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Women’s delicate BanZhao

A curtain valance slowly quiver blowing in the wind outside the window do not know what it was like years?Rouge long forgotten the taste of bitter and sweet is what should be a long time without stroking the hair in front of the bronze mirror, mirror Miaomei, haggard and thin body can also only noticed the leaves were gone out of the window of the bar!    The house was full of piles of bamboo has long been obscured whether you aspire to look around outside as the eyes, whether Qingnie nib prime hands feeling pain, and that pain is deep in the bamboo from the secret has been lost.In the pool’s cleaning pen pound down I do not know how many mundane earthly, permeated with the pool of ink in whether it implies a touch of incense.    Zhao Fu Qing Dynasty writer with a brief eight words, “continued Stone concept, and Chung Fu Xian,” the right of Ban Zhao feat describe, let us epigenetic in just a few words which had known a Wenfu minor, but temperament all understand writing amazing woman go down in history, few women’s body of writing narrative history but she did not let steadfast in upholding the perfect man.    Fu said write Shanwen woman was more than tenderness, and she will melt into the deep tenderness of this Court in books, I do not know the years are out the window geometry, and more birds chirping love affair has nothing to do, I do not know Greenfield be loved when her India face many times there is no wind and wet night, if there is no moon nights are lit red candles left filled with graceful pace in Zhuoan of bamboo, the faint slanting.In dozens of painstaking, so I do not know what kind of a woman with the courage to stick with it, perhaps too fond of bamboo body engraved with the words, through the traces of years by emitting a faint fragrance of it!Perhaps to a conviction, unknown father and brother inherited the unfinished last wish, or is not willing to let it have left in the tunnel of time in the story of the forgotten.    When you see the long scroll Qin body fragrance reveals a real estate broker’s prime people, devastated the heart would like to open in spring flowers are blooming lilies nod crooning like, want to laugh also frown tears satisfaction only experienced people know a few degrees force is changed feeling of sadness.Happy, happy day is that flash in the pan, not noodles to hang around evanescent, wife of dust, can grow out of a pile of dust, it was only a touch of longing and nostalgia covered with lice.Perhaps the only character to charm a woman from sad to pull back in the Circle of Life.    When Grief has not stopped, only to walk again looking for a place to get out of the abyss.That year eastward migration her son to follow his post together, the situation along the way, or a sense of the ancients, or watching the magnificent mountains, Responding to Sri Lanka, will pick up a pen to write an ode called “Crusade Fu”.”Xi Ming Shu and insomnia, heart and contrary to the delay,” the hearts of countless Enron affair, how can sleep as it?Heart has been wandering, love to know and can not fight fate, holding a wine glass depressed mood can not distraction, and hate that they are not born in ancient times, did not like the nest of attack calabash as contribute to the country.    Kuo Kuang feeling in the land of Confucius lecture Tuition siege continues the same business was able to Shenqingziruo, standing on the ruins of the tomb of Zi abandoned, since now there are people standing there staring.Despite the virtues of this world body has been buried long before still will flow away in the dust in people’s minds, then why insist wealth and rank, abstinence, adhere to the right path naturally stand on the stage of history.    Since it can not be fun bringing peace to the country, then lift the pen, ink brush, leave something for future generations it!As a woman, Defan behavior has become something of concern, a roll of “female Commandments” and tries to set a women’s world a model of refined and popular tastes, no wonder that future generations of multi charming and elegant woman!    Like a dream, like dozens of spring and autumn leaves wither!Continued history books East View Court, roll Serve liufang years, Wen Fu minor in women’s model, no longer hate God give dozens of bloom Yela.    - Stop cloud put pen 2014 · 7 · 27

