Day: August 13, 2018

May soft water, Yun love fragrance

Autumn rain brings tears, thinking of the long yo。A curtain misty rain, wet my sleeping heart, awakened my dusty memory。Tick autumn, thoughts soaring, the flowers blooming purple Xuan rainy season, the most beautiful memories of my heart, the deepest love。Through layers of rain and fog, as if to see you through the rain, sections from。Hand, I want to touch the familiar Yen Yung, only to find that you had not around。Gently calling your name, but your calls no shadow。Do you know?I will miss how much, how much tenderness, and placed the autumn rain, engraved in the dough in the autumn, just as you bear in mind the deep。Autumn endless, never-ending thoughts。I do not know how long the rain will stretch, I do not know how long I will wait for you in the autumn……    Wind, love; rain falls, Legends。Drizzle, softly floating down; the slightest tenderness, quietly thrown。That has shown signs of the rainy season, pouring bright adventure of love。Affinities love, the heart of India, the situation Integration。There are love poems into a charming time, have your years of gorgeous gorgeous。Oh that, from now on accompanied by the old; But oh, leave this life dependent。Think you are gentle palm unchanged; think, you are the most beautiful in this life only。Time, but mercilessly dry the fragrance of love; wind and rain, but unsympathetic to destroy the lingering feelings of; years, but brutally taken away expectations of love。Su Jie follow the light and shadow, quietly picking up gorgeous love, love's heart, bound anthology of love, in the corridors of time collection, collection is the most beautiful memories of love。    Moonlight as water, hazy graceful; the gentle breeze, fanning face; dusty story, wind sneaked。Leaning wisteria winding Xuan window, look back to the intersection of love, of surplus natural smile you, and as you first view of appearance, meaningful to me were full of warm fragrant memories memo book, become a timeless memories。Light book greeting, placed breeze, send along the distance you wish you the Enron-Italy; listening to a melody, indulge in the past, pick up the most beautiful stamp, moist plain fleeting; shallow execute a hormone pen, sway Xinyu, tracing the most beautiful poetry, full of affection will be hidden in the moonlight aroma's, you ever read。    Moonlight, bringing clarity; snow, crystal clear Mazumdar。Pair of bright eyes, gentle enough; a touch of shadows, came Painting。Familiar figure, through the time of air time, and the line slowly; deep yearning heart, follow the light of the moon, grow slowly。Amidst the blue curtain that, how much of a loving accommodates both; Ome past period, how much sweetness engraved under。Wind, rain falls; love death, heart War。Love left lying in the corner, no temperature was heartbreaking past; feeling scattered in turn, we no longer have to pick up scattered afford past affectionate。One of thin pen, write to make the vicissitudes of life, filled with memories lingering longer dare to touch; a ray of thoughts, covered with sadness, frustration tainted with melancholy full of。Heart, along with the tides; Love, who left in the rainy season。Along poetry rhyme, Yuxi any wind, snow and Mu rows, with a deep love quietly, leaving quietly……    A snow, light falling to the floor as elegant facial grace Zen; a fleeting time, quietly wake up in the silent midnight intertwined love pain。Curved tenderness in the bright moonlight, light singing crooning, the combustion state of mind; a ray of Qiannian engraved in the Sansei stone, implanted heart, the fleeting deep。Red fireworks across, in a warm lights, the smoked dry eyes moist; in a white snow, the release full of affectionate。    The breeze, waving footage, missing strings, tapping Liu curtain, window follow the full moonlight, printed full heart。A bloom, blossom beautiful first met; a curtain misty rain, freeze most beautiful encounter; a snowflake, dusty beautiful memories。Memory Xuan window, stained Qinxiang past, countless memorable picture, overlapping in a dream, and repeatedly, wrapped around wrapped around your heart encrusted Shennian。Diffuse through the window of heart miss, underline once invited, I went about you were a florid perfumed feast; through love memo book, write a brief paragraph vowed to thousands of Xinyu condensed into a poem of love; through time cloister, engraving Yilianyoumeng, dye incense left corner to give you a dream……    Time rings, long long; good times, warm and memorable。Leaning lintel years, careful light points warm wheel, warmth overflowing heart。By the bright moonlight moist, covered with the tenderness of Acacia Su Jian, Life's always some warmth whenever recalled, still full of fragrance; lingering through a curtain of misty rain, the whole sky stained tenderness, there is always warm folding screen regardless of how many spring and autumn, still dark fragrance floating; follow a light snow flying rhyme, the old romantic tenderness gently pick, carefully crafted, there is always beautiful no matter how many times after reincarnation, still love is the deepest bottom of my heart。Strolling in shallow fleeting, carefully collected to give life and love warm, deeply hidden, read softly, quietly engraved in the quiet beauty of plain text, the most beautiful time forever heart of the sea, and life dependent leave。    [Original article] screen name: shower Stream duckweed / pen name: Xiao Jie, drizzly misty rain QQ1291861303