Month: June 2018

Box of love letters

Back home at noon, her daughter looked at his face shrouded in mystery face, I do not know why?Daughter quietly said:“Mom, I found you a secret。”Oh!I was amazed,“I do have a secret?”I saw her come up with the same thing as the letters of a thick yellow hair wrapped in old newspapers from the room。Daughter taking a fresh look at the share of carried away look, I wake up, it turned out to be my twenty years gathering dust in a box of love letters。    My husband and I met through a friend, when her husband was still a soldier in the Dabie Mountains。Remember that the only way to contact each week to and from letters。I wait for letters is the happiest day。If occasionally something delayed the time to the letter, it will be uneasy, restless。I remember one time, because the little things are not happy, I deliberately did not reply to her husband, the results so tangled depressed husband, a husband on a continuous addressed to me every single day, told me that if we do not reply, he will leave back, scared I was quickly wrote him a letter just give up。Such correspondence nearly a year's time, retained nearly forty。Husband casual elegant word, each letter at least three, more than eight or nine pages, good good thick thick。I remember every time the postman gave it to me, sly eyes in a looming envy and happy, perhaps because he belongs to me brought me happiness, my happiness is also infected his。    This heavy hand of the letters, looking outside wrapped in yellow newspaper has made a。And my heart filled with emotion, more than two decades, I have always regarded it carefully under the storage box baby over dowry in marriage, quietly collection of this part of my happiness, not easily opened。Curious daughter said:“May I see your mother and father's love letter for you?”“Yes you can”。Daughter says“Dad would not have written it close nauseating love words?”I said:“See for yourself do not know。”Really, these letters are where we talk about their life and work, there is no smell Qingqing I love words, words should be the most intimate care for each other about it。Maybe this is one of our age love。    Daughter eventually gave up curiosity。I gently opened one of them, opening each envelope, I always cut with scissors neat, white writing paper has yellowed, and her husband's word is so clear chic。I readily gave his daughter a daughter playful said:“Respect the privacy of others, declined the temptation。”    ……    Time as fleeting, we are no longer young, and after a lot of ups and downs, once love has added ingredients in a difficult to let go of affection。Many times we feel the share of lost romance, my heart will always be an inexplicable loss。I sometimes complain about her husband: When we think about love, there is always lots to talk about, eloquent letter written like a novel。Always meticulous care for myself, and now the days are getting dull, as if not so many words between husband and wife, are so plain to live every day, fuel vinegar tea became the main colors of life, and occasionally feel boring, life becomes like a boiled water as there is no color。The only constant is more of a plain understanding, more of a tolerant, more of a caring。Perhaps this is simply dull real life it!    Gently put it into an envelope, slipped the happiness warehousing。Years of quiet good, so this is a nice, sweet heart waves, shallow broken pieces dotted with the beauty of life。Dreaming so I left that day, hold it away, it can be considered a great happiness!

