beautifying. Luffa contains B vitamins to prevent skin aging and vitamin C to whiten skin, which can protect skin and eliminate patches, making skin white and delicate. Luffa juice has a special function of maintaining skin elasticity and can beautify and wrinkle. Therefore, Luffa juice is called ” Beauty Water” and ladies who love beauty, so don’t miss such economical and practical food.! Women’s eating more loofah also helps to regulate menstruation. Luffa is rich in vitamin C, so it has anti-scurvy function and anti-virus and anti-allergy effects.. Women with irregular menstruation, tired body, cough due to phlegm and dyspnea, and puerperal milk shortage are recommended to eat loofah more, while those with weak body and cold inside and diarrhea are not recommended to eat more.. The old man in the family told me that using the old towel gourd beaten with frost, mashing it into paste, steaming it in a bowl over water, adding white sugar to eat it three times a day, and taking it for several consecutive years in the same season has obvious effects on patients with bronchitis and chronic cough.!     After 90 days, the towel gourd vines severely beaten by frost withered in the autumn wind, standing on a small square stool, picked off all the old towel gourd hanging, hung them on the windowsill in the backyard for natural cooling, and also prepared melon seeds for the coming year. Later on, the peeled reticular old watermelon pulp was used to wash dishes and farm houses to make happy housewives sing the theme of low-carbon life.! At the corner of the courtyard, planting a few loofah trees can really cope with your whims in the summer, whether you eat or use them! It is the favorite food of domestic pigs to cut off the lush melon leaves and cut up and cook the inedible loofah with a proper amount of rice bran.! There is a beautiful article praising loofah like this: ” The grass roots are the same as the spring and autumn period, and the natural and unrestrained feelings prevail over princes.”. Wandering around the small garden to find poetry and not compete with the rich and powerful. ‘ Luffa, wisps are sentient beings, wisps of Hui Wanjia!

A greeting for ten spring

Turn on the computer and see a message” Kim, the card number is sent. Your birthday is coming soon. ‘ I’ve been busy recently, and I didn’t even realize my birthday was coming. When I saw this message, there was a feeling of perplexity. Tears slipped down unconsciously and condensed into ice on both sides of the cheek, saying that it was tender and gentle, but at the moment it kept a different warmth all the time..     I have known her for more than 20 years and have always regarded her as a friend and confidant.. When I was a child, I often shed tears because my parents didn’t let me go to her house to play.. When they grow up, they are far away from each other, maybe a year or a few years before they meet again. In the past, a mooncake from her hometown was delivered to her every Mid – Autumn Festival. Unfortunately, it was not available this year. I’m really sorry. It’s just tonight’s message that makes me irrepressible to recall in my mind the happiness I had with her every moment before.. Really, it’s not my tears, it’s the tears of the night, it’s not under my control at all, but it’s a warm drop. I suddenly wanted to give her a call, but I endured it again. I think, what will she be doing at the moment, will she be disturbed to rest at this late hour.     The air was filled with warmth, like lilies, faint and fragrant. Your greeting is better than ten spring days. And I just want to say to you in silence: ” No matter how hard and rainy you come, I will pick you up.”. ”

Feeling of pain

[ Editor’s Note ][ Participation ]Pain Feeling Regulations show that people only realize the existence of family ties when they are ill, and realize that the journey of life is like physical pain, passing through, tasting, hurting and hurting, only then can they feel calm after recovering from a major illness, know to cherish their own body and cherish the plain happiness they have.. When I clearly felt my existence, it was noon the next day. My husband said that I had been asleep for nearly twenty hours. What’s the matter with me? Didn’t I get well yesterday?? I want to sit up, but I don’t have any strength. After sleeping for so long, I don’t know what children eat or wear. Sir said, ” if you don’t get sick, you don’t get sick. if you get sick, you frighten people to death.”. Lie down and don’t worry too much. Did you know that you had a high fever last night and said you couldn’t, you must go to the website and say something to your pen pal, or they will miss you and worry about you all the time. Mr.’ said this in a relaxed tone, but I recognized his pain. He added: ” I am too busy. You have always looked after me. I will treat you well in the future.”