Month: March 2018

How to break the curse of the courier industry? Soaring labor costs, gross margin decline

  A courier company in the Wuqing District of Tianjin warehouse, staff are picking Express package。
Newspaper reporter Wang Weiwei photo express industry how to break the curse?  "No one at home during the day, express little brother wrapped on the left below the fire hydrant, causing no sign, express mail is lost!"" When express delivery of some high-end residential, office buildings inconvenient to enter。
Contact recipient, nobody answered the phone always, cause a piece to send several times。
"……Two of the country this year, not only to 'promote the healthy development of online shopping courier' for five consecutive years has been written into the government work report。 Moreover, with the courier related to green packaging, end delivery, courier rights protection, have become a hot topic on behalf of members of concern。   Since 2007, China's express delivery industry, from small to large, rapid development, in mid-2017 National Express business volume over 40 billion, an annual increase of 42% a decade。
Our express business volume has been ranked first in the world for four consecutive years, package delivery exceeds the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed economies, to play a positive role in global growth。
  However, to join in the extensive expansion, the express delivery industry has been plagued by deep price war。 While its rapid development, has entered the era of meager profit, profit only 5%。 In this background, a lot of money courier franchisee not vote, resulting in a decline in the quality of service, creating a vicious cycle。
How to crack the "low profits, the price is difficult," the Word spell, so the courier industry healthy and orderly development of benign?Become a problem。
  Labor costs soared into the fast-growing express pain points, China's express delivery industry, mainly rely on online shopping era of flourishing。
  Spring Festival holiday has just passed, pass and rhyme have announced price increases in the industry caused no small shock, many consumers also expressed concern。 Reporters recently consulting the main city of Chongqing, a number of outlets through courier learned that many outlets have not received notice of price increases。 Yubei District, a network staff, said the new price for the field every single piece $ 12, up 2 yuan。
And rhyme delivery part of the network have been marked, the field member per unit rose 2 million, up local member 1 yuan per unit。
  In fact, as early as last year's "two-eleven" before, through courier and rhyme of the courier took the lead given price plan。
In the price announcement, pass and rhyme have mentioned reason, "labor costs to enhance the"。 How does the actual situation?Reporters learned from the Yuzhong District is located in the company through a network to join learned here couriers average wage last year 4500 yuan from top to bottom this year in general are more than 6000 yuan, but also very difficult to find staff。
Yuantong express a network official told reporters, couriers wages rose to 1,000 yuan per month this year, up almost 20%。   It is understood, express delivery companies a strong impulse from the cost price pressures。 For some time, manpower, storage, transportation and other logistics industry costs continue to rise。
These costs, labor costs is the largest, rose quickly。 Not only that, the logistics industry is a long-term problem of recruitment difficulties。
After the Spring Festival this year, many courier companies do not come to recruit, in order to encourage staff posts, many express courier network to play a raise, plus benefits signs: for example, provoke a new courier, introducer will reward 400 yuan, but also outlets played a monthly salary of 15,000 yuan notices。
  And in the pass and rhyme Dati to the "raw material prices", it is clear that the price of a carton。 By rising raw material prices, supply reduction, and other effects of environmental regulation, such as the recent corrugated packaging paper prices rose more than doubled, and therefore the price of a carton prices?Per month。   According to data provided by Zhuo record information, in 2017 the national average price of 4072 yuan corrugated / ton, up 51% over the previous year of 2697 yuan / ton。
Had electricity supplier companies said, affected by a single corrugated carton prices rose by 15%?25%。   According to the last three years the whole of society express delivery business volume and revenue estimates, within the city express Yuan / piece, off-site delivery to the territory yuan / piece, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions courier yuan / piece, the international courier yuan / piece。
Domestic express delivery business to improve the proportion of three percentage points, reaching%; and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and international express delivery business to reduce the proportion%。
According to estimates of the express delivery business unit price point of view, as a high proportion of foreign express delivery products continued to decrease, while the proportion of low-cost business continues to improve, express delivery companies in the profitability decline。