Nostalgia according to

Rain is ticking, the window of tree leaves gently, with joy, accompany and nourish my sleep the night.    — Inscription Rain rapping at the window from time to time vehicles across the sound, but this did not affect the raindrops jump my ears, knowing the rest, eyes closed to greet the coming of a new day, they still hard to get up, holding the blanket Man aimless turn on the computer, but also a sleepless night.    Rain is whether the sound will be led his cross, pierce the limitations of time and space, where they want to go.    Especially blue sky after the rain, one with braided tails and the little girl was obsessed with my heart remember my grandmother described the road home, looking at those intimate and familiar trees and flowers, humming a ditty began jumping up, good woods great big, bamboo each have a fairly high level, you can not see the sky, only to leaf through the seam between the spill reaches out to the forest sunlight.He walked on, a strange uncle “turned flying”, said to be holding a candy to give her to eat, she was always remember the words of adults, to him shaking his head, his amiable face actually changed in an instant it was brutal, no one around, only vaguely see the mountain there is a hut, she had an idea, while shouting down the side of her grandmother hut “red” down….Seven-year-old girl, black and blue fall down in a backyard uncle, uncle heart good side quickly recruited side of the village doctor asked people to contact her family.Without parents to accompany their children around, the grandparents have housework to do farm work, no time to take care of themselves every day to run around in the field grandmother has said to her: children, you have to learn to take care of yourself, like this, like the grass field, with super vitality, do not rely on someone else time..    Oily tender green grass, when the little girl only knew the grass along with the birds singing in the green fields, the mountains in the open dancing beautiful beautiful.Little girl little finger cocked day secretly counting the days of the New Year, the Chinese New Year migrant parents in relation to home.Mountain breeze fluttering, her grandmother at home in front of trees and melted together, at the foot of a large cement Yuen has been paved road leading to the city, my grandmother was gone, the little girl grew up.    At the same time between friends took up half asleep cigarette, lighted, throw away the matchstick, hand inadvertently touched on the table a few days ago her boyfriend gave her red roses, I bow look, the flowers have to thank the shadow had to go without a trace, did not feel fragrant leaves, cigarette butts friend exterminate spit out a word asleep: “boring, wisdom does not fly, only you the most reliable.”.    My eyes wander from her to the keyboard, his thoughts completely she “killed”, and what will happen to grow up little girl?Leaving the grandmother returned to their parents, so they were spoiled with parents, mother always said to her: poor support his son, daughter eutrophication, no matter how poor they have to let you wear nice clothes, eat well, a good school. “.Spoiled girl’s parents have been lucky enough to get students and teachers of the pet, so life is a colorful painting, the beautiful.Until one day graduate, a man crowded bus to and from work, a man rushed into the store to grab discounted merchandise, a crowded vegetable market in dirty and messy hawkers bargain., And gradually, she found life unsatisfactory things will be like as a storm swept in, did not prepare a man alone bear the smile, there is always a kind of “Old Men” of fear.So in a quiet rainy night she suddenly remembered they had experienced childhood adventure story, the grandmother remembered honest to what I said..    According to the friend said: “The girls have graduated quickly find a home, do not suffer innocent girl female talent” is always felt these words before.Can spend years there, speechless how much truth?How many unable to wait?How many silent waiting?Horseshoe da da rang, eager to dress up to celebrate, after all, but that is not owned by people, where people go, that only their own.Everything is still there, everything is so beautiful, just walk on polished gravel road, we learn to love yourself, love yourself only can we find a real sense of life rely on, the real sense of belonging, a real sense of security.As Han Fei says: “not as good as people rely count on it.”.    Midnight dream language, according to meditate.I hope the “I” Gu “I” love “my” body temperature in order to pass the love of the people you love and need love, do like the grass a woman, even if wind and rain blowing, I can still proud of the strong standing, thriving with.

Elegant scent of ink and touches people’s hearts

Some strings flowing rhythm, edged sword waving charm, Su-Qin melodious play faint heart sounds, unlimited life worries drift, or fall on top of the strings that sound the most touching sound of birds, the scent of ink turned into heart the quiet road, beyond thought, touched the sweetest notes.And embracing happiness, and loneliness as partners, lonely and dance, a text played down the heart of sorrow, enrich the ideological core, fragrance in the book.    Elegant is to make the heart more calm, elegant idea is to get richer, elegance is the soul of people once again sublimation, elegance is to allow people to live more meaningful, know how to face life, the road of life where to go.    My motto in life is three days can not eat, can not do without books a day, the body can withstand the torment, the most intolerable is spiritual emptiness, the heart of a rich body of hunger can be treated, in reading a good book, can forget about hunger, and books as well, the scent of ink flow in the heart’s rhythm slowly, washed the heart infinite sorrow, moisture thought tis the most beautiful flowers, so tender and beautiful heart, quietly bloom in the long river of life.    Edged strings playing heart sounds, sounds of birds in the faded, I heard a whisper touched the hearts, the sound of the most pleasant, most touching notes, floating high in the sky ideas, the silence of the night wound.Floating wisp of smoke rises in the small room, Dan fingers off the soot, like playing a beautiful piece of music, song lonely song, that was the night’s most touching note, falling on top of the strings, gently falling in the heart of grief, this song is played infinitely sad, as well as falling bleak.    Heart sounds on the strings accompanied by the scent of ink, how many notes fall Zhijian, as partners and poetry, dance and text.Road paved with flowers, the scent of ink that is leading to the quiet, secluded road, all the way to fragrance, the fragrance of the way, the music played in the ears, led the lonely left hand, right hand holding desolate.Go on this long, lonely alleys, let Dai Wangshu lilac flower, blooming in the middle of the night.    Elegant scent of ink, my fingers playing rhythm, fragrance late at night on lonely strings, there are bleak falling, and my sorrow with the seasons.    Nowhere bleak, since the memorable, who knows that the sound of the birds sound bitter, bleak rhythm as well as the strings.    Elegant scent of ink, it is a lonely heart dancers, along with that support desolate sounds, touches people’s hearts.Limp walk in the lonely, so that elevate the soul in loneliness.

Autumn Thoughts

A cold autumn rain.Before and after the beginning of winter, returning to the two autumn while washing the sky, but also people feel the slightest chill, autumn Chuan Lin too slowly, leaving a desolate way, to the late autumn.Wandered in the wilderness in autumn, autumn glad to hear the rhythm, feel the fall is a color-changing process, when the foot of the mountain was a green, the mountains have been mountainside Man Shan popular, storied make dye, red maple forest embellishment rooms, like a cloud of burning fireball, the warm autumn dress.And as autumn song.And Zhiqiu leaf falling, stepping rustle of leaves, walking in the depths of the forest, follow the Maple Leaf that a Hong Yun, stop the breakdown of Maple Maple Leaf veins texture, feel the wider world presents a different kind of tranquil and serene, surrounded by suddenly from the lingering deep sense of autumn.Autumn is the harvest season, holding the hands of the fall of the golden fruits of joy and heavy sink.Look, that golden lantern like the persimmon-five branches covered; rosy sweet dates in the branches opened his smiling face; a string of crystal grape swings on the shelf; shiny red golden corn farmers smile.Autumn, the season of colorful casual and hope to show uphold.Autumn is the most poetic of Painting, autumn rain started falling, splendidly Sasa, autumn with a kind of spirituality, but also with a mature charm, such as fog also smoke, silent on autumn leaves drift in each piece, turn misty rain falling on every inch of land, autumn, since the mixing of youth dressed in autumn.”Parking Maple love to sit late, Leaves red flowers in February.”Autumn charming, intoxicating autumn, autumn is the season thinking, autumn is a season of looking, walking to the fall memory, a note of Autumn, autumn fills read, and write a love song intentions autumn.