. I understand why you still sit in front of the computer without turning on the computer, because there are your works and pen pals online, that’s all your emotional sustenance! Hearing this, I had the impulse to cry impudently, how much moved and how much guilt poured into my mind at the same time … Ah, the summer sun is pouring violently into the earth, and the eyes of the stabbing people are aching.. Hot and dry air mixed with the smell of dust came head – on. I took a few deep breaths and felt that all this was no longer fidgety and much more comfortable.. I haven’t been ill for two years. The disease has really come down like a mountain, making people feel vulnerable to human life, especially for people like me who have potential health problems.. Life is like a spring at any time, so I have always cherished my body and the ordinary life of every day.. Yesterday, I was already ill. I thought it was too hot and I would be fine in a few minutes.. After coming home from work, I used to sit in front of the computer, chatting with my friends while writing articles. I have already felt the ache of all my muscles, my head is giddy, my heart is stuffy and I can’t breathe. But the pen pal said, long time no see, hope to talk. I don’t want my friend to be disappointed, but I still sit there and talk seriously and tell about my illness. But my friend may be busy answering other people’s words, and he even said ” well” several times.. I suddenly felt that this virtual world was really boring. Who would treat a person wholeheartedly like me. Perhaps when you sit straight in front of the computer and talk about your true feelings regardless of the pain, you are only in the corner below in his computer, waiting for him to click at will after he is busy.. Suddenly feel very tired, said goodbye off the line. The pain made me too late to turn off the computer and go to the living room drowsily and fall asleep on the sofa.. At first, I also felt that the study was too hot. The cold air in the air conditioner here made me feel much better, at least it could be lifted up. Soon, the pain in the whole body intensified and the whole people felt floating.. Did I really have a serious illness? I knew very well that I couldn’t wake up. I only felt my body was placed on a volcano, and the raging fire was burning me, tearing me apart. It was extremely painful. That kind of flesh and blood pain. I really can’t stand it. God, let me free, either put out the fire or let me quickly turn to ashes. Don’t torture me.. I don’t know how long after that, the familiar voice sounded in my ear: ” mom …” mandy … ” I heard it. it was Mr and daughter calling. I tried to open my eyes and couldn’t see anything, but the tall and short figure must be Mr. and my baby daughter. ‘ Why don’t you call me? It’s all burning like this.” I heard the husband talking and my daughter crying. At this moment, my tears can no longer help but pull down and flow down my neck along my ears. No matter how strong and capable I am at ordinary times, I still depend on my relatives at this moment.! At ordinary times, I always feel that no one loves and cares about me. I really can’t afford to be ill. What kind of pain will I leave them! My husband and daughter scrambled to get me downstairs and took a taxi to the hospital. Check blood, measure body temperature and hang liquid. The tall and short figure has been shaking in front of me, saying words of comfort. I really haven’t had such pain for a long time. A full life almost made me forget the hidden danger of my own body. It was not until this morbid fever and the huge pain of my own flesh and blood that I frightened myself and my family.. The final conclusion is that a viral cold is not a blood problem to worry about. This just put the dangling heart down. By the time the liquid was lost, it was already past twelve o’clock in the evening. I couldn’t hold out in the hospital. After returning home, the fever had subsided, but the tearing muscle pain was still torturing me.. The large bed allowed me to toss and turn, with two small hands feeding me water from time to time and two big hands touching my forehead from time to time. Later, I heard his father and daughter say that they would not burn any more before turning out the light and sleeping peacefully.. After the second infusion this afternoon, I heard the doctor say that there is no need for infusion, just take the medicine for a few days.. When I was sitting here banging on these words, the painful feeling had left me, but my body was still fatigued.. Night is coming again. Sir, you’re sick like this, or you can’t leave your words, don’t be too tired!I know I’m really tired! When I didn’t contact the Internet, I still felt relaxed and happy when I occasionally saw my own words appear in newspapers and periodicals. But since I posted articles on the Internet, I haven’t left the Internet for a day. It is already part of my life.. If you don’t order this page for a day, you won’t have the spirit, and you won’t be able to eat and sleep soundly.. If you don’t see it in a day, you will feel like every other world. A friend told me when I first got online that you, a serious woman, had better not play online and you will get hurt.. I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I feel confused, confused and miserable day by day.. Perhaps this is the law of the world. When you get something from one place, you will also lose something from the same place.. As a matter of fact, many mental processes are like physical ailments. They have passed, tasted, suffered and injured, followed by the kind of calm after a major illness, which will make people feel relieved, such as getting a new life.. Cherish your body, cherish the plain happiness you have. It is also a great happiness in life to cherish all the love and soul movements in the bottom of my heart, and to take them out and enjoy them sweetly on the bright night of the moon.! But one day, I will really face death. At that time, I will proudly say to my loved ones: Goodbye, because you have no regrets in my life. Because of you, I am truly happy and happy to live this time. If there is an afterlife, we will still get together![ Responsibility Editor: Butterfly Love Flowers ]