  Chongqing, a courier company official told reporters, the price is the price lever, is a means of regulating the flow of the market before the peak season。
Bulletin issued by corporate headquarters, mainly want to convey a message to the market, understanding customer needs。 Currently prices are to join the system in the form of business, what do not rise up, up the number, the network according to their operating costs, market competition independent pricing。   Courier industry gross margin fell from 30% to 5% "Area where I had wanted to express outlets prices, the result of the same company next door area network know immediately advised me to go to his courier delivery。 The final price is that we have to give up。 "During the interview, Chongqing, a Taobao store executives admitted to reporters, 'price war' between different companies, not to mention, is the same city, the same company in different regions of franchisee, he will be here in poaching over customers。
  For Taobao store, the tact, Shen Tong, Tong and rhyme in the quality of service, and there is not much difference, the key is to see who's low price。
"If there is a price increase, we will not hesitate to go to another。 "Taobao store Chongqing Wang told reporters。
  It is understood that, in the labor force, venue rental and other cost elements rising delivery, express delivery Lanshou oversupply on the market, the express delivery industry is very competitive。
With the main competition means lower prices, express delivery service for many years remain the same or even lower price, express delivery companies rely on "price change" the "price war" way to grab market share, although to achieve the double growth in business volume and income, but to some extent, squeezed corporate profit margins。
  Data show that from 2007-2017 Annual domestic courier industry average unit price fell 28 yuan from 13 yuan。
According to CICC data show, due to intense competition, the courier industry gross margin has fallen from 30% in 2007 to the current 5%。
  How to reconcile the "rising costs, price increases difficult" contradictions?  Industry sources have told reporters that the general courier fees will not exceed 10% of the price of goods。 If higher than this standard, consumers will feel is not worth while buying the next selection line。 Therefore, Taobao customer unit became one of the key factors express industry pricing。   At present, the express delivery industry, the basic fee in two grades: "Stone one up" is a file, cheaper; SF and Post is a file, the price higher。 Under price-driven, most sellers are currently using the "Stone one up", while the lowest price is the choice of tact。 It is understood that if the consumer is not specified, the default choice tact Taobao。   However, due to low pricing, courier commission also low。
According to the survey, "Stone one of" couriers, each send a parcel, they can only make a few cents, SF courier then earn 1 yuan。   China Logistics Association, said special researcher Yang Daqing, around the Department of express delivery companies about 80% of orders from Ali electronic business platform, influenced by the electronic business platform。 Electronic business platform is "access system" Express survival soil, poor soil or not the decision "access system" can thrive。   According to the reporter, the domestic express delivery service industry threshold is low, and less product variety, homogeneity is serious。
In recent years, courier diversified market, fierce competition, especially for lower priced e-commerce rely on strong。
So format the courier service business-to-business platform bargaining power of relegated to vulnerable, low-price competition intensified disorderly。
Under the weight of electricity supplier slowdown, "price is equal to court death", companies will lose orders; without lifting prices, the high cost of making it difficult to digest。   "Industry price itself is not high, has long been suppressed for a long time, always wanted to prices。 "Chongqing logistics industry veteran Shidai Bo told reporters that two years ago, express delivery industry also has set off a price increase of public opinion, but the market rebounded larger, eventually terminated the test water。 But as the market stabilized, we have listed several leading courier companies, industry concentration to further enhance the bargaining power on the rise。
"2018 will be the industry reshuffle or years, you can create a good foundation for quality and market environment for the industry through price adjustment。
"Some industry insiders believe that the government should strengthen supervision, Strict transport safety, quality of service, express delivery industry Forced improve management, hard skills。 In addition, the behavior should be investigated and dealt with below cost cut-throat competition, such as price-fixing cartel law。 It should also provide support in terms of technology investment, industrial land, financing, personnel training, to help companies achieve the transformation and upgrading。