May soft water, Yun love fragrance

Autumn rain brings tears, thinking of the long yo。A curtain misty rain, wet my sleeping heart, awakened my dusty memory。Tick autumn, thoughts soaring, the flowers blooming purple Xuan rainy season, the most beautiful memories of my heart, the deepest love。Through layers of rain and fog, as if to see you through the rain, sections from。Hand, I want to touch the familiar Yen Yung, only to find that you had not around。Gently calling your name, but your calls no shadow。Do you know?I will miss how much, how much tenderness, and placed the autumn rain, engraved in the dough in the autumn, just as you bear in mind the deep。Autumn endless, never-ending thoughts。I do not know how long the rain will stretch, I do not know how long I will wait for you in the autumn……    Wind, love; rain falls, Legends。Drizzle, softly floating down; the slightest tenderness, quietly thrown。That has shown signs of the rainy season, pouring bright adventure of love。Affinities love, the heart of India, the situation Integration。There are love poems into a charming time, have your years of gorgeous gorgeous。Oh that, from now on accompanied by the old; But oh, leave this life dependent。Think you are gentle palm unchanged; think, you are the most beautiful in this life only。Time, but mercilessly dry the fragrance of love; wind and rain, but unsympathetic to destroy the lingering feelings of; years, but brutally taken away expectations of love。Su Jie follow the light and shadow, quietly picking up gorgeous love, love's heart, bound anthology of love, in the corridors of time collection, collection is the most beautiful memories of love。    Moonlight as water, hazy graceful; the gentle breeze, fanning face; dusty story, wind sneaked。Leaning wisteria winding Xuan window, look back to the intersection of love, of surplus natural smile you, and as you first view of appearance, meaningful to me were full of warm fragrant memories memo book, become a timeless memories。Light book greeting, placed breeze, send along the distance you wish you the Enron-Italy; listening to a melody, indulge in the past, pick up the most beautiful stamp, moist plain fleeting; shallow execute a hormone pen, sway Xinyu, tracing the most beautiful poetry, full of affection will be hidden in the moonlight aroma's, you ever read。    Moonlight, bringing clarity; snow, crystal clear Mazumdar。Pair of bright eyes, gentle enough; a touch of shadows, came Painting。Familiar figure, through the time of air time, and the line slowly; deep yearning heart, follow the light of the moon, grow slowly。Amidst the blue curtain that, how much of a loving accommodates both; Ome past period, how much sweetness engraved under。Wind, rain falls; love death, heart War。Love left lying in the corner, no temperature was heartbreaking past; feeling scattered in turn, we no longer have to pick up scattered afford past affectionate。One of thin pen, write to make the vicissitudes of life, filled with memories lingering longer dare to touch; a ray of thoughts, covered with sadness, frustration tainted with melancholy full of。Heart, along with the tides; Love, who left in the rainy season。Along poetry rhyme, Yuxi any wind, snow and Mu rows, with a deep love quietly, leaving quietly……    A snow, light falling to the floor as elegant facial grace Zen; a fleeting time, quietly wake up in the silent midnight intertwined love pain。Curved tenderness in the bright moonlight, light singing crooning, the combustion state of mind; a ray of Qiannian engraved in the Sansei stone, implanted heart, the fleeting deep。Red fireworks across, in a warm lights, the smoked dry eyes moist; in a white snow, the release full of affectionate。    The breeze, waving footage, missing strings, tapping Liu curtain, window follow the full moonlight, printed full heart。A bloom, blossom beautiful first met; a curtain misty rain, freeze most beautiful encounter; a snowflake, dusty beautiful memories。Memory Xuan window, stained Qinxiang past, countless memorable picture, overlapping in a dream, and repeatedly, wrapped around wrapped around your heart encrusted Shennian。Diffuse through the window of heart miss, underline once invited, I went about you were a florid perfumed feast; through love memo book, write a brief paragraph vowed to thousands of Xinyu condensed into a poem of love; through time cloister, engraving Yilianyoumeng, dye incense left corner to give you a dream……    Time rings, long long; good times, warm and memorable。Leaning lintel years, careful light points warm wheel, warmth overflowing heart。By the bright moonlight moist, covered with the tenderness of Acacia Su Jian, Life's always some warmth whenever recalled, still full of fragrance; lingering through a curtain of misty rain, the whole sky stained tenderness, there is always warm folding screen regardless of how many spring and autumn, still dark fragrance floating; follow a light snow flying rhyme, the old romantic tenderness gently pick, carefully crafted, there is always beautiful no matter how many times after reincarnation, still love is the deepest bottom of my heart。Strolling in shallow fleeting, carefully collected to give life and love warm, deeply hidden, read softly, quietly engraved in the quiet beauty of plain text, the most beautiful time forever heart of the sea, and life dependent leave。    [Original article] screen name: shower Stream duckweed / pen name: Xiao Jie, drizzly misty rain QQ1291861303