Between Hong

Would like angel wings, caught a rainbow in the clouds。    Want gorgeous firmly in hand, suddenly found that you have not seen……    “betweentherainbow”Between the rainbow, we are at both ends of the rainbow, distant sea, yet so far away, in sight。    That day, Dandan birthday with a mythological significance of the date, 2013—5-20 several children, similar to the spring garden, ate dinner, played cakes, satiated。Two children, playing a variety of telephone, honey sweet words, naughty together。Confuse, staged drama, contacts out there, accidentally selected your number, how fashion confession humor。    Telephone past, unexpected, actually cynical beg you, thinking time, I disagree laughing。Summer does not change restless, hot, the totally do not remember talking about before。We are a group of children grow up in hiding, looking for a reason to smile。At night, the wind fluttering, the music stopped plaza, dancing Dam dance aunts have gone to sleep, Yan Jie Luo locked himself in a rather small house, her dream of Li Xiaopeng, Dandan next to me Sa Zhejiao, and at that moment the phone rings。Some nervous trembling, a few words, tonight silent spring garden。There is no intersection prepared in situ ring, getting closer, close enough to close your eyes, you can hear breathing。    The next day, you're wearing a yellow T-shirt, jeans suffused with the taste of youth, red sneakers bright sunshine day。A careless hug, Khan Baba gasp move a lot of free time, you did not wear glasses, full smile。Walked side by side, the piece is gone but never walking trail along the years, through the bustling markets, the day of meat products with a special aroma you love。To buy food, to the Dandan cabin, fiddle hands of the material, you side pointing a knife posture prone to injury, wash the meat should be handed over to you……Sentence shiver, that moment, I feel like a child, at noon that day, you eat your so-called favorite foods cooked pork I do, then nagging, that you had the most difficult to eat cooked pork。Hee hee……So a look at you in the side, trying to do everything as a result, but nothing done。You do the dishes, I watch movies, then take a nap, the habit of holding the quilt, you said I was a wonderful, big summer, afraid of heat。After that, I hugged several times。    We want to stop time, recording the best time。    After that, it is polite to eat with your friends, go THRECGORGES piece of trail, all the way Yang said some topic or not, there is always lots to talk about children's story, like the faint smell of smoke on your back。Perhaps, my life will not forget, you are lost in the stalls, then led away sweat。You are so abstract, but people unconditionally believe。Illusion of permanence, will stay in the moment, people food for thought。Senior next semester, which was originally parting overflowing mark, nor a little bit restless and I cherish the moment, every minute, feel warm。    One day, your luggage, I traveled along the streets of Wanzhou, waiting for you at South Station, suddenly, you want to send that read like, so there is a pair of fat you get off oil, reluctantly go with support skill off your shoes, looking at a group of a group of bus go, feel the sadness of parting。I think, perhaps, you are a little late, there will be more to stay, the scorching sun, you came from the sun, trembling tension, breaking the summer dust, for you like this, I Zenren angry, hold back a cavity of sadness, Tanxiaoziruo, that day, you told me that I was the most considerate girl, willing to follow you, is your good fortune。Going around in circles on an alternating afternoon, finally looking, black frame glasses, green frog T-shirt, plaid beach pants, take off your shoes Bigfoot, silly Baji disappeared in blackish blackish of the night。    A few days later, you're wearing a plaid shirt, wrapped in clouds dream in front, eagerly waiting for the former train station。After you unique hug, arms around me, picked up the pace in the night。Carousel Plaza universities, creak spinning, we miss bloom at the moment。Your arrival, just leave, full of fantasy。Stay their respective circles, slowly precipitation chamber friendship, the entire institution, covered with a layer of parting breath, so I know that time is up, the stars of the day from you, you should also return to the field。No matter how far, I want to send to send you, as you come back to see me, simple, due to the situation not Zijin。Really serious to hear you say a lot a lot, you make me wait for you, I will come back。I took that night, as the last day to miss, never daring to close your eyes。Your every look, panoramic view, in one day, from memory, out of nostalgia。    Parting is always too hastily, the sun was too early, in that touch the sun shines on you, you a turn, I tear a buried Fifi Highlights。    Phone, your voice so close, people are far, far away。I thought, this is not there then, just lonely suffering miss the martyrs, your job, your exam, your basketball, every day you told me become a topic。I know you nervous plan the future, I know that you carefully plan the road of life, I know I have a heart, you, know more, because you feel sad I'm around you。I know, I know, I think I know……    Restrain, missed call, eleven, you have come back to see me。Boy, or the original appearance, early autumn, deep and shallow, you will apply a layer of mystery。Some see through you at this time, it does not matter, the most important thing is, you come back, or back。I always have in place, you say, children, more and more non-I faint smile, in fact, I have always been like this, just a teenager, I did not care about the young appearance。Can not help but envy from your experience of life, this silly character exposed。Those days, I was very busy so busy, sick mother, I occupied a lot of time, it failed to thoroughly accompany you, those days are always the biggest regret, but also a one-month high wind was black night you let me out in the dim light, the blink of an eye, I saw the dark one。If at that time, knowing that one is the last one, how can I be willing to switch to open the line of sight?My mind, always in front of you echoed Riverside Road, ferocious told me that phrase, are not allowed to look for other men, must be waiting for me。    No matter how powerful the oath, can not hold back, a gentle hug, more loud。    Slowly, society we have become increasingly realistic, see the future direction。You always awake, to live like the night as during the day understand that you just one wish, because no hope, so I can not continue to work hard。I have always believed in trying to have hope。Persistent, barely your perspicacity。In the end, I lost the battle, your words, weak burst。An overwhelming cold, I see the end of a period of very heavy precious。Remembrance, you no longer。    You said that the recent people, you and me, as far as people, me and you, love to the depths hardest to stay, only in a dream, forever。    I said, the achievements you not because of generous, just, how many tears there can not relax。Leave you can not do blessings。    Since then, know, sometimes, never, just a word of time, effort opened a summer fall and winter, not boil or pick flowers。That Chrysanthemum flowers over the window sill, curtains rolled up a Xia。    After the rain rainbow appeared in the sky, the angel of grace and kissed the world millions of people, not questioning why you can not stay, lay down their obsession, smiling now。

