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Top Five Ways to help dry skin how do you pay

Dry skin how to do after entering the fall and winter weather gets dry, and moisturize at this time when it has become the focus of the conservation of the skin。
Then the situation skin water shortage in the end how to do it the following small series to tell us something about dry skin in the end how to do。
Five ways to help you pay!Dry skin how to do 1, water to drink 6-8 cups of water, milk, drinks not every day, do not wait until thirsty to drink water, if thirsty, it means your body has a very dry。 2, adequate sleep quality of sleep a day is better than what can not, be sure to Mei Mei's sleep, the water of the skin will。
Do not think boil a night, all right, come back after sleeping on it, do not hold this idea, otherwise your skin will not be good to go there 3 mask mask replenishment is definitely the most convenient and fastest way to choose their own mask, every day adhere to pay, so you will look water of tender skin。
4, moisturizing cream, whether to do good, do not lock the water useless, like a bottle, more water, if you do not cover caps, even if no amount of water will evaporate, is that cream bottle, do not because I think too much oil do not want to use that oil is water lock。
5 how to do dry skin, dry skin, sprayed in the spray skin, can effectively relieve dry skin, you may be able to remain on the skin, take a minute after the remaining water with a cotton pad Sassafras out, or dry skin more serious。
The basic pay method, every morning after cleansing, basic skin care to do the work, in this process at least three moisturizing products to be used, for example, toner, moisturizer, moisturizer and eye cream recommendation here CE Poria Whitening series, herbal vitamins, which will help absorb skin deep。
The replenishment work from early morning to start。
2, drinking enough water is also a daily basis practice skin replenishment of the day drinking at least 8 glasses of water, out of the house to drink plenty of water to replenish energy。
3, when you are in the room, remember to reduce the outdoor temperature, room temperature is not too low, and try to be controlled at around 24 degrees Celsius。
For more information, please visit Health 6681 health network!。

Cervical erosion hazards make healthy red light

What are the dangers of cervical erosion cervical erosion is a very common gynecological diseases, many people think that all cervical erosion is not a serious illness, treatment and died does not matter。 Experts remind you, in fact, cervical erosion hazard is great, it may lead to infertility and cervical cancer。
Here learn more about cervical erosion What are the dangers of it。
In understanding what is cervical erosion hazards before, we first get to know about cervical erosion, which is the most common gynecological diseases each one。
Stimulated secretion due to inflammation, oromucosal outer tube neck squamous cell loss, the proliferation of columnar epithelium covered the surface of the color red, smooth or rugged, this change is called cervical erosion。
(1) can cause infertility, what is the harm of cervical erosion, Beijing Olympic North Hospital gynecologist said that this particular disease is moderate, when severe cervical erosion, cervical secretions increased significantly, viscous texture, and there are a large number of white blood cells, which is the degree of sperm activity will have a negative impact, impede sperm into the uterine cavity, affecting pregnancy。
(2) cervical erosion cause complications when suffering from cervical erosion, inflammation can cause other organs, such as: an uplink cervical erosion may be caused by pathogens endometritis; by uterine ligaments, pelvic inflammatory disease caused by chronic lymphatic spread; when inflammation spread to the bladder trigone, can cause urinary system diseases and dysuria, pollakiuria and dysuria irritation。 (3) the depth of a lesion can elicit a more long-term stimulation due to chronic inflammation, can cause polyps, laceration, valgus and cyst deeper disorder。
(4) cervical erosion increases the chance of cancer, according to Beijing gynecology chief expert analysis, women with cervical erosion, cervical cancer nearly ten times higher than the general population, in the long-term stimulation of chronic inflammation, hyperplasia of cervical columnar epithelium atypical hyperplasia can occur, if not timely and proper treatment, will gradually develop towards the direction of cervical lesions, cervical erosion often combined because HPV infection, which is one of the suspect signal that causes cervical cancer, the development process in general We need 5–10 years。
(5) concurrent disease, there is some correlation between cervical erosion and infertility, but no absolute necessity。
As long as after proper treatment, such as cervical erosion cured or improved, pregnancy is quite possible。
(6) If cervical stenosis, can cause dystocia。
(7) cancer: what is mentioned in cervical erosion hazards, we will think of cervical cancer。
Cervical erosion, due to the stimulation of the secretion of inflammation, oromucosal outer tube neck squamous cell loss, the proliferation of columnar epithelium covered the surface of the color red, smooth or rugged, this change is called cervical erosion。