Japanese companies won orders for 5.8 billion yuan Thailand suburban railway

Japanese Economic News (Chinese version: Nikkei Chinese network) July 2 was informed, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hitachi reach three companies will jointly obtain the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand's urban rail projects Order。The total order will be more than 32 billion baht (5.8 billion yuan), the major Japanese companies provide signaling system and cabin。This is the biggest order of Japanese companies jointly acquired in Asia railway project。  Thai Transport Minister Bazin July 2 to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun: revealed the news (Chinese edition Nikkei Chinese network)。Obtain orders railway project called "red line", is divided into two, extending from the west to the north of Bangkok, respectively, totaling 13 points, with a total length of about 40 km。We have now commenced, and strive April 2019 opening run。  The project owner Thailand National Railway Company Board of Directors will be held July 7, it is expected to be determined by the three companies in order to obtain a joint meeting。After the adoption on the board of directors, will be formally signed a contract。Japan and Thailand reached an agreement before the two countries to negotiate Starting in 2014, the Japanese held on the 4th Mekong basin countries summit in Tokyo。  Sumitomo Corporation is responsible for the overall operation of the project, is responsible for providing carriage Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is responsible for providing the signal system and substation equipment。Festival is expected to provide about 130 carriages。  The Japanese government will provide yen loan for the construction of the railway from the north in Bangkok。  Japanese Economic News (Chinese version: Nikkei Chinese network) Beijing mound ring Bangkok reported (Source: Nikkei Chinese network)

Housing prices in January than merit increase local sales efforts to increase the storage site

Housing prices in many recently released in January 2018 operating data, signed an area and the amount continues to grow, some housing prices increase the land bank, accelerate regional expansion into new。  To expand the company's resources in the surrounding real estate projects in Xiamen, Fujian local increase in the company land bank, CAC Group February 7 evening announced that a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuzhou Taihe investment and Yoshikawa, Zhangzhou Xiangrong, Wang Zirong entered into an equity transfer agreement Fuzhou Taihe to 7.8.6 billion yuan transferee 70% stake in Zhangzhou Xiangrong。  Sales growth in a number of public housing prices in January sales area and sales amount growth。  Metro Holdings January contract sales of approximately 102.8.4 billion yuan, an increase of 110.twenty two%。Among them, equity sales amounted to 67.2.1 billion yuan。Sales area of about 98.250,000 square meters, an increase of 192.71%。Among them, 63 equity sales area.010,000 square meters。  Golden Group in January contracted area 47.10,000 square meters, an increase of 13.64%; the amount of contract 81.100 million yuan, an increase of 7.twenty four%。Emori Development signed an area 45.780,000 square meters, an increase of 59.29%; contract amount 47.7.7 billion yuan, an increase of 74.98%。  Hong Kong stocks aspects of the company, Shimao real estate contract in January sales of about 100.200 million yuan, contract sales area of 586,590 square meters, an increase of 96% and 75% respectively; the average selling price of 17,084 yuan / square meter。Ocean Group sales of about 35 agreements.200 million yuan, an increase of 83%; sales floor area of about 17 agreements.60,000 square meters, an increase of 92%。  E-House Research Director Yan Yuejin Institute think tank Center said, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data, in December 2017 home sales area of 2.2.8 billion square meters, a record monthly high。  Expand regional market in January 2018, continued heat hot urban land transactions, related companies actively expanding regional market。  Centaline Property Research Center data show that in January, the country's top 50 hot cities the total amount of land up to 3773.600 million yuan, the highest was 435 in Hangzhou.900 million yuan。In addition, Beijing was 40.3 billion yuan, 24.2 billion yuan, Wuhan, Suzhou 192.900 million yuan。Centaline Dawei said the chief, the hot trend of urban land market is a good start。  Dawei said that in the series by the regulation, the land market has fever, but turnover still high。2018 major urban land market will remain high。  Housing prices related to the increase of land purchasing and storage。  Metro Holdings said recently made Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, Yan'an City, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, Changsha, Chengdu, Sichuan Province Renshou County, Qingdao City, Shandong Province and other places a total of six plots, totaling 49.510,000 m2, the total land transfer section 28.4.2 billion yuan。  Emori development continue to focus on the text brigade estate land bank。January 2018, Emori Development Holdings subsidiary companies through bidding, auction, respectively, to obtain the right to use and more plots in Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, Qinhuangdao City, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province。  South building at Chongqing, Nantong, Jinhua, Huai'an, tranquility, Meizhou, Zhuji, Renshou has made 11 land use rights。China set up a subsidiary in much happiness, expand into new geographic markets。

