Month: August 2018

Chen Zhihong: in advance, to realize their dreams

Everyone has their own dreams, big dreams, but also have small dreams, but also dream about money, but also about the dream career.Man with a dream is worth learning, but to dream and pursue people are honorable. But, on the way to realize their dreams, we also see a lot of people have been fighting, many people still do not forward. In the past few days with friends, of which there is a friend that I see you were ashamed.I know how to do, but that is not to do.Hear the words of a friend, others may not feel.But I thought of my own. I also really like that way, really hard enough, if we can strive point, then also more rewarding. On the network to go for a long time, really you will find a lot of road.The road is suitable for us, but we really do not do it. Because we do not worry, we always think, there is a tomorrow.But tomorrow is so many, many months later. Thinking of her friends, in order to achieve the dream of doing things, we compare with them next. Really it would be more ashamed.Because they fight than we really are not a little two. There is a girl group, the university is science tourism, but English is her specialty, graduated, do Ali, at that time still a free Ali finally became a single.Ten thousand.But the money that she just graduated million for goods. So she took his student ID card, diplomas into the street to look for.Who wants to look her credit. Behind someone really willing to give her credit.She earned thousands of dollars. Back then she thought, just graduated to find the next job.Then went into a foreign trade company, it is a big company, but the basic salary before 1500.This is also the 1500 base salary, she insisted for two years.In fact, she had not only just a single 1500. However, in order to better exercise, it is to insist she take, but the manager also pretty bad for her. By the time he finally want to start, really even the cost of living is a problem.She said, do not come out, really want to starve to death.So she came out.By three credit cards, but also pay Ali of 3688, but also a purchase, is not capital. So she can sell the cheapest, a dollar, two dollars, to sell 3 dollars, four dollars. We certainly hard to imagine how her that time is over.But she really back up. In fact, her other process of struggle, I think it is not important for me, that she could get a student card to credit, as well as take it to the credit card business, like this man, where can do together.And we really do not have such courage. If we can, then we are sure we will be more than happy now too. Just on the road looking for the dream, we are always afraid, always worry too much than others. So she now has factories, so there are several shops, good to the office, these are her deserve.We have had better than their environment, but we really do not do it, not to cherish. Touches them, they have nothing really to do it, but also rely on them for everything. In our group there, and a girl, age is also small, is 89 years. She did not study at university, after graduating from high school went to the line, on the line, she thought, I can not for life of the pipeline right.He knew at that time, to be sitting in the office, you must know computer.So she went to spend money on training. She spent all their savings 2000, plus find his sister by 1000, to attend computer training. That six months, she went to a half-day of training at night to work properly, and that six months, she slept only five hours a day. And at that time she was a month’s salary of 700. She was then transferred back to the office when the clerk in the office, she saw those who earn the most have to do business, but also by Ali doing business, she told the boss said, can you give her integrity through open.The boss said no. She said that I can not open his own money, I do not affect the normal operation.A single of the same to the commission. The boss said, can the.The back of her own money to open his own integrity, had no money, more money. But it is like this, and then back into our group, and then back up really doing. Then followed by a same company to do business in their boys in love with him, then that is married.Then out of his own company.89 years of sister.A5 is now open.Sometimes we think, in fact we are okay condition than they. But why do not we just do it.How every day we are at rest, at play with all. On the way to realize their dreams, they really better than many of our efforts.We have the capital, but we will not abandon.They do not have that opportunity, but they are trying to create that opportunity in. They called that way youth youth, it looks like they only make sense to write youth. When can we as they did it, but if we can be like them, so nice ah. So, that is not how much capital, that is not how smart people, how many will harvest. Harvest has been part of those who have been very hard, continuous efforts have been upward, belonging dreamer. I have a friend around.In fact, reading is not likely to read, but also write the line, when it comes to test into high school.So I bought, and buy the concept of high school at that time.So his father would find someone to borrow money to spend thousands of pieces, let him in high school. High school behind him to read or not read, like this certainly pass the test to the university entrance exam, he thought, to go to Art. Art students university entrance exam, then it will be much simpler.He borrowed money, to get people to learn. Later he finally admitted to the undergraduate comparison, is still very common undergraduate.But she was a little worse than we are, are super good looking girlfriend, she really is a little thick skinned.This is commendatory, hee hee. She had to find a girlfriend is the daughter of the school principal of their college.She later graduated from open studio back home. This time she was there with her graduate students together, admitted to our county’s civil service.He looked down a bit.That is, there are times to meet suffered such a stimulus, he decided to continue to read, so do not do the work, has been exam. Really behind enrolled as a graduate.Now graduated from college.University teacher. Just about his writing, he’s up, he’s been trying to find ways to.He is now not only the class.Also spent a lot of money, to send a lot of gifts.Every day to get to know those people better than his.I think he was really well done. He is eleven very quiet person, but every time I see him think she has full power. To dream, he really has been up, he said, to engage in the arts in this life anyway, until one day he was dead. He like this people really get rich, every dream, has been able to pay people who are really worthy of admiration. So many people also see this in the spirit, he is working with, but also will promote his paintings, he will be better tomorrow. So often, I was thinking, we in the end is how. Why the same 24 hours, others can do so well, and we can only be like this. Like get older, like 24 hours, maybe when we were lying down watching television, others may struggle in efforts.When I was still thinking about where to go to play, someone else is already underway.As early as we have come to the front. and so.Many people could live better than us, they really have to have a reason to give.Because they really fight than we.On the way to realize their dreams, I never have been really unruly dance, and you compete with, only people trying to realize their dream of advance. My name is Chen Zhihong, a whole life to the pursuit of progress and dreams.On the micro-channel / QQ: 838504315

