Month: May 2018

The effect of velvet antler should be how to eat

The efficacy of velvet is a very rare, I believe many people like to take it to their own health, because eating good for the body, then the effect of velvet which have introduced together with the small series to see the effect of it antler!Efficacy of spermatogenesis strong bones velvet, velvet strong role for the good of the whole body tonic, it can improve the body's ability to work, improve sleep and appetite, and reduce muscle fatigue。 Antler brain, liver, kidney and other tissues, can significantly increase their oxygen consumption。 For general weakness, and fatigue after a long illness, oral Pantocrinum have a strong role。 Velvet is genetically related to the essence。 Liver and kidney can, "kidney essence the main bone, liver blood reinforcement" it is beneficial to blood, bones and muscles strong power, the treatment of consumptive available weight loss, dizziness, vertigo, atrophy soft line late embolism。 Antler kidney impotence kidney yang, strong Du, from impotence to atrophy, fill complement fine marrow to the drug。
Therefore, clinical use of the treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation, cold uterus infertility, spermatorrhea, incontinence, frequent deafness, cold diarrhea and other production deficiencies kidney disease。
Tiaochong to any uterine bleeding stop antler velvet effect can be used for liver and kidney deficiency, red does not solid, cold limbs, by the multi-color or black uterine hyperlipidemia。 Velvet band stop cold temperature for vaginal A thin water, such as injection quantity, odorless gas, abdominal, and cold extremities, backache petrified, dizziness, urine long so inadequate kidney Deficiency leukorrhagia。
Care drug myogenic。

Four kinds of cuisine for you to rest assured eat supper not worry about obesity

Eat a lot of white-collar workers to work overtime at night will be because, late night can not be avoided。 But at night there is late night very easy to gain weight, do not eat it and hungry, can not work properly。 Then tell what you eat supper at night but do not gain weight thin, so you eat at ease, peace of mind the night shift……Bananas Most people think that fat people eat banana will, in fact, a banana contains only 100 calories, less than half of meals, and one to two times more fiber than rice。 But nutritionists point out a banana to eat too much, it is recommended to eat a banana like the emperor, only 50kcal, but also contain potassium in the banana; potassium is the mineral, not calories, to maintain normal neural transport, so that normal heartbeat, peace of mind。
  Tomatoes Tomatoes are rich in dietary fiber (to help the growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut) and pectin, can fill your stomach, stimulate the satiety center of the brain, while away the intestine acidic metabolic waste, help you sleep intestinal detoxification process is completed。
Moreover, the unique tomato lycopene can inhibit an increase in fat cells。   Low-fat milk, low-calorie, low-fat milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid, these substances can help you sleep better access。
If it is to drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed about an hour, can promote the role of sleep, soothe the nerves, it is good for insomnia。
Further, dairy products are also rich in branched chain amino acids, it can also reduce the synthesis of fat。   Cucumber juice to a liter of fresh milk and cucumbers, 3 mint, made with broken stirring cool cucumber juice, a cup stay up late summer, refreshing and Jiefa。
Cucumber juice contains many elements are needed for hair and nails, can prevent hair loss and nail splitting。
Cucumber juice containing less fat and sugar, is an ideal diet drinks。
Night hungry to have a drink, have a sense of fullness, but not fat Oh。