Yoga must know the psychological knowledge of these things to do

Yoga must know what are the psychological knowledge with everyone for their health more and more attention, more of my friends have started a fitness exercise, but yoga has become a lot of female friends who would choose to exercise。But not too many people to understand yoga。
The following night on the network to bring yoga to everyone must know the psychology of common sense, a few things to do before Ay yoga must know to understand their physical and mental health problems themselves physical examination and psychological tests, it is for your body the most preliminary, the safest testing。Although yoga for everyone to learn, but the first step is to understand their own physical health, we can complement each other to achieve their desired effect of improving。
In particular, those who had had a number of questions on the neck or spine, it is best to discuss with a physician or a yoga teacher, do not rush to do some physical movement can not afford; psychological tests is their own emotional problems often encountered and analysis psychological disorders。
Yoga is a can let your mind fully deployed, enjoy rest and place to vent their emotions, so it is important to self-understanding。Want from yoga yoga when you discover this sport, you know what you want to do yoga philosophy is what is in the yoga teaches you awareness courses in yoga, what is there to get what yoga teacher yoga must know the type of psychological knowledge of the above problems, it is to help you before starting yoga classes reference information, to find out the answer is not clear, so you decide to start to invest time, energy and money in the yoga world, to be able to fully grasp essentials, as well as full physical and mental potential to assist self-equilibrium。Before you set goals to determine the target, we must first know that the goal is not to do handstand action after three months you set, do not push yourself very tight, the goal is not necessarily successful not ambition for themselves set a goal to be close to your body and mind, the goal is to see whether your mind and body better than before practicing yoga。In fact, to choose what kind of yoga center does not matter, so long as the closer you are, the more understanding of your needs, give yourself a score, really help your mind and body, there is progress, this is really suitable for your yoga。
Yoga is a gland of the body movement, there is no age limit, anyone can learn。
But when exercise at the fitness club or at home, there are several points to pay particular attention to:。

Bank of Japan meeting minutes: inflation situation is improving

FX168 hearing on Tuesday (July 21), the minutes of the Bank of Japan [microblogging] (BOJ) monetary policy meeting on June 18 to 19 release, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda (Kuroda) and the majority of the members will adhere to quantify qualitative easing (QQE) to implement the inflation rate steady at 2%, the future inflation will continue to improve。  A decision is expected to continue to improve the existing members agreed with the expected inflation trend, inflation and capacity gap in long-term inflation expectations in the current。  Affect a small number of members felt that QQE is weakening, long-term interest rates has been temporarily increased to 0.0 to 5%.6% range。  Some members considered the impact QQE still significant, while still capable of rising interest rates overseas domestic interest rates low and stable。  One member represents the consumer price index (CPI) growth is not obvious。  Members discussed the matters relating to policy meeting next year to reduce the number agreed by the central bank can react flexibly interim meeting when significant changes in the economic situation。  (MOF) on behalf of the Japanese Finance Ministry said the government wants the central bank can be more deliberate in setting monetary policy。  Proofreading: Changyang

After the collapse of the ruble has rebounded 34% of Russia's 2015 default probability is very low