Goddess in men’s hearts

Every man has a goddess in his heart. No matter who you are or how successful you are in your life, there is always a woman in his heart. Maybe this woman is not very beautiful, but she is definitely a talented woman..     Women with beautiful appearance can really give people a kind of visual enjoyment. Especially when we encounter some unpleasant things in our work, we all want to use a beautiful thing to transfer our visual fatigue and work troubles. At this moment, the beautiful woman is often a panacea. She is like a dream of spring, giving us a pure land and making us drunk in the dream of spring and reluctant to wake up..     Women with beautiful appearance have had an advantage since birth. She is just like a beautiful porcelain, naturally giving people a kind of pity, it is easy to make people heartache.. However, each of us men has a pair of artist’s eyes, and a woman with beautiful appearance is like a delicate work of art, then we will find her potential value, because these women have much greater potential to become talented women than women with ordinary appearance..     Although it is difficult for a woman with ordinary appearance to give a person a visual enjoyment, as long as she is kind in heart, she can also fascinate men. At this time, she was like a bunch of camellias. Although she looked ordinary in appearance, she had connotation and charm that attracted men..     A woman with ordinary appearance does have an advantage over a woman with beautiful appearance, because she does not have a good leather bag. The plain appearance does not mean that she has no hope of becoming a talented woman, but that she will shed more sweat than those beautiful women in the long river of life.. Through the ages, there are many women who have ordinary appearance and become talented women. Hua Mulan in ancient times, Liu Hulan in modern times and Zhang Ailing in modern times are all models among women..     Ugly – looking women give people the feeling of blurred vision. On the outside, it seems that she was completely defeated. At first glance, most men don’t want to look at the second eye. In fact, this is a man’s’ visual field disease’. It can also be said that most men are vulgar and like to judge people by their looks.. However, you must not give up yourself. As long as your heart is beautiful, you can also calm some men’s hearts, thus charming a large group of men.     A woman with an ugly appearance may have an ugly appearance, but her heart is often beautiful. At this time, we should know that looks are born, given by parents, and can never be changed by ourselves.. Although this is a defect of our own, think about it in turn. In fact, this is also one of our own characteristics. We should not look for some troubles in appearance, but try to open up a little in all things, and there will be a bright day.. As long as we persevere in the road of life, we can also be like Zhuge Liang’s wife Huang Yueying, even though we look like evil spirits and salt-free women from hell, we can also be goddesses in men’s hearts..     Everyone has the heart to love beauty. Men like beauty. If there is a man who says he doesn’t like beauty, he must be hypocritical, because most men like to judge people by their looks, and there are many examples of people who don’t like beauty in the mountains from ancient times, but there are many kinds of beauty: beauty in appearance, graceful and restrained beauty, subtle beauty, exquisite beauty, and spiritual beauty … most of the beauty in the life path is the scenery in the field of vision, and she is often like a bunch of bright roses that can fill the blank in our field of vision, but not all the scenery in the field of vision can be imaged on the screen.. This tells us that not all the beautiful women we meet in life can become goddesses in our hearts, but these beautiful women have a bigger chance than plain women. Nor are the plain-looking women encountered in life impossible to become goddesses in our hearts, but these plain-looking women have less chance than beautiful ones. Not to mention the ugly women encountered in life will not become the goddesses in our hearts, but these ugly women have less chances than other women.     In the long world of mortals, no matter how beautiful she looks or not, as long as she is beautiful in heart, graceful and restrained without publicity, such a woman is the most beautiful, such a woman can impress a man’s heart again, and such a woman is the goddess in a man’s heart..