Takeaway market reached 204.6 billion yuan: Why Baidu accounted for half hungry after merger

Recently released 2017 annual third-party Chinese takeout restaurant than of consulting market research report。
The report shows that in mid-2017 full-year take-away market transactions exceeded 20 billion mark, users amounted to 300 million people。 What hungry and Baidu takeaway total to more than 5 percent of the share in the first place, to maintain that lead。 The report shows that 2017 annual take-away market transactions reached 204.6 billion yuan, an increase of 23 over last year.1%。
User scale growth of 300 million people, an increase of 15 over last year.4%。
From the competition perspective, hungry after it merged with Baidu takeaway, takeaway on the market position of absolute dominance, the total share of 51.5%, the US group takeaway to 40.Thereafter with 1%。
The two platforms share of more than 90% of the total, also means that the take-away market Hutch hegemony pattern is formed substantially lower Matthew, resources will continue to focus on leader。 Users in coverage, with 42 hungry yet.6% topped, US group and takeout takeout respectively Baidu 38.32 and 9%.Thereafter with 2%; based on December Takeout APP monthly active user list, the same data is hungry it in the first place, up to 4674.70,000 monthly active users takeaway US Mission to 3749.80,000 people, compared with 1504 Baidu takeaway.70,000。
Data show that in mid-2017 user takeaway sinking further distribution。
Although first-tier cities accounted for the transaction is still up to 40 users.1%, there are 25 second-tier cities.8%, but relative to the previous year, both the proportion has declined。 Users thirty-four city is a significant increase year on year, respectively up to 18.And 15 6%.5%, shows great potential for development。