Calling from early spring

In the morning, I suddenly was awakened by sounds outside the window magpie.Look at bedside phone, has more than six points, the room dim, and awakened me but you can not sleep, tossing and turning in bed warm, one after another, things like the piece of mind Like the movie camera.    Remember, this thing somehow feels like and go against their own, some people, some things, though in our life has become one through landscapes, but in retrospect, would warm the nostalgic taste just like playing.    Mindful of the mood of spring, life, how can only live in their own world?Sad for his lost love, regret the loss of time for themselves, sometimes even passing one of his strange smile, can become an image in their memory.    Yesterday, received a friend’s phone, I thought a long time, he said that the students of junior high school when I.The students naturally want to talk about in the case of school time, however, in which familiar and unfamiliar words, I can not find the shadow of the students, I missed his memory, he still missed his memory?Skeptical, I do not want to hurt each other’s enthusiasm, but I swear with, is it me too hypocritical yet?I walk in each other’s long lost in the excitement, and sometimes really flawless.For this phone, whether I am at what life in the confirmation?I would like nothing more than a “feeling” words.    Love, though intangible, look vain, but in our life actually is everywhere, the New Year, relatives, friends, classmates of time together, in this special day, whether we admit non-recognition, Mindful of the mind share of love relatives, friends, classmates always indispensable.    Think of these, in the evening, and I brought the students to leave my number call back when the other party does not answer, I caught the sound of the beep, the moment I do not know that is for their own neglect and deep remorse , but also for the students care, and returning to a deeply felt glad that care and are concerned about being happy.    Usually, rush, no spare time to reveries, to wonder, only in the festival, and my heart to lose share feelings at this moment will be unexpected, think of it, his heart is always warm, touch his hand, but it is cold, sour thoughts we make some heartache in the lonely back, will feel uneasy!    People walking on the road, time to fill our footprints, our way of life but stranded in the scenery but folded into one to remember symbols fall on our life time living and writing about writing such a memory, not in the comfort of injury heart, but nourishing again and again in the years of struggle tired mind, after all, we are still at the foot of the continuation of the road!    Another year has come the spring, although spring out of the window of the continuation of the silence of the winter, spring can people already in the mind of agitation for this moment people’s behavior, some of them because life is halfway to distant cities to work, they have because of the need to study some of them have quietly packed up ready to set sail traveler, and not to ask, those parts of a commitment letter in the spring under the plan, we have to send best wishes to sail their lives.Now, that is a busy time in front of a moment in time and separation, at the time of the early spring, sometimes, let our hearts is to touch the spring departure time of heartache and sadness.Family, friendship and love, in a moment in time where it not like a glass cup thick wine, and after parting in it together, and why not for a cup of bitter coffee?    Festival, will soon be over soon, I once again taste the flavor of this festival, the ups and downs salty, complete inaction, life is not absolute colors, there are expectations, there is the desire, of course, there will be a loss, there is no choice.    Life, love life.On the road of life, for us, always finish the text; although some people had not come, can stay in my heart will always be part of the situation in a corner of my heart, out in the spring comes sun drying; some love already, but dependent on the situation of those people at some point in life will always continue to inspire you to fight, when spring comes, as is the breeze, life can always appeal to our forgotten spring.    North early spring, although they are still a continuation of winter dismay, however, we look for spring and text already on the road, has been looming in the withered little bit of green grass on the lawn on the outskirts of the grass began to sprout at the sunny side of the corner, spring green, loomed people sleeping dreams, even your own home sleepy kitty to get up too early.Spring season, is one such stir the hearts of all things, my words have been agitated in the spring, not sleeping, not wandering lonely house, the share had been buried years of longing again in the early spring season surging up.Silence is not the result of confrontation this season, the best option is to start, brave on the road this season, adding a little color to own this beautiful spring scenery.I think that is what we can do that yesterday, in the micro-channel circle of friends saw a video circulating on the “under the dome” famous reporter Chai Jing, triggering concern and heated debate in the nature of the spring, the major media have also reported that produce haze which can not but arouse our attention, we live on the same earth, breathe the same air, this video Chai Jing is not making a fuss, but her this move, once again led the we all awareness for the protection of the global environment of the far-reaching, we human beings in the pursuit of happiness, under the dome, those who seek material benefits at the end of the day there will be any human happiness, the protection of the Earth’s environment, from our side to start to starting from myself.Forward a fish friends after watching this video saying, Chai Jing, on this road, you’re not a lonely battle.Early spring, everything comes back, restless earth, we are on this road has no choice.    2015.2.28