Heat Big Three 72 min ho to take three consecutive pedestrian Zaibai 1-3 straits

  Ticker May 27, home to the Miami Heat beat the Pacers 102-90, to obtain match point with a total score of 3-1。
  Heat lead the audience。 LeBron – James scored 32 points, 10 rebounds and five assists, and Chris Bosh – 25 points and six rebounds, Dwyane – Wade 15 points。
  Pacers in dire straits, Paul – George scored 23 points and seven rebounds, David – West 20 points and 12 rebounds, George – Hill 15 points off the bench Luis – Luis Scola 12 points。
  Heat take the initiative in this series, but James did not think they show full strength, "We have not played the best game," he said, "may also be teammates this feeling。 We have not played the highest level, the better the game is yet to come。 "A is on – Ray Allen broke out in the fourth quarter, hit four three-pointers, the Heat defeated the opponent in one fell swoop。 Bosh today is an opening on the hot feel hot, Heat head start。
Indeed, as James said, they have a lot of places that can be tapped。
  Game played less than two minutes, Bosh three units into three, including two three-pointers。
As he pulled up outside, Hibbert had to come out with the defense, the Pacers basket emptiness, James has since been twice breakthrough succeeded, the Heat to 12-4 start。
After Bosh missed two free throws, but the hot shooting touch, hit a jumper Fourth。 Heat once double-digit advantage, leading 27-19 after the first section。 [] [] Bosh in the second quarter continued good feeling。 Shortly after the start of this section, in 1 minutes 22 seconds he hit three consecutive shots, including a dunk and a three-pointers, in this section there are 7 minutes 35 seconds, Bosh had 17 points for Houston, the Heat to leading 36-29。 After more than half of this section, Bosh was first shot, James began to strengthen attack on the basket。 When also this second section, with a fine cast James scored 3 points, one with 5 points, leading Heat to 49-39。 George hit the third, the Pacers scored five points in the first half to 44-49 behind。
  James began the third quarter with a record third, then another dunk, the Heat scored seven points to regain a double-digit advantage。 After this section, played five minutes, the Pacers only once in warfare score, this troubled。 The gap between the two sides once reached 19 points, when there are seconds in this section, two in Cole made two free throws, leading the Heat to 78-59。
West layup twice thereafter, the first three quarters to 64-80 behind Walker。   The gap between the two sides soon reached 20 points or more。
The fourth quarter and 7 minutes and 41 seconds, Haslem layup, the Heat scored 5 points, 23 points to lead 94-71。 Heat a big lead some relaxation, also failed to hit the basket shots, while the Pacers be easy to attack the basket, shot after a wave of 13-1, only to fall behind 84-95 in the game there are 4 minutes 27 seconds。   Heat again put to James and Chris Bosh et al.。 In 6 minutes, they failed to score in warfare, when the game 1 minute 22 seconds, James was driving layup, even with a fine cast scored 3 points, the Heat to 102-90 double-digit advantage。
Walker has since been shot, had to give up。   。

Student parents to marry a foreigner collapse users: filial further away it anyway