A false alarm: the knot could be so real estate solution

REVIEW: This is the "buy stocks or buy a house," a text of buy real version, is thinking of wealth in life may change, the article is a bit long, do not understand can ask questions, but it is recommended not to talk nonsense to mislead, or else you're likely to draw their own future mouth。 Now a second-tier cities housing prices up speed and absolute terms have people getting scared。 Think disgruntled buyers, there are family room at a loss, care for people with lofty ideals, authorities know what to do, this knot seems real estate is no longer the solution, there is into the cliff, no refund Abyss。 According to the views of some experts, the price trend has been such a runaway horse, but can not find now is to rein reins, only fate。 But I think the conclusion is: the future will eventually find that this is a false alarm。 I understand that you want in shock, angry people to accept my point of view this is not possible, because many people simply quiet on the logic of this long reading。 In order to let more people understand today, say, six months ago, the day before yesterday I put an article in "buy stocks or buy" unlocked, and now to see the most value in this article is accurate definition of a share of fluctuating trend, given the crash before buying, rose to be thrown H333 Raiders, with additional logic to people who want to buy a house emboldened。 The article some people that can not read, in order to allow these people to read this article today, I do some explanation: 1, my articles because it is a logical unity, the same strain, powder Hong family has been watching my article, which also some people see are not serious (not certified point of view before the market they often turn a blind eye, that can not read), in order to allow them to present a serious look at the article, I used to judge the history verified talk again, some people thought I was to prove himself correct it so that it feels uncomfortable。
In fact, no need, I have always said, I am not superstitious to believe in logic。 2, "to buy stocks or buy a house," a paper I put my reality buy node published, also lists the stock market in a number of success stories, in fact, just to show that I text says the pattern of logical thinking is correct, it is to allow interested people pay attention to my long-winded text pattern of thinking。
Today, let us continue to try real estate for Solution of this "knot" with the investment logic。 "Buy stocks or buy a house," mentioned in the article: summary of his past investments in real estate and stock markets, all success stems from "pattern", thanks to care for their own thinking as a starting point。 Similarly, today began thinking from concern for the fate。 Prices rose two major disadvantages: 1, people complaining, increasing social instability; 2, plummeted after soaring easily lead to financial crisis, economic crisis。
Benefits prices rose: 1, to resolve the current economic difficulties, to gain time for economic transformation; 2, the absorption super-currency to gain time for the financial reform。 Benefits can meet their immediate needs (such as Noah's Ark), the downside is that will greatly increase the risk of future (may be the Titanic hit an iceberg)。
By thinking grasp the principal contradiction, all of this initiative is clearly in the hands of the government。 That is all decided by the government intentions and practices。 For the government stability overrides everything, affect the stability of things is a major event, to talk about the following three points only from the economic level is stabilizing influence major events: 1, the economy continues to decline; 2, the financial crisis, the economic crisis; 3, an apparent reversal of public life。
The aforementioned housing prices may continue to ease the economic downturn, the government is able to resolve the pain of the first big heart。 So, we only need to think back two issues。 Thinking about these two issues speaking in the "buy stocks or buy a house," a text of some refinement here again to talk about which conclusions: What is China's biggest feature is?Are many people (more than smart people, stupid, no less), so the TOC of the most promising business, so the Internet there is a market, it is difficult to unity, so stability is very important, so follow the mass line, so do not ever put Organization when the opponent, so the home is the Chinese people's most trusted harbor。
Therefore, the most rational thinking is standing government point of view and must not stop to think about the opposite problem of organization。 Therefore, to understand the family is the Chinese people's most trusted harbor, there is room only home feeling。 And understanding the reality of the current real estate market is clearly there is a huge bias, our housing market and the Japanese market is not quite comparable, our first-tier cities in real estate for many years in tightly regulated, but the result was beyond the big most people imagine that behind the "there is room only home 'logic, there are' pyramid structure" the most stable logic。 Obviously, those studies analyzed their sights on how much would be reasonable housing prices are meaningless。 This is neither in line with the "home priceless," the logic, more stable decision-makers do not meet the makers of overriding logical thinking。 The first is the pursuit of stable policy makers no great risk, and skyrocketing housing prices is likely to bring only bring great risk risky and not necessarily, if not a slump after skyrocketing housing prices, or there is a good coping strategies when the slump, there are effective means to prevent systemic risk, and that housing prices is acceptable。 As long as there is the ability to fast rising housing prices continued to fiction on it。
On the price Gaobu Gao, the future will not crash, there is a lot of people agree with the logic: the inevitable inflation, devaluation is inevitable, when a packet of instant noodles to buy a 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan, you would think that now prices are not high。 This logic seems reasonable, but always gives the feeling of lack of reason。 To solve housing prices after the government mind the risk of uncontrollable fear, a clear need more convincing logic。
If there is a logic indicates that the current trend of rising housing prices in line with stable structure on the physical, in line with the principles of economics, but also in line with the law of development of ecological and social sustainable development, and that this logic is not what we are looking for real logic behind。 Well, today the focus of talk about this logic, analysis found that China's real estate market most in need of reform is the supply side, because there are people in the room have a view of family, buy a house is just a huge demand, because people seek luxury attitude, indicating the identity of the house pricing is unreasonable, because the only real estate investment is a no failures of investment, lack of investment goods in the present period, real estate investment has become almost the only public investment choices……Consider these points based on regulatory control requirements are very difficult to succeed, the only way to increase the supply can be achieved only purpose of the regulation, the following stand it said the government point of view with digital untie the knot of real estate policy logic。 To visually illustrate the problem, I figure is a simplified, that we should not tangle specific figures are accurate。 (Special Note: This is telling the average price, the average price should be the concern of the government, public concern) is currently China's urban average price (unit: 30,000 / m) is the general structure, first-tier cities: second-line: third line: Four line: five lines = 4: 3: 2: 1 :; tier cities average price structure, the inner ring: the ring: outer: suburban ring: outer ring = 10: 6: 4: 2: 1。
First-tier cities face are global, including the entire population of China and overseas, so the number of first-tier inner city housing prices by domestic and overseas have the ability to pay of the will of the decision。
