Day: August 9, 2018

GIF- Cross referee was "groping": Wake up man ah this is the World Cup

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" BORDER- top: 1px solid #ddd; ">You okay!Xiao Bian recently discovered, brought the World Cup soccer fever is indeed much higher than usual, outside the arenas of various scenes will be universal Tucao。So we "Russia drops of God" naturally work harder, continue hey up!Argentina experienced a cool, last night's game, it came two upset, losing Germany, Brazil victorious。World Cup three players each get 1 point。Let's talk about the game Germany lost to Mexico。Here is the game of the German team's starting lineup。This is Germany's number one player: This is the German national team coach: By the way tell us about Mexico goalkeeper Francis Ng teacher (Ochoa): natural game can not do without the enthusiasm of the fans。Wait a minute, this friend how you lean into a child like this?Mexico turned out to be a bunch of friends made an appointment to see the World Cup, did not think the big brother to be his wife locked in the house, my friends had made a 1: 1 cardboard into the field。This is the love ah!At the start, the German player Toni Kroos it was the referee's "hit chest"。The referee seemed to remind him of you Real Madrid players one by one so to force: you wake up soon, ah, this is the World Cup!The game, every team in Mexico have formed a counter threat。German fans had to start in the circle of friends forwarded only Mexican chicken roll: however, no amount of metaphysics could not save them, the German team's defense in the first half, as shown below: It is said that at halftime, behind the German team players they dejected, I do not know what to do。The only emotional stability is Ozil from Arsenal。After all, Arsenal are so over a whole year thing。But in the end, the German team still failed to avoid the fate of battle failure。Many fans have booked the next day's breakfast: Some fans have been unable to control: Here, come talk to Brazil's game against Switzerland。When Neymar appears on TV, I felt a burst of late-night hunger。Dude, how much money you this bowl of instant noodles?The Brazilian also on behalf of Big Boss, I'm afraid this is the strongest cosplay World Cup。The first game, Brazil Coutinho played a superb World wave。After the ball hit, Kudiniao posture as shown: library bird arrow through the clouds is accurate, but the Swiss team everyone will Jiabu Zhu martial arts。12 Road Tan legs, Zhanyi eighth down well versed in playing almost Neymar opened Renduermai……And so on, read the list of Switzerland, Are not they will come in red?There are fans discover the World Cup only your team there are super (just joined the R & F, a kick Tosic did not) and Arsenal player, you become a victory insulator。Well, it seems that the big boom is super cool to be a。In short Up to now, in addition to not played in Belgium, the world's top six teams all failed to win。Most fans worldwide were estimated state is this: Finally, I have to give the fans some warning England。Today the "European Chinese team" will played, we had better put the medicine on hand where available。