Do yourself a good job without applause

The applause from the world is very powerful. For those who need applause, it is moving, grateful, encouraging and sympathetic.. But to many people, applause is a kind of negative fatigue and also a kind of injury. There are too many people who like to give applause, and if there are too many applause, they will become a pair of chronic poisons.. The applause that others give you today cannot prove your tomorrow.     There are so many people who are pursuing their own success, but they are not diligent in applause. Although their soul is lonely and their heart hurts, their thoughts will be broad because of their depth, their steps will be calm because of their sureness, and their hopes will be imminent because of their training.. Indulging in applause, such as gambling addiction, what will you lose tomorrow? Sometimes I don’t even know myself.     A piece of praise, sometimes blinded awake, a compliment, and will forget to abandon themselves. Only when you are awake can you find the right direction and see the way forward. When you face yourself all the time, you have grasped the world, kept your soul from escaping, and kept tomorrow and hope..     There is no one but a dusty world. It is difficult for us to grasp the fate of others. We only have to be ourselves. Unfortunately, we often cannot live calmly.     Indifferent is a true fix, no one can really do it easily, because few people really go to fix for it. For those who repair, they must calm down to cultivate one’s morality and cultivate one’s character, and repair one’s heart and ease one’s feelings.. The path of repair is like a secluded path in the woods, quiet, broad, fragrant and plain, but few people walk and few people are traveled by.. The world of mortals is rolling along the road, bustling and bustling, and the people’s congress has crowded into this boundless road, just for the sake of a little name or benefit, big or small. Some people sent, some planted, some stinked, and some were squeezed out of the gutter. Some people stole the reputation of others as a generous family, while others broke the dust of the yellow sorghum dream.. . Ah, successful people to squeeze, to earn, to rob, for their flag-waving people also to squeeze. Chaos world, how many funny people, how many sad people, there are still a few poor people left? And not to earn not to squeeze people, from the side of the road light body walk, only smile to see that a group of crazy people, I don’t know why to squeeze, the road is not also a road, not also leads to the front?     It turns out that those who squeeze to earn all think that is the struggle of life, but look at those who pass by and laugh at the fool in the world.. So people crowded on the road became more crowded, and everyone worked hard to’ squeeze’ together, couldn’t see the road ahead, didn’t know to turn around and retreat, crowded all his life, and ended up with a happy empty scene.. People who don’t go to crowded places have already gone to the future, seen the most beautiful scenery in life and picked up the most precious happiness along the way..     The big hermit is better than the common world. He listens to the tea, remembers the past and sends it far away, drinks the taste of life and observes the world quietly. The little hermit, let alone the hermit, went to the mountains and waters to find a clear ratio, to melt a cup of delight and sweetness, to look up at the azalea and look down for wheatgrass.. What are you not willing to do? Express willingness to do it? Why bother to find trouble?     Greed, Chen, chi, can’t let go, can’t see through, he missed himself.     Can’t see through, is sad, see through is mature. With the growth of age, I have been hanging out in the world for a long time. I think I can play big cards by playing face to face, but some things can’t be seen through, and you are still childish.. Because the mind has nothing to do with age. Be open-minded when you are a person, because a mature person does not ask for the past, and what he sees is tomorrow..     The same is true for readers. Having a mature mind is more useful than having a great fortune.. If you are not good at reading, don’t force yourself, because your life experience is still shallow, and don’t hurt yourself or yourself at will.. Being able to understand others is a kind of wisdom, being able to understand others is a kind of moral character, and being able to know oneself is a wise man.. Sit still and often think of yourself, and chat with others. Some people always feel that they are despised because they have no weight in themselves and because they have a psychological inferiority complex.. So above people, we should treat others as human beings. Under people, think of yourself as a person. To treat others as human beings and pass on happiness to others; Think of yourself as a person and leave happiness for yourself.     People want to live simply by tolerating themselves more, demanding less from others and demanding too much from others. In fact, what they leave behind is pain.. Don’t want to be such a lifetime person? It’s not necessary. Many times, we take good care of our own life, which is more important than anything else.     The simplicity of living still requires us to be ourselves. Often you dew point innocence, someone said you act young show, not sincere enough; If you are sophisticated, he also accuses you of being too shrewd and frightening.. You always feel that it’s not right or wrong to be a person. It’s too difficult to be a person.! There are many noisy people around you, most of them come to seek fame and reputation in order to destroy others and lift themselves up.. You must not care about it. We must care about ourselves! Exhale the worldly fetters, break the shackles of worldly wisdom, and return to nature. I am me, the real me.Having a detachment and free and easy life is better than being’ long – term and long – term’ and aboveboard, whether life is wonderful or not, but the heart is flat and honest.     Only when you are indifferent can you be clear – minded, and only when you are quiet can you reach your goal. Name and profit, power and wealth, and wealth are all ethereal things outside. Everyone wants to own them, and only a handful of people are lucky enough to get them. We don’t need to make every effort to earn a little bit of what we earn, but what we lose is the beauty and happiness we have with us.. It’s better to take off the disguise, live with frankness, and have a true temperament.? People are human beings. What people actually do is a kind of realm: in beginning of life, looking at mountains is mountains and looking at water is water. People are not confused when they arrive, and seeing mountains is not like mountains, and seeing water is not like water. People will be old, looking at mountains or mountains, looking at water or water, feeling happy in nature and returning to simplicity. Only by doing so can one be really wise.

