Month: July 2018

Week: Eastern Conference first boss ultra-efficient power forward shoulder to shoulder Paul

  Beijing time on March 6, according to the NBA's official website reported, NBA officials announced the last week of the NBA Eastern Conference Player, Raptors DeMar – DeRozan and Pelican's Carmelo Anthony – Davis were elected。   Last week, DeRozan in four games averaged a team-high points and added three rebounds and assists。 His shooting percentage and free throw percentage was% and% respectively。   This four games, DeRozan scored a team-high or are tied for the highest, while the Raptors also the only team to win the Eastern Conference last week four games of the team, and for the fifth consecutive season, winning over half。   This is the season DeRozan 4th week to get the best, but also the ninth of his career。
  Davis made last week led the Pelicans 3-0, he averaged 34 points (the league), plus rebounds (third in the league) and blocked shots (third in the league), shooting percentage and free throw percentage in% and% respectively。
  In addition, last week, Davis is the only one league averaging at least 30 points and 10 rebounds player, and he twice led the Pelicans complete reversal (of the sun and the Spurs)。 February 27, pelicans victory over the Suns, Davis had a season-high 53 points and became the first single-game NBA history to get at least 53 points, 18 rebounds and five blocked shots player。
  This is the second time this season, Davis became the week, is the fourth of his career, he became the following on Chris Pelican team history – after Paul (2008-09 season) the first single-season times get the best player of the week。

Eat only a little on the network

That was around 2001, going to the New Year, a holiday home I was in college, I suddenly had a sense of play, I feel like the world is good fresh, after all, people have to a certain age, I was filled with the start see beauty and wanted to then the most important thing is the rise of the network。  At that time the street had a fire a song called "Mice Love Rice", and everywhere in the streets of sound are put in this song。  There is a network novel called "first intimate contact" also fire on the network, the novel about the plot is about a man named Cai riffraff riffraff and literary talent network called friends eat only a little of the story。  Ruffian Tsai wrote so many online comments, stories, novels, fire should not have to see very few people, only one person called him back to eat only a little of the message  “Your words very special, kind of different feeling, no matter what you write down the”  Ruffian Tsai moved up and continue to write up their own words, and her conversation, and gradually liked this girl online, then this girl has a terminal illness, departed, the novel was later made into a movie, Jordan Chan starring, story, until the sky Fei Xu spring, ruffian Tsai wearing that jacket, walking in the street, spring breeze person's face, that's fine, bloom season, he finally saw who called the Whirling Dancer he likes girls text, she really is very long pure beauty, and feel on the network, they sat in the cafe in, say with all sorts of stories of the network, it is his first time meeting her also the penultimate。  The story looked so beautiful, so miserable, that spring is too short, I'm feeling it original network had been so pure。  I think no matter how the times change, beautiful simple man destined simple beauty, this has a relationship with the human heart, with other life background, status, nothing to do, if a person wants to become degenerate ugly bear, ten thousand reasons, but a beautiful and kind man destined beautiful and kind heart, you will see that it simply Nvwang?  She called Whirling Dancer, like dancing in the rain perfume, beautiful, pure, you will warm to the network for a simple feelings like it?  When they come to the end of the winter, spring comes again, at the end there are a lot of people back home, you will see that your friends do?She was wearing a down jacket, dyed red hair do?  Matt is a kill it?There will be those beautiful story yet simple network?  Just met you on the network,“I think your voice has a very special feeling。“The network can also be very warm, is not it?

The symptoms of kidney qi deficiency, it has a "terrible" (1)