Bodhi tree species

June, there has been hot.June sky, often shrouded in fog Haze.In the arid north, but also feel it when wet.Hidden deep in the mountains, Moshou a meditation, overlooking a river luxuriantly, physical and mental unity and mountains, all the troubles gone.  This year’s summer, very fortunate, have a few deep exposure to the Castle, lived in the villa in the hills, living in the farm lands, and have some time for some leisurely.  Not the old Castle, a famous Xingtai.For the first time into the mountains, in early April, towering mountain, everywhere sallow, strong creatures are working with the drought fight.The second time was in mid-May.Wu Yuexue landing, many of the fruit has been abortion, especially near walnut crops.The mountains with one of decadence and residual bald, leaving a helpless season.This time into the mountains, the mountains of the true return of the season, the scenery beautiful scenery.You stand in the courtyard of the farmhouse at the foot of the mountain, looking at the mountains, vegetation luxuriantly stacked layers, the green is very deep.Those like the way non-road trails, submerged vegetation luxuriantly, travelers no mountaineering experience, for the mountains, can only be unattainable.  Dawn, villas open window, crisp bird, floral, traction in the wind, and instantly into the room, refreshing.Mountain peaks stacked Luan, flowers, freeze-frame a picture of the United States to the extreme.  There is wind, there is no dew.Just when this is about to dawn dip mountains, while I climb up, while patting nurtured nature scenery.Let those old walnut trees, jujube Zhu Zhu dependent, contiguous forest of chestnut trees, and azaleas, mountain lotus, and those who never met, and who are quietly blooming flowers, one by one into my album.  Dawn from top to bottom, slowly spread to the mountains, gave birth to a mysterious, refreshing beauty of a people.Moment, on a blank heart that has long been engraved on stone “to find scattered in the past,” the words, this clearly is a wake up show: Do not let the mind pale for too long, do not let the pace was too hasty, do not lose the soul in Red.  Stop on the mountainside, the United States found a different kind of plant, stooped to examine, strains short stems, leaves generous, between blade clusters of pink and white petals dotted with, even as a combination of a few, not a few.Gently touch, smooth and thick petals large, light smell, an elegant fragrance Qinru Heart.This fragrance, like in the old days was forgotten that touch of incense.  Tentacle at a flower floating gently in the palm, looking at the rounded petals, heart surprise, is it rude to disturb my flowers?I obviously was so careful, as a pious touch it!  Holding falling petals, suddenly sprout a Zen: This is not accidental, but a fortune, or that my past life with flowers literal journey lover, I met old friend.  It is also clear edge.Today, after 500 years of reincarnation, we met in the mountains, met in bloom, meet turned into a flower, swaying in I go through the trails, which stemmed rounded petals are clearly anxious expectation Past.Then a closer look, that piece of leaf surface dark green, a little white marks, heart surprised, like most of the long-awaited tears.  Photography, little is known, will not selfie.I let the traveler who later took me an instant I met with flowers, memorial forever reserved.They shoot a close-up of flowers, fear turned to blurred flowers beautiful face.  In this dawn dip mountains, this casual encounter, I look forward to the pious, that one can always flowers year after year, uninhibited bloom, that period has been generous to Zen.  At this fate of June, just in the heart Bodhi tree species, and also master as the Buddha, under the Bodhi tree slowly deep understanding.Uphold the touch of piety, to cutting a shallow time, caught in the years of the title page, give ordinary you and me, this really memo left little incense and ink.

Beijing Olympic memory praise disabled athletes (XIX)