Heart to warm, built with love nest

I was overwhelmed by a change in the outside world often appear meaningless gesture of resistance, life does not seem to produce feelings of pity for me, still traveling at their own pace, it makes me feel helpless。  Streets, vehicles and pedestrians, as the morning continued as noisy boiling, rolling forward。Noisy and messy, like a drop of butterfly wings, in the city's congested narrow streets, struggling in vain, until the defeat, perdition。  It is said that love is the best sink in his world and perversion, like Miss Zhao Si love to sink in the life of General Zhang Xueliang, just like John Steinbeck's masterpiece love Maid sink in pure goodness Miri。After so long in the sun and the moon, and you have not a little bit, sink or fall on my warmth warmth in?To me, I do not want you to be wronged and let my own preferences。But deep down you still willing to take the initiative to move closer toward my direction。If you like, I naturally happy。Similarly, you will not want to, but I completely give up their free-running style for your lifestyle。The two of us, has always been, that's in the form of sky and earth, the sea and spend。The existence and needs。Oh, we are the Heaven and the United States myself。  Blue sky and the earth love how sublime Qijue!Two people in love distant relative, time never get together, their love is the most beautiful picture on earth。So, some people say“Forever”。Who can say, they do not get together not knowing each other, I do not want to see creative partnership?Blue sky and the earth love, spring breeze whispering summer with showers pour sing, flowers teaser autumn and winter snow dance, these are the most beautiful piece of music they love, but a lot of people do not understand it, they are accustomed to all specific palpable reality。  Like that day, reunions and all for me injustice, too hard-hearted call you!I smiled explain it for you。They do not understand, I do not blame others。  Last night, a phone call you, tell is from Tibet to Nanning, Guangxi transit station——Chongqing, wait for turnaround。I was surprised, just a few days, did not adapt to the climate in Tibet over, went back to doing Guangxi?You said that the trip to come and go a total of only three days, when the Chongqing transit, you take advantage of the gap to two parks took a few photos, send me。To hear you say, I am a long time silent。  There you remember!  Many years ago, I've been to, then you do not have time to accompany me, I am a person in a strange city, walking in a beautiful park of two waiting for you, waiting for you to wait all day, every park paths, each a small bridge, each cluster flowers have left my footprints。I did not dare to go somewhere else, because no sense of direction, afraid of getting lost give you trouble, but then, I or you, can not feel at ease playing the means of transport。So many years, you remember things。I think what is lacking?That was my life for the first time a person taking a trip from Beijing to Chongqing, thousands of miles away, take a hard seat train, the way you ran away, I saw you, the people are falling apart, but you have no time to accompany me, even a morning Hao。I walk in the park alone four days, and go home alone。Decide with you later, and I have not had time to really like and care about you。  Often they ask, between us in the end there is no love?You love me a little more, or a little more than I love you?Such problems, you never a clear answer, saying only that the two of us together is the most suitable person at the right time encounter。I said, I always take advantage of the holidays to visit you, then, it is a little more than I love。I say this, but you refuse to admit that he would leave if there is, like me, have the vehicle at night never wait until morning。Well, a little more even if you love it, I do not care about you。  It is really。For to do me like three days of intense travel, will seize every moment of time lying on the comfortable hotel room to rest, I never went to the park to shoot any pictures, just to give me a look, like a man who let me stray Like a cat strolling around the park is now what it is like?Only such a stupid thing you will do it。I said, you stupid。You always thought I was joking, turned out to be really stupid。Silly not foolish?I said。Jumping a layer of moist eyes actually。It turns out you wherever you go, I'm still in your heart。I was moved by unrequited love。  Photos sent me。Like, where the bridge seemed lost; it seems, that path more and more deep; like, really tall hill look fat; like, the tree osmanthus trees seem strong。  I took photos eleven save up to close the space in a private album in one end of the earth even if you can see the corner。As long as I want, you can come in at any time。My space is always homesick when you nearest homes。    I say that they are two of the cat woman, love themselves a person。Cold, tired, tired, he insisted on seeking a warm place children。Like most of the child, my grandmother raised a nice old cat, chasing the sun all winter to do the child, and then to the top of the chicken coop from the windowsill to the white picket fence, as long as the lazy sun shine in places her figure。  Yesterday, home heating stove is broken and can no longer repair, new ones have to wait a few days, said the owner, made a special trip to be shipped over from Guangdong。Room no heating, air conditioning heating a person reluctant to open, so, as if the room was cold outside than the number of。This weekend, his son did not come home Friday night called and said the weekend schools organize students to the North feel the collective atmosphere of schools。Son tone phone rare indifferent, careless talk that he won first prize in the exam, the school awards a very beautiful pen, to keep with me, took back next week。Ha ha。Son learn to like you at what time, I know this makes me elated little trick to coax me proud, all kinds of pen is my favorite ah!I said, you send that support I have not willing to use, he would keep to his own use。Son suffered rejected it seems somewhat reluctantly, with a smile, others will take it, too bad I sent?I smile as sweet as honey is not explained, but fortunately the phone, he can not see my glowing terms, he must think I saw too owe Ayutthaya。Son whispered to himself, after saying that we must send a support that you have given me better than。There was another chuckle mind, there are still delicate relationship between the child and you Yo。Was he jealous of your components that support the gold pen, but that support your third class prize minister in Shanxi construction it is too old!In fact, as long as you both sent to me are treasures。I am delighted, not just after he left me more sensible, but his young age, they know how low-key, subtle, hard-working, simple, not play when the proud, do not be discouraged when the downturn。Ah, quite satisfied, I expect to see。He is the two of us it's medals。Your life is the most beautiful of honor。He is the season of rebirth between you and me the most beautiful chords, he is your life and my ring was engraved spring showers and flurries, he is this life you and I wait outside in the far distance only Xinlingyizhan。To this end, I would like him to wear all the time in life most prominent position。At heart。The eyes。The smile。  Now I can focus on town weather changes every day。Recently, continuous fog and haze will appear, weather forecast remind people to minimize outdoor activities。Go to work all day to see this scene: all kinds of pedestrians, regardless of whether the sky the sun shine warm, have taken important precautions to himself, masks, gas masks frequently debut, the mysterious masked people feel uneasy。The town has a population of hundreds of thousands, of high-speed road to Beijing in October this year will reportedly opened, I heard that you want to move out of the airport built in the vicinity, overnight rates jumped more than four thousand from the original six-seven thousand channel。The streets suddenly emerge as a vehicle from under the ground, more to the dense。Last autumn, the government expanded the great efforts the city's main traffic arteries, the green belt removed, so that the entire city could barely see a tree of。Fortunately, winter, if summer comes, we go to work every day to work, on the road a little green shade is not, whether we want to become a roasted sweet potatoes?Cities affected by the change, I will adjust the long-term life plan, put aside his plan to purchase loans, housing prices soared and then how will has nothing to do with me, I am filled with resentment at the lack of trees and flowers city。So you can worry about their work, and do not have to bother with a loan to buy a house。  Three in the afternoon bell, come out from home。When the walk along the street, looked to the sky, the sun has been scattered and another building block in the body outside the city。  The sun seemed not willing, intent on penetrating the thick block, got into the city to the hinterland in。Ordinarily city is also home to the sun, when, she shut out the concrete jungle?She can no longer walk through expansive in every corner of the city。Sunlight is tough Walker, she did not seem discouraged this reason, today, she changed his mettle, insisted to be a shy girl, cover half the face, only to reveal a narrow forehead and facial features, in the corner, in high heaven, still smile blossoming。A subtle stingy blooming flowers。  