  As shown, a physical problems occur: The patient will Yaoxisuanruan weakness, frequent urination clear long, or not the urine and nocturia, enuresis。
And it is nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, female vaginal discharge thin volume is more than menstrual dripping or fetal irritability, skidding。
  2, physical symptoms: patients with refractory symptoms of chronic illness there, but also often accompanied by cough, respiratory more smoke less, and short breathing time。If the patient usually begins to breathe and move began looking pale, lassitude。Tongue also will be pale, weak pulse or Shen weak。  3, emotional aspects of performance: patients will often have a bad mood, and the mood is difficult to self-control, such as irritability, easy to get angry, anxious worry, dizziness, depression, appetite, etc.。
While the performance in terms of the will is more serious, and usually lack of confidence, lack of confidence, life without passion, no enthusiasm for work, there is no struggle goals and direction。  4, sexual function performance: patients with male and female sexual function will be reduced, while men decreased libido, impotence and it will appear or sexual organs move without kin, nocturnal emission, Hua Jing, premature ejaculation, microscopy can see a reduction in sperm motility or sperm reduce, it will seriously affect fertility。
The woman's uterus will be stunted, such as immature uterus, irregular menstruation, premature ovarian failure, and even amenorrhea。  For those who diet diet Taboo, Taboo should take into account the principle of virtual internal organs。Where the Qi of the people, should eat with qi effect, the level of sweet or sweet warm food, should eat nutritious, easily digestible food level up。Jichi broken gas gas consumption was cool Jichi cold, greasy Atsumi, spicy food。  1, nature, sweet, can Buzhongyiqi。Back in the "do not record" that is the main Qi records, medical food Tang Meng Shen Yiyun: temperature in Qi。
Qing Wang Meng also rice porridge reputation as the poor man's ginseng soup, he said: poor people suffering from deficiency syndrome, to thick rice soup on behalf of Ginseng。
Who should eat it。  2, beef nature, sweet, beneficial blood, fill the stomach, the role of strong bones and muscles。Doctors "Do not recorded," said: beef Zhongyi gas, raising the stomach。
"Han Tong Medicine" said: beef, qi, Astragalus cotton with the same power。
Beef qi shows the power, it is advised to eat it。
  3, dog warm, salty taste, to deficiency of the spleen or lung deficiency or yang or both advised。"Japan Hanako Materia Medica" Cloud: dog supplement Wei Qi, impotence, warm lassitude, tonic labor, Qi Li。"Doctor Lin compile to" also said, dog lungs gas, solid kidney。Especially in autumn and winter food is better。
  8, yam qi food, where the physical or chronic illness Qi, should eat it, the most beneficial。
Yam may lungs gas, fill temper, kidney gas, so any virtual or kidney or lung qi Spleen Deficiency in herbs are used to it。
  In addition, they were also advised to eat rice, millet, corn, barley, sweet potato, pumpkin, white beans, soybeans, beef tripe, fowl, goose, rabbit, quail, herring, squid, octopus, cooked turbot, Sea Pines child, carrots, tofu, soy milk, potato, champignon, mushroom, mushroom, royal jelly, brown sugar, white fungus, Atractylodes, licorice。
How conditioning Qi 1, living advocate conditioning work and rest, do not be too labor, to avoid damage to righteousness。
In normal times, the wind should avoid sweating。
Room environment should be bright warm colors。
  3. diet to restore the best selection of flat side warm, spleen qi of food, such as rice, millet, squash, carrots, yams, jujube, mushrooms, lotus seeds, beans, tofu, chicken, white beans, eggs, quail ( egg), beef, etc.。Try to eat or not eat gas consumption of foods, such as nuts, raw carrots and the like。
Should not eat raw bitter cold, spicy hot food。
Ate several for deficiency in patients with eating nursed back to health therapeutic side: 1, ginger Burning dog attached: cooked with a piece of dog meat, ginger, vegetable oil, garlic, onion right amount。
The dog wash, cut into small pieces; ginger simmer cooked spare。Then cooked with sheet into the casserole, stew first 2 hours, then the vinegar, garlic and ginger into, add water stew, rotten meat until Serve。
Kidney tonic effect。Suitable for impotence, urinating more at night, chills and cold extremities such as Yang deficiency。TCM is deficiency syndrome of chronic bronchitis and chronic nephritis patients should eat。
  2, lamb stew sea cucumber: Warming impotence has the effect of lamb, sea cucumber food is seafood, which is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, vitamins and other nutrients, cholesterol is almost zero。Sea cucumber and tender meat, and flexible, delicious and refreshing taste, is an excellent tonic。Cucumber can kidney yang, Qi and Yin for fine blood deficiency, Yin constipation。
In the cold winter, the use of sea into a pot of lamb and mutton to participate in sea Ginseng approach is simple and delicious, very tonic for consumption。  3, Cistanche sheep kidney porridge: Cistanche 10 grams, a sheep kidney (to endometrial, chopped) 100 grams, with gruel。There kidney yang, benefits will be proficient in the role for the elderly Kidney failure caused by chills, lassitude Leng Tong, frequent urination, nighttime urination, constipation, this side is more classic diet party。  Chinese pay attention to colored into five internal organs, red into the heart, the liver cyan, yellow spleen, White lungs, the black into the kidney, if you encounter a threat, then they would eat black food。
Black foods generally are rich in vitamins and trace elements, as we usually say, "Black Five", including black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, dates, black walnut, is the most typical representative。

9 Guangle high-speed car along with 16 car rear-end accident 18 people were injured combustion

  BEIJING, May 1, Guangzhou electric (Cai Minjie) Guangdong Communication Group monitoring center, as at present, the Shenzhen-Shantou East, Guangzhou-Zhuhai West, Buddha, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, south Beijing-Zhuhai, Guangzhou-Zhuhai North, Kwong-ching, 12 high-speed road traffic control or congestion, which occurred in 16 Guangle high-speed car rear-end accident, the fire burned nine cars, 18 people were injured。   According to the Guangdong traffic police department, Guangdong highway traffic day the number of particularly serious incident, Hunan Yue Guang Expressway to the direction of the high Tian Zhili Creek section 16 train crash occurred, resulting in two trucks, seven cars were nine burning car on fire, 18 people were injured, the station staircase of Prince Hill station, Eguchi station, Hunan Takada station to the direction of one-way closed entrance, live traffic disruption。 Up to now, the road slow movement。   Guangdong Communication Group expects, "51" period, to excursions, visit the main traffic, total exports of Guangdong highway traffic will be more than 11 million trips, of which, the afternoon of April 30 and May 1 is the peak travel。
  According to government arrangement, since at 0:00 on the 1st, highway minibus "May Day" holidays free passage of preferential policies will be formally implemented, but the Guangdong each toll station the evening of April 30 has ushered in peak traffic。

