A stone’s dignity

1.Natural disasters this year, everyone is trying to get rich, but there are such a kind person, struggling to protect poor.Tea Au Village of Liu Sheng, is such a person.    Liu liter is subject to the influence of his uncle Liu Youkang.Liu Youkang was lame, married a wife is a fool, so the family life is very difficult.The village listed him as destitute families, guaranteeing not only take a year can also receive relief clothing, most notably, the county has a boss Lee, runs a real estate company, he was good-hearted, and went to the annual television reporter condolences to the village poor households, each gave Liu Youkang donate ten thousand yuan.    Ten thousand yuan ah, Liu liter working outside year will earn so much, Uncle Paul just had a poor households hat, sitting at home someone sent a million, Liu Semtech envy.    The year before, Liu rose dead parents, and he fell off when not climbing the mountain, broke his back, doing not live in the village this year will also be his bachelor when destitute families to take care of, Mr. Li condolences to the village, they he also gave donate a million.    In fact, people are inert, Liu Sheng Bai got $ 10,000 tasted the sweetness, the second year he was simply too lazy to go out to work, at home with back pain in the name of the nest, so, for three consecutive years, Li boss to give him donations the.    But this year, winter has been, and have not seen Li’s silhouette.Some Liu liter starting to labor, he had the past few years are the days of the planned economy, pointing to the donation of life, not to the donation, the day he does not go, and had to go to the village head.    He told the village chief, Mr. Li has in fact been here, but he was not at home that day, his uncle Liu Youkang help him do the Lord, he refused donations.    what?Liu liter jump three feet high, he refused to help me?He himself took it refused to help me, there is such a right?    No, your uncle did not want that donations.The chief says, I think your uncle did right, you are a big guy, no disease no disaster, how can I live, pointing donations?Humiliating!Or it is really right to work outside the home!    Ye called no disease no disaster?I did good back pain.Having said that, after all unjustifiable gas is not strong.Unlike contributions to debt collection, I do not owe you, people do not give, you have no place to go.Liu l had to come back this way, the gas ah!    His uncle is now really can not contribute, Liu Youkang kinds of tea in recent years in the mountains, light tea seed sold this year have several thousand, to deal with the day no problem.Liu l can not do it, he had no income, his uncle is not broken do to stay alive?He wanted to go to Liu Youkang theory about it, but soon went to the front of Liu Youkang, or Renxia.For the past few years things uncle contributions no less teach him a lesson, that he went to the door, no doubt to please call.    The evening, when it began to rain, and harder and harder, like pouring like.Cold, wet, more so LiuSheng feel tough day, heart, anger is more and more prosperous, his uncle bad thing, he can not just quietly forget.    Liu liter pondering pondering to go, to the aggregation of rain quickly diffuse to the threshold of his house, he got an idea.His uncle is an old houses, and that was when his grandfather was alive built adobe house, so many years, already bear decadent, crumbling, especially that block the back wall had tilted excluded spoke son.If this rain swept over the foundation uncle’s house, dipped in the adobe, adobe that had not yet become blisters muffin Needless to night work, that the non-collapsed wall can not.    The thought of this, Liu rose to carry a hoe, rain Chenzheyese Moxiang uncle’s house, he will dig soil drainage ditch behind the house to his uncle blocked, build a small dam higher than the foot of a wall, watching the roof trickles of water fell on the gutter, nowhere to go, gutter water level to rise slowly, soon swept over the foot of a wall built by piling up stones, soaked the foot of a wall on top of adobe, then he was back with satisfaction home.Imagine, when soaked in water overnight adobe that once soft, what would result.    As long as uncle’s house a house collapse, it does not become chief says natural disasters yet?It was natural to donation.As long as people make donations to, and have the opportunity to own.    2.Man-made Liu was promoted to his idea very proud, he almost the whole night, ears nest in bed, on the other listen to loud rumbling sound of house collapse.When waited until dawn, then I heard the rumble finally come slowly, even his mattress shook.Then he heard his uncle Pinlelaoming shout: Come, ah, help my wife, my wife smashed with a.    Liu liter mind hum a bit, people transfixed.He dared to make this idea that he expected that this idea could not hurt people.Uncle of the back wall is outwardly inclined to collapse, that wall is poured out, and the back wall is not load-bearing walls, down will not affect the structure of the whole house, aunt and uncle stay inside, out of the wall fell, smashing vain, ah, now how hurt aunt of it?    Liu liter scared jumped up, stumbled ran out.Uncle ran to the back wall of a look at, yes, the wall is really pouring it out, the other three walls are also a good standing, the house bed blankets, pots and pans scoop spoon, one should belongings are good, only that disappeared uncle and aunt.