Beginning with appreciation and ending with sadness

I like it, everything, let nature take its course. Work, don’t be too tired, live, don’t want to be too noisy, emotional, don’t be too strong. Occasionally, the moon looks up to the wind and occasionally refers to raw flowers. Chang ‘an, smiling and having a good time. The exterior is calm like water, and the heart is firm like a mountain..     The inscriptions are content to enjoy the quiet of life, like the time of walking in words, often sitting in a corner, tasting the astringency and sweetness of the years, expressing a faint fragrance, feeling the true meaning of life and looking for a happy heart sound.. Such a time is simple and pure, and such a state of mind is pure. If I can, I would like to bloom as a flower, watch silently and accompany silently. If I can feel at ease, I will return home..     People really need to experience, even if it is suffering, it is worth experiencing. Because of the rich experience, we can practice our inner strength. It is useless to shed anxiety and cultivate the temperament of the years.. When you are upset, do things quietly. At the root of the problem, unhappiness is that there are too many desires and the pursuit of more will naturally lead to fatigue.. But what is there to tangle with? As long as you are still alive and healthy, what can’t you get? I appreciate people who are calm and quiet.     The most difficult position in a person’s life is to return to the truth. Don’t lose hope for spring flowers due to the withering of a flower, don’t miss the poetry of the whole winter due to the departure of a leaf, and don’t lose faith in love and kindness due to all kinds of sadness and disappointment.. I appreciate those who have love in their hearts. After years of experience and returning to the truth, we can understand that love can never be lost. Friends are a beautiful scenery in the journey, not forever, as long as they travel together, they will also be a warm memory..     Have you ever said something drastic when you are in a low mood, and you feel so guilty when you calm down afterwards? Have you ever hated people you don’t like so much, and looked coldly at them, remembering them after years, thinking about them, and so on? Have you ever felt like the world is against you when your life is at a low ebb, and you have a long time to sleep, and you will never get through the pain, and when the rain comes down and the weather clears, you will find that the previous suffering is a fortune, and you can understand it.. Maybe we’re going through it every day. But isn’t that what life is like? From one place to another, there are always lower places and also higher places.     Women should be like orchid. They do not want to surprise the world’s appearance, but they have an elegant connotation. Women should be like poems, costumes and cosmetics. They can dress up a person beautifully, but they will not make a person beautiful. Having a beautiful heart is the most beautiful woman. Women should like water, let clouds roll like clouds, flowers bloom and fall, the heart should be calm, calm and gentle like jade, and calm like water. Women should be as beautiful as flowers, can sing, write, read and travel, look better than live, say goodbye to those small emotions, and smile at the sunshine and rain..     Years can make a person’s face grow old, but if the heart is calm, the heart will not grow old. Keep a cool and warm heart, guard a loving but not violent feeling, cherish the quiet and warm time, and write words of ease and ease. Woman, love yourself well, love the person you love, cherish what you have at present and enjoy the present life, and you will always be a noble princess..     Before I know what kind of person you are, I won’t be easy to get along with. People who don’t have a sense of security probably do. And the best proof to test feelings is time. When the time comes, the person who is congenial is close at hand, and the person who has passed by has long been in the end of the world.. Fate is that some people get along with each other but don’t walk into their hearts, some fall in love at a glance, and the best treasure is to meet the most beautiful you in the best time, then smile at one another, cherish each other silently and accompany with silence.. The world of mortals is like smoke, everyone is pretending to be sad or happy, so most of the time, you have brushed against each other before you could understand or even see a person. Life tells me that you are just passing by.. The vast sea of people, passers-by in a hurry, can meet is no longer easy, but it is a rare fate to know each other and keep each other together, so life also tells you: learn to cherish.     Time is like a sand between fingers. No matter how tightly you hold it, you will miss the track of history bit by bit.. Years are like songs. What is left behind and cannot be left behind will be become memories, once a happy and sad capital.. The songs I heard and the people I loved fade away with my memory, but the one I once thought was deep – rooted, is also so light and light in the wind and light in the clouds.. Learning to forget is a life attitude and a sublimation of happiness.     When love has become a reminiscence, it fades away in time, only to find that those who leave will never come back. When the feeling broke into quicksand and passed between the fingers, it became clear that we couldn’t go back any more.. One day all the past that you can’t pass will pass, and there will always be some unexpected future that will meet with you.. Both gain and loss are fixed numbers. The only thing that remains unchanged is the time of old age.. There are always many helplessness in this world. Look forward, and you will reap the splendor of the next stop..     