Kahn: Barcelona general can be a German Neuer starting to rediscover his confidence

  Former Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn said in an interview SPORT1 said Teershite root has the ability to serve as Germany's starting goalkeeper。   Kahn said: "In the Barcelona effect, Teershite root to progress very quickly。
In my opinion, he has been a very good player。 And now, he has reached a very high level of。
If Teershite roots to become Germany's starting goalkeeper, and I would not be surprised to。 But his rival Neuer has been the world's top goalkeeper, so the lion still need to continue efforts。 "" At the last before the start of the European Cup, Neuer has been sidelined with injuries in the stage。 However, he quickly adapted to the team。 But now, Neuer 31 years old, I think he needs some time to recover self-confidence。 "For Germany's number three goalkeeper, Kahn said:" If Neuer did not catch this summer's World Cup, so I think the German team would consider to bring a goalkeeper with extensive game experience。 Wuerlaixi play very stable, he is also a trusted player。 However, I can not imagine Loew would bring such a player is no national team experience。 I've been asking myself, where the German team next like a genius goalkeeper Tanner Ruma?I still have not found。
"(From the Stanford football off)。

Rondo 29 + 18 + 13 James Celtics beat the Cavaliers tie it at 2 to 2 wins

  Ticker May 10, the Celtics 97-87 resisting Cavaliers at home, will always tie 2-2。
  Celtic still rely on the "Big Three" to conquer the world, but the "Big Three" does not include – Paul Pierce。 Rajon – Rondo triple-double, 29 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists, he also steals twice, Kevin – Kevin Garnett had 18 points and six rebounds, Ray – Ray Allen 18 points。 – Paul Pierce had nine points off the bench Tony – Allen 15 points。   LeBron – James 18 shots, 7, 22 points, nine rebounds and eight assists in his seven turnovers also reached。
Shaquille O'Neal – 17 points, Antoine – Jamison 14 points and six rebounds, Mo – Williams 13 points。   In 2008 the two teams met in the Eastern Conference semifinals, Pierce confrontation with a key。 In the seven games, James scored 45 points, scored 41 points and Pierce, Boston worked hard to pass the results, eventually win。 When two people quitting again, James is still difficult to stop, while Pierce has failed to have the appropriate countermeasures。
In the three games before this series, Pierce hit rate of only 31%, the average score only, while on the defensive, he also can not restrict James。
On the small forward most critical aspect of Celtic comprehensive disadvantage。
  Pierce today not only failed to get out of trouble shots are not allowed, also fell into foul quagmire, still unable to play。
The Celtics can only rely on the rest of the "Big Three" to those firms。   Knight head start to 7-0 start, the Celtics played in the game 2 minutes 30 seconds for the first time after scoring。
Pierce this section only hit a ball, even with a fine cast he scored 3 points, chasing the score 12-14 Celtic。 Knight failed to continue a good start, later in this section 8 minutes 33 seconds they only hit two goals, Boston opportunity beyond the score to the end of the section 31-22。
  Knight II began shortly after chasing the score 31-34, but Garnett turned and answered with a jumper, Ray – Ray Allen hit three-pointers followed, the Celtics made 9-point advantage。 This section concludes with 2 minutes 22 seconds 1 minute only Knight, Boston halftime to 54-45。
  Pierce had 5 points in the first half, played the third quarter did not take long, he would eat fourth foul, had to end, this section failed to score。 Knight began to fight back, in this section have 1 minute 41 seconds, the West beyond the arc caused by foul, the three penalties in three, the Cavaliers to 70-69 go-ahead, this is the first time since their first lead since。 Wallace made two free throws after a foul resulting in only one, but Davis immediately steals, Tony – Allen dunk, the Celtics ahead。 Knights in the final 2 minutes and 41 seconds in this section not shooting, the Celtics to 74-72 through three quarters ended。   Under high pressure, the Celtics finally broke out, after the fourth quarter began, they hit a wave of 10-0。 Rondo hit a ball not only has two assists, and Tony – Allen and Davis each hit two goals, the Celtics 84-72 to expand the advantage in one fell swoop。
  James and Anderson Varejao tenacious counterattack, the two together to play a wave of 10-0, still in the game 4 minutes 34 seconds, the Knights will recover as the score 84-86。 The two men in this wave of attacks five points, each with a "three-point play."。
  After the Celtics failed to score nearly three minutes, and finally by the – Ray Allen layup to break the deadlock。 Knight also continuous shot, Pierce finally scored for the first time in the second half, after the break dunk, when the game 1 minute 23 seconds, Pierce hit two free throws, the Celtics 94-85 to expand the。
  Knight could not even hit in the final 4 minutes 34 seconds a ball, watched the Celtics sped away。
The two sides battle into a 2-2 draw, back to the original starting line。   [] [] [] [] (Angkor)。