Although the Beijing Olympics over the past four years, to date, the exciting scene is still fresh.London Olympics around the corner, before and after the Beijing Olympics and bits and pieces come to mind, excited, pen letter to write, to keep historical memory.    - Inscription Disabled physical exercise, physical rehabilitation and mental health benefit.People with disabilities to participate in Paralympic Games, it is the test of will and perseverance.    I often Sorrow, sympathetic to people with disabilities, those waist, disability heroes such as Paul made outstanding contributions, Wu Yun Duo, Zhang Di Zepei serving five-body cast, I learned they are a shining example.    Disabled mutilation, mental retardation, visual obstruction, life is difficult to take care of themselves yet, where it can participate in sports, so I’m not interested in the Games for the Disabled, and occasionally watch sports on TV with disabilities, in addition to admire their strong-willed outside, the rest is worried, could not bear to watch.    When I saw on television disabled athletes preparing for the Paralympic scene, they all perspiring, serious training, they shouted: “I participate, I contribute, I’m happy,” this time, I gradually changed to Paralympic view.Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are equally attractive, but also were more impressed with shock.    Disabled athletes are all heroes, all of them worthy of praise.2004 Athens Olympic Games, He Jun right on the podium, wearing garlands, flowers neck clip, mouth of gold, smiling, gazing at the flag rising, like a statue of a pure and noble heroes, people actually forget that he is a disabled person who lost both arms.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Games, the torch Jin Jing girl sitting in a wheelchair, his face showing a smile, she like where disabled athletes, is clearly a beautiful angel.There are handsome Hou Bin, his powerful hands with a last look tight La Shengsuo, Torch wheelchair and slowly rose to 39 meters, the main torch he lit flaming torch suddenly lit up the night sky nest.Who would have thought that a disabled athlete Hou Bin, he can not think of a more independent one leg, leaped across the rails 1 m 92.    Basketball is a popular sport, 6 of last century, the 1970s film “Women’s Basketball V” swept the country, China’s Beijing Olympic Games women’s basketball male people much concern.Today saw the Chinese Paralympic Games “wheelchair basketball” team game, gives me a surprise and shock.China’s wheelchair basketball started late, but all the athletes lively, expertly driven wheelchair, supple body, dribbling the ball with ease, shooting extremely exciting and accurate.Should the players slipped and fell in the race, will be both man and chairs were overturned, the presence of watch fans are worried, anxious for the athletes, even Nie Bahan.But they do not help people, driven by their own body around a turn, rise up, and put into basketball battle.Wheelchair basketball player for honor, fight for the dignity of people admire the perseverance, their superb playing balls is impressive.    I first watched the disabled table tennis competition, the Chinese teenager Chen Chao Germany Arnold Tournament.They walk around quivering, shaking the mind, holding a racket is very difficult, but two people playing table tennis was to majestic, murderous.They beat smash steady, accurate, relentless, varied topspin backspin, sometimes lobs sometimes far attack, shuttle silver ball like a meteor, dazzling, making it difficult to see that they are athletes with disabilities.    Croquet, billiards commonplace, country boy throwing sandbags, playing the glass ball is pretty common, except boccia rare, and onto the Olympic stadium feel more fresh.According to insider reports, some patients with severe cerebral palsy life can not take care of themselves, they rely on to play boccia gradually recovered.There are two athletes with cerebral palsy, woman is the Chinese people, the men are foreigners, they are concentrating on hard ground ball game.They were sitting in a wheelchair, the hand can not grip the ball, the ball is placed on the coaches on a special catheter, female athletes with the index finger and gently struck the accuracy of the red ball rolled into the inner circles, hit the white ball; male athletes head wear metal headband, he clicks on the bar with a headband basketball, basketball slowly rolled in the community.Tempo slow and difficult, they are very committed, serious, white target ball inside the boundary of careful observation, and then determine the direction of pitching and force.They each put in a brilliant ball, that ball away from the nearest target, will win applause.Whether they win or lose, only care about participation, they challenge themselves and optimism do not yield to the will of fate admirable.    Disabled athletes waist down, their spirit of self admirable, impressive.Any setbacks and the disabled-bodied people we encounter in life is not more difficult than simply watch the Paralympic Games but also enhance the courage and confidence to overcome our difficulties.We should not only disabled, but also to honestly learn from disabled athletes, build our beautiful homeland.

Bamboo colored hibiscus mirror Rika

The wider world of wonders, the Yangtze River each year plum ripe still more than a month rainy season in May day, and sometimes you could not tell a sunny or rainy day.Only Lotus pond season ability and insight too, in this warm and rainfall season, hibiscus grow lush, gorgeous bloom.    Meri hibiscus better than in the spring, tender, pointed to just left the water; nor no dynamic than in the autumn the leaves dark green brittle apathy.Mei days of Mao Furong prosperous green, red flowers of pink and white brilliant but vain, like Yu Yu Tingting girl.Breeze lotus graceful, graceful.    Flowers bloom in bamboo green lotus pond, from a distance to go, but also as a sky full of stars mosaic in the blue sky, like the introduction of eye-catching, the flowers emit bursts of refreshing fragrance.So, Meri Shanghe is the best time, not only to avoid the summer heat, but also really appreciate the “lotus leaf Luoqun same color plant, hibiscus open to the sides face” spectacular Hawthorn.    Inspired by the crushing pace, on the shore lian full pool to enjoy this delightful mix of hibiscus.Looked far, a lotus pond green bamboo like to squeeze as embankments filled, sharp image can not be reconciled lotus obscured the lush leaves, one by one scrambling squeezed from the leaves of the gap out, God air gas stood above the lotus leaf, the visitors Yuen Yiu themselves more beautiful, throwing a pool of fragrance to the pond, then I truly appreciate the li Bai’s “Takeshita color green river, the mirror lotus incense” poetry was so wonderful.    Morning, roadside vegetation, there are a lot of dew, standing on the shore, watch the clouds of lotus leaf like a bowl full of candy exquisitely carved dolphin drops of water, put the wind Dutch Dutch roll with beads, beautiful and Cute.Sometimes rolling on rolling on accidentally slipped out of the green basin, the heart suddenly followed screwed up, hoping to teach himself held out his hand to catch the drops of water.Distant burst of breeze over, setting off a lotus leaf skirts swinging like a girl as beautiful water droplets roll out from under the leaves dance in turn fell into the water for a time a flurry of crisp sound of dripping water, to silence Hawthorn added a bit of vitality, then you have to remember the feeling of “full Bi Tong Su-hong, the wind Ock” kind of subtle micro Shaw.    Mei-day Kazamaki few clouds for a while it stopped falling water over the pond, the pond can not see the water surface, you can not see the water in the pond ripples, while only hear the sound of the leaves and rain clutter.Not out of the embankments, the rain moved out of Willows, the sun emitted a ray of light from the clouds part of the cave, the rain had just been bathed lotus leaf in the sunshine, even more verdant green, not far from a dragonfly flying quietly, gently stand on the pink lotus bud, pond dotted the beauty of a “green bamboo with new powder”.    Quiet night, waited at the edge of the pond, watching Lotus Pond, notably a landscape.    Curved moon struck across the willow, some clouds floated around in the front month, amused twinkling moonlight.Hibiscus quietly toward the moon, looks a little high in the lotus pool of lotus leaf side short point release some shadow to the Netherlands, together with the leaves sway in the evening breeze.The shore of a tiny frog, Czech Republic, a vertical body, in a jump on a lotus leaf, muster cheek sing up.The night wind playing with drooping willow, ask the pro Tingtingyuli lotus leaf, like a pair of lovers intimacy and love.    Lian I like the cold, it is an inherent essence of elegant, natural beauty, the sludge is not dyed, and full of vitality, her long high water, the total is not submerged.Quiet time, I am hoping to give birth to a lotus hearts to show themselves in the wind, ethereal.It dilutes the rainy season in the hot-volt, a pool of clear charge to the fragrance dispersed around gently to disperse.    07,06,2014 in Wuhu, Anhui