Sparked heated debate on the network, "I have to give more consideration for my child," April 21 electric Recently, one entitled "The parents sell the house daughter to send her daughter to marry a foreigner studying the collapse of parents" and "Oh, this is not me the most troublesome thing it。
"When you see this news, Rebecca wry smile a sigh, she and the students have the same trouble: parents refused to come to the United States。
Rebecca has two lovely daughters of her mother, her husband is a Chinese working in the United States, the two have been separated for the past two to five years。
This year Rebecca decided to bring their children to settle in the United States, so the family reunion。
Rebecca and family in Miami, she finally chose to the United States for children。
Rebecca central enterprises working in Beijing for Tulibeika had a good treatment, domestic work stable and comfortable life, but her husband in the United States also has a certain basis, for their families, it seems that only one party compromise。 Rebbeca have to worry about, leaving China's working life to the United States, future development at risk。 But the most difficult is to let her parents' attitude。
Rebecca's parents and they do not want to come to America, with the news of the reasons parents are worried about the same: on the one hand I feel life habits are hard to adapt, on the other hand fear of the future can not enjoy health insurance。
They even refused to come to the United States experience。
Rebecca understand their parents' concerns, after a difficult trade-offs, Rebecca admits that she still have more consideration for the children, "There is no co-existence of the program, I can only continue to work hard to convince parents。
"Behind her choice, in fact, with deep frustration。
"Parents will respect my choice" is Illinois at Urbana-Champaign traffic engineering doctoral student Li claimed to be a "fat house", although in the eyes of friends, he clearly is a school bully, but Mike felt he could enjoy in the United States "Flying self ", do a lot of things you like。 Mike in contact with the United States shooting, he felt that if in the future choose to stay, the parents will respect his choice。 Most parents courtesy of Mike concerns are similar, Mike's mother will not feel that they can not adapt to English in the United States, the best he will be able to return home, relatives can together。 Li will have two years to graduate, the future has not yet formed plans, his professional ranking in the nation's first university, completely worry not find a job after graduation in the United States, thus returning to America or, in fact, it all depends on him personal choice。
But considering the income levels and living environment, Mike felt the future might choose to stay in the United States。 For mother's worries, Mike do not think much of a problem, he was confident his son will respect the choice of parents, and parents have also been to the United States to visit him several times。
If you choose to stay in the United States in the future, Li said he would buy a house will take over their parents, to help them adapt to life in America。
"In the US they too can filial piety ah。 "Mike did not think it would be a problem。 Editor: Fan Fei, Lu Po。

China Fortune won first place in the top 10 sound operation of 2018 housing prices in China

  In mid-2017, total sales of China Fortune billion yuan, an increase of%, maintained since 2011, the market continued growth, and the company expects to exceed the annual target of 145 billion yuan。 China Fortune actively promote the implementation of the "industry first" strategy to industrial development as the core focus of the Chinese new city construction happiness industry, through the integration of global resources to build industry clusters around the field of electronic information, high-end equipment, aerospace, bio-pharmaceutical industry, the establishment has China Fortune characteristic industrial advantages, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises。
  "Chinese real estate development enterprises 500" evaluation study by the China Real Estate Association, Shanghai E-House Real Estate Institute co-chaired by China Real Estate Assessment Center, to carry out consecutive years, it has become a comprehensive evaluation of the results of the evaluation of real estate development enterprise comprehensive strength and an important position in the industry standard。 The evaluation of a comprehensive measure of the overall strength of enterprises from seven aspects of firm size, risk management, profitability, growth potential, operating performance, innovation, social responsibility, using the income scale, the scale of development, asset size, profit scale, financing capabilities and other 19 secondary indicators, including real estate business income, property rental income of the holding, the area of real estate sales, total assets and other 52 three overall measure of the overall strength of enterprises。

Fitness Foot Foot principle benefits and contraindications

Foot fitness principle, benefits and contraindications foot, following small series details for you。 Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the root of the essence。 Foot therapy is the use of drug decoction, to soak feet, bathing, a therapy to treat disease。 In the immersion process, in addition to the buoyancy of water, the liquid friction motion of the water particles on the foot, mainly warm water effect, external treatment effect of the drug effect and a foot reflex zone。
Foot warm water having a foot bath, the drug treatment and outer foot reflex zone stimulation three functions, three functions can interact。
Warm and easy from drugs, acupoints and respiratory tract absorption, play a therapeutic role of drugs。 Foot can be used as therapy in the disease outside the government, but also as a variety of skin disorders Bath。 When the drug by dipping and heat, can clear the meridians, blood, eliminate the cult poison purposes。 Modern medicine, when warm water foot bath can promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, and drugs from the sweat glands in the skin, sebaceous glands infiltrate absorption, and thus play a therapeutic role。 So when the foot bath water temperature is very important, the drug of choice is very important, also very important way。
Fitness Foot Foot principle benefits and contraindications foot to foot room commonly used drugs, there will always be a variety of foot bath liquid for you to choose, such as roses foot bath, foot bath, foot bath and so on algae mud。
In fact, in terms of medication foot rose, milk or algae mud to select no practical significance, the key to which Chinese medicines containing the drug。
Foot therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, mostly by walking through the network, resuscitation Speranskia, Sida Quxie drugs。
E.g., Angelica ,, pangolin, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, etc.。 The medication will foot odor all thick taste, sometimes with great force with some of the toxic products, and have more with。
Such as Breit, monkshood, Aconitum, Southern Star, etc.。