Discussion of love

Love is the most beautiful chapter in life, is the everlasting theme of literature, a source of inspiration, is the driving force of life。But in the end what is love?How to deal with love?Different natures, their different experiences people have different interpretations。I only own feelings to paper, people lost hope for some enlightenment。  You can go to the other measure the following four aspects is not your intimate love: physical, emotional (emotional) (body), mental (intellectual), mental (spiritual)。Needless to say, if you think the other side is not handsome not beautiful, you will not fall in love with him (her)。“Beauty is in the eyes of beholder”Even if the other party looks flat, but in your eyes, he (she) is a light, which is to attract the so-called physical side。You will always think of each other, and his (her) together, you have a very warm feeling very at ease。The thought or sight of him (her) heart will bang bang bang bounce, there is a sense of excitement and shy, then emotionally you already love each other anymore。Perhaps the profession different, different level of education suffered, but you can be at the same level exchanges are thinking, complement each other, complement each other, which is the intellectual compatibility。Another point is the most important, and that is spiritual understanding。Two people's life and values must be consistent, values must be consistent Duirenduishi。If a person is very secular, immersed in materialism, stingy man preoccupied; the other people are very refined, steeped in the spirit of the rich, generous, helpful, then it is harmony even in three other areas, it is difficult to love two men lifetime。  True love, as in chess opponents met, there will be joy of conquest。Huaiyuan high interest of the people Come and opponents,“To know her husband Chi, Yue Yun solitary possession of the heart”, So there“Ancient sages are lonely”It is said。True love does not need vows, it is ignorant young girls favorite things; mature people only hope the other side has a sincere heart for their thick!Language is only embellishment, is all heart!Love will wake up all your good sleeping cells, will inspire you the most brilliant side that was presented to the other side。I loved just as full of people on a tight winding of the clock, an energetic Nanfu battery, a rise enough gas balloon。If you have this condition, then congratulations to you!You met the only part of your heart was in a thousand of you in love!In this state of mind, whether it is reading, poetry, piano, painting or calculation, reasoning, writing, design, etc., will be more effective, no indestructible!So you have to take advantage of this state, the power, the gushing and hair caught inspiration to create a moving chapter of recording mental growth。  Learn to love and be loved!Love came to cherish, tender loving care, tolerant kind; love is gone, to be indifferent, no he (she) can, your heart still。Often hear“A farewell letter to let students run away to death, jumped to his death”Event, I would feel depressed for a long time。How precious life, people love it love or suicide?Even the dead are not afraid, are afraid it lovelorn?In fact, romance is a good thing, it tells you“Met a few wrong object is to meet the right person (woman) to prepare”。Deeper love, hate the cut the more bitter when the romance broke liver and intestine, this time you have to learn“endure”。Endured, and more pain to be endured, keep in mind that time is healing medicine。How big man's heart is as big, challenge their own limits, and must not be underestimated hidden in your body volcano。Butterfly this moment you are going through, the pain turned into strength and continue to practice until more outstanding。Goodbye man who let you liver heartbroken broken man, he (she) would not regret his original eye for excellence, you have no blessing of love。Of course, at this time you had him (her) out the window。This time you will thank this hurt, because it's who you are“Breakthrough”。  Love is the most important principle of equality and respect。Do not squander body in mean time to time you people。And find a just balance between soft, Huiyin said:“Gentle to have, but not compromise。We want in silence, calmly strong。”Others will love to love yourself first!Do you like a flower, not the flower itself, but it gives you the beauties of springtime feeling; you like some music, not the music itself, but it brought back many memories of you; you are a beloved person, not that themselves, but with him, you love yourself。The love object is actually your self projectiles, reflected the temperament and taste your own。Should a relationship can not give you emotional comfort, sublimation, spiritual joy of the soul, then resolutely abandon it——No matter how thick the azimuth tall, handsome people, money!  Give enough freedom and love。Treatment of love such as kite flying, kite flying higher and more glittering, more grateful hands Flanagan line。As long as the line is long enough, tough enough, there is no need Zheng break, because it requires the navigation traction。Some people want more control, the more want to love each other, just as it hands clutching a quicksand, the harder the more the loss of sand。Learn to love the wisdom of the people you love, love poetry and wandering around in。  Mature love is to give, not to demand。Love is the gift God has given to mankind, is a manifestation of human nature, an instinct。German-American psychologist Fromm distinguishes“Childish love”with“Mature love”Different: the former is“I love, because I was loved”,“I love you because I need you”; The latter is“I was loved, because I love”,“I need you because I love you”。True love is from the heart spontaneously flowing out of Oasis, natural, pure, sweet。Effort, Ayutthaya, please wrist far away!  Gibran discussion of love is my particular favorite, it is hereby incorporated: in flower nectar bees entertainment; however, the honey bee is sent to spend the entertainment。  Because for bees, flowers are the source of its life, for flowers, bees love it angel for bee and flower, Liang Xiali, entertainment and joy of giving and receiving is a need。  The essence of life is love, love yourself, love others, love of all things in the world, was able to realize the meaning of life。Love is not to return, but to love themselves。Whether the soul can approach divinity, depends on whether a person has“Big Love”Can not be“Big I”。You seeking a“Big I”When they hide your goodness, that we are seeking a Everyone has the。With“Big I”Stance give the people you love“Big Love”, This is the essence and the true meaning of love。