If one of the best long-term urban area is mainly occupied by indigenous people, it only shows that the city did not develop unattractive, or that the city is very unreasonable distribution of wealth。
A resident in order to live in a house in the city the best it must be through their own efforts to deal with the competition of outstanding people from around the world, count on the protection of local policies is unreasonable is impossible。
The world is advancing in economic development, urban progress, which is almost considered a natural law, first-tier cities of Aboriginal used to live in the inner ring, now living in the ring, but does not reduce the quality of life, not only a large housing area love good quality a lot of time to work on the road is not much time-consuming than the original。 Similarly, it is conceivable as urban development, the future will be a lot of people from Central moved to the outer ring, because the city will continue to grow。 In fact, this is the most stable of the pyramid structure, and is developing gradually move up the pyramid, are benign, every one of us to find his place in the pyramid through their own efforts, can not compete in the first-tier cities pyramid people can go down a grid, but this will not affect their quality of life, can also consider the pyramid to second-tier cities, second-tier pyramid of people of the city can also go through the efforts of first-tier cities and pyramid compete。
This is in fact the progress of society, it is a virtuous circle。 The good news is that with advances in technology, improve urban management capacity of human beings, first-tier cities can become larger, urban land area is available for larger geometric growth, the growth of new land can provide our residents with a large number of low price of the house, pressed the city average rise in house prices, the key to these areas because of the subway car and other travel very convenient, and will not affect the life and work of residents。 From this perspective, prices will drop it?We need to crash?Since the new house, mainly in the outer ring and outside, that is, to increase the supply of land outside the outer ring and to speed up the construction of the subway, so the city's average rise in property prices will not be great, if well managed, entirely possible in 2020 Rates over the structure as follows: average rate becomes National city, line: second line: three-wire: four-wire: five lines = 5: 1 :: 4:; ADR structure becomes tier cities, inner: Central: outer: suburban ring : an outer ring = 15: 10: 5: 2: 1。
In 2020, this rate structure we can accept it?The result is that stock prices do not fall, but also to meet the public demand for houses, the Government can resolve many problems by increasing the amount of land sales, it is perfect, is not it?The desire to achieve it?Can, but need to address the following three levels: 1, so that the government and the public to acknowledge the legitimacy of the social development of human resources allocation, ecological pyramid structure of distribution; 2, government and public awareness to the big city of human development and social progress inevitably, the most efficient social services, advances in technology greatly improves the human ability to manage large cities (such as Shanghai with Shanghai management capabilities can accommodate 5,000 people); 3, the government and people understand that high-quality resources (status symbol) will eventually become a luxury, not a necessity but a number of luxury goods, cars and other consumer goods that people can accept that there is a luxury, but people are not accepting the property also has a luxury that line the city's mansion is actually the first-line luxury brands of luxury cars, its pricing and our people had nothing to do, people can buy these luxury cars (house) simply do not care about the price, it does not affect the pricing of our people buy Santana pricing。
To treat people the luxury of attitude may explain why some places tier cities real estate prices seem ridiculously high, the same piece of clothing, a bag if speaking from a practical function almost the same, but the price can vary ten times, no one would blame it is unreasonable。 With this thinking view room rates, it seems to pass。
Therefore, we recommend that the government and people do not take up lots of attention to the prices of some houses has become a luxury, it only cost like a luxury tax (increase cost-hyun rich)。
The non-luxury room just to be sure to try fiction price, by increasing the supply of suburban land, good transport facilities on the basic of life can be achieved。
In the past the government has to increase residential land supply concerns, mainly because of falling house prices, but also afraid of the city becomes too large, the above logic should tell the government has resolved these two concerns。
Government does not have a concern, as long as the use of a strong campaign to solve the problem of public awareness can put this knot to the solution of real estate。
Shown in Figure 1, in a luxury house prices, the average price rising slowly premise, increase the supply fee of luxury houses, to meet the needs of the people of the house, to enhance the quality of life; 2, to close the luxury tax, balance the people mentality; 3, as long as a large number of new listings of suburban real estate prices stable, even if the overall stability of the real estate, the new downtown real estate is small, old house there is no luxury high leverage, stir appear if the luxury house the risk is local, but also easy to control。
If the above logic holds, then how do we do it?Buy or sell?1, first of all, this logic though I sort of wishful thinking, but I believe that logic through, the government will eventually adopt this method, no way afraid of a lot of problems, as long as there will always be found in road。 But the process of trial and error are inevitable, such as the Government will introduce a number of real estate control measures, but these measures are regulated as long as the result is to give people who want to purchase a larger panic manufacturing, each one sees always see regulation own start late, and now even qualify to buy a house is gone; government regulation is always talking about fiction housing prices, the implication may rise slowly, slowly the face of rising prices the most sensible thing to do is sooner buy the cheaper, which allows us to see each time after the regulation of prices rising faster。 So I said after market light of every regulation is the best time to buy a house; 2, if a comprehensive collection of real estate taxes, when the market can bear the cost of the seller will be transferred to the buyer, which would push up prices, if more than the market affordability, market crash, the consequences could be disastrous。
So, invest in real estate must pay close attention to policy changes。
If such a trial and error mistakes, the real estate market in 2015 as the stock market volatility that may arise, but to believe the government's control, the consequences of mistakes the stock market is now the stock market up more than 2014 points or 50% higher。 Of course, considering real estate with leverage this may be fatal for some people to buy the inappropriate。
3, long term real estate must be configured, only the living, meaning when the election is not large, but if it is invested, then on and investment in the stock market has a lot in common, detailed in the section "When real estate speculators off into the stock market," a text, buy ring in the center of the house is fried motherboard; buy school district room just as speculation GEM, buy outer ring, the suburban ring, and three or four lines of the house is like fried B shares, Hong Kong stocks, three new board, follow the Hengqiang , pain points will become dessert theories。 As for how the election, and the stock is almost the same, now also belong to the real estate bull market, but according to my view of logic, the next stretch will still be a few years time to see Manniu (average room rate), but with leveraged real estate investment Manniu sawtooth also very lethal。