5 symptoms to tell you, your baby may get angry

Often heard to discuss various issues, "the baby to drink this milk is easy to get angry," "baby recently lit up," "get angry eat this baby the most effective matter," and so on baby get angry when mothers chatting on baby What are the symptoms of fire in the end?Baby symptoms get angry 1.There are baby mouth exhaled breath smell bad, she said their child might get angry。
Baby bad breath problems, the judge promptly remove the cause and take effective measures。
Baby symptoms get angry 2.Mouth sores If the baby starts crying for no reason and do not eat, how likely is lit mouth sores caused by the body。
Some babies touched by hand from time to time in the vicinity of the mouth。
Appears above the performance, you need to check the baby's tongue and oral mucosa have sores or ulcers。Baby symptoms get angry 3.If it is found yellow urine color yellow baby urine than usual, fewer components, the symptoms indicate the baby get angry。This is also a lack of body water in the urine reflects the need to take measures to adjust。Baby symptoms get angry 4.Digestive dry stool because the baby is not fully developed, when the amount exceeds the recommended intake of calcium, will combine with phosphorus milk, casein, food product is formed to cause the baby to get angry, symptoms appear dry stool, stool and induration less volume, was miliary, bowel movement once every 3-5 genius。
Extended or bowel during defecation, fecal dry due to stimulation by anal pain during defecation and crying。
Baby symptoms get angry 5.Sleep is not fragrant sleep when the baby often irritability, restlessness, crying, easy to wake up, stop turning the body, and sometimes bite the bullet and so on, the baby absence of other disorders, physical discomfort, it may be because angry cause disorders of sleep disorders caused by the body。More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

Comments: supervision of financial enterprises or the introduction of whistleblower reward system

  Indeed, how to conduct effective supervision and compliance management company has been widely discussed。   Currently, the United States, Europe, Japan and China Banking Regulatory System vary widely。 United States and Europe developed body, including the regulatory agencies, the first pass of clues found in private institutions rely mainly on voluntary social enterprise clues to find evidence of illegal。
Then, to report to regulators, regulators to investigate。 Including financial supervision, including China, rely mainly on a large set of monitoring team found the problem。   However, compared with passive regulatory supervision team to rely on external constraints, if we play to their initiative to form active supervision, it is clearly more efficient for industry oversight。 One way to take the initiative, and that the interests of the drive, from this perspective, relying on public and private institutions is for reference selection。   American famous short-seller Muddy Waters and Citron companies often succeed, there is an important reason for short interest, access to huge gains through short selling short。 Previously, a bank branch in a city in the United States due to the anti-money laundering violations were reported internal staff (American), the final report of the Federal Reserve reward employees nearly $ 30 million。
  For this reason, I believe that the timely introduction of whistleblower system more conducive to supervise or conduct business enterprises, especially in the area of financial sector banking, securities, insurance, funds, trusts, etc.。   On specific measures, on the one hand rewards to whistleblowers, this pen can be rewarded based on illegal gains given the right to。
For example, clearly states: 20% of penalty awarded to informants。 Increase the proportion of award shows not only the regulatory authorities to actively encourage people to report violations of determination, but also can improve regulatory efficiency and effectiveness。   On the other hand, to make the resulting report is much higher than the cost of risk。 US regulators rewards to informants reference system point of view, "Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act" Act Section 922 shows "prohibition of dismissal or discrimination against those who dare to report their employers conduct illegal activities", which means that Wall Street employees do not be afraid because of violations came to light within the company and was fired。   It satisfies the above two requirements in order to be binding from within the enterprise。
The incident, in comparison to protect the demonstration effect of the number of customers of Merrill Lynch millions of assets, formed by three whistleblowers, help to reduce illegal enterprises, is the larger significance。   □ Yufeng Hui (financial commentators)。

Garlic before meals or after dinner eat garlic cure stomach ailments do

Garlic and garlic before meals or after meals is a common condiment, has a high nutritional value oh。 So, before meals or after dinner to eat garlic, garlic how to eat cure stomach ailments and 6681 small series with a look at garlic before meals or after dinner to eat introduce it!Garlic eat garlic before meals or after dinner is a meal to eat cold dishes in tune。
Or on the meat noodles to eat。
Garlic great benefit, only harm, head injury。 So it is best to eat at night, or day of rest。
Eat garlic garlic can cure stomach ailments do sterilization described as well known, modern medicine has proved that garlic can kill Helicobacter pylori in the stomach, the role of the prevention of gastric cancer。 1 garlic cure stomach ailments recipe, the garlic bulb green liquor catty garlic, peeled, soaked dry white wine bottles or semi-pure sorghum。
Wine must be one-third higher than the garlic face, soak for about a year, the more the more Chen Jia。 Sooner or later hollow drink a small cup, not only can cure cancer, can be treated and the prevention of all cancers。
2 garlic before meals or after meals, raw garlic dinner take two raw garlic every day, smashed and peeled after the next rice food (raw can chew the better), complete meal mouthwash and chewing tea leaves to lift the mouth odor。
3, garlic tripe soup。