Huawei general board of directors: retired vice chairman Ren took his daughter

  22 to 23, 2009, Huawei held its third meeting on behalf of shareholding employees。 Huawei released an internal announcement, the company shares on behalf of employees will listen to the report of the resignation of chairman of Sun Yafang, Huawei Investment Holdings Limited was the board of directors and election supervisors election。 Ultimately, the election results show, Liang Huacheng as its new chairman, resigned Sun Yafang, and no longer hold office in the Board of Directors。   Sun Yafang, chairman of Huawei worked for 19 years, she came to work Huawei in 1989, since 1999, he served as chairman of Huawei。 The outside world recognized, Sun Yafang in marketing and human resources of both Huawei has outstanding contributions, Ren also believe that good manners, good English Sun Yafang good external coordination。 Sun Yafang had boarded the Forbes "Top 100 Chinese Business Women" list first。   For resigned Sun Yafang, Huawei side said Ms. Sun Yafang during his term as chairman of the company, dedication, practice and pass on to the body of Huawei core values of excellence performed the duties of chairman of the board, it was widely praised and respected inside and outside the company.。 In this general election the Board of Directors, Ms. Sun Yafang proposed transfer to Yin, personally practice iterative mechanism for replacement of the leadership of the company。 The company expressed his heartfelt thanks to Ms. Sun Yafang major historical contribution during his tenure as chairman of the company to a company.。 Ms. Sun Yafang will continue to play an important role in the further construction and improvement of Huawei governance system in。
  Liang Hua was promoted to chairman of the newly appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Liang Hua company had as chairman。
Resume display, Liang Hua was born in mid-1964, joined Huawei in 1995, has worked in the research head of the Ministry of structural design and construction division, president of Supply Chain Management, Group Chief Financial Officer, President, Global Technology Services, processes and IT president of the Department of management, chief supply officer and other positions。
Huawei side said that Mr. Liang Hua loyal dedication, rigorous and fair, rich management experience, we believe he can be a good responsibility to fulfill the company's chairman。
  It is understood that Huawei has already established a collective leadership, institutionalized leadership succession and inheritance patterns, once this election is the smooth functioning of this mechanism practice。   According to the official website of Huawei, Huawei's management including shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors, etc.。 Shareholders would be the highest authority, the company's capital increase, profit distribution, election of directors on major issues / supervisors and other decision-making。
The Board is the decision-making body of the company's strategy and management, the company's overall business operations guidance and supervision of the company's major strategic and operational issues in the process of decision-making。 Supervisory Board responsibilities include internal and external compliance monitor, check the company's financial and operating conditions, acts of the directors and senior management personnel from performing their duties and regulate the operation of the board of directors to supervise。   Ren's daughter Meng late boat as the identity of woman vice chairman Ren Meng late boat because it has been concern that the post-election, resigned as vice chairman Ren Zhengfei, Meng late boat took over, serve as co-chairman and three other rotating Vice Chairman。   Meng late boat previously served as Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director。
Huawei side said Zhou Meng late in the course of recent years, rapid development of business and global operations, the company led a standardized system of finance and economics, construction professional system, the successful implementation of IFS (Integrated Financial Services) change process in the company financial management, has made outstanding contributions to the internal control system and capacity building of Finance。
Was elected the new Board of Directors, Ms. Meng Wanzhou as vice chairman role, she will play a greater role in the further construction and improvement of corporate functions in the system。   Use rotating chairman of Huawei's original system of collective leadership system rotating CEO system, after the termination of this session of the Board, to switch to the rotating chairman of the management company, Huawei's continued collective leadership。 Huawei Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, HuHouKun as the company's rotating chairman。
During the rotating chairman of the board when the value of the company's top leadership, the leadership of the Board and Managing Board。
Rotating the rotating chairman of the board for six months, followed by cycle when the value of the next five years。   Previously, the company implemented Huawei rotating CEO system。
Rotating CEO during the rotation as the highest responsible company management and crisis management, the company responsible for the survival and development Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, HuHouKun respectively holds the rotating CEO,。   Text / reporter Jing Wen。

Deutsche Bank: a perfect copy shares 2006–07-year share price

Night network, network nightlife Finance YORK May 29 news, A shares plunged across the board on Thursday, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 6.5%, 500 stocks limit, reaching 2 daily.4 trillion yuan record high。Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) pointed out that, so far, A-share perfect copy of the 2006–07-year share price, referring to the historical trend, A shares will continue to rise after a short-term consolidation。Figure A-share bull market and 2006–07 year bull market contrast Deutsche Bank said in a report, resulting in direct trigger for the stock market crash on Thursday mainly 3, one investor concerns about tightening liquidity environment, China's central bank [microblogging] withdraw liquidity through reverse repurchase, next week and the freezing of funds to fight the new more than 5 trillion yuan, the highest record in history; secondly, the Commission [microblogging] to strengthen supervision of the market, market manipulation further investigation, more brokerage improve the margin requirements; In addition, the central Huijin and ETF holdings of bank shares also led to panic in the market。  In addition to these direct factors, Deutsche Bank believe that the most important reason slump or A-share investors fragile emotional side。This year, the Shanghai and Shenzhen rose 53% and 107%, profit-taking motivation is very strong; high valuation is also an important reason, is not financial stocks, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 has reached 22 times expected earnings, limiting future upside; in addition, high turnover, high volume hit record highs, the world's first and so result in margin debt investors are very sensitive to environmental changes, Deutsche Bank analyst said the case。  Nevertheless, Deutsche Bank believe that A shares will continue to rise in the medium term after short-term correction。  The bank said: "From the history of China's stock market point of view, the day slump usually does not change the market trend, such as in the 2007 bull market, the situation permits fell more than 5% of the often short-term consolidation after resuming its upward。"" In fact, we found that this bull market in Shanghai since mid-2014 and 2006–07 years, the trend is very consistent。If history repeats itself, we can see the market recover after rising short-term consolidation, "Deutsche Bank said in a report the case。(Shofu compilation)