German car firms to compete for centuries new technology companies, in addition to tens of billions of what?| BMW | car prices | Germany

  Text / Sina Finance Europe station chief Hao Qian see the moment the first submarine of the German Navy U1, my understanding of German industry is refreshed again。
  Munich, Germany, on the island of Sa Yi River, was built in 1903 in the Deutsches Museum is the world's largest science and technology museum。 And those breathtaking black German military technology – the Second World War V2 missile, rocket-powered fighter – compared to lie on the ground floor in a corner of the museum looked like much U1 submarine。 This service began in 1906, the German submarine wolf pack training boat is a brilliant starting point, let me deeply shocking is his dynamic mechanism。
  U1 a fuel engine and a motor drives a propeller series, submarines machine fuel during surface navigation, the motor drive battery charging, can be employed when the submerged motor drive, minimum noise, maximum efficiency。 Most of the First World War German submarine have been disassembled, the real exhibits lucky to survive。 Military smoke cleared, leaving the U1 model also has more than 100 years old, the perfect design "hybrid" Until now still use。   History of modern German industry has a lot of amazing place to catch up from the second industrial revolution, the fourth industrial revolution perfect interpretation of the industry; from the inventor of the tram to the hybrid drive machine, diesel engine, which are making many high-end brands in Germany dazzling established position in the field of internal combustion engine is difficult to shake。
But now, with engineering known German companies we encountered the biggest enemy is not each other, but the husband starts new technology enterprises。 German companies in the industry is able to continue to lead a hundred years, to see in this round of competition and new technology can win in the。
  Prior to this year's annual meeting in Munich BMW, there are two things that are very much related to the transformation of the German car prices。
  First, in order to combat pollution, the German city banned a number of heavily polluting diesel vehicles on the road。
This was seen as the first step in the German ban on the production of internal combustion engines。 By 2030, Germany may prohibit internal combustion engine。
This could subvert the traditional business model and the German car firms up and down the industrial chain。   The second thing that happened in the United States。 On Monday, the USA and Asia, Arizona, a woman was crossing the road when riding Uber unmanned test vehicle knocked down and killed, it has triggered a wave of discussion。 But already the drone industry trend, the trend is irreversible, for traditional and new technology enterprises in car prices also occurred in a hard-fought。   These two problems seem unrelated news hot German quality car prices are most concerned about: electrification, autopilot and digital。
In order to be able to resist the surge of cutting-edge technology competition, German companies also fight。
  Data show that the BMW 2017 fiscal year revenues billion euros, pre-tax profit topped 10 billion euros。
In addition to "Eighth jump in revenue," the bright figures, last year, the BMW Group increased R & D investment of more than 2016%, reaching billion euros, 47.6 billion yuan a year is。 This year the figure will increase。
So a huge amount of money, mainly into new models of electric field and autopilot。   Let me talk about electrification。 BMW Group diesel vehicles for their own pride, convinced that they produce diesel vehicles is one of the world's best diesel vehicles。
Electrification process for representatives of BMW luxury cars, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, it must be very painful, but they have no choice, then just a matter of paths and strategies。
  BMW Group chairman Ke Luge repeatedly stressed that "our future is electric, interconnected"。
When the BMW Group Managing Director, responsible for corporate finance and China affairs, Dr. Peter (NicolasPeter) also accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Finance, said the luxury car manufacturer BMW is the world's oldest toward electrification, by the end of 2025, the BMW Group will have 25 models of electric vehicles , of which 12 models of pure electric vehicles。 If you follow Ke Luge statement, the BMW Group's high-end cars, including Rolls-Royce, including all brands will gradually electrification。   Besides autopilot。
Uber world's first case of a pedestrian killed when an event occurs test autonomous vehicles, raise questions about this new technology。 In this regard, responsible for the development of the BMW Group Managing Director Fu Lexi stressed autopilot technology development is a long process, in terms of the current stage of development, whether it is a sensor or computer processing power has limitations, can not be absolutely no people driving。
  By the end of 2016, the BMW Group has in the field of science and technology to automatically drive about 600 employees, after all professional forces have moved to within a new autopilot center of Munich, which means that there are more than 2000 employees on autopilot research and development, from software development to road test。
Some technical staff have worked at the company before the new technology。   It is reported that BMW mainly for testing autonomous vehicles in the three countries, including Munich, California and Israel。
BMW completed by mid-2017 more than ten thousand kilometers of highly automated driving real road test, this is the autopilot in the field of raw data accumulation。
  In addition, there are already 40 BMW seven series cars as a test vehicle related tests, these vehicles need to be tested in highways and urban roads, the choice of site testing in the United States, Israel and Munich。 This year, the number of BMW autopilot test fleet will double to around 80 vehicles。
On the surface, this unmanned vehicles and ten thousand Uber plan and the plan falls far short of Volvo, BMW's plan is to be at least autonomous vehicles to be tested more than 200 million kilometers, which is to ensure the safety of consumers fixed target。   Currently none of the companies has reached 200 million kilometers of test targets。   "We need at least 200 million kilometers of testing, it is clear now far away from the target。 Important not lobbied for 200 million kilometers, but all the various tests, weather, road conditions, such as different。
To achieve a pure digital is not difficult, difficult is quality tested。 "Peter says。   Today, the German car prices combined vertical and horizontal throughout the inside and outside of the industry, the car companies cross-industry collaboration is close to any historical period have not occurred in the past。   After becoming the German auto giant Daimler Group's largest shareholder, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding issued a statement saying "There is not a car manufacturer can single-handedly deal with foreign invaders science and technology", so "in order to occupy high ground, there must be a friend , partners and allies. "。
The private chat in Munich with German entrepreneurs, many people are very honest, although this auspicious acquisition significantly challenge the German national brand of pride, can respond to new technologies within the industry and outside the industry. " weave "is imperative。
  When asked about the "cooperation" and "ally" how to define, BMW Group Director, Corporate Finance and responsible for China affairs, Dr. Peter (NicolasPeter) also frankly told Reuters: "The cooperation itself is increasingly important in our industry."。
  For example, automatic driving, for example, just a few kilometers away north of Munich, BMW and Intel, Mobileye these partners created an innovation center。 This is a direct teamed up with technology companies; but at the same time, "BMW will quickly and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Group) to establish a production center."。
This is a peer。   "I think the new technology industry and the automotive industry have reached a consensus that they need each other to jointly promote the automation of the process of driving。
That is why we and Intel as well as cooperation in these Mobileye technology companies to jointly develop automated driving system。
We can not say this industry or that industry, but merging the two industries will only get the best results as quickly。
"Peter says。
  He even used a word tide: "hares" (Friendemy)。