A stone of love

From home to school, home from school, more than twenty years of rugged mountain hard line, whether from school to school, always carrying a bag of Luoning back the stone, and difficult to walk with determination.  Luoning 11 years old, she is a pupil Yunnan mountains, dusky, weak physical condition, quiet, likes to be alone, in the eyes of the students is the most blame the students, usually out of the classroom, no one wants to make friends with him.Since the same, He is my support education in remote mountainous areas, we have seen the most unsocial student.But there is no one to admire, Luoning academic performance has been among the best in the class.  Starting a few months ago, CTP school, back to bear, in addition to a bag, a pocket of thin air more.Pocket, pretended not to know anything, bulging, looks quite Weight.Otherwise, Luoning carrying, his face how difficult will face?  Class, CTP pocket put gently on the desk below.Class time, Luoning put back pocket, circling in a small playground.In the end is something that will actually make it negative in Luoning day back?Students in the class want to break the casserole, unlock secrets.  Students to have touched, stiff, angular, like a stone is determined from the handle.However, the total Luoning not stupid enough to rock when the baby carrying it all day long.Whether a student or a teacher I, whenever asked about this matter to the CTP, he was always head down without saying a word.In fact, some students had tried in the past to open the bag, but usually very honest CTP, will be a little like an angry lion, so we had to give up.  After a period of time, a time when cold, Luoning pocket is also larger, which also pretend to be something more up.The stuff inside pocket, seems to follow certain laws of time and change into more.  Luoning pocket secret, after all, no Dide Guo students curiosity.That, Luoning not bend too few students are forced to work together, by being forced on the table.Bag is opened, rolled out a piece and a cold hard stone, the students were surprised no one has thought in place, Luoning day burdened with pockets filled with stones is actually really!  Originally, petite, frail and weak CTP, is wanted by the stone back to exercise their bodies.Several children recovered, began to laugh CTP.  Luoning furious, he rushed up like a lion, and they played together.  The office, I do not have the heart to scold CTP.As a result, because I know somethin ‘is that first provoked several children; and secondly, I do not know the cause of Luoning unprovoked carrying heavy stone school, but I had heard when I first came to tell other teachers before, behind this emaciated to distressed children in front, with any who would cry listening to the story: 6 years old, Luoning sick father passed away, it just poor families this is even worse.So, Loening mother with thin shoulders propped up the house: her mountain wood to market and sell it every day, but also for other people can not do manual labor to earn some money, but also to cut the pigs fed only grass a pig, but also cook and clean.Luoning very sensible, just home from school, he scrambled for the mother to take care of everything.  Even if the day could have been so poor yet happy but also to live, but fate would not be unkind cruel day, Halonen’s mother had an accident: life is picking back, who was paralyzed.  A few days later, I bought something, taking advantage of the morning when no class is empty, alone came to the home of Luoning.As a result, to see what Luoning mother; and secondly, I would like to know from his mother’s mouth, in the end what is the reason, actually Halonen will attend school all day carrying a stone?  Halonen’s mother in bed, even if the quilt, I can see from her thin face, how her body is weak.Listen to my introduction to their own identity, CTP’s mother hurried to get up, but only a few will give up the struggle, and under my help, only half sat up.  