When things go smoothly, gain and loss will pass. Don’t let the haze occupy the heart of good feeling. Rich and poor life, contentment and happiness, don’t let worry cover the smiling face; Discrepancy is life, love and hate are all related. Don’t let tears soak up the scent of dust. Writing with a light pen does not fall into the common dispute, and does not let the dust foul the lines of pure beauty. Hannabaichuan, a place of tolerance is a big place. Don’t let today’s sunshine permeate yesterday and evening. Face down, smile to warm, don’t let the darkness bury the kindness inside; Optimism and self – confidence, courage and hard work, don’t let malaise lose its way forward; Embrace yourself, calm down and settle down. Don’t let loneliness engulf the latent strength. The world of mortals has love, warm in the heart, don’t let the cold break the wings of angels. If you have a dream, you will fly.     Most of all, I like that kind of cool, no warm words, even if I like it again. There is no crazy move, even if again crazy. Shaohua is still, but the heart has long been free from the world of mortals and turned into a clear lotus. You come, I smile without saying a word, you go, I am calm and calm.. Those who like it are deeply hidden in their hearts and do not disturb them. Like the word, silently included in the paper, not noisy.Even if I grow old, I can say to myself once I think of it: I like you, that’s all.     You see the scenery on the bridge, I stand by the bridge looking at you, Jiangnan decorated your nib, and you decorated my dream. The water in the south of the Yangtze River is beautiful but not turbid. The willow in the south of the Yangtze River is mei but not demon. The pavilion in the south of the Yangtze River is ancient but not broken. Yanbo Cui, vegetation shaking, blue river month, orchid pavilion are, not hidden but not shone, just right. Some people say that reality is not so beautiful. In fact, beauty is the mood at that moment.. In an extension, life is full of scenery. If you have a good heart, the sky is blue, the clouds are white, and flowers are in full bloom.. Life is a journey. It doesn’t care about the destination. It’s important to appreciate the scenery along the way and pick up the beautiful mood.. Therefore, the scenery is external beauty and reflects your inner purity. This kind of gesture is called poetic dwelling.     After passing through the scenery of time and watching the rebirth of life, I realized that fate is no longer a matter of spending, but it will be lost at the end of the season, and it will not be that branch again in the coming year.. Memories have updated scenes and scenes, and people around them have changed batch by batch. It turns out that everyone is a passer – by, but the difference is only the time limit for staying, and what was once said has changed forever.. And I finally understand that the happiness of life lies in doing and cherishing it, not sighing about yesterday’s sadness, not knowing tomorrow’s appearance, and if you are still there, I will feel at ease.     There is a kind of meeting called karma, gathering and scattering with fate, a kind of feeling called silent love and quiet love, a kind of concern about the world of mortals, silent and warm, and a kind of attitude of light but not forgetful and smiling. Keeping distance with some people is not frivolous, but because of love, they choose to give each other space to miss, feeling deeply and feeling warm. It is not to forget that a feeling is flat, but also to love that I chose to hide deeply in a shallow place, because I know that the long stream of fine water is longer than before.. What can be said is not the most profound, what exists in the heart is what can not be said.     Through personal experience, words are the mood. When the wind is light and the clouds are light, the mood is just words. When you are in the ascendant, your friends all know you, and when you are down and out, you know your friends. When you get drunk, you know who you love most, and when you get sick, you know who loves you most. When happy, listening to songs is songs, when sad, listening to songs is tears; When I was young, I drifted away with all my heart. When I looked back, I tried my best to keep my memories. Carnival, a person lonely, lonely, crowded into the carnival; Together, I can’t stand being insipid. After turning around, I regret not being as good as at the beginning … Ah, in my life, some people came and went, amazing the time and painful memories. In the fleeting time, there were some ups and downs, which warmed the meeting and moistened the separation.. The reason is that I saw you in the crowd. I saw you in the crowd. The reason is predestined. If you go to Qiu Lai in spring, no one can change it..     True love is not nothing in the heart, not in the world, but in everything, if the heart is dust – free. The real simplicity is not to avoid the world of mortals and know nothing about them, but to experience the dust and dust and have a clear heart. The true wisdom is not to make friends with friends and control enemies with enemies, but to make friends with enemies and serve people with virtue. True happiness is not emotion like honey and sweetness like candy, but weather-beaten and plain. A true friend is not a person who talks about love on paper, but who is in the same boat and calm as water. True love is not to find a perfect person, but to appreciate an imperfect person with beautiful eyes..     