Autumn quietly savor, drunk alone westerly thin

Southland autumn.More US.I just have time to enjoy, southern wind slightly cool earth, so I indulge, I walked in a corner of southern Guangdong, southern quietly appreciate the intoxicating autumn.The cool westerly winds in the TV drama thick taste the flavor of autumn Inscription even pick up mood, stroll in the city board of oil on the road, Youran own exclusive watch this space.    Stop-go under that piece of green.At the moment though it is late autumn.Just feel the cool weather.Dressed in thin clothing and northern autumn in stark contrast.At this time, the North is already everywhere Depression.Yela grass withered.Here it may still be patches of green.Plants that bloom, without the slightest decline.    Walk in the Pearl River shore, a quiet river level complex of that restless state of mind, a safe and tranquil replaced Ripples and anxiety that heart.The river flows quietly, occasionally thrown up a circle of ripples.Waves in this flashy earthly.Stroking a curtain westerly in this vast space.Ears long hair floated gently.I felt a fresh.So comfortable.    Watching the TV drama green trees.famous.unknown.TV drama green vigor has decorated Mother River in southern Guangdong.The heart has a little sigh.Really beautiful, Kapok open early, spring April day.This is true gentleman.Still green to autumn.That starched kapok.Or the occasional tall and straight green leaves foil.Not that kind of Jingyi.    Less Indus Yela.Vigil No Depression.Mosaic offer all kinds of language.Around pull cool autumn.Although rare sycamore leaves.He can still flourish.Brand-Green.Praise really good strong tree vitality.Since ancient times, giving the association a lot.May ponder the reason people suddenly see the light.    Maybe we are all that it is a piece of leaf?.Strong vitality and trees can continue to rely on connected.The weak will be eliminated forgotten.He looked a stretch of flowers.Phase contrast as full of red and green.The impact of color on mood and instantly cheerful.    Leaves short life good.And trees reunion time but helpless separation.Not their own world and freedom.As for those who have friends are not around the.Have a go at each.Each with its own detention.decay.Alone wither.Enron alone in the corner of the sleeping.He was buried in the soil.After all, they can not control their own fate.Distance may start and end points are to be calm and brave to interpret.    Whose slender branches, although there are so many new green.Can the cool westerly winds but no ambiguity in shook kapok.Or also Indus.Not too much mercy.Because clearly this season implied meaning.    The river is still.Flowing golden.Autumn is can not stay in its footsteps.This autumn will reside long green.I quietly enjoy.    Pairs of lovers snuggle River.It runs children.He was still holding huge kite, fun run.Then there catching phase mix of an old married couple.At the moment – really chic autumn.    A curtain westerly from.Whiz.Also gentle.Blowing ripples of the river.Disrupted water green duckweed.Instant no shadow.Maybe it will offer thanks winds.To a new beginning.Maybe it will be sad.The relentless wind.Not once gathered together.Perhaps an instant forget that once attached together and good team.But it was only once.We do not have a spring bud.There will ever do?    It does not begin and not once had.As helpless as duckweed and leaves.Just a different environment in which.    Overlooking the city that criss-cross the overpass.It can be worn over the sea river.But why have so many of the track between the earth after all, can not be staggered.Beautiful southern.How many Hope.How many colors do not show.I do not know.No way of knowing.    Contains poetic autumn.I only solution in the Pearl River.Enjoy the unique eyes of Autumn.Autumn given to human beings and gold colors.Autumn gives life and time of harvest.Autumn in the eyes of the world are passionate, beautiful but also sad.I like autumn.I love fall.That prefer cooler westerly.At this point I did not stop the pace.Since autumn thicker.There’s still more waiting for me to enjoy the scenery, let me record my eyes southern autumn with ink.Or shallow autumn.Or a deep sense of rhyme.    I would like to make thicker autumn, autumn tighter, because we all want a new season of waiting for their.Perhaps mixed feelings.Gains and losses.Do not worry about how in the past.Let me go this autumn wind haze.Some in the cold.I understand the original southern autumn and northern no different.    I would like to get drunk alone in this mysterious country.Experience that moment of peace.Savor the charm of autumn.Cool wind.The mood exile.The recall stranded in deep autumn.