I told her Halonen excellent academic performance and the recent situation.But, I fight with others to conceal the CTP things.When I mention the stone back to school Luoning strange move to her, her tears fell down suddenly rustled: So, since she was paralyzed, except CTP in school, and the rest of the time at home to serve mother.Small partners call him to the river to see the old cattle, he did not have time; invited him to go fly a kite field, he not open itself.Because he has to take over the mother’s work firewood, water heating, cooking, washing clothes, feed the pigs a day because she thirsty anxious, reach out to far away from the bedside thermos, only to burn himself.Luoning home from school and saw the mother burns, heart like a knife mercilessly cut out countless general, Tongrugusui.He was afraid at a later date, if they are not at home, his mother did not know what else will happen.So, Luoning immediately decided: after each day, he would go to school carrying a mother.Although the mother repeatedly discouraged, CTP still firm in their thoughts.Since then, he began carrying a stone school.  My heart was suddenly wet the.But I also very strange, CTP want to go to school carrying a mother to take care of her, but he’s back, but how has been the bag of stones?  Luoning mother see doubt in my mind, the tears stopped, choking back tears to tell me a secret love can imagine: the CTP maternal weight 86 pounds, Luoning thin body weight and how?But he came up with a method, at first, carrying a small amount of stone, with adaptation to the weight and then keep adding stones.Until he can adapt far more than 86 pounds of weight.  86 pounds, is Luoning mother’s weight, the weight is also a loving!  On the back of the mountain, I let the tears wanton flowing.I think that pockets of stone, cold hard edges and corners, will certainly be many times touched Luoning back pain, tenderness in his right shoulder weak.I seem to see such a picture: in the biting cold, in the rugged mountain road, thin clothes CTP with weak shoulders, thin back, carrying a bag of solid rock in a difficult walk.Against the wind, not afraid of Luoning tingling; marching mountain, defying the difficult road Luoning.Just because, on his back after the bag of stones is not cold and hard, but because of a love, always spring!

A stay in the hearts pursuits

I like literature, from junior high school began to like prose, and while studying random graffiti, write down a lot of childish article.After high school, more understanding of the prose, but also very fond of!In school, my article was published not only the school literary society, part poetry and prose also other teen magazines have published.Since then, I forged a bond with the literature.  After graduating from high school in 2004, I abandoned the book, into this new life journey of social work.But in my mind, there is one thing not to be given up.That is because writing is not just a part of my life, but also the ownership of another soul.Because I seek, I love, I love, I insist!Perseverance finally paid off pay, I published an article in the national publication “prose”, which for my love of literature, is a great encouragement!  Like prose, he learned through a variety of books: literary prose is classified in a big style.Their different concepts have different meanings in different historical.In ancient China, the who do not rhyme, not heavy Parallelism of loose articles, and verses, parallel prose distinguished, all called “prose”.  In modern times, in accordance with the classification of quartering, it is poetry, fiction, drama, literature and said a class of literary genres.In various literary styles, it reflects the wide range of topics, freedom and flexibility, and clever, energetic, eclectic unique characteristics.Direct narrative can be lyrical, you can describe, can talk.In its expensive “casual” and to avoid “casual” is described as “shaped scattered God lingers.”.  Prose development to the present, there has been a more detailed classification.For example, Essay, with its unique lyrical, inspirational function, access to lots of people.The so-called “Essay” not only can be understood as “beautiful or good literature”, it also reflects the coverage is “love”, writing that “smooth” narrative is “Ya”, the word is “fine”.A lot in a very short space, to inspire people, educate people, inspire people, to promote human effect.These are not uncommon in a good mood on the site, people feast for the eyes!Whenever I see those beautiful article, real text, touched the hearts of love leisurely life.  Like prose, not only because of its unique style, as well as aesthetic expression of its kind between the lines.Read true feelings, fresh and romantic, or poetic!  In the busy work aside, I often stop and give yourself a space to think, leave a copy pursuits in mind.