This year Beijing will implement 100 road sparse block to increase the proportion of green travel project 73%

Data Figure: Beijing subway Yan room line reporter Zhang Yushe Beijing March 21 (Reporter Yu Li Xiao) "to ease traffic congestion in Beijing 2018 Action Plan" put forward 21 release this year, Beijing will implement the road sparse block works 100 , rail sections 3 experimental operation, complete the 900 km bike path control, to improve the proportion of green travel to the city center 73%。
  Under the plan, by 2018, Beijing will implement vehicle population control in less than 6.1 million, rail transit operating mileage of more than 630 kilometers, the ground continued to optimize public transportation network, bicycle and walking slow system prevailing conditions continue to improve, the central city road network traffic control about index improved to 73% the proportion of green travel, urban transportation smooth and orderly operation of the overall security。   As one of the key tasks to ease traffic congestion in Beijing this year will accelerate the construction of transportation infrastructure, improve traffic supply capacity, including the construction of rail transit accelerate。
  Under the plan, before the end of this year, Beijing will achieve Rail Transit Line 6 West Extension (Haidian Rd ranking – Apple Orchard Road) and Line 8 three, four (Zhushikou – five Futang – Yonhap) experimental operation。
At the same time will accelerate the new airport rail line, the construction of the line 22, line 7 East Extension, Route 12, etc.。
  To promote Beijing, Tianjin and road network interoperability will be achieved before the end of this year all through the metropolitan area ring highway; to promote the new airport expressway, highway construction north line of the new airport, construction group Rd; do the preliminary Taiping highway project jobs。
  This year Beijing will fully promote the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter, related to road construction in 2019 Beijing World Park will be involved in the realization of Xing Yan highway all through, accelerate the construction of the extension of the highway Chong。   Beijing will also start the construction of Beijing Zhang Qinghe station supporting high-speed rail ride facilities, promote the Fengtai Railway Station, Transportation connection facilities Spark train station; fast way connected with the study of the city's transport hub airport for civil aviation, promoting Beijing's new airport Korea Ze Terminal transportation connection facilities to explore in facilities set up in the Dongzhimen integrated transportation hub。   In improving rail transport and interchange conditions, Beijing will study and formulate a new city rail transit line connection three-year action plan, adjust and optimize the Rail Transport and public transportation line layout, speed up rail traffic around the site bike lanes and trails construction, construction around some key rail transfer station parking (P + R) parking lot。 (Finish)。

