Day: August 3, 2018

He had atopic dermatitis how to do what the right solution

Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease caused by the allergen, mainly refers to human exposure to certain allergens and cause skin irritation, itching, wheal, peeling and other skin conditions。
So I had atopic dermatitis how to do it the right way which effectively can take it how to treat atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis – diet 1, leek duck Seiji atopic dermatitis: Wash fresh chives, plus Duck Egg (to yellow) rubbed the affected area without duck, the light directly rubbed to wash leek。
Chives or take, the amount of feathers, wash water to cook outside。2, Chinese cabbage cure atopic dermatitis: wrap the affected area with cabbage mash, treatment of allergic dermatitis。3, leaves oil: Ai Compositae leaves.Of bitter, acrid, warm。
The liver, spleen, kidney。Functionality cold pain, warm through the hemostasis。Modern reports, leaves oil has anti-allergic effects, for the treatment of atopic dermatitis。
4, soybeans and honey: an oligosaccharide soybeans and honey are contained reduce the efficacy of atopic dermatitis。
5, purslane: Wash the skin with water, take a small portion of purslane smashed wipe the affected area; the rest of the boiled water to drink; fish out of purslane put a little soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil pinned to eat。
Treatment of allergic dermatitis – the traditional method, apparatus treatment: more than against nature metabolism, mandatory treatment of allergic dermatitis, causing damage to capillaries, easy to relapse。2, topical steroid: it can relieve symptoms, but these – drugs have side effects, and more produce dependence, recurrent symptoms will。
Treatment of atopic dermatitis – acute localized swelling obvious choice lotion treated with drugs, when exudate erosion wet drug solution, cream or ointment with no hormones exudate, antihistamines available for systemic therapy。
Severe cases can simultaneously oral or intravenous drugs。