Peking Opera: play good character is just so good otherwise lively surface

  Many people have a misunderstanding of Qipai that "dumb voice" is Qipai features, only "dumb voice" in order to promote the good image Qipai。
But it is not。
Mr. Zhou Xinfang also attaches great importance to and appreciate good voice, his voice is dumb as a living force: it was out of consideration for the entire troupe livelihoods, changing period also had a good rest, so down the throat。
Later, Mr. Zhou Xinfang continue to hone adjustment, but form their own unique tune。
Today, some students want to learn Qipai deliberately hoarsely singing, and even would have been a good voice also deliberately pressing simmering fresh made hoarse throat, these are wrong。
A genre of its own characteristics or, by means of the traditional performance practices both mean change in innovative, anyone learn Qipai also have their own conditions, mastery, as I used。
  Show relatively large margin, obvious body movements, strong sense of rhythm, these are Qipai characteristics, but also Qipai play "nice" place。 More importantly, all the "nice" is used to reflect the characters' inner。
Whatever the genre, in the final analysis for the characters to service, only grasp the character, the characterization in place, "nice" is really "good", or just a lively surface。
Shanghai Peking Opera Theater new history play "success or failure Xiao He" has been loved by the audience。
Liu also speak, Xiao, Han Xin stories of these three characters, totally different from the old movie "chasing Han Xin Xiao He next month."。
If the "chase Han Xin Xiao next month," Xiao needs to show "Qianjun easy to get, one will be hard to find" eager to love, then the "success or failure Xiao He" in Xiao state of mind is much more complex。
As libretto written: "Ten years ago the lower phase-month chase, the chase was; years later months to recover the lower phase, to Zhuiming。 "Resentment, grievances, but unfortunately, it is with such a complex and torment of mind, Xiao Han catch up after a full white beard and hair, 'I chew the root, could not stop stumbled, rolling in too many cases'。
  Concrete figures to show the delicate V to all burning anxious, I resorted to a series of external action。 On the stage, Xiao has been increasingly step forward, both performance horseshoe sound endless, the characters also externalization hesitant to stop ambivalence Lema。
He saw Shen Jian, and even want to jump off a life, but suddenly, ears saying: "Do you order Han, Han country not yet?"Yes ah, Liu old, Prince is still small, if Han Janus-faced, bitter is the world common。
So he mounted up and turned three, a turn sleeves, sub whip, followed by increasingly small step, a Le, a debut: "Han towards wow, I carry the white banner from the sky for you, forever sorrow!"Although kill Han will leave infamy, but as Han, I am willing to bear。
When the actor's internal psychology there, he will be able to pass its outer of the show, the audience will naturally be able to understand the psychological processes of characters。
  Some actors sing very well, but why not watching the fun of it?Because the performance is not enough。
Expressive enough, the actor's inner experience can not be effectively communicated through external action to the audience。 Like the old saying, "a play that the face, a look of the play lies in the eye," although I am not the eye, but the time demands on themselves to be like a spotlight, carrying Manner。 As an actor, you want to infect the audience, you must first infect yourself。 Peking Opera There are three words: no skill is not surprising, heartless not moving, no drama dissatisfied people。 I am deeply contingent。
"Burial song" Finally there is a "wrestling zombie" action, every time I play here will lead to many applauded。
Opera requires excellent skills, but skills must play services, whether or somersault Guns N 'Roses, to be full of emotion rather than show off, otherwise no different and juggling。
Qipai exquisite passion for performing, but that does not mean blindly grimace, shakes thrown Rankou, this passion must be level, rhythmic show: When convergence, when the humor, when cool, will erupt, need for the performance of rich characters inner feelings service。
  Opera is the art of "corner children" in。
Here the "corner children" refers not only to the individual actors, but also represent the actor to show character。
After all, the core play "People" is the drama of the Performing Arts。
  (Interview by this reporter Renfei Fan) Chen Shaoyun, born in 1948 in Hunan, famous Qipai older students, the national level actors, Drama Plum Blossom Award, Wenhua Performance Award, Shanghai Magnolia Theater Performing Arts Award winner。
Representative works: "Prime Minister Humpbacked Liu", "Xiao success", "burial song", "狸猫换太子" etc.。

What kind of food with you teach nutrition can heal

What kind of food can heal with I believe many people know that there will be a lot of food mix together different role, but also a lot of treatment, then what kind of food can heal together with the small series to see what kind of food and energy mix introduce medical treatment!What kind of food with care can cure + ginger: Winter tonic high quality goods, can cure cold sore lower back, limbs rheumatic pain。
Nutrition Principle: lamb can make up the blood and warm yang, ginger has pain rheumatism and so on。
With the food, the taste of ginger, etc. both to Xingshan, but also help to lamb Onyang dispelling。
+ Chestnut Health effects: blood and self-cultivation, suitable for people of anemia。 Nutrition Principle: virtual chicken for the treatment of blood products, chestnut focuses on the spleen。 Chestnuts roast chicken is not only delicious, hematopoietic more powerful, especially in the old hen burned chestnuts better effect。
Liver + spinach health effects: prevention and treatment of anemia。 Nutrition Principle: liver is rich, B12 and iron and other blood raw spinach also contains more folic acid and iron, two types of food with food, a dirty one element, complement each other。 What kind of food with health benefits can cure fish +: delicious ,, can prevent a variety of bone disease, such as rickets in children, osteoporosis。 Nutrition Principle: tofu contains a lot of calcium, if a single food, the absorption rate is low, but eat with fish rich in vitamin d, absorption and utilization of calcium can play a better effect。
Tofu + radish。

Women during pregnancy must eat six kinds of food and disease prevention and health