A star fall

Early autumn night in mid-1979, the County Cultural Palace stadium lights, the East team at the top of the men’s basketball team headquarters and gold men’s basketball team, engaged in a wonderful friendship Cup championship game, the stands filled before the court fans to watch.Gold on the other side of the court is particularly active in cheerleading basketball game, it was all those Shiba Jiu, big girl early twenties, the lead is mine rose red flower sister, 22-year-old, she was seven meters tall, well-developed limbs , physically robust, willow waist, chest is soaring, Apple face, shoulder-length hair, eyes like bells, talk like a gong, bold and forceful, is the famous Sai Jinhua, no matter which party goals, he always reported with warm applause and cheers, cheerleaders who have followed her command, the excitement, active.  Basketball troops fifth, one meter tall ninety-five very handsome, he called Guo Renyi, 23 years old, Shandong Yanggu County, because it is the hometown of Wu, Guo people called him brother, he was quick vigorous action, accurate shooting, won the fans fancied a few games down, cheerleading girls, in love with him, whenever he score a goal, rose red lead shouted: AA I love you, I love you brother Guo.Game atmosphere is very warm.  End of the game, where the team Guo brother to win the Friendship Cup, Rose Red jumped on the podium, Guo brother gave a deep kiss, her phone number written inside to photograph Guo brother , from that time on, rugged path, flowers left the shadow of the men and women under the moon.  Not far from the barracks of a piece of land covered with tall corn, lush foliage, it is a good place for their love tryst, from time to time heard bursts of laughter flirting waves, after several meetings, they love upgrade the.  8 18 afternoon, rose red handle with thick corn when set piles, bending Bottom, Guo brother standing practice, revealing a red rose in the joy of chatter: you are so flexible on the pitch, into so powerful and accurate ball, people looked cheering for you, so fun, so you do it but you are so clumsy, that Aura gone?  Guo brother Han Han smile: I’m sorry, I was for the first time, do not understand the rules, please forgive me.Kicking up clouds of red roses aloud: joke to tell you, I have been very enjoyable, and thank you for your efforts.Something complete, the two broke up reluctantly, rose evacuated from the north end, Guo brother detour from the south end, return to barracks.  When approaching the edge of a red rose, two encounter a thief in the corn, a bag house filled with a whole bundle of yuan.Seeing red rose, not a good thing, she turned and walked to the side direction, a man took a bunch of money to catch up: big sister, do not go and meet up points by half, to give you a bunch of frightened pressure pressure.  Do not, nothing, reap.Red Rose said while walking, never looking back.The man rushed to the money with care in the bottom of the dagger, according to her is back several times, rose crashed down in a pool of blood, the man rose red pants cut open with a knife, a roll of RMB beeped her lower body, the two men fled the scene carrying stolen money.  The next day, holding a shotgun shooting rabbits inside edge of the old man found the bodies of red roses, report to the police, the county public security bureau rushed to the scene, were detected.Soon confirmed that the deceased was gold rose red, died between four and five o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, know her little sister, where she and force the fifth men’s basketball Guo brother is in love, and from the army informed that this Guo brother no time in barracks, have committed crimes, after extraction on Guo brother’s shoes and high-heeled shoes dead end with the same soil, and later through DNA testing of semen is the lower body of the deceased brother of Guo.After hearings, Guo confessed brother had sexual relations at half past four and rose red, identified the sex scene, but he denies killing Rose Red.  When the scene could not find other clues, investigators identified as Guo brother as a person, Daxing wait, torture, forced admissions, sentenced to death row, then twice Guo brother of Appeal, the High Court for lack of evidence commuted to an indefinite period imprisonment, a playground shook star disappeared from.  Three years later, with gold theft burglary murder successfully solved the case, the perpetrators confessed fall of 1979, August 18 afternoon and saw the killing of women spoils in a cornfield, court rehearing Guo brother rape and murder, that it is the love Shun rape, sentenced acquitted, but Guo brother’s body has been severely deformed, the passage of time, a train potential basketball star has fallen forever.