Department of Commerce: China made no promises to add a few details to US trade surplus

Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman peak of 24 in Beijing, said the expansion of US exports to China are effective measures to promote bilateral trade balance。But in the last week of Sino-US economic and trade negotiations, the Chinese did not make a commitment on the reduction of specific numbers of US trade surplus。He said the trade market behavior, should follow market rules。  Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference (May 24, 2018) [peak]: Peak: Members reporter friends, Hello everybody morning are welcome to attend the Ministry of Commerce regular press conference。Today I have a message that needs to first take the initiative to inform you that the situation is on the promotion of agro-business Internet work。  Today, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Notice on Promoting agro-business Internet help rural revitalization" to further strengthen agricultural production and marketing docking, promoting agro-business Internet work, poverty alleviation and rural revitalization precise power。  "Notice" proposed six key tasks: First, to build long-term stable production and marketing convergence mechanism, the second is the development of new agricultural business entities, third is to cultivate agricultural products to build brands, fourth is to build the whole industry chain standards system, Fifth, supporting the poor areas of agricultural products production and marketing docking, Sixth, strengthen infrastructure construction circulation of agricultural products。  We hope that through efforts to promote agricultural products distribution companies and new agricultural business entities to conduct a comprehensive, in-depth, accurate docking, contract farming, integrated production and marketing, equity cooperation mode, to achieve joint products, joint facilities, joint standards, linking data, linking market to build on the joint production, the second line of consumer interests closely linked, production and marketing of convergence close, long-term stability of the new agro-business relations and promoting the industrialization of agriculture modernization, and promote the integration of urban and rural development, increase rural incomes channels, to promote the upgrading of consumption of agricultural products。  Next, we will give priority to support the implementation of agro-business Internet in poor counties, the organization of large-scale national excellent agricultural wholesalers, supermarket chains, commercial enterprises and other poverty-stricken areas in depth, the market play its advantages in resources, and establish a stable production areas and farmers production and marketing relations, education industry, a brand, promote sales, to play an active role in the revitalization of rural poverty alleviation and precision。  For details on, you can check on the website of the Ministry of Commerce and the "micro business news" micro-channel public number。  These are the information I need to take the initiative to inform you, here, I am willing to answer questions raised by reporters friends。  [Economic Daily Reporter: We know that China recently signed a Closer Economic Partnership Agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union, could you please detail the specific content?  [Peak]: As you said, May 17, during the Astana Economic Forum, China and the representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union signed the "Chinese economy and the Eurasian Economic Union 13 chapters cooperation agreement ", covering customs cooperation and trade facilitation, technical barriers to trade, trade remedies and sectoral cooperation, marking China and the Eurasian economic Union and its member states promote economic and trade cooperation has entered a new phase of the project led system, China opened a new chapter in economic and trade cooperation with the Eurasian region。  "Agreement" has three main characteristics: First, to strengthen the policies and rules of the docking system has laid a solid foundation for the two sides to enhance economic and trade cooperation; and second, the two sides reached a consensus in customs, quality inspection, technical standards and other areas, will greatly enhance level of trade facilitation in the region, to improve the transparency and predictability of trade; Third, the agreement includes intellectual property, new issues of government procurement, e-commerce, both sides opened up a broader economic and trade cooperation and space。  Eurasian Economic Union and its Member States are important partners "along the way" of building。The agreement is an important early harvest "along the way" alliance building and docking, landmark, will provide institutional safeguards economic and trade cooperation, push forward economic globalization and regional economic integration。  We will put the agreement to maximize the conversion of the Eurasian Economic Union and its Member States to work together to tangible outcomes and improve the level of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, laying the foundation for the future establishment of a free trade zone。Thank you。  Four sets of CCTV [China News Reporter: Sino-US trade friction last week held consultations in Washington, how do you evaluate the results of the consultation?US Secretary of Commerce in the future Beijing next week, next week you have any expectations for the outcome of the consultations?  [Peak]: As we all know, the Liu He, deputy prime minister as a special envoy of President Xi Jinping, the rate of the Chinese delegation was invited to the United States, and the United States were positive, pragmatic and constructive consultations and outcomes。  The maximum outcome of the consultations, the two sides agreed that to properly solve the current Sino-US trade disputes through dialogue and cooperation, not to fight a trade war。This gives the market sent a positive, strong signal, stabilize market expectations, at the same time demonstrate to the international community, China-US economic and trade relations can be achieved through mutually beneficial continue to strengthen cooperation。  The outcome of the Sino-US economic and trade consultation and consensus achieved, in line with the common interests of both China and the US。China and the US economies are highly complementary, great potential for economic and trade cooperation。The two sides agreed to work together through the cake bigger trade cooperation, especially in light of the needs of the Chinese market, and actively expand US exports to China, it is effective to promote balanced development of bilateral trade right choice。