Remittance Network December 26 hearing – since the ruble against the dollar hit a record low of 80 rubles in the vicinity of the ruble has rebounded 34%, that is recouped most of the decline in December, the Russian central bank [microblogging] intervention is Ruble the main reason big rebound。  Russia on December 19 the week spent $ 15.7 billion in international asset reserves to resist devaluation of the ruble, which is nearly six years (since January 2009) the use of reserves once the largest size of funds, which led to Russia's international reserve assets the size of funds fell below $ 400 billion for more than five years (since August 2009) for the first time。  Figure 1 below shows that in the past two weeks, the ruble rose against the dollar pared gains (ie, after the ruble plunged against the dollar regain decline)。   Ruble crash triggered mainly by two factors, one is the crude oil market prices plummeted bring dragged down crude oil sales account Russia's budget revenue is a very important part。Second, an important reason for Western countries due to the crisis in Ukraine and Russia initiated sanctions is Russia's economic decline。  Figure 2 below shows, after the intervention of the largest scale in nearly six years, the total reserves of more than five years fell to a low scale Russia。   Russia's reserves fell to $ 398.9 billion。Russia's central bank said the decline in foreign exchange reserves was mainly due to the repurchase and repurchase think reserve funds for foreign exchange will also back, and said that the reasons for its declining reserves also include the depreciation of the euro against the dollar。  Putin Russia's economic self-exposing internal defects, however, according to news reports satellites, Russia's reserves decline is not the only external factors, Putin will spearhead the country……Putin at a government meeting on Thursday (December 18), held in Moscow, said Russia's economic difficulties facing not only from external factors such as sanctions, but also a correction because the government has not yet built up year after year, the structure of the economy these defects。  Putin also said the Russian government has been trying to change this economic structure, in order to bring more innovative nature of the economy。Although we have done a lot in this area, but recent events show is still not enough。  Russia is about to default?The probability is very low with the recent sharp depreciation of the ruble against the dollar and the euro, the prospects of the Russian economy shrank even worse。  At a press conference held on December 18, the Russian president said the country's economic situation may start to improve in the first quarter of 2015, and within the next few years, the Russian economy will gradually move toward full recovery。  There is concern about the Russian market will face default。However, Russia still has about $ 400 billion in reserve funds。At the same time, according to credit default swaps (CDS) market implies, is based on Russia's economic recovery is 25% probability assumptions, the probability of the Russian debt default in 2015, only 5%。

"Fed rate hike," Popular Science: What is the federal funds rate?

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK September 25 news, the Federal Reserve is expected to start raising interest rates in the middle of next year, continuing the recent dollar rose also means that the market is ready to welcome the arrival of this moment。Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs) senior US economist Chris Dawsey us some essential knowledge about the popularity of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates。The following excerpt from Chris Dawsey main explanation。  The primary question is: What is the federal funds rate?What is its operation mechanism?  The federal funds rate (the federal funds rate) is the interest rate a bank to another bank overnight lending reserves paid。Historically, the reserves mainly used to meet statutory reserve requirements set by the Federal Reserve, as well as inter-bank payment。This is also called the effective interest rate (effective) federal funds rate, the target (target) differ federal funds rate, which the Fed hopes the effective federal funds rate for some time to reach the average level。Currently the Fed's target for the federal funds rate to 0-0.25%。  Can be seen from the above explanation, the federal funds rate decision is the key to the amount of the reserve。  Quantitative easing (pre-QE) previous era, reserve balance of the banking system is very low, the New York Fed can fine-tune the level of reserves through open market operations, ie buying and selling securities on the open market to absorb and release a small reserve gold。  However, after quantitative easing (after QE) era, the situation becomes a bit more complicated。Now the US banking system excess reserves increased to an alarming 2.$ 7 trillion, because of large-scale asset purchases the Fed quantitative easing carried into the bank's reserves (the equivalent of the Federal Reserve printing a large number of e-money)。  As a result, today's scarcity value reserve (scarcity value) is close to zero, so the effective federal funds rate at 0-0 basic.25% of the lower section running。  If you then want the Fed increased the federal funds rate, there are two main ways: First, manufacturing scarcity of reserve balances, and second is to increase the interest rate paid on excess reserves (IOER), or a combination of both。  How to make the scarcity of reserves it?The easiest way is to reverse QE process: to eliminate some of its reserves in the banking system by selling assets (or make it a natural maturity)。In addition there are some of the more short-term operating practices to reduce the reserves, including overnight reverse repurchase (ON RRP), regularly RRP, regular savings and convenient (TDF), fixed interest rates and other tools RRP。These tools have advantages and disadvantages, the Federal Reserve will carefully weigh the use。  The second method is to rely on the interest rate on excess reserves (IOER)。In theory, if the Fed is willing to pay a certain interest rate on excess reserves, the effective federal funds rate should not be below this level。It's like agricultural prices generally not lower than the price the same as the government's purchasing and storage。However, in practice, the federal funds rate below the IOER is normal。  What the Fed's plan is it?The Fed now plans to rely mainly on IOER, especially in the early exit easing。However, the Fed also said that the future of the interval the federal funds rate by a fixed rate of interest RRP as the lower limit, IOER as the upper limit。(Shofu compilation)