A star dad, mom a star

1 well-off to speak, only one word, not the father, not the mother, but the chicken.She looked thin lips well-off because the pronunciation delicately, yet close.She intends to again voice: oh she looked at the well-off, well-off looking elsewhere.Wall clock sound every second living room are like increased respiration.Her lips looked well-off, well-off as if nothing were collected, after three minutes, he again clearly uttered one word: chicken.Her third study rooster crows.This time, she waited for a long time, well-off sitting on the couch playing with Rubik’s cube, either she kept crows, refused to say that again.Half an hour later, the mother came back carrying food, a little do not believe that the well-off will speak.Mother also learn the cock crow, well-off stunned for a moment, enunciate and said: chicken!Mother tears streaming down uproar, weeping, scolded Wang is not a thing.Wang is a well-off father.Mother also scolded scold her, but she stopped mother.She smiled and said: Beware of well-off friends learn to curse!This afternoon she was thrilled, forget yesterday’s displeasure with the well-off to find Kindergarten.She walked in the room, which is more than a year, her daily talk like a robot repeat, repeat, repeat expression, just like a pregnant woman, which is not good news waiting for delivery?Well-off did not cry when born, the nurses wash away the bloody body of a child to hold her, so delicate features.Few well-off crying and saw people Doukua: the child does Zhenguai!At that time she did not feel too good but also abnormal.Many children 1 year of age will be babbling, and she was a little anxious, but the old man said the boy Zuiben, opening later time is also quite normal.When well-off year and a half still can not speak, she could not wait any longer, holding him to the hospital, do a lot of examination, the doctor was careful to say: It may be less certain of the diagnosis of autism sentence for her severe nausea.So they took a well-off to Beijing, Shanghai, diagnosis, is autistic, also known as autism, also called the children of the stars.This is a worldwide problem, no cure.2 peremptorily she resigned, did not care career blossoming, well-off and was admitted to the Shanghai training institutions together, a stay is five months.That five months of training for effect, or that nothing she did not find the effect of a well-off, can be very important for her, after this home, she only way, for example, a little bit caught off the eyes, free in his eyes when followed his gaze move yourself. that lesson staring eyes caress.She was like repeater-like repeat onomatopoeia, wailing woo school tigers, cats meow meow school, frogs quack science, learning chicken oh, be a dog barking, train school bang rip.She read Tagore’s poems to the well-off: I put candy in your hands, you greedy Yan Zhao saliva, my children.Why beautiful petals surrounding nectar?Why such a sweet fruit trees?I found the answer, that moment when you swallow the candy.I gently kissed your cheek, you laugh three well-off will speak, and the news she only cover the three hours, or told Wang that she wanted him happy.Six months ago, she went to the marriage and his head, no betrayal, but he went to the brink of collapse.She said: away from it, remaining things to me.Atmosphere too good cry.They went to the Civil Administration for a permit, this one became a couple ex-husband, ex-wife became a.He only brought a few changes of clothing, adhere to cleanse the family, a week later, he called and said he was on the train to go south, I want to make the effort to change the environment.

A spoke this life, this love an idea off

Always dreamed of can open a coffee shop in a place near the water, no swagger, no bustle.There are some old, some of the thin, slack business, even forgotten, these are not important.As long as there is so, then a guest, in the lazy afternoon sun, a person would love to inadvertently.So let me say sorry for forgetting personnel heard, from Enron corner, undisturbed.- Wen: I think you fence off the sparsely future there will be a bright future, and I only hope that when you think of me, there is a touch of mouth can laugh, I will be satisfied.Should lifetime we will meet again, I hope that time we are all alone.So, then no matter how old we are, how much gray hair, the teeth out of the number of stars, I will have the courage to gently take your hand.    Many times two people sitting so quietly, surrounded by dead silence, I suddenly began to understand that such a dull, doomed love we have dissipated over time, is not because of time together too long, has no sense of ear heat heartbeat had been unable to find the original words of romance?Now, I really want to forget the original happiness, love and hate entangled, love and resentment are intertwined, really want to write off, no longer have to tie him down.Looking back, found himself in the mirror gaunt, came to understand a truth: that will not hurt people, I do not feel the parting is suffering, so I was the only person ever silly moths to a flame, will it be enough trails torment.    