At night thinking

The night came.  At night thinking.  More than life, lonely endless lonely life love round.  The theme of loneliness is love forever, I and my shadow alone.  It said it had private message to tell me that it says miss you.  It turned out that my shadow and I wish you all.  Sometimes like solitude, loneliness is a casual mood.  Sometimes I hate lonely, because it is a very cold world.  Drink a glass of wine lonely, lonely on a cigarette, lonely heard an old song, lonely world are under your shadow.  I smiled, looked indifferent everyone around, it was in a hysterical smile, two extreme intersection.  I have forgotten how to cry, tired, always want to rely on one, always wanted to have someone to accompany me alone together.  Finally discovered, it can rely on nothing but his own shadow, only a glass of wine to accompany me alone, that cigarette.  It seems that I and my shadow is staying forever.  Originally I just want one person alone, but a friend said, a lonely man asking too much.  White moonlight, I really want to return once the bow of Love.  Those heavy rain missed, missed that year of love, I really want to go through, every one of them to get it back.  Once the boy, now he has become an old man.  And you become someone else’s bride.  Remember, that year, that day.  I am also a person, lonely quiet with me, are you not actually break into.  Red’s own infatuation, Mo laugh too crazy infatuation.  My days and nights are bright smile that you give infatuation.  Think you broke into enthusiastic thirds.  But then, you leave the seven merciless.  Ask the world what love is, just as people Shengsixiangxu.  Blossom, water from the wind, I gently call you, but you can not hear, I can only respond that lonely.  Night.  The old place, heavy rain.  You give me a warm hug.  Or night.  Or that old place, but also that heavy rain.  Your relentless turn around, leaving only a lonely me.  Two nights, two extreme outcomes.  Different proportions of tears, a tear of happiness, is a sad tears.  Tonight, my tears is to lay down memories.  That love really is not so simple.  I do not love solitude, but a really long time will get used to.  Lonely Lonely used to like.  Teenage greatest love has gone, nothing exciting elderly truest love.  Look know like open look on.  Tonight, the sky meteor.  Tears do not want to fall quietly, under the care of together with meteor.  If you love forget, time to let us bury.  Sad Sad used to like.  Commitment is not easy to say, love really can not just.  Miss miss used to like.  Listen from an old song, it reminds you that beautiful smile.  Look at that film, you familiar across the back of my mind.  Valentine’s Day I have felt strange, I did not forget, but you take me to the murder of Valentine’s Day.  Tonight, Valentine’s Day, the sky falling meteor shower.  On the street, in pairs of lovers, hand in hand looking at the sky, his face showing that a lifetime of happy smiles.  The next meteor shower, I write poetry, it is song after another Acacia.  Too many words, too many thoughts, just as a topic to write it.  Did you know that distant, still remember the former has been in the past that more than a thousand nights.  I also write poetry for you also.  Late at night, the meteor shower is gone.  I’m the only one on the street, under the street lights, with my still only that stretched back.  Late at night, alone drunk.  Under the night thinking.

Angels behind

REVIEW: let nature tell you what a beautiful and serene, what is selfless and tolerance, let it touch your eyes and breathe confusion, do it yourself carefree child.Close your eyes and let all the rest, rest.You can temporarily do not consider, do not choose to use what kind of face to face life.Harumi sunny seen, felt rain precarious blurred, with the dust of years, filled with hearts along the way or intoxicating or desolate landscape.Also know that life is a proud intertwined network and frustrated, I walked from the web.Happy moment, filled the fallen flowers scattered, Ding Dong has caused, clouds roll back and forth, changing blurred, ear noise is flowing water, beauty in the side, bright sun birds.Sentimental moment, bustling fled, bleak everywhere, Whispering grass, cool osteoclasts, Iraqis without a trace.  I do not know when the heart has been filled with hustle and bustle of life, but forgot to mansions of the soul leaving a trace of the gap breathe freely, choking a long time, people have hardship, do not know it.Modern vision of life stopped by the mind share of the original vision, playful dormant in the hearts of dust have been inadvertently.I look from the network, do not know they have been polished after life.He came to the river, only to find Autumn Double Vision has been difficult to cut, no longer stare brilliance.Abundance of ideas becomes thin, filled with lines in the mirror and smile.I know, there is a backlog of hope in my heart for far too long, there is a fine mood has become mottled vicissitudes.It was a dream of angels, I heard her singing, feeling of deja vu, let me warm and full of.It has long been thought that far away from the original, it has been behind.In the coming and going of life, do not forget to turn elegant, angel behind.Angel will be half-blind bright eyes, whispered to you: Do not forget that nature is your eternal home, do not forget to love yourself.When an array of life impact your entire body and mind, can you tell yourself, to make life a little less strong.Happy moment, not so magnificent, painful moment, do not like dark suffocation.Life with sincere enthusiasm, let it steady, going, along with my whole life.Let nature tell you what a beautiful and serene, what is selfless and tolerance, let it touch your eyes and breathe confusion, do it yourself carefree child.Close your eyes and let all the rest, rest.You can temporarily do not consider, do not choose to use what kind of face to face life.Hill is warm arms, the Foolish Old Man of sweat, Butterfly Lovers sentimental already hidden in the dust of history; water is the tenderness of the eyes, also shines through the dressing before the West Lake White Snake Millennium; lingering cloud is pure love, watching thousands of years of human ups and downs; the grass is ubiquitous concern and care, the fortunes Hing defeated in the interpretation of the immortal thrive.  Naturally silent, but it is Bodhi.  Scattered in the colorful life, do not forget to turn elegant, angel behind.[Editor: Tree man]

