Day: August 5, 2018

33-year-old?Luo finally to the time of the altar?

  In an unsatisfactory draw after, C Luo ushered in his 33-year-old birthday。
This time last year, a significant number of people are talking about (Golden Globe and the Champions League) tied Macy's ability to honor him two; now he did this, to lay the Real Madrid and 2017?Romania's imprinted, fell into the constant voices of doubt。 Many people are asking: all know that with age, C Luo decline was predictable, but this season is not finally "hide" of it?More bluntly, the moment C Luo altar, finally came yet?  This problem has been proposed in the second half of the 2015-16 season before, when?Luo is approaching his 31st birthday。 Barca got the Triple Crown in 2015, MSN surging momentum, the Bernabeu Real Madrid 4-0 big break, Benitez season middle class……At that time the red and blue army looks unstoppable, C Ronaldo and Real Madrid is somewhat left behind, the Portuguese star also add such media dubbed the title "child food spree"。
But in the case of domestic suppressed, Real Madrid popped up in the chaos of the next Champions League trophy in the siege, which greatly boosted the morale of the team; to the European Cup, C Luo Portugal bucked the trend all the way into the final, and in?Lo back injury early in the case is still tenacious cup。
Champions League and European Cup double crown plus body, the role of C Luo put in there, some of the causal factors also helped to Real Madrid and Portugal。 It is important that, when?Luo limited by the decline in natural track every game can not play the greatest influence when either club or national team, are found not entirely dependent?Luo acquired way to victory。
  This good interaction, in the 16-17 season to the next level。
With a good momentum of winning the Champions League with Real Madrid terror squad thickness can pressure and different styles of opponents of multi-line operations should ease, while the game to break the deadlock by a sudden force。 In this case, C Lo can be more targeted, the better state into a more important occasion。 Charge from the outbreak is not accidental to the final stage of the Champions League, because under good chemistry, C Luo whether physical or state of mind are at its peak, more conducive to his already good at that moment in front of。
In other words, in No. 7 because of natural decline and needs to be better "hide behind" stage Real Madrid, Real Madrid and Portugal gave him a very efficient system operation。 A comfortable system, a good record and a relaxed attitude as a support, C Luo also making the transition more ease。
He insisted the exercise of their own quality, while constantly changing the game and deal with their own way of defense。
Over the past two years, his development is undoubtedly very successful。
  But it is possible that because of the success of the past two years, so that?Luo declining trend was even more pronounced today。 You really can "hide behind" through good tactical design C Ronaldo slipped and let him concentrate on Terminator – but with a different line of attack elsewhere, to "hide behind" is not easy, especially scorer。 Because in the most intense competition for the box, you are better than your opponent doom marker that look run fast, run accurate, jump high and hit enter。
And at least in the league this season, C Lo gives the impression that he ran the ball a lot less in place, impact strength and speed down, hit the door quality deteriorates。 Measure the quality of scoring opportunities "expected goals," the data show that the quality of the opportunity to C Lo La Liga this season, an average of every 90 minutes to get even slightly better than last season, but the ability to grasp the serious decline。
La Liga this season, scored his expectations is actually only eight goals。
What is this concept?Last season, and last season, C Lo's "expected goals" and basically the same as the actual score, the actual score 14-15 season up to a higher than expected Geng Shibi。   Interpretation of the data from the point of view can be considered?Luo completely do eat the bread of tasks at the same time in the season 14-15, but also put a lot of not very good opportunity to convert into goals; 15-17 two seasons is how much of the cake gets here, can be converted to the number of ball; this season is how much of the cake gets here, wasting nearly half。 ?Scored a little, this data is the worst five league Romania actual goal than desired, the second difference is the Crystal Palace striker Turk (a)。 The problem is not small, because if there is opportunity to fight their way into, then give his teammates to help is limited。
In contrast, the expected and actual goals scored Messi La Liga this season basically the same situation Suarez and Levante are also similar, is considered to be "spit cake spree," the actual Cavani scored goals than expected also had a high。
Many power forward to 30-year-old power dips, just the most terrible that it does not pull its weight to about。
La Liga this season, at least from the point of view, C Luo gradually "to not pull its weight" of the。   When two years ago, so the voices of doubt arise, C Luo also "only" 31 years old, and now he is 33 years old。 In the fierce competition of the highest level of professional football, the age of one year each increase, the impact on a lot of big players will。 33-year-old?Luo imagine if 31-year-old as "play face" doubters, no doubt much more difficult。
Real Madrid and current situation of?Romania out of the woods it is difficult to provide enough help。
To some extent, last season and Real Madrid?How Luo complement each other on how to drag this season: C Lo Real Madrid need to provide enough shells, enough to make him the holiday of depth on our bench, he can state generally stable record, these aspects of the Real Madrid do bad; Real Madrid needs?Luo good opportunity to convert, for the team to break the deadlock, and then fight for a better game situation, C Luo also completed a lot of time too bad。 Galacticos seemed to be in a vicious circle, the source of your problem in the end is hard to explain?Ronaldo, Zidane or the team, but?Lo pressure is always accumulated, it is certain。   Thus, the pressure came on the Champions League, but also because this is actually only half of the competition for the trophy this season, Real Madrid a。 And in the Champions League group stage, C-6 games all have gains, creating a Champions League history。
This is also the season is also resistant to a position "C Luo decline" theory – if sustained downturn means a player can not reach the level before him, then at least in the Champions League, C Luo also to maintain efficient output。 Led the team last weekend draw with Real Madrid Levante coach Muniz said: "When Real Madrid good machine running time, is in the Mestalla Valencia a 4-1 win。
"This is how many Real Madrid fans still have expectations, after all, the team played a high level, and if the state peak, you want to beat them is not easy。
Against the menacing Greater Paris, Madrid can not play this peak?Among these, C Lo's performance is very important of course,。
He needs to stay in the competition for Real Madrid in the Champions League, also needs to prove that he can still play a major influence in top races。   Against Levante, C Luo Han was replaced early insight。 A broadcast camera on him, he wanted to see the reaction of the bench。
?Luo obviously know there is a camera filming him, he first shook his head, then made a motion to shut up, index finger in the middle of the lips, then pointed to the court, made a motion camera, meaning "Do not shoot me Please take the field picture。 "As the post-match comments, if Real Madrid wins to hold the fruit, the substitutions just insignificant episode; but in the end, it became the focus of attention。 And if Real Madrid in the Champions League was eliminated, missed the end of the season if any titles, C Lo can imagine the pressure。 Because people know that this "nothing concrete" of the situation and 2014-15 seasons are clearly different。
Real Madrid and?Where is the poor state of Romania's becoming more and more frequent, and it is hard to see the point in changing。 Through this kind of pressure in the external environment and age of the stage,?Romania's status will remain negative impact。
  33-year-old?Luo really old yet?Indications from the laws of nature and the season before the second half of the term, this trend seems to be significantly higher than previous years。 But since the Champions League is still fighting, and Real Madrid?Ronaldo this season has not completely lost hope。 No one can be sure his fifth Golden Globe is the last one, but he did appear and Golden Globe lopsided situation。
In fact, any player unable to resist the ongoing erosion of time, C Lo's performance over the past two years has been very good。
The Portuguese superstar eventually there will be no chance to compete for the Golden Globe day, but exactly when that day comes, people can only wait and see the developments in the。
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