I first stood in the courtyard, looked up, eyes toward the sky Shoulong a bit, then put it head distance。The dark sky like wiping a layer of batik, like impressionistic painting background, blooming the entire paper。Sky, a moon semicircle, like being almost transparent polished jade pieces, looming in the sky。The moon and the sun in this season, is the lantern in front of two distant relative of the universe, a bright warm, a pure and noble。Sky because of their guardian becomes lively and charming。If the sunshine is not such a view it?  I am eagerly waiting to see, God read me like feel pity, distant faint trace strands of cloud wind touch on increasingly thin, but the moment they are brighter。Such as cloud Fei Xu, light blue foundation appears to be more clean,。This is to my mind, in this Dongmochunchu spring chill still lingers in the afternoon, bent to go outside the warm sun bathed。  Stomach or somewhere stomach, cling to the unspeakable civil strife。Sick, always round to the last moment, like: Wait a ripe fruit, let it hang in the branches, the more bright red, the more eye-catching。You said this is a bad idea, as Yanghuweihuan。I said, it is best to look sick to you, when you come back。I intrigue but also to love yourself a little more。  In the corner of a street, there are large areas of the sun, falling down from the open high altitude, did not have time completely falling steadily, it was torn to pieces floor corner。Some sprinkle on the balcony of the building, some of hanging in the roof, and some fine fleecy mottled light and shadow cast on the ground, several old woman holding the hands of Mazar to the world to find this piece of light and shadow。They sometimes looked up to heaven, but when Chou Chou foot, and finally each picked up a warm draped over his body, when to sit down, face with a satisfied smile, slowly stretch the endless topic。I can not go fighting with them that the sun, turned to the outside。  Westernmost city, there is a huge vegetable market。Small town home most recent piece of open places。Come the time, but also the four high-rise towers to force the sun can not reach a smooth, dark and cold cold ground, the sun bright flame just jumping on the roof in the distance, a bright temptation can only hope the distant。  Not far away, it opened a new cell is being developed, the roar of a heavy crane, chainsaw sharp hissing, folder wrapped in smoke flavor, such as Geshi ghost, strange, obscure。Nowhere to hide。  Vistas, buildings and gaps in the building, a few sporadic shadows, struggling, vivid, huddle, malaise。School for fear of life and death look like children。They are my heart endless sorrow。Such sentiment trees sprout from spring to winter cold Yela branches, along with the city building height growing up, never stopped。。  The city has finally come to a hard standing upright momentum in our lives, rural lopsided。  Now, I can only find a warm sun by continuing to walk。    three  “I want to take you to elope, called in‘do not know’When the time”。  I was on the way to generate this wild idea, because the heart merrily sang This song, it is estimated that I wrote it myself。Suddenly there was this idea。Then, immediately rose mouth, gently surface trace of difficult to be aware of people smiling。I was inspired this idea of dancing around the corner and pick up the pace。But, now it is a bit cold, I need warmth and sunlight。  Outside of work, it will be particularly intense and a child wants to play, he makes me happy unmatched。For example, now, a person walking on the road to the wild, to find when the sun。But this time he would not come out with me。His body still a little fragile, I do not want him cold wind blew cold。  In many cases, some of the things you can not think about it too much, one would like to come true ah!  Although not the way you imagined so beautiful。This is not, after an afternoon walk to find the sun, I once again provided an opportunity for his arrival。As if I did not expect to see him in such a way, but still on his arrival show full of joy。  Come back at night, does not seem to eat anything dangerous, perhaps, just because the whole afternoon to find the sun gone, because of a stomach blew cold air, the next morning to get up at noon, a few hours in a repeat thing, uninterrupted——I ran to the toilet。Tightly attached to a trip to a trip。Boiled water mouth had a chance to moisten mouthpiece, the following will have a sense of。As if never a slender passageway between the stomach and anus。  Some worried, afraid that they can not complete the walk unaided from home to hospital。Phone to his brother for help。So he was surprised panic situation, actually said, he hits 120。He said that this fear is a loss。He is a four-wheeled car came to a。  He was at all times laugh out of people, when they concern written on his face。Fortunately, he thought Sister——A friend of mine, and given a free hand to get through the phone。There Sister, my brother and my heart began to live pan relaxed, humorous jokes constantly, I had to hold his stomach, and serious statement: Do not let me laugh, will incontinence!Both of them took me to the hospital emergency room, the doctor prescribed a long prescription。  Cold liquid down the blood flow into the arm inside, from noon until the evening。Five bottles of liquid steady stream injection vessel, cold and biting, heart chills。But think: those who do not how spacious the pipeline, all of a sudden inflow of so much liquid, will not be as floods swamped, destroyed my bank, and I want to rout!?I say what I think to listen to Sister, Sister indifferent smile。  Brother busy rush the company, phone and called his mom little nephew。Nephew less than two weeks, also fell asleep, I do not know half way asleep, or his mother put him to sleep directly transferred over。Heart guilt shame, very sorry。Sister remorse: that is their own negligence, forgot to tell his brother, she has been on leave with the unit, I can take care of at home。  Mother got wide width after warm-charge voltage on the infusion tube。Body and mind gradually pick up。  For many years, the disease, it was the first time around。  Eau face, unemotional。  Wide width is my little nephew was the name given。I was the only person named。  I hope his life walking between heaven and earth, day window to do, to do the wall to bed, mountains and woods, big heart, soak up the sun。  Each time, I shouted: wide……wide……He will look shy and turn over the house went to see him the way I am very happy。  Yong Xin his family called him, (Yongxin) I never asked what the word is, I'm not interested in things I do not get to the bottom。Brother said, to spend up。I still think I played better name, so they call them, I called my。  Wide width ran along to help, not a moment corpuscles。Finally found fountains of water bottles can also spray at people, they happily brought Sister spray, spray Mom。Sister hide, he shut the door in front of the balcony。He received the joy of victory。His mother aside to dodge, while told him: go fountains。Wide width is listen to my mother, ran Fountains。A tall green radish, I spent three years raising up as high as the roof。Perhaps he felt that Fountain is not fun, spend no response, simply spray I came。I quietly in bed, a little movement did not issue to, but he found me, and I found not resist。He shoved my face spray, I had to use the quilt kept the head, he laughed happy excitement。Water stains everywhere on the floor when he finally enjoy the fall。His mother helped him bitter lessons of the ground。Tears still hanging in his face, then the storm。  Sister when he pulled out from the balcony, and found more interesting weapons——Dry clothes pole。So, in his hand waved in front of a pass Sister, Sister no longer avoid this, come up with an infusion of tools to give him a shot, he was scared。Turn to please big sister, in front of the bed I hid under the bedclothes in his legs casually beating, my legs shrink up, he took only a few racks child's head knocked aside。I saw him, threatening that his father must compensate。He think, Waizhaonaodai stressing each syllable,“I——repair。”Then, squatting on the floor, forced to fall back security branches。Sister took a tape to him, wrapped around a long time, hand a move away, he fell off right again。Sister said that this case have to bring your dad to accompany a new aunt。”He is not convinced, stand up, it is hard to say out loud,“grow up——repair。”His mother rushed over to help him, smiling, said, heard of it, we grow up and then repair。I was tortured him laugh to fight back。Two weeks and three months of little strange, so many tricks。  The weather forecast said that today still continue to fog and haze, continuous overcast to cloudy, the temperature will continue to decline, to remind you to go out more clothes to keep warm, prevent colds。  Three days lost fluid, ever reply to my body, little nephew and his mother and sister came over with me every day, the house Azeri, air conditioning open for a while, is not cold。  Well disease completely, only call you, not about the illness to you, I hope you share this little thing wide width gives me pleasure, I try to find language dodge infusion of thing, or are you listening to it, from my voice still weak。You seem a bit angry, and asked me: Why do large cold weather to go to the wild?Oh I explained with a smile: Spring is not coming yet?Old Yan very hard, picking up sticks nest ah good leaf title。  Oh, you know。