Hot spots scattered deep strong Shanghai weak First Capital would have difficulty leveraging the market

Disk conventional news today Stock Index opened slightly after dropping a wave of rebound, 10:30 See you slow down to close at noon after a full day's high; afternoon stock lower inertia, 14: 14 rebounded after closing at; disk hot spots: chips, fuel cells, new energy vehicles, satellite navigation, OLED concept, graphene, sapphire, green lighting, semiconductor, wine, brokerage and other sector performance is strong; overall: today's market is a narrow range of the stock market。 Among the small water Kanpan unexpected reason, with these words to describe today's market is quite apt。 We say surprise, did not think today would show such a strong market, the reason that makes sense, because the market trend with everyone's judgment is often the opposite of walking, which could explain why the relative market today strong。
Because from the opening bell, the brokerage unit head start, so why brokerage stocks pulled off a wave of frenzy?We should say to keep up with the weekend's two news of a great relationship, on the one hand is the second time relaxed stock index futures, stock index futures during the bailout is being tied up, this is looking at the time was a move to rescue the market, in theory, say, the stock index futures market deregulation constitutes bad, but this depends on who respect。 Stock index futures deregulation is bad for the entire market, but brokers are not necessarily bad, why?Because it means that brokers can increase the intensity of hedging, hedging efforts to strengthen after, they are likely more willing to increase the intensity Jiancang spot, so to some extent, but is good for brokerage。 Another message is to normalize IPO, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Zhang assistant Shen Feng said: IPO to normalize。 Weekend announced a 4.4 billion financing 9, in fact, this is bad for the market is concerned, but for the brokerage sector is concerned, may be localized positive, because brokers benefit。
IPO is a unique benefit of the brokerage process, so under both cases, the brokerage has become the main market opening try for the plate today, it is understandable that the。 Today ancillary sectors, including PetroChina, Sinopec also to help maintain the stability of the disk。 In addition, the new energy concept car news constantly。 Gree announced the suspension, it is possible to intervene FAW Xiali, this will not be a silver Zhuhai Long backdoor, we are very concerned about, the new energy vehicles is also reflected in the session。 New energy vehicles will not suddenly end, there may be behind the news constantly, and become a hot stage hype。
Market brokerage sector focus of attack, or some people worried, after all, this sector currently does not have the prerequisite to go bull market, so move up faster, the greater the likelihood of falling。
First Capital is a flashpoint in the brokerage sector is to focus on, because the first Startup Weekend with Jingdong has announced financial restructuring plan does not。 In fact August 2 five days, the largest shareholder of August 26 with the third-largest shareholder also announced a restructuring or stop the sale of the stock plan, talk about the already half a month, fermentation also a bit too late, the main nothing more than take advantage of this time。
First Capital is opening today to open lower, but then the first daily limit, because the largest shareholder, the third largest shareholder is likely to look for an opportunity clearance type holdings, it also may be the major shareholder of transposition, although the statement has stopped but in the last two days of fermentation theme。 Comments sentence: a million marrow will become famous。 Nonsense Pa Road, Shanghai and Shenzhen today showed typical deep-strong Shanghai weak market, stocks are close to twenty-eight differentiation, creating small and medium-rise, large-cap stocks fall。 Today there are several points of concern: 1.The major indices rose, the small plates GEM HSI Shenzhen Component Index on the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 SSE 50 Index on the Shanghai。
Simply put, the more close to the Shanghai-cap stocks, the smaller the increase。 Thus, deep strong Shanghai weak apparent to。 2.Toronto Canada, the consumption of liquor is a large, two approaches, stir fry is also reasonable; in fact, in previous years, the closer the Spring Festival, liquor stocks more readily available hype。 But to be honest this section has been speculation too many times, stir-fry the paste。 3.Brokerage by promising many organizations, see if you can repeat the 2014 Winter's Tale, but now the regulatory mechanism, it is estimated unbearable, after all, these are the big, big amount of money needed。
4.New energy vehicles to maintain close by rumors of speculation situation, deeply involved in the organization is now trying to attract more market attention。 But this plate with white wine, like stir fry too many times this year, could eventually lure more successful, we have to wait and see。 5.In terms of the overall environment, this is the largest market of course depend on the regulatory capacity before an important meeting expectations and maintaining stability of the national team, the biggest hope is that other areas suffered pressure, funds can continue to flow into the stock market。 But on the whole disk, or feeling hot spots scattered, and no effort。
Innovative high shrinkage on the history of things there, unless bull market, otherwise the situation can not be maintained long。