New York launched the Chinese version of the website easy to apply for welfare use Chinese

BEIJING, March 21 – According to the US "World News" reported that the management food stamps (SNAP) and other benefits of the New York City Human Authority (HRA), in July 2017 launched a one-stop application for benefits and management " ACCESSHRA "after the website and mobile applications (aPP), has for the website and mobile applications division launched Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Chinese people use easy。 Receive HRA commonly known as "food stamps" in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and other cash assistance (CashAssistance) who, through "ACCESSHRA" real-time applications can understand the progress of an application for benefits, access to all services HRA。
For the past people apply for such benefits, to update contact information or to submit documents, it is required to HRA office or career center at around。 But now through the website or application, people can enter the network or use a mobile phone application for food stamps, submit proof of food stamps or cash assistance, tracking the progress of the application, processing and management of cases related benefits HRA matters, but also the first time anywhere, anytime receive notification of cases。
The HRA recent "ACCESSHRA" website and mobile application upgrade, the new multi-language version, which will include Simplified and Traditional Chinese。 HRA called on Chinese people to actively use, to avoid the long journey and a long wait in line to conduct business, to enjoy greater flexibility and convenience through the website or mobile app。
People may search for "ACCESSHRA" by Apple or Google app store, download the free application, after entering the registered account you can use to change the language within the application。 A "ACCESSHRA" account can be used on websites and mobile applications。 Editor: Xu snow。

Jimmy Heung died died early symptoms of esophageal cancer and esophageal cancer prevention

  That year, Stephen Chow shot that produced films such as "Fight Back to School Ⅲ dragon over Rooster," "Hail Justice Bao", "Flirting Scholar" and other box office hit, the film established his position in the。
  Jimmy Heung involved in production of the film has a "Supreme Supreme", "designed to catch predators", "Best boyfriend," "Romancing Star 3," "God of Gamblers", "No Risk, No Gain", " Flirting Scholar "," Kung Fu Cult Master "," Fight Back to School III "," dragon – Tian tong lao "," Hail the Judge "," God of Gamblers Returns, "" Flirting Scholar 2 of the painter-poet "。   Currently, cancer has become a major killer of threat to human health, cancer prevention is greater than treatment, we should be alert to early symptoms of cancer。 The most typical feature of esophageal cancer is eating coarse food, they have a strong sense of discomfort, temporary relief and will disappear after a simple treatment, most people's symptoms are mild, early symptoms are not easy to pay attention to everyone, a lot of when the patient has been diagnosed in an advanced stage of cancer, early reaction is important to pay attention to symptoms。
  Early symptoms of esophageal cancer 1: retrosternal pain or mild swelling, nausea。
This is not a symptom persists, but intermittent or after exertion and worse when eating fast。
This is because the esophageal motility itself all the time, only when lesions appear to creep symptoms。