GIF- Cross referee was "groping": Wake up man ah this is the World Cup

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" BORDER- top: 1px solid #ddd; ">You okay!Xiao Bian recently discovered, brought the World Cup soccer fever is indeed much higher than usual, outside the arenas of various scenes will be universal Tucao。So we "Russia drops of God" naturally work harder, continue hey up!Argentina experienced a cool, last night's game, it came two upset, losing Germany, Brazil victorious。World Cup three players each get 1 point。Let's talk about the game Germany lost to Mexico。Here is the game of the German team's starting lineup。This is Germany's number one player: This is the German national team coach: By the way tell us about Mexico goalkeeper Francis Ng teacher (Ochoa): natural game can not do without the enthusiasm of the fans。Wait a minute, this friend how you lean into a child like this?Mexico turned out to be a bunch of friends made an appointment to see the World Cup, did not think the big brother to be his wife locked in the house, my friends had made a 1: 1 cardboard into the field。This is the love ah!At the start, the German player Toni Kroos it was the referee's "hit chest"。The referee seemed to remind him of you Real Madrid players one by one so to force: you wake up soon, ah, this is the World Cup!The game, every team in Mexico have formed a counter threat。German fans had to start in the circle of friends forwarded only Mexican chicken roll: however, no amount of metaphysics could not save them, the German team's defense in the first half, as shown below: It is said that at halftime, behind the German team players they dejected, I do not know what to do。The only emotional stability is Ozil from Arsenal。After all, Arsenal are so over a whole year thing。But in the end, the German team still failed to avoid the fate of battle failure。Many fans have booked the next day's breakfast: Some fans have been unable to control: Here, come talk to Brazil's game against Switzerland。When Neymar appears on TV, I felt a burst of late-night hunger。Dude, how much money you this bowl of instant noodles?The Brazilian also on behalf of Big Boss, I'm afraid this is the strongest cosplay World Cup。The first game, Brazil Coutinho played a superb World wave。After the ball hit, Kudiniao posture as shown: library bird arrow through the clouds is accurate, but the Swiss team everyone will Jiabu Zhu martial arts。12 Road Tan legs, Zhanyi eighth down well versed in playing almost Neymar opened Renduermai……And so on, read the list of Switzerland, Are not they will come in red?There are fans discover the World Cup only your team there are super (just joined the R & F, a kick Tosic did not) and Arsenal player, you become a victory insulator。Well, it seems that the big boom is super cool to be a。In short Up to now, in addition to not played in Belgium, the world's top six teams all failed to win。Most fans worldwide were estimated state is this: Finally, I have to give the fans some warning England。Today the "European Chinese team" will played, we had better put the medicine on hand where available。