Dog playing cat names? Taiwan to mainland tourists make the old names can not figure out (Figure)

Dog playing cat names? Taiwan to mainland tourists make the old names can not figure out (Figure) || nine large number of tourists shuttling Street。
(Figure: Taiwan, "Wang reported that" profile photo), according to Taiwan, "Wang" reported that many of the old names to make Taiwan the free exercise of mainland tourists can not figure out, many people from the mainland will be interrogated on the network, the origin of nine, Hualien, Kaohsiung and other names especially a lot of free exercise of mainland tourists deep countryside, places of central and southern countryside more interested。   Nine with mainland tourists are very popular tourist attractions, they are now clear, the name originated from the early years of the old village lived only nine or 10 people; as for Hualien, old place names from the sound turn Lan whirl, whirl Lan refers to Parkview is the river's mouth, the water vortex phenomenon。
  As Kaohsiung is the Japanese take the name, originally the old name of the dog, it makes a lot of mainland friends thought it was funny, because Taiwan is a place once called a cat fight (Tamio Township, Chiayi County), so mainland tourists will doubt "next steps will not He has to fight rats?"。
  The most mainland tourists praise Taipei street names, Zhongxiao love Siwei Bade taste。 The free exercise of mainland tourists province "amok" (move around), they will discuss Hengchun, Kenting, Lukang origin of these names on the Internet。
Some people even take the Taiwan Railway train, counting from north to south each station name, also we know that the people of Taiwan have been keen to "Yongbaoankang"。
  In addition, the two sides have a lot of names are exactly the same, such as the Golden Gate tour, you will find Huangcuo, Europe house and other regions, in Xiamen, the other side also; Chiayi County, East Stone Town, Jinjiang City, there are East Stone Town, two Tsai Yi to have relatives of clan。   Overall, the continent most friends have a crush on Taiwan street road names, road names and some very elegant, so even the street signs will be shot into the lens, as evidence of mainland tourists visit it。

Data show that alternative financing to accelerate the rise of industry mergers and acquisitions