As onlookers, everyone is like a philosopher, who can speak a warning message in rapid succession, but when he really experiences it personally, he has no transcendental temperament and can’t help feeling the same way.. It’s easy to know, but it’s probably so. There are also a few people in the world who can truly rise above the dust, fade away from the wind and cloud and hold a Zen mind.? I believe that every kind of happiness is worth cherishing, every pain needs to be experienced, and life is a bittersweet and enlightened experience.. As long as you plant a tree of Bodhi from another Taoyuan in your heart, you will always be yourself in one place without getting lost.. With a lotus in his hand, he is light and full of sleeves, with Shaohua not yet at the center, and sunny and sunny..     Live a life of fresh clothes and angry horses in a happy-go-lucky manner. Life can’t be flat like water. There are always such and such waves. Only if we live in peace with each other, can we be content with the present situation. Beginning with appreciation and ending with sadness, after that, be a beautiful woman, with flowers blooming, flowers falling indifferently, the world is stable, and the age sequence is quiet..    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Accompanying the First Green Lamp

The mind is not upside down. Zen is in the present moment, in the midst of self – mind, and in contrast, self – mind can be obtained at any time.. When I look inside, I find that my heart is still in chaos and Zen is not in my heart.   I often have a dream that a green lamp will accompany me to the end of my life.. Faint green lights, solemn houses, ear only chanting sound, quiet and solemn, pressure I couldn’t catch my breath.   When you wake up, you always sweat profusely.   My friend said I had a dream day and night, but I didn’t think so. I think this is an omen, an omen of my future. Perhaps my future is to be always with Qingdeng ancient Buddha. It’s not a very bad idea to accompany me with a green light for a long time..   Since I was a child, I have a reverence for Buddhism, a reverence from the bottom of my heart, a feeling similar to faith but not faith. In my spare time, I always like to read Buddhist books, specifically Zen, and I prefer reading Zen to participating in Zen. Reading Zen and participating in Zen are two different concepts. Ordinary people like me can only read Zen and accept some primary ideas of Buddhism.   I like to swim in Buddha’s sea. The reason why I call it Buddha’s sea is because the Buddha is really too broad and profound. Recently, I have seen some Zen Buddhism and some Zen Buddhism, and I have even more realized what Buddha’s sea is and what Zen Buddhism is..   I like a story in Zen. Huineng, the sixth ancestor of Zen, went south to live in seclusion in Hojoji in order to avoid the persecution of Shenxiu, and often gave lectures to the Dharma Master nearby.. One evening, when night fell, a flurry of wind suddenly swept through the temple, and the temple’s brake banners were blown by the flurry.. The two monks debated this issue, one saying it was pneumatic and the other saying it was complications and stalemate, but it was not reasonable. Huineng came over and said that it was not the wind, not the complications, but the hearts of the benevolent..   Good a benevolent person heart, all the changes of external things are caused by karma, complications and wind movements are not real, only our hearts can feel the changes of external things.   It’s like participating in the ” Heart Sutra Regulations” which say ” no thinking, no knowledge, no eye, ear, nose, tongue and body, no color, no smell and no trigger.”. All things are empty, all things are transformed, and the heart does not move, then all things do not move, and the heart does not change, then all things do not change..   This is the state of mind in Zen Buddhism, but I am a layman who thinks I am stupid and can’t understand these hearts.   What is empty? If everything is empty and the heart is empty, why should we say this? If all things in the world are transformed, then what can be said about all things? Is the Zen language too difficult to understand, or is it too tacky today? Or the Zen language is something that can’t be seen or touched?   Zen is a heart-to-heart transmission. My heart is not quiet, not clean, not reaching the unity of all things, nor reaching the heart-to-heart mirror. That’s why I can’t understand..   What is Zen?   But Jackson Yan looked up at God and said, ” Clouds are in the sky and water in the bottle.”.   Qingyuan only believed that Zen master opened his long beard. when the old monk did not meditate on Taoism 30 years ago, he saw that the mountain was the mountain and that the water was the water. At the end of the day, I saw knowledge in person. I saw that mountains are not mountains and water is not water.. Now I have to rest alone. I still see the mountain as the mountain and the water as the water..   Jackson Zhao Zhou turned around and threw in a word and went for tea.   Good sentence to eat tea. This simple sentence, seemingly simple, does the meditation and the nature.   I suddenly understood that Zen is natural, it is so, it is common heart.   It seems not that Zen is too difficult to understand, nor is it that today’s people are too tacky, but that we think too much about it. Zen Buddhism has Zen Buddhism and Buddhism has Buddhism. Zen Buddhism originates from Buddhism and Taoism higher than Buddhism and Taoism. But we have added too many shackles to Zen, too many aura and too many mysteries.. We have become accustomed to the idea that everything is empty, that emptiness is color, that there is no self, no human being, and that there is no living being, and that we are used to sticking to our original heart.. We lost ourselves in those gains and reached a dead end.   