There is a trace of nostalgia, there is a trace of care, but the vicissitudes of life, but only a moment away, had a chance to tell their thin, edge has Jinmie.Perhaps the origin of everything is just a chance, and we in the earth pass, turned and want to, when to seize the share edge, only to find it had disappeared trail.Fate this thing, a wind unpredictable, the bustling place, at the time of desolation, unexpected.The event to see, is a blessing, but not the event is missed.Everything is not seeking, go with the flow, and nothing more.Serenely indifferent, perhaps it is the best state of mind.    At once full of happiness, we will always be that one coming ever touched.That is, short of a concern, one I think of you, let that uneasy experience to comfort.Do not need another location such as navigation-like position, just need to tell you when I’m busy, you remember when idle, is enough.Time did not let me forget you, but I think you get used to.Miss become a habit, care can become a habit, a habit understanding, tolerance may also become a habit, reluctantly becomes a habit, heartache can also become a habit, everyone is for himself and habits I do not know accustomed to the habit of love or companionship, sometimes hard to tell because after love or love to get used to get used to, care, tolerance, heartache, I do not know because of you or because of his habit and habits.    A man quietly sipping vicissitudes, sad words, haggard I had a clear contour, a sheet of paper filled with words of sadness, I was tired after the rest of helplessness and despair.Originally we move forward together, through thick and thin, but very often strangers, eyes are covered with a sad way, but the hearts of love such as Oasis as you pass by my world, but I can not wait for a v. Zhongchang.    Year in January, down toward the DPRK since, long Red, walking in the pool this earthly city, between the fingers of those lost in the pale wash of passing time.Used to be so hard to find those who have, and those memories are watered down time, also always want to ingest a little meager in memory of those remaining in warmth.But, time slip their path, leaving with sadness or of Spring.Bliss presumably it is true, Bliss inside skelter, goodbye and gone, ultimately just a wisp of smoke.    Those in the past gone, not to look back, nor is it to oblivion, just as a simple existence, not to care who had come before, who had gone, although only rub shoulders moment, will not be staying lifetime.Things slim, vaguely year old dream, already turned into innumerable Fallen flowers.    Run to miss an acacia flowers, sometimes a vein deep feeling of hopeless waiting, sometimes that is missing man, his face showing a trace of a satisfied smile so simple, shallow.After the road, perhaps very long, I can not predict my own future, I can not feel myself tomorrow.    I leave you in order to watch a person forever, probably will be very lonely, but when alone become a habit, the habit I did not have to consider the next time a starting point, even upset, even if there is no one to accompany, I will go remains firm!To feel I’m a wonderful person, a person I forever.    Ray of sunshine through the afternoon, I bathed in the sun sinking restless heart, to hear the voice of flowers.Only wish the simple four seasons, the wear Su Yi coarse and dull a person, grow old, bald Meet.A spoke this life, this love an idea off.    Fences sparsely QQ: 766314719.[Murdoch] [fireworks unbearable cut all the way terraced rice paddies, a falling】 anthology published, as well as numerous literary friends of the collection of this “fleeting whisper” [Collected Works need to buy a friend, please contact my QQ]

A specialty

Here is Sibi Luo Restaurant.The speaker was Lafleur.  Costain facing a square brownstone facade.Like other facade, but also extend from both sides out amid a cold wet dark empty street.His feet are the basement window around the iron bars, heavy revealed faint light behind the curtain.  Gosh!He said, this is not it eerie cave?  Please understand that Lafleur tone said gruffly, Sibi Luo family has not style restaurants.Although this is the era of a nervous and restless, nervous, it can go its own way, do not want evil deeds.Here perhaps it is an important place to the city’s last gas lamps lighting up.But as usual, we see the same genuine Facilities.There Sheffield club-attentive service, perhaps, there are cobwebs in the cold corner, which half a century ago, in the eyes of customers is commonplace!  This statement really makes you introduce turnoff, Costain said, say this place is too unhealthy.  Once inside, Lafleur went on, you will put this year, this day, this hour of stupid idea to throw out clean.You will be reborn spiritually moment, not because magnificent spectacle, but solemn atmosphere.These are valuable qualities of our time abandoned.  Costain embarrassed smile.Hear you say, this is not a restaurant, but rather a cathedral.  In the top of the head dismal reflection of street lights, the companion’s face staring Lafleur.I fathom, he said, invite you today is not wrong move.  Costain’s words hurt the heart.Despite his enviable position, salary rich, arrogant person of short stature in the eyes of their own at best, only a small staff.But he could not ashamed, their dignity have to say something slightly.If you have this desire, he said coldly, I can make other arrangements, is nothing more than a mere trifle.  