Also on campus one Pure Land

1.    Children are flowers of the motherland, the campus is to cultivate these seedlings flower beds, how many good memories of life began bided, how many ambitious young vibrant take-off in the ivory tower, quiet campus, students who study in focus homework, sucking the nectar of knowledge; noisy recess, children play slapstick, enjoy the release of happy nature.    However, Once upon a time, this knowledge campus, temple rituals, but much troubles – offer all kinds of social chaos projected onto campus, disorderly rough right to interfere with the administration of the campus, some of those who teach from their own indiscretion with dirt erosion campus, ever so fascinating, simply beautiful campus, under the impact of commodity economy frenzy, bruised, exhausted, precarious.    2.    Some governments to meet the leadership of the higher authorities come to inspect, some students elect to suspend classes make up the ceremonial welcome, after careful rehearsal, the children listed on both sides of the asphalt in front of the office building, waiting concentrate.Leadership late, under the scorching sun, teenagers stood there waiting for several hours on standby, frail individual students heatstroke, foaming at the mouth.When the platoon leader for coming ostentation venues in luxurious air-conditioned car, their peripheral vision did not notice these poor children, the head of the number one car with his head did not look directly exposed to the same drilling luxurious air-conditioned rooms.Students may have bulging legs irrigation lead, put a smile dancing bouquet in his hand, mouth shouting “Welcome”, flatter local officials, who inspected cold, sun exposure sweat dripping children, which is what a contrast it.    A leader in charge of education to come to school supervision, which is a schedule to watch the children’s theatrical performance report, but why bad weather, it began pouring rain, and soon, the size of the audience’s head is covered in leadership the umbrellas, but the little girls on the stage but wearing a thin dress, like a drowned rat in torrents of rain hard twist waist, struggling to quasi-step rhythm in dirty puddles, their innocent little faces I do not know left to rain, sweat, or tears?    The primary school in a remote village, town dignitaries to the funeral home, simply closed the day vacated spacious campus, suona team any publicity to banging away on the playground, Pimadaixiao of any filial dependents are in school and out, clear clean quiet campus became nondescript temple, toast touch light, sky alcohol, Guikulanghao, deafening sound of funeral music, such a farce, even appeared in the twenty-first century China, helpless onlookers, Getting by grief!    A campus in an elevated exchange, the hubbub of the sky was filled with dust playground, classroom, steady stream of vehicles, filled with the roar of the campus, the old teacher took the microphone hoarse teach high-decibel, drank five cups Panda Hai voice still hoarse congestion, back of the class and the students listen unclear, he had to stare at the teacher Zhang Hehe mouth daze.    There are students and teachers set appears auditorium roof collapsed, “let the leaders go first,” the pro-incarnation of discord strange noise, as well as the cemetery built around the campus righteous planning, as well as engage in sports field on the pumping teacher closed to government Pro strange that play neat information!    3.    A middle school award honors a person?Shirts, back printed with eye-catching “excellent student” remarkable words, laden with awkward wording chosen garment factory sponsored XX below; good student awards, not only the lower right corner of the school’s official seal, as well as address XX counseling center the back of the phone, a certificate is no longer blank, densely printed feature of the counseling center, expertise and commitment to boldly certainty.Principals warm words to explain, people donated money and materials to schools, gave us a lot of sponsors, to pass them a name, it reciprocated.    When school to school, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in front, there are always some people wearing long-tongued cap, holding the stack of red paper, green paper flyers, born into the car basket, crammed to the parents, the child’s hands it was all kinds of training and coaching advertising, already bustling shuttle team, the tour channeling of the advertising tracking, harassed, shunned, find.    Every school in September, there are always carrying a big briefcase salesman came to the campus, opened the door of the office, their agents with all kinds of language newspaper, reported mathematics, English Coaching Paper issued, a period already printed on the comp, rebate a portion of the money for classroom teachers to “piece of cake”, the children will present their spare time constraints, and it was sold at a cheap price, the old frowning on every day to do what reprint reprint go tabloid the title, precious time wasted in ineffective labor.While our government repeated orders allowed arbitrary charges, and not to increase the burden on students, however, a poor pedagogue who covet to that of a wine, the star point extra money, the luck is not responsible for the masses of the law, red tape has become a dead letter.Poor student baby, became a slaughter of the lambs, butcher publishing houses, printing houses, publishers, as well as the head teacher of the people some of the aura.    School training courses is willing to hold on, and lack of fear, escape is the instructor of school children run by excellent training courses, from the head, focusing on classroom content, link color and then deep class training and excellent speaking fine analysis, on the podium half asleep, perfunctory, a small blackboard to come to her living room spirit, full of patience, it would like to outstanding, admitted to want to end it, nice to give my courses, there are an invaluable asset, let your children to Jackie Chan phoenix!The engineers of human souls Yeah, they sell their soul to Satan, who is insatiable money due diligence, innocent students, is to cash in their eyes of potential shares!    Kindergarten teacher married each student to take home a red invitation, parents go or not?A few hundred dollars of gift, bite the bullet out of it, or the children in the garden is hard to imagine the days ahead.Teacher’s Day, the Spring Festival, thinking about the need to buy a homeroom teacher supermarket shopping card, transfer seats, a comment Miyoshi, can be taken care of.There are students for election monitor, at the advertising company to make smart business card, send to the teacher “mind”, sent to the class welfare, votes, as if the class is a small community foul.    4.    Education reform changed for so many years, the quality of education also shouted again and again, high and sometimes low burden of sound.But our grassroots education officials so far the allowed true pulse, and sometimes “dead caught dead religion, dead learning”, and sometimes “really grasp, true religion, true science”, and sometimes follow suit this model, sometimes chasing tide that experience, teachers were shepherd’s loss, disoriented, even the most basic education law also forgot to go to the back of the head.In essence, the appointment of the selection system of our officials, education officials boss job is scheduled, all day long that they consider is how the boss likes to vote, to come up with performance in front of the boss, who is a director responsible, to keep his post their attention to education and goal in mind, rather than to colleges and universities, because life should be made.Such education inevitable blind obedience, blind obedience campus inevitable chaos.    Some time ago, around the large investment in education not as a career, but as a way of making money in the investment industry, as some of the leading investment performance engineering.Thus, there is springing class of private schools, private kindergartens, as long as registering with the Department of Education, a retired headmaster please hang a name, you can high-profile recruitment; as long as the price office equipment in the case, then pretentiously list Leverage a few, you can blatantly charge.The hardware campus, faculty, have become lame leg out, never recovered not.The rich and powerful who Laozu sensible, walks away, leaving a few dilapidated classrooms, but bitter pit next session to be coaxed admissions officers rhetoric children, they were wasted youth who is going to compensate?They were buried in the future who pay?    Children are innocent, they need to nurture a good environment; children are vulnerable, they like our eyes, like, a hundred times require care.But when education is vulgar interests shrink the kidnapping, when morality shackles money back, young mind, how will suffer the ravages?When certain sectors abuse of public power, the students as vase-like furnishings, as any gardener sent the young men, we have green grass flowers in full bloom on campus, how can one be trampled stained?    Mr. Lu has long called for to save our children, today, a century later, people of insight have to then cry.Fresh young are the future masters, continued strong and prosperous motherland is our mainstay, treat every childlike innocence, be kind to each party the Pure Land school, each of us has the responsibility of caring people with a conscience difficult speech, but also pure campus early this also children happy childhood, this is the call of the times, this is the inevitable revival of civilization!