  Yesterday, the National Bureau of Statistics Department of Urban Senior Statistician Liu Jianwei reading in February 70 cities housing data, said around the local conditions, the city of Shi policy, continue to implement the classification regulation to maintain the stability and continuity of the policy, 70 cities in 15 hot urban residential sales of new commodity price movements continued to show overall stable trend。 According to Bureau of Statistics estimated in February, first-tier cities new commercial housing and second-hand housing sales price were to continue to decline, a decline the previous month to expand and percentage points。   Housing prices of corporate bonds will enter the peak of maturity, "the second half of 2018, housing prices will enter a peak maturity corporate bonds, but the current situation, the bond market, some housing prices or difficult to achieve with new debt to repay old debts。 "Yang Kan Ping An Securities analyst, said the real estate industry。
According to the reporter, a lot of difficulty in financing housing prices increased bank, have increased the demand for alternative financing channels and information management plan, trust products, etc.。
  "Now the bank can get a loan, but harder than in the past to。
In particular, some qualification bad, or on the financing needs of the larger developers, certainly we need to explore other ways of financing。
Such as the recent real estate trust is more and more。 "One of the developers believe that。
  Trust with interest the data show that three weeks after the Spring Festival this year, the establishment of a total of 163 collective trust product, the establishment of the scale of 227 billion yuan, including the establishment of 39 real estate trust products, accounting for raised%。
To raise funds more than 7.3 billion yuan, accounting for over 30%。
This also means that nearly one-third of collective trust funds to invest in real estate。
  Guangzhou Daily reporter through all media "Good Trust" website also found that, in the current issue of trust products, the majority of the expected rate of return is not low, which China Everbright Trust – Hongrui No. 6 in the sale of trust products expected annual rate of return% ?%。 Western Trust – Sunshine City expected annual rate of return%?9%。
On another website specializing in trust products, trust in the river – No. 347 Golden Tiger expected annual rate of return is 9%?%。
  Housing prices down overall growth capital in place of the National Bureau of Statistics data show that the first two months of this year, housing prices overall funds available trillion yuan, an increase of% growth rate in 2017 dropped percentage points。 Domestic loan growth of%, compared with last year dropped by 17 percentage points。 Yang Kan Ping An Securities analyst pointed out that the real estate industry, the traditional sources of funding for the major real estate companies and Days Sales Outstanding bank loans。
  If the first half of 2018 sales blocked, and bank credit still tight, do not rule out small financial pressure facing housing prices, must seek other financing trusts。
  A chance to share real estate sector overall is not obvious underestimate the value of the aid and policy changes expected in the A-share market, the real estate sector, a wave of big rebound from the end of last year to early this year。
  Vanke A shares on January 24 this year, the station was the Lantern, but then all the way down on Monday to close at yuan, fell more than 25%。
According to the reporter, an institution that, while the real estate sector valuation is not high, but given the situation of industry fundamentals still no significant signs of improvement, the overall sector investment opportunities not yet appeared, some stage opportunities focused on the rental policy。
  3 19 morning, the central bank Deputy Governor Mr. Pan Shangzheng Bao an interview with reporters, said this year will publish financial support rental housing market related documents, is expected to introduce the first half of this year。 For the launch of the public offering of real estate investment trusts (REITs) schedule, Mr. Pan said, "is studying with relevant departments hope to begin the pilot as soon as possible。 "Rental housing policy dividend is expected to bring some stimulus to the plate," but the overall industry is not obvious opportunity。
"Guangzhou, a private person told Guangzhou Daily reporter all media。   Industry Analysis commercial real estate industry mergers and acquisitions or increases "This year, many commercial real estate projects reflect the continued tightening of bank financing。
"Yesterday, the president of the Guangdong Provincial Association of Commercial Real Estate Investment Huang Wenjie told reporters, affected commercial real estate developers on the one hand to open up other financing channels, on the other hand is also seeking cooperation with well-funded by。
Experts predict that the future of the industry M & A cases will increase in concentration will increase。   Bank lending for commercial real estate more cautious It is understood, Zhongshan City, a shopping center located in downtown, good location, opened more than two years, if the transformation of the site, brand adjustment, great room for development。 However, for various reasons mainly troubled by financial difficulties, the developers had to find the strength of the companies involved in business。
  Senior Fellow Bank Financial Research Center shardan told reporters, in fact, in recent years, banks are very cautious on commercial real estate loans。 This year in the overall contraction of bank lending, commercial real estate could be assigned to a more limited amount。
  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Guangzhou Branch official said, in the current tight market in general bank funds, the bank's funds focus on investment in housing prices in line with national industrial policy and Guangzhou urban planning, the overall strength of strong developers, experienced project capital Golden ratio requirement compliance with regulatory requirements, complete four cards of ordinary residential housing and leasing projects。
  A joint-stock Bank Guangzhou Branch official told reporters that at present banks for commercial real estate are cautious, generally only accept collateral core city and requires a very high-quality customers, and the need to strictly examine whether the purchase of limited credit requirements。   Another joint-stock Bank Guangzhou Branch also said that for commercial property, mainly to support the following types of projects: First, the area for a second-tier heart of the city, merit-based selection of stable operation a long time hotel project; the second is a, office building office area of core tier cities; the third is a property second-tier urban residential area with interactive, hands-on format consisting mainly of new commercial complexes, etc.。   Encourage asset securitization It shardan analysis, tighten commercial real estate loans is because the current domestic situation led to an oversupply of commercial property。 Huang Wenjie also believes that the development of the existing investment and rental property is not working well。   It is great to win business data center statistics, in 2017 the country plans to open 970 shopping centers, the actual open 504 new, the overall volume of over 46 million square meters, opened a record number; the same time, 466 projects delayed opening, the opening rate dropped to 52 %, slightly down 5 consecutive years。
  Since 2014, the shopping center supply growth slowing trend is clearly more competitive business body, the next increment of the commercial market for developers more cautious attitude, revitalize the stock of commercial or business survival will become "the most assists "。
  Huang Wenjie think, on the one hand to tighten bank financing, the other is to encourage commercial real estate asset securitization。   "However, unlike traditional financing Follow assess the value of assets, asset securitization financing more concerned about the results of operations and net realizable value。
"Wong Man-kit pointed out。
  Shardan expects future acquisitions of commercial real estate will be more industry concentration to enhance。 Commercial real estate operations more test operational capabilities and financial strength。 In addition, there will be surplus land for commercial purposes such as office space or into rental housing-related nature。