Lafleur was as big as a bull’s eye eyes looking up at Costain, flushed face disc puzzled look, seem unusually upset.No, no, after a while, he did speak, not what it.I had dinner with you is very important in Sibi Luo.Costain before he grabbed tightly by the arm and led him to the basement iron gate.You know, you are the only person I know food’s office.Although I am well aware of the many benefits of Sibi Luo restaurant, if it does not share with a friend good at this, like pearl hidden, not the road with others, that pity.  Costain heard this, more than half fury.I know, keen to endure a lot of people really delicious food.  I do not belong to such a person, Lafleur snapped. I Sibi Luo secret restaurant hidden in the hearts of many years, can not wait to spit fast.  He fumbled at the door for a while, only to hear the shrill coming from inside a old hand bell and issued a weak voice.Inside the door a loud crunch, opened it, Costain see a vague face only see clearly is a row of shiny teeth.  Mr. I ask you only to hear the man asked faceless.  Mr. Lafleur and one guest.  Sir, the faceless man said.This is a clear invitation to hear the tone is used.The face jumped to the side, Costain behind the hosts stumbled down the stairs that only one.The door behind him and has two creaking shut up, he stood in a small hallway straight eye blink.He also saw a man in front, took a while, he realized that the man who turned out to be staring at him in that enormous mirror his countenance.That mirror mounted on the wall, from the floor-to-ceiling.That atmosphere, he followed the lead after a person is seated seat, low voice said so a word, they giggled.  He sat in a relatively small table with double Lafleur, around curiously around the restaurant looked something.Restaurants are they mention large, only provide illumination fifty-six rickety gas lamp, is emitted to a false light, so that the walls of the hall flickering, maybe a little distance to disappeared on hiding.  There are eight to ten Zhang tables, will put up enough so that the do not disturb diners.The restaurant has a full house off friends.Several of the few waiters silently back and forth, thoroughly entertaining guests.Only to hear the hall a gentle cutlery banging and scratching, as well as people whispering murmur.Costain nodded approval.  Lafleur gently sigh with satisfaction.I know that you, like me, to where a keen interest in the.He said, by the way, you have not noticed, there did not see a female customer?  Costain raised his eyebrows, revealing a look of inquiry.  Sibi Luo restaurant does not encourage female customers come in, Lafleur said, I can tell you that it uses absolutely effective method.Not long ago, I met a woman this shop to taste the taste of meals.She waited for more than an hour at the table, that no one can come say hello.  She did not yet lost his temper?  Made a.Lafleur think of these things, can not help but smile, even the results of other customers also irritated with her, which led to her people come together to find any, and nothing more.  How Mr. Sibi Luo?  He did not show up.He was ordered to do it secretly, or time of the incident he was not in the store, do not know.Come what may, his victory.Later, both the woman or with her husband did not mind that, two feet longer step into this restaurant one step.In fact, this whole unfortunate encounter strange gentleman was his own making.  This is also a good warning to the people present.Costain laughed.  This time came a waiter.His dark brown skin, high nose, thin lips, looked a well-balanced, watery eyes, eyelashes long and thick, silver hair thick and soft, looks like wearing a velvet top your hat.Costain thought: all these all show that he was an East Indian.Pour two cups full of water to stiff the waiter laid tablecloths, carved from a large glass jar, put on just the right position in front of the two.  Tell me, Lafleur eagerly asked, not on that road tonight specialties?  The waiter apologetically, said with a smile, thus revealing a pretty compelling to the teeth, teeth that only rich families have always housekeeper.I’m sorry, sir, do not supply specialties tonight.  Lafleur’s face suddenly exposed look of disappointment.Waited so long, almost all month, and I wanted to experience with my friend to you is to understand our difficulties, sir.  Of course, of course, Lafleur Costain looked sad look, shrugged his shoulders, you see, I thought to take you to taste the most amazing restaurant offers delicious Sibi Luo, unfortunately, does not supply tonight.  Waiter Q: This is not serving, Mr.?Lafleur nodded..  Costain is the unexpected: a la carte guests ranging from waiter, turned away.  There is no point in advance you good food?he asks.  Alas, Lafleur said, I tell you this in advance is clearly.In Sibi Luo la carte restaurant is no need.Everyone in the restaurant to eat the same dish.The next night to eat the food they are completely different.But again no room for individual choice.  Really different, Costain said, and certainly often lead to dissatisfaction.If someone likes to have no end to the dish, then what shall we do?  You do not have to worry about this situation.Lafleur looked solemnly say, I promise, no matter how picky your taste, just eat in Sibi Luo, for sure you mouth stuttering gusto.  