Day: August 17, 2018

Women’s delicate BanZhao

A curtain valance slowly quiver blowing in the wind outside the window do not know what it was like years?Rouge long forgotten the taste of bitter and sweet is what should be a long time without stroking the hair in front of the bronze mirror, mirror Miaomei, haggard and thin body can also only noticed the leaves were gone out of the window of the bar!    The house was full of piles of bamboo has long been obscured whether you aspire to look around outside as the eyes, whether Qingnie nib prime hands feeling pain, and that pain is deep in the bamboo from the secret has been lost.In the pool’s cleaning pen pound down I do not know how many mundane earthly, permeated with the pool of ink in whether it implies a touch of incense.    Zhao Fu Qing Dynasty writer with a brief eight words, “continued Stone concept, and Chung Fu Xian,” the right of Ban Zhao feat describe, let us epigenetic in just a few words which had known a Wenfu minor, but temperament all understand writing amazing woman go down in history, few women’s body of writing narrative history but she did not let steadfast in upholding the perfect man.    Fu said write Shanwen woman was more than tenderness, and she will melt into the deep tenderness of this Court in books, I do not know the years are out the window geometry, and more birds chirping love affair has nothing to do, I do not know Greenfield be loved when her India face many times there is no wind and wet night, if there is no moon nights are lit red candles left filled with graceful pace in Zhuoan of bamboo, the faint slanting.In dozens of painstaking, so I do not know what kind of a woman with the courage to stick with it, perhaps too fond of bamboo body engraved with the words, through the traces of years by emitting a faint fragrance of it!Perhaps to a conviction, unknown father and brother inherited the unfinished last wish, or is not willing to let it have left in the tunnel of time in the story of the forgotten.    When you see the long scroll Qin body fragrance reveals a real estate broker’s prime people, devastated the heart would like to open in spring flowers are blooming lilies nod crooning like, want to laugh also frown tears satisfaction only experienced people know a few degrees force is changed feeling of sadness.Happy, happy day is that flash in the pan, not noodles to hang around evanescent, wife of dust, can grow out of a pile of dust, it was only a touch of longing and nostalgia covered with lice.Perhaps the only character to charm a woman from sad to pull back in the Circle of Life.    When Grief has not stopped, only to walk again looking for a place to get out of the abyss.That year eastward migration her son to follow his post together, the situation along the way, or a sense of the ancients, or watching the magnificent mountains, Responding to Sri Lanka, will pick up a pen to write an ode called “Crusade Fu”.”Xi Ming Shu and insomnia, heart and contrary to the delay,” the hearts of countless Enron affair, how can sleep as it?Heart has been wandering, love to know and can not fight fate, holding a wine glass depressed mood can not distraction, and hate that they are not born in ancient times, did not like the nest of attack calabash as contribute to the country.    Kuo Kuang feeling in the land of Confucius lecture Tuition siege continues the same business was able to Shenqingziruo, standing on the ruins of the tomb of Zi abandoned, since now there are people standing there staring.Despite the virtues of this world body has been buried long before still will flow away in the dust in people’s minds, then why insist wealth and rank, abstinence, adhere to the right path naturally stand on the stage of history.    Since it can not be fun bringing peace to the country, then lift the pen, ink brush, leave something for future generations it!As a woman, Defan behavior has become something of concern, a roll of “female Commandments” and tries to set a women’s world a model of refined and popular tastes, no wonder that future generations of multi charming and elegant woman!    Like a dream, like dozens of spring and autumn leaves wither!Continued history books East View Court, roll Serve liufang years, Wen Fu minor in women’s model, no longer hate God give dozens of bloom Yela.    - Stop cloud put pen 2014 · 7 · 27