Lotte barely?Analysts say the larger Lotte Duty Free Shop withdraw from Incheon International Airport possibility

  [Global Network reported reporter Li Huiling South Korea's Lotte Duty Free Shop since September 2017 for the first time announced intention to withdraw from the Incheon International Airport, messages regarding whether Lotte withdraw shop has no results。 South Korean industry analysts believe that a great possibility Lotte withdraw shop, and whether the end will take a decision on the withdrawal store。
  According to South Korean news agency reported Niuxi Si February 1, Lotte known case of withdrawal store industry sources, the more likely Lotte withdraw shop, since the end of February can be expressed intention to withdraw shop, Lotte end of February will be made whether to withdraw shop decide。
  It reported that Lotte Duty Free Shop in 2015 was selected for the first three duty-free shop operator Incheon International Airport, signed a contract to 2020, when more than half of business hours, Lotte Incheon Airport duty-free shops can be expressed removed intention。
Lotte Duty Free currently operating four store in Incheon Airport T1 terminal, the withdrawal of a part or full withdrawal, there was no specific decision Lotte。
  According to Korean media reported earlier, Lotte Duty Free Shop in mid-2017 due to the sharp drop in Chinese tourists, the deficit amount as snowball snowball, rent adjustments required Incheon International Airport Corporation。
Incheon airport but worried other businesses to follow suit, has not let go。 Since Lotte stores can not afford the high rents of the airport operator, Lotte consider withdrawal store。

Pu'er Pork teach you how to make good food Zhejiang cuisine

Pu'er Pu'er Pork Pork how to do it can be said on behalf of Zhejiang cuisine, mainly made with pork, I believe that friends have been eaten Zhejiang, Pu'er Pork how to do it together and see small series see the introduction Pu'er Pork how to do it!Pu'er Pork how to do raw materials: tea 10 grams, 500 grams of pork, ginger two, the amount of onions, 10 grams soft white sugar, about 5 grams of salt, oil 15ML (one tablespoon), cooking wine appropriate characteristics: the fat but not greasy meat fine tea taste – Pu'er Pork。
Operation: 1, pork rinse, if there is hair on the skin, then pulling with forceps, or a quick look on fire to the hair。
2, Pu'er After brewing water temperature of 80 degrees alternate。 3, the pork cut into about 2 cm square (the best time for meat is just meat frozen hard, but not hard and the best time to cut)。 4, good cut meat into cold water。
5, the water heated to open fire, the skimming Xuemo。 6, will turn off the heat, remove the meat。 7 Pu'er Pork how to do, pot into the oil, add soft sugar after burning troughs twelve hot, stir-fry until bubbling, this process is very fast, must be carefully observed, do not wait sugar dark, it will bitter。 So we'd better facilitate the observation light in color with a pot。 As shown, the pork with kitchen paper wipe moisture at 8, into the pot fry quickly。 If the sticky heat the pan of water in the meat must be extremely careful, very dangerous hot oil splattered it。
9, add salt, ginger, spring onion, cooking wine, soy sauce I added a little extra, you can not add too。