Women during pregnancy is not to collect the drugs, so as not to affect fetal health。
So, how disease prevention and health during pregnancy do, what foods and drugs will affect the healthy growth of the fetus itself can guarantee it?Experts point out that during pregnancy may be appropriate to eat the following six kinds of food。
Best miscarriage food: spinach folic acid most important function is to protect the fetus from spinal division, hydrocephalus, anencephaly and other victims of the nervous system malformations。 The spinach is rich in folic acid, folic acid per 100 grams of spinach as high as 350 micrograms, ranked first in vegetables。
Therefore, experts advocate should eat spinach or taking an early two months。
Meanwhile, a large family of B spinach can prevent pregnant women pelvic infections, depression, and other common pregnancy complications。 Women during pregnancy must eat six kinds of food and disease prevention and health must eat six kinds of food and disease prevention and health food the best anti-premature birth in women pregnant women during pregnancy: Fish Danish expert studies have shown that fish often have a role in preventing preterm birth。 Sidel Islands Danish pregnant women, pregnancy is longer than the average in other regions more than 5 days, the secret lies in a large proportion of the diet of fish, which fish from a particular fatty acid experts speculate that a positive role。
Due to the extension of pregnant women during pregnancy, the baby's birth weight is also average 107 grams higher than in other regions, has laid a good foundation for future development, therefore pregnancy should eat more fish。 Best sour food: sour pregnant women are often interested in food, but also really good for pregnant women eat sour。
Women after pregnancy, the placenta secretes a chorionic gonadotropin, inhibit gastric acid secretion, resulting in reduced activity of digestive enzymes, so that pregnant women decreased appetite, digestive function decline, so eat sour is undoubtedly a remedy for such reactions。
What are the best foods to eat sour it?Nutrient rich, but can accelerate the contraction of the uterus, is suspected of leading to miscarriage, pregnant women, it is best kept at a distance。
And tomatoes, red bayberry,, citrus, etc is acid supplement share, Yi Shi pregnant women。

2013 Overseas Chinese Venture Development Fair

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Purslane purslane nutritional value of rice porridge practice

Porridge practice, when it comes to this plant purslane, I believe many people have heard of, because it is a very common plant, a lot of people love to eat, so purslane rice porridge approach is kind of how it together and small series to see the introduction purslane rice porridge practice it!Rice porridge approach Ingredients purslane purslane 100 grams, 50 grams of rice。
Seasoning 2 grams of salt, MSG 2 grams。 Onions 3 grams, 20 grams of vegetable oil。 step 1.The purslane to miscellaneous wash, put in boiling water pot boiled。
2.Step 1 purslane, putting to look over in cold water, then float to the top of the sticky pure, then it will be chopped with a knife。
3.The pot Heat oil, add chopped green onion stir incense。
4.Then into purslane, salt, Scoop tasty, pan stand。 Purslane rice porridge practices 5.Be washing with water to rice, poured into the pot after the clean water is then added to it an appropriate amount of, for processing cooked。
6.Then add fried purslane, Sheng bowl and serve pan。
Recipes purslane: This product and turtle grams。

Consumer Finance 315: Credit card insurance problem most new finds trouble | dispute