China's own economic development will be based on need and consumption upgrading, and actively promote enterprises in accordance with market principles to increase from US imports of goods and services。  The next consultations on Sino-US trade you mentioned, China welcomes the United States recently sent a high-level delegation to China, hoping the two sides to work together, according to the consensus reached by the Washington negotiations, actively implement the joint statement of the content, to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation to achieve positive and pragmatic results。Thank you。  [China News Agency reporter]: the issue of Sino-US economic and trade consultation。We note that the recent foreign media reports fact, for the outcome of the consultations, the two sides understand there is a deviation, the US trade war rather than just shelved completely stop, I ask the Ministry of Commerce have any comment。In addition to China if the United States made a commitment to cut the number of specific trade surplus?Thank you [peak]: The Sino-US trade negotiations, it is important that both sides agreed that a consensus should not make the current Sino-US trade disputes from escalating, not to fight a trade war, should be through dialogue and cooperation, properly resolve bilateral economic and trade fields appear problem。This release positive signals to the two peoples and the international community, is conducive to the stable development of world economy。  Consultations, the two sides on bilateral economic and trade differences exist frank exchange of views, it has the potential to expand cooperation in the field of in-depth discussion is willing to further strengthen cooperation in the agricultural, energy, healthcare, high-tech products, finance and other fields。  [China International Television reporter]: My question is about the Sino-US trade negotiations last week。It said in a joint statement the two sides will increase US exports to China of goods and services, with particular reference to the agricultural and energy, there were reports that this will involve soybeans, beef and shale oil, etc., I would like to ask about China's increase in US exports of goods and services, there is no specific list of goods?This work will be completed when there is no time schedule?For example, if the first half of this year to complete, thank you。  [Peak]: in the field of Sino-US economic and trade negotiations, the two sides have the potential for cooperation on bilateral economic and trade aspects of the sort, including some specific merchandise trade was also discussed。I want to emphasize is that the two sides agreed that trade should be the market behavior of enterprises, should respect the rules of market economy。  China is actively expanding imports of long-standing policy, we need to meet the growing need for a better life, and promote the development of high-quality national economy。China welcomes the world with quality, competitive goods and services, including the United States to enter the Chinese market, and we are willing to participate in the Chinese market competition to provide fair and transparent business environment。Thank you。  [China Central Radio and Television CNR Reporter: We note that the Sino-US joint statement mentioned the need to encourage two-way investment, and strive to create a fair competitive business environment, but we also note that there is news that the US Department of Defense is through Congress put pressure on plans to pass a bill to limit Chinese investment。We note that this statement reached with China in charge of the US Treasury Mu Nuqin not a hawk, but other hawks in the United States are gathering next session measures, may I ask the Ministry of Commerce noticed this trend?The face of Chinese enterprises "going out" and the grim situation facing other challenges, the Ministry of Commerce to ask what measures will be taken to deal with?  [Peak]: Thank you for your question。We have noticed relevant reports, China will continue to monitor developments。In high-level Sino-US trade negotiations last week just ended, the two sides on the development of Sino-US economic relations and actively building reached consensus in many aspects, including encouraging two-way investment, will strive to create a fair competitive business environment。We hope the US and China to develop trade and investment cooperation between the two countries enterprises to create a stable and predictable business environment, provide the necessary convenience。Thank you。  [Shanghai Securities News reporter]: this consultation will put forward "Patent Law" to modify, ask what specific adjustments?When will launch?Thank you。  [Peak]: China has always attached great importance to IPR protection, which is a necessary requirement to achieve high-quality development of Chinese economy。At present, China has established a relatively complete IPR legal and judicial system。President Xi Jinping at the Boao Forum for Asia this year should be made to strengthen intellectual property protection, in particular, to significantly increase the cost of illegal。This is our own development needs。China is willing to further strengthen the protection of all types of enterprises, including foreign-funded enterprises, including intellectual property rights in all aspects of intellectual property protection legislation, judicial and promote economic innovation and development。  Currently, relevant departments are actively pushing to change the law relating to intellectual property including the "Patent Law", including。The draft revised "Patent Law" has been public comment on society, and was included in the State Department and the National People's Congress legislative year's work plan。Thank you。  [Xinhua News Agency Reporter: We note that Local 23 President of the United States Trump issued a statement, saying that only the Secretary of Commerce will consider on imported cars, truck parts start of "232" national security investigation, how does China comment on this?Thank you。  [Peak]: We have noticed relevant reports of statements and media of the United States。China opposes the abuse of "national security" clause, which would seriously undermine the multilateral trading system, disrupt the normal order of international trade。We will closely monitor the progress of the US investigation of the possible impact on the overall assessment, resolutely defend their legal rights。Thank you。  Central Radio and Television [CCTV Financial Channel reporter]: My question is about the Prime Minister Angela Merkel's visit to China, I ask whether there is the German business delegation counterparts, the Sino-German summit meeting which will be in the field of economy and trade to focus cooperation on exchange?  [Peak]: The Prime Minister Angela Merkel's visit to China, the first visit after her re-election。We understand that there are nearly 20 heavyweight of German entrepreneurs follow-up, these enterprises together with annual sales reached 550 billion euros, fully reflects the German side attaches great importance to the development of trade and economic cooperation。Today, China and Germany will jointly organize a forum between the two premiers and members of the German Council of Economic Advisers, solicit the views and aspirations for mutual investments between enterprises to create a better business environment for the two countries to build a more enterprise deepen mutually beneficial cooperation a good platform。  The Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit coincides with the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening。She will lead a delegation to visit Chinese economic reform and opening up the frontier in Shenzhen, which reflects the German side to support and participate in China's reform and opening a new round of positive attitude。We believe that, under the impetus of the leaders of the two countries, China and Germany to strengthen in the emerging field of digital technology, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence, such as unmanned potential for mutually beneficial cooperation will continue to be released, a broad space for cooperation。Thank you。  [21st Century Business Herald reporter: In the current context of the multilateral trading system to shocks, the Merkel's visit to China, Sino-German whether it will send a signal to maintain free trade union?Thank you。  [Peak]: All along, China and Germany although different stage of development, belong to developed and developing countries, but we are advocating free trade and oppose protectionism and maintain the multilateral trading system。We are willing to make joint efforts with the German side, send a positive signal to the world that the maintenance of free trade, open and jointly promote world economic development, and jointly promote world economic growth and a stable opening win。Thank you。  Because of the time to mention one last question。  [China Daily Reporter: China and South Korea signed a free trade agreement has been more than three years, could you please introduce spokesman latest developments and the positive results achieved in three years?Japan and South Korea FTA at what time you expect to be signed, there are no obstacles in terms of signing?  [Peak]: China-ROK FTA on December 20, 2015 came into effect。More than two years since the implementation of the agreement, the two sides have achieved four tariff reductions, the two sides of zero-tariff products already covered 50% of the volume of bilateral trade。Driven by the agreements, China and South Korea in mid-2017, bilateral trade volume reached 2802.$ 600 million, an increase of 10.9%。China-ROK FTA to reduce tariffs between the two countries in the field of household chemical goods, garments, household appliances, agricultural and marine products, etc., it has brought tangible benefits to both businesses and people。  In March this year, China and the ROK held in Seoul, South Korea its second China-ROK FTA Joint Commission, the two sides made positive comments on role in promoting free trade agreements on trade and investment between the two countries played, and to promote the Free Trade Agreement cooperation in the field of trade in goods, customs Quality, economic and reached a lot of consensus。Over the same period, China and the ROK also held a first round of consultations on the second phase of China-ROK FTA, we will adopt the negative list of ways to enhance the level of bilateral liberalization of trade in services and investment。The two sides pledged to complete the second phase of the negotiations as soon as possible, inject greater vitality into bilateral economic and trade cooperation。  The issue of the Japan-ROK FTA You mentioned。In the seventh trilateral meeting was just held on, the three leaders issued a "Joint Declaration", reaffirming Japan and South Korea will further accelerate the negotiations of the Free Trade Area。We hope that with Japan and South Korea to work together, and strive to achieve a comprehensive, high-level, mutually beneficial, and has a value of their own free trade agreement as soon as possible。Thank you。  Today's conference is now over, thank you。  [Reports] According to Commerce Ministry sources, the US Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Ross will soon visit China。The two sides will consult with the consensus reached in Washington, earnestly implement the joint statement of the specific content involved, including the procurement of agricultural products, energy products, including。(Source: Xinhua) media Q: US officials recently told the media that China will significantly increase procurement of agricultural products from the United States, and other energy products。what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue?  Ministry of Commerce spokesman, said: meet the Chinese people from growing consumer demand and promote high-quality economic growth starting to expand imports, which is China's long-standing policy。China and the US economies are highly complementary and have great potential for Sino-US trade, China welcomes high quality, competitive American products to enter the Chinese market。US Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Ross will soon visit China。The two sides will consult with the consensus reached in Washington, earnestly implement the joint statement of the specific content involved, including the procurement of agricultural products, energy products, including。(Source: Ministry of Commerce Website) Tuesday, Trump at the White House that the US government has not yet reached any agreement with the Chinese government on matters ZTE。  He said that the implementation of the ban on ZTE will also harm the interests of US companies。He envisions may be asked to pay a fine resurgence of up to $ 1.3 billion and new management, the establishment of a new board of directors, and to take "very, very strict safety regulations."。Trump also expected future purchases from the United States a large proportion of ZTE parts and equipment。  Trump pointed out that China and the US in Washington last week for talks was not satisfied, saying it is the first step to reach a final agreement with the Chinese government, we hope the next trade negotiations quickly。(Source: CCTV News) (Original title: Department of Commerce: China does not commit to a specific reduction in the number of trade surplus with the United States) (Editor: DF010)