Acacia, swaying to the song

Meng Meng rain repeating monotonous melody, uniform flapping banner Xuan window, and I heard the sound of knocking on my mind.A touch of melancholy moment filled the slight trembling of the lips, eyes distant deep condensate are struggling through the rain queen of light from the rising moon hole, trying to find a scan of your face.Acacia cantabile love, lost and that the ups and downs of phonological.As far tired of silence to ask the date, red flowers scattered sorrow.The cycle of seasons, changes in replacement of years the stars, alone lean on a railing at low pressure marks Dai Meishan pondered the evening drizzly rain.    Suddenly shortened life journey, to pull back gorgeous, or give up your eyes suddenly clear infatuation.Acacia clouds can not cover the boundless sky, romance poem rugged vicissitudes can not hide the golden years.Shannon is a pool of ink do you grind, fragrant willow outside late autumn trail.I look back to have you decorated the Red, deep-seated Acacia whirlwind rushed over, chop severely hurt I was sickly melancholy, irrepressible body back half a step, I saw you heartache in the cloud.    You said I was your one and only, you said I was your life, carnal connection with a monopoly of the mountain river, looking lost that round head bright.Fingertip years carrying happy tenderness far, I released endless sleepless Acacia in clear dream.You gently floated, carrying a beautiful touch of subtle fragrance, filled that crescent moon is Acacia cripple.Hustle and bustle of the Red, bustling mood, Resentment pavilions, assembled into a three-dimensional mural punch has caused in our eyes dangling, halted suddenly thrust freeze.    Acacia nowhere to hide in between the lines soaring, roaring in place to vent melancholy poetry flat Zeze.Lonely waving folding fan, setting off a ground glass broken shadow, mottled glory of love.Sad completely defeated the central nervous system, the brain is filled with emotional disorders, it has spread in my heart.Is not every encounter is the next reincarnation?Is not every night thoughts that linger in the misty moonlight?Perhaps ranging from reincarnation, I’ve turned into a butterfly and whisper Butterfly.Perhaps ranging misty, I have scattered into Acacia rain in the wind.    Lengthy seasons, waiting for the share of infatuation and love will never fade away, waiting for you open the door handle condensate you deep eye.Acacia magnificent heart of the sea, the water dropped into the bamboo, swaying rendered into a song.Clipping broken erase the sad hair, kiss dew on the tip of the nose.Gone clouds in the youth, there you are stuck in my hole in the clear light from the rising moon silhouette, but also helpless tangle your breath.Amidst the fiber indifferent street, circled me very sad souls furrowed eyebrows.My dedication to my sincerity of my love, all the way to search for you, gentle enough to spend over the branches of the spring.    From rubbing together and miss fermentation, causing bitter Shuijiu two cups, hot burning of each other’s heart.Miss the beautiful season, sad glistening dream quilt pillow.Tempting to indulge in plain ink pen, heart readily move for you, tears of thousands of lines.Looking back inadvertently turned gorgeous, Luoshan has covered the Southwest tenderness.Acacia Dai Mei shallow painting, drawing Lotus mind.Melancholy dripping inked romantic, graceful dance interlocking fingers past the spinner to the fiber street arena as before love.Happy Together leaning plum hold intoxicated, I flow with no end in a tie Acacia.