   ★ Today is World Consumer Rights Day, the financial sector has always been a high incidence areas of dispute, which this year has exposed the problem, what changes?  From a white paper issued by the Pudong New District Court may find clues。 Yesterday, Pudong New Area People's Court published a white paper on the situation in 2017 to accept cases of financial disputes combing display cases financial consumer disputes last year hit a record high, which, credit cards, financial loans such cases account for more than 90%。
  Pudong New Area People's Court wealth of financial experience in the field of cases, the courts under the jurisdiction of courts, including the court。
Lujiazui financial institutions gathering area, Lujiazui court hearing has become a focus of financial institutions in the case。
Pudong New Area People's Court civil trial court's sixth, also known as financial divisions for the handling of banking, insurance, securities, bills, credit cards and other financial and commercial cases and foreign financial and commercial cases。
  1 credit card disputes topped the "White Paper on trial protecting the interests of consumers of financial year 2017," according to the Pudong New Area People's Court: 1 in 2017 cases of financial consumer disputes the court received a total of 32605, 32435 concluded, debt collection cases and number average closed the highest calendar year。   2, 2017 accepted Internet financial cases rose by 32%。   3, see the types of cases, the largest number of credit card disputes, accounting%; followed by the number of disputes finance loans, as%。
  Shown in Figure 4, the court issued the "Ten typical cases in 2017 to protect the financial interests of consumers", there are four cases of insurance disputes; 2 from a debit card, credit card disputes; three other cases involving securities were subscribed financial loan contract, loan fraud crime。   2 Insurance typical case up to the "2017 Top Ten typical cases of financial consumer rights protection", only four of which the insurance case。   Case of insurance disputes, were involved in "that 'network carpool' insurance" and "insured event recognized the authenticity of the Burden of Proof," "obligations to truthfully inform the insured and the insurer's obligation to carefully verify the identification" and "Internet sales of insurance the policyholder identified "problem。
  Has been criticized insurance companies' claims is difficult, "the emergence of new cases。 "Network carpool" become more frequent, but if unfortunately an accident, although the owners to buy auto insurance, the insurance company may be exclusions。 Because the general auto insurance policies purchased by individuals, using nature as set forth in the "non-business personal", where the basic terms of business risk category for "family car motor vehicle insurance auto insurance clause", and "Network carpool" with the nature of the operation, due to changes vehicle use, claims can not be obtained。
  In addition, in the case of the Internet as consumers buy insurance, more and more businesses in order to facilitate the display, the consumers' Duty to Inform "simplistic expression, or the insurance policy does not fold even in conspicuous places, but also for behind the dispute foreshadowed。
  Stories bank card disputes, were involved in "security issuer's obligations identified" and "cardholders pay off credit card debt Bank shall promptly restore their credit record."。   The financial loan disputes, mainly related to consumer credit and vehicle loans。
  Typical cases show that consumers must first improve safety awareness in order to guard against all kinds of "pit", for financial institutions, financial products in the sales process, should strictly follow the proper rules, so that full implementation of the risk warning, explanation, etc. legal obligation, or easily recognized as a financial consumer's right to know against。   3 Bank Securities Insurance Services What changes?  As the financial industry self-regulatory organizations, industry associations, Securities Association of China and the China Insurance Association have borrowed 315 public education。   First, the banking sector increased from counter trading outlets into the community China Banking Association today released the "2017 Annual Report of China Banking Services"。
  "Report" shows that in mid-2017, to enhance the quality of banking services, promote the transformation of China's banking sector to accelerate the intelligent various channels, reducing the threshold of financial services, enhance customer interaction experience, multi-level financial service system are maturing。
2017 banking financial institutions from the cabinet deal reached billion transactions, an increase of%; from the cabinet transaction amounted to one trillion yuan, an increase of%; the industry average rate of business from the cabinet%。
  "Report" shows that as of the end of 2017, total number of nationwide banking financial institutions outlets reached 10000, in which more than 800 new business outlets, the transformation of years outlets million units communities outlets 7890, small and micro outlets 2550。
Layout of the building self-service banking thousand, an increase over 7300 over the previous year; self-service equipment laying million units, including innovative self-service devices million units; self-service equipment of transactions amounted billion transactions totaling one trillion yuan trade。
  Internet banking, mobile banking rapid growth, function optimization。 "Report" shows that online banking transactions throughout the year amounted billion transactions, an increase of%; transaction amounted to one trillion yuan, an increase of%。
  Second, the Securities Industry Association, "IMPACT" Li Gui site Securities Association of China yesterday issued an illegal securities companies, securities investment consulting firm list, expand the "fake"。   "Illegal counterfeit securities companies, securities investment consulting companies and other institutions blacklist (2018, No. 1)" shows that in many cases, counterfeit securities companies and securities business department of the company Web site, and, looks similar to other companies, "Li Gui" pulling out exposed the light; the name "Ningbo private daily limit death squads," "daily limit death squads" and other sites for the illegal sites。
  Urged consumers to raise awareness of the risks, the China Insurance Association released "2017 Annual China's top ten most representative cases risk management", covering public catastrophe insurance, credit insurance, the insurance policy of rural housing, poverty alleviation insurance, liability insurance, critical illness insurance, accident insurance, ill health and other insurance, individual cases payment amount from one hundred million yuan to several hundred dollars。   2017 Annual China's top ten most representative Risk Management Case (property insurance): "" tornado disaster of a large power company claims case; a seismic exploration business overseas project credit insurance cases; Inner Mongolia, a major crop loss claims arid case; a deepwater drilling platform product quality defects accident claims case; Qiyang County, "" floods of rural housing insurance claims case; an Alcoa flood disasters cases; some strong winds capsized cargo ship sank accident claims cases; import relief PX carrier ship collision claims case; a power overseas construction projects UHV cables damaged case ";" Liaocheng serious traffic accident insurance claims case。   2017 Annual China's top ten most representative cases risk management (life insurance): the insurance industry to actively respond to "" Jiuzhaigou earthquake disaster cases; the insurance industry to respond quickly, "" Jing Kun high-speed major traffic accident cases; government-enterprise collaboration on "Poverty Alleviation Paul "One-stop direct billing claims case; livelihood security, Jiading District, Shanghai elderly accidental death claims case; explore 'new model of public safety +', the national sanitation workers care for large-scale public action the insurance case; heart-warming accident ruthless Insurance, life insurance over a hundred million cases of high claims; Fengcheng 181 high-voltage tower construction workers accident claims fall tower case; stone plant employees actively critical illness claims cases; Insurance + technology to complete the re-disease patient speed claims cases; it encountered overseas aid staff accident insurance claims quickly cross-border cases。