Write this, I can’t help but think of the dream I had, the Qingdeng ancient Buddha, the chanting voice overflowing the whole room, I sat piously in such a place, like an ancient well without waves. The green light went out slowly. I chanted sutras in the dark, but I didn’t know where the way out was.. Buddha appeared in confusion. Buddha said that your heart has been lost by walking in one place repeatedly.. I asked Buddha, how can I break the shackles of my heart? Buddha gently smiles and stops talking.   I think of that story. Buddha sleeps and Jia Ye smiles.  What is Buddha suggesting to me? Heart? My heart is too empty. My heart is walking in nothingness and has been exhausted. The world? All things are empty. Is there any theory of the world? Phase change? The flower is also a flower. Perhaps the Buddha told me that the heart was not intentional.   It is my mind that is too dull to understand or not understand at all..   Always wake up in such confusion and sweat after waking up. The solemn, the solemn, the confused, what is the omen?   The heart is not upside down. Zen is in the present moment, in the middle of the self – heart, in contrast to the self – heart, it can be obtained at any time.. When I look inside, I find that my heart is still in chaos and Zen is not in my heart.   I looked at Huineng Jackson, but Huineng Jackson smiled and said nothing.   However, Zen Master Xin said, ” See the mountain is the mountain, see the water is the water.”.   I said, I am me, I am not me.   Zen, focusing on enlightenment. I can’t understand Zen, just because I just read Zen, but I can’t understand Zen.   Jackson Zhao Zhou continued to drink tea.   Zen meditation is really not an easy task.   After reading so much Zen language, I still have a little knowledge and understanding and can only be superficial. Like that green lamp, it is always blue and misty, just like my heart.   The real Zen may be so confused, seeing Zen from the confusion. The reason why they did not get through is that the time is not right.   With a lifetime of green light, I will sit through a lifetime of bitter meditation and may realize it in a flash.   I have a pearl, locked by dust for a long time. Today, the dust is shining brightly, breaking thousands of mountains and rivers.. ‘ Is the ancient Buddha with the green lamp in my dream the pearl that I locked up for a long time?? When the pearl is blinded, my heart is blinded by the world. When the pearl sees the light again, it is the time to see through.   Accompanying the ancient Buddha with a green lamp for a lifetime, I used my ordinary heart to find a way to wipe the pearl..   Visiting in the morning, greeting in the evening, and now eating tea.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

‘ Awakening’ is a kind of unfashionable happiness

Being awake is very tired, but it is much better than being really confused. It is not fashionable happiness.    So for an instant, suddenly I was very confused and didn’t understand what the meaning of university was, or even what it was to live. I don’t want to choose to anesthetize myself as before, so that time will pass gently and some ideological burdens will be relieved. In fact, it is just an escape. Now, when I can still stay awake, I choose to stay awake even for a while..   The window is clearly the April day of the world, but I don’t like to see those purple and red. For an instant, I caught a glimpse of the sky rendered by sunset glow and felt extremely beautiful.    ‘ to see the sun, for all his glory, buried by the coming night”, I used to read with a lot of emotion and melancholy, but now I just feel beautiful, vigorous and breathtaking.. Yes, as long as you enjoy the life of light and heat, even if you finally have to say goodbye, it is no regret.. After the baptism of the storm, life became more mature and colorful, and eventually dull but lasting appeal was endless..    Mild life can easily lead to disorientation and demoralization, so life needs some fresh impact, whether sharp or cold, may be a kind of motivation.    I am a snail with a heavy shell on my back and was born with it. When you are tired, you go in and rest, and when you are injured, you curl up in it alone to heal. I always like to use memories to stop wounds, thinking that I have never forgotten, but it’s a pity that everything is cruel..    It’s normal not to go back, it’s also normal to change. Not used to it is just a sentimental nerve attack. Growing up with all kinds of cruelty, perhaps the occasional familiarity will make people cherish it even more. Introspection is a process of slowly cooling the boiling blood. Some things are getting flatter and flatter by time, but they grow tenaciously with all kinds of forbearance.. Unfortunately, some things are still far away, so we have to apply color to the blank canvas vigorously. No one can afford youth that is too pale, because the price it needs to bear is too great.   A rare muddle is a kind of great wisdom, which is essentially different from a true muddle. But people can’t be like this forever. When they can’t do it, they will settle for second best and live soberly.. Because’ the unsatisfied are happier than the contented pigs and the unsatisfied Socrates are happier than the contented fools’.    Sometimes, waking is a kind of happiness, especially when not many people are awake.