Combination Skin care of your maintenance so more beautiful

Highlights combination skin care which have mixed skin combines the characteristics of emotional skin and oily skin, and therefore relatively difficult to care。
So points mixed skin care are what it following small for everyone to talk about the main points of combination skin care, so maintenance is more healthy Oh!Combination Skin care of your combination skin cleansing products clean choice for combination skin, gel texture is very refreshing, very comfortable with them。 Do not wash your face too vigorously, if that?Oil particular word area, wash again be a multi-site in the oil。 Deep care to do 1-2 times a mask, deep cleansing and moisturizing to achieve the purpose of。
If you feel tight and dry skin problem, you can use a special water mask。
Combination Skin care of your own if you feel that the large pores and a serious oil problem, we could try to marine mineral mud mask to extract dirt in the pores, absorb excess oil。
Water oil water oil balance easiest way is to find a balance specifically for combination skin with oil control, moisturizing, nourishing the efficacy of triple emulsion, it can quickly moisten dry areas and reduce?Oil secretion word zone。

Blood on the human body roughly six

If you are a student or are planning to donate blood, then you must read, because most students are too naive。Recent blood donation overwhelming destructive fallacy in the body, and today we do a reasonable explanation。
First, what are the three first blood cells are contained in the blood in the blood; erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets。Each consisting of blood are its special features。Second, the blood can cause weakening and even loss of function blood。Simply speaking, a reduction of red blood cells causes the body to various parts of organs can not get enough oxygen, the vital functions of cells can not function properly, resulting in dizziness after donation because the brain does not get enough oxygen。
Leukopenia would decrease the body's ability to resist the virus, easy to get sick。Weakness after donation is for this reason, the decline in immunity to influenza viruses have been insignificant be an opportunity。Thrombocytopenia will make difficult to heal wounds。
Thrombocytopenia is the main reason resulting leukemia。
Perhaps you will say, we will say to donate blood after the body will produce enough blood to add, but you know all blood cells are hematopoietic stem cells made in the bone marrow。Hematopoietic stem cells have a lifespan of。
The book says 2 weeks after blood donation, blood of the capacity will supplement a full (but note: to add what is plasma, blood and plasma are two concepts)。Blood donors will feel thirsty, is to add plasma, blood bank will provide free syrup or milk is for this reason。More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。