Flower and Fruit Rain Love

“ I have seen many parts of the rain in the world, is the favorite flower and fruit mountain rain”The last sub-Xin force of this sentence written on the notes in bed.Time back a year ago, sub-Yan then still Lianyungang Teachers College reading, she was a quiet, humble girl。She usually leisure time also like the Internet, in the network world, although there are impetuous side, but can always find someone who can really speak, by the way, if to find a humorous listen to you people is good that she is a skinny white girl , grew very weak, people need to take care of her admitted to the Lianyungang Teachers Arts later, thought that living accommodation could not get up, but fortunately, there is a large group of students, a large group roommate, she was living in everyone's care was very happy。It was sophomore year she fall in love like a school boy Nanjing @ Ye Taihei the boys to her very good, birthday, also sent a gift。Usually chat, there is always tease her that he heard that she was Lianyungang people, and said he wanted to look at the Flower and Fruit Mountain,“I was a monkey,”Yan told his son to typing“No, you're funny than monkeys sent”Ye Taihei Lianyungang Teachers College decided to see sub-Xin。They met when repeated practice the way。The weather was good, it was a spring at the end of the day, Ye Taihei came to Lianyungang。Ye Taihei wearing a jacket, walking in the city of Lianyungang, the city is not too busy, but it kinda spirit。Although the street sometimes occasionally untidy, but the faces of the people all have a happy color。Like a person will like her city, Ye Taihei eyes Lianyungang also has this element of it。That day they met, at the foot of a mountain campus。Xin child really is the same online photo look, in vain thin Wenwen quietly。Yan son also saw Ye Taihei, not black, very handsome, will reveal white teeth smile on his face and a dimple。Xin Ye Taihei wanted to please the child to eat, then they are in the store cake pan pot cooking dinner, Ye Taihei said that in any case, be sure to look at the sea in Lianyungang, look Huaguoshan。“Yep,”Yan happy child promised him,“I will show you the way to grasp the whole village cadres”“Haha”| That spring a little rainy, just sunny weather, the haze will be down, but also from the rain drops。That morning, Ye Taihei from his hotel, the Teachers come to school, where the child so long ago Yan。They went for a ride car travel, go out into the Flower and Fruit rush。That day is not a holiday, not many people go to fruit and flowers, the car in front of a platform Huaguoshan stopped。Sub-Xin Ye Taihei happy and out of the car, walked to the gate, a big door, not mountains, to see the Piedmont building there are so ancient taste point, pavilions, vivid。Ye Taihei finally calm down, and finally see the legendary Huaguoshan。They bought tickets embarked on a hill, the weather is getting dark down, until they reached the mountainside position, the drops also began to rain。Ye Taihei thought, how this can do, rainy weather did not think this out, do you want to go back and buy an umbrella?Yan child see his puzzled look and said“Tsuburi”He pulled out a white umbrella from her backpack,”Haha。It really is a magic bag princess“Things will change。She softened umbrella, just two people huddled under umbrellas, walking together on the road of fruit and flowers that spring rain, wet plants and flowers of the mountain, the mountain becomes dark stone up。I went to the middle section of the foot of the mountain to see the beautiful building, a deep ravine that everything is as fresh as a distant piano playing。”In this way the United States under the rain Huaguoshan good ah“”Yes ah, you like it United States‘Xin Ye Taihei child looked like trance。They quietly watching Huaguoshan rain, far from the reality of building a taste, near green plants and flowers。Two of them are like two Shenxianjuanlv, the world will always have a moment, let people love, know that God arranged each other is Shenxianjuanlv。They also handle grip up。Later in the day, but also to accompany the child Yan Ye Taihei went to the beach party at sea, beach,“Lianyungang this place is really very beautiful,”Ye Taihei said,“Yes ah, I have been living in this city, but did not feel, thank you for letting me feel that I, as a person's happiness Lianyungang”“Haha you're welcome”。Ye Taihei turn finished Lianyungang on the back, Yan son also went to the bus station parting him, that early summer when the child began to well up Yan's body, always nosebleeds, sub-Yan went to the hospital checked, leukemia。Yan child's world caved in, air pollution is the cause of those who are not chemical plant in Lianyungang of it?Who knows?Anyway, there was a variety of human cancers Lianyungang lot of people, and always for no reason on the disease。Yan child family conditions is really very general, paid for hospital treatment, bone marrow match from the high-tech care would be poor farther。“Perhaps that is all that I bear,”Son Kinya gradually mentality cheer up, she will be written in the diary every day his diary, record your own life, she did not tell these things Ye Taihei, always will tell Ye Taihei,“If one day I'll be gone, maybe God is calling me, Exalted be happy to live in the world, is not it?”“Do not be silly, silly girl, how can the world so much, unfortunately, do not think”“Do you remember the Flower and Fruit of rain it?You have no umbrella, it was the most beautiful I've seen rain”That fall, sub-Yan finished in the diary diary last few days, it's gone quiet, she put her ailing those in the past have also told Ye Taihei,“I'm gone, maybe the world, there are so many unfortunate, but you have to live a happy, good-bye, night falls are beautiful。”