US oil closed down 0.2% oil distributor closed up 0.3%

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, Feb. 22 morning news, according to market watchers US financial website reported that crude oil futures prices ended mixed on Wednesday, with the US benchmark oil prices, the market is waiting for US oil inventory data。
New York Mercantile Exchange, March delivery of West Texas Intermediate crude oil (WTI) futures fell 11 cents to close at $ a barrel, down%。
Meanwhile, on London's ICE Futures Europe for April delivery price of North Sea Brent crude oil futures rose 17 cents to close at $ a barrel, or%。
This means that following yesterday's price differential between WTI futures and Brent crude oil futures narrowed this Wednesday trading spreads widen again。 Tuesday, WTI futures and Brent crude oil futures also ended mixed, then closed up the former, while the latter closed down due to oil pipelines in Canada affected by the problem of US crude oil inventories。
At the same time, analysts pointed out that the European refineries go into maintenance season also played a role suppress demand for crude oil。
US dollar against major international counterparties exchange rates have risen on Wednesday, pushing for tracking the dollar against six major currencies exchange rate changes Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) dollar index rose%。 Under normal circumstances, the dollar will lead to rising gold and oil prices and other dollar-denominated commodities futures fell, due to the cost of holding other currencies investors to buy these goods will become high。 American Petroleum Institute (API) will release last week of crude oil inventory report later Wednesday, while the US Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration (EIA) inventory report will be released on Thursday, this time to release two reports are due this Monday falls on US financial markets closed for Presidents' day holiday delayed for a day。
According to Energy Information Administration data released earlier showed that as of February 9, the week crude oil inventories increased by 1.8 million barrels, the increase was lower than analysts had expected。 In other energy trading New York Mercantile Exchange, March delivery RBOB gasoline futures fell 1 cent to close at US dollars per gallon; March delivery heating oil futures rose cents to close at US $ per gallon March natural gas futures prices rose cents to close at US dollars per million British thermal units, up%。 (nebula)。

Chinese couple bought 600,000 US street affluent area residents stunned

August 9 power this mansion has 38 circular streets, fired the uproar these days is the street of San Francisco 普利西迪欧。 The reason overnight, because two years ago, a pair of Chinese couple only spent $ 90,000 (1 US dollar equals yuan) put it bought, and have roads, sidewalks and public areas of the property。 This is a real estate man who for ethnic Chinese couple Cheng, his wife Ms. Lin is currently an engineer in Silicon Valley。 They focused on the street is no ordinary street, as one of the richest of several luxury residential area of San Francisco, where the sale transaction for each house could be on。 He asked whether homeowners are willing to buy back the property written notice。 Until receipt of this letter, to be sold is not known, which is the reason people feel incredible。 Household Management Committee where the cause is owed to 14 US dollars a year of real estate taxes for 30 years, the cumulative amount of unpaid taxes plus interest and penalties of $ 994, resulting in the streets two years ago is up for auction in accordance with the law。
And after a thorough investigation we found that the cause of the CMC unpaid taxes on time, was actually the San Francisco city government will tax notice sent to their residence accountant since 1980's to no further cooperation。
San Francisco city government spokesman AmandaFried said, "99% of the real estate in the San Francisco have people know to pay property taxes on time, all know to be updated contact address。 And everything is starting to do things according to the rules for this auction, government units。 "Cell of the rich know the news after all shocked。 Walked into this area, found it to be a very quiet luxury cell, the door has security guards, in addition to the different style mansion, but not someone out of the district, while the vehicle is parked in the cell are mostly luxury cars。
Who asked not to be named, elderly households face said: this auction will most people will not notice, it is believed that buyers are investors, so although I believe residential tenants will eventually buy back the streets, but the price is certainly high。 Financial experts AnsonIp say, if the owners want to buy back at least 10 times or even up to 50 times the price。
Nearby residents believe that this incident is a government default, not well managed assets, not responsible to inform taxpayers, but also low-cost auctioned off a loss。
Community gardener Narh said: "I do not know the street was sold, always thought it was a public road, if you later need to spend money to stop the work would be too bad。 "It is reported that this Chinese couple After several discussions, the final decision will charge the tenants have 120 parking spaces 'reasonable rent' on the streets。
(Fan Fei / mechanized ed) Editor: Fan Fei, Lu Po。