Costain exposed look of doubt, seeing Lafleur said with a smile, please think about the rules here given how subtle, a lot of good.He said, when you dine at restaurants in general, you will find on the menu sent countless dishes for you to choose.You had to face tradeoffs comparison, managed to make a decision, but perhaps soon to regret it.The result of the tension, even if only a slight sense of tension, certainly people uncomfortable.  Let’s look at the entire cooking process.In general the restaurant, in order to prepare countless different dishes, kitchen, chefs tired sweating, running around in circles.And here, as long as a chef, leisurely, in the only dish we put all of their craft on its head, and guarantee to be perfect!  That being said you visited the kitchen?  Unfortunately, there is no.Lafleur said sadly, I depict the scene as you are I imagined.I talk to people and listen to a few years to piece together bits and pieces drawn.However, I admit, now my only aspiration is almost able to see how the kitchen perform its functions.  You can Sibi Luo had ever mentioned his desire?  Are more than ten times, he can come to ignore my request.  His practice is not strange that he has it wrong?  No, no, Lafleur quickly deny me that artists never stick section.But then, he sighed, and I never discouraged, will persist in the end.  Yuehua Jian, the boy brought two bowls of soup to the accuracy of mathematicians, put on just the right position, at the same time, he also fetched only a small tureen with a spoon from carefully scoop out some of the water scarcity broth.Costain scoop some soup spoon, tasted curiously.This soup tasteless as water, almost no taste to products.Costain frowned up, bottles for hand ready to bring the salt and pepper, may be nothing on the table.He looked up and saw Lafleur eyes fell on his body.Although he was reluctant to let the matter rest, regardless of their taste, but also do not want to hesitate to take action to avoid an enthusiasm Lafleur splash of cold water basin.Then he smiled and said finger soup: delicious!  Lafleur reported a laugh.You did not even taste the taste very good to.He said coldly, you feel bland, just wanted to add spices.I know what.After listening to this Costain raised his eyebrows, Lafleur still go on straight, because many years ago, my reaction is the same with you, after the first bite tasted also reached for the salt and pepper.When I found the restaurant does not provide a condiment Sibi Luo, also was surprised.  Costain was shocked.Actually there is no salt!He exclaimed.  Nor even the salt.If you want to add salt, explain your taste buds completely ruined.I am confident that you will find, and I was like: going to wait for you to finish the soup, add salt desire ceased to exist.  Lafleur really got it.Costain’s share of soups has not bottomed out, he would gradually taste the taste of the soup of endless, increasingly high interest.Lafleur their own soup drink a drop left, shoving the bowl pushed to the side, elbows on the table.I say you believe me now?  Strange, Costain said, I believe.  When the waiter busy packing on the table, Lafleur low voice, said eloquently up.You will find, he said, there are a lot of different restaurants Sibi Luo notable feature is not available condiment is just one of them.I wish to let you talk about, there are number of good heart.For example, here we do not supply any alcoholic beverages.In addition to pure cold water here, no other drinks.But the water needed for human beings first and foremost, is the only beverage.  Breast milk naturally not included.Costain quietly added a sentence.  I can also inform you that in the same way: to Sibi Luo restaurant diners generally well past that initial stage of life.  Costain could not help but laugh.You’re right to be considered.  Is not.There is also a rule: Do not smoked any form of tobacco.  God, Costain said, so that Si Biluo restaurant does not become isolated place quit alcohol, rather than a food connoisseurs hall yet?  It seems, Lafleur said, earnestly, you are afraid of is the ‘food connoisseurs’ and ‘gourmet’ to confuse the two words.Gourmet map is delicious food, the kind of food needed more and more, in order to stimulate the appetite excessive.The essence of the food connoisseurs is the emphasis on simplicity.The ancient Greeks wore coarse clothes, eat something to relish ripe olives; the Japanese room stay humble appreciation stems from a curve to have their fun is the real food connoisseurs.  But occasionally Hekou brandy, or smoke a pipe tobacco, confused Costain said, it is also a lot of money over-indulgence.  They are spirits, but also narcotics, Lafleur said, turns down to eat and drink, taste the delicate balance of people will be greatly damaged, thus losing the most valuable qualities of the delicious taste.I patronize this restaurant Sibi Luo years, has been fully confirmed this reason true.  Do you think disable tobacco has profound aesthetic motives, Costain said, I ask, why not?Obtained the operating license liquor requires a high cost, in such a small space is bound to puff opposed by patrons, is not out of considerations such worldly?  Lafleur energetically shook his head.If you encounter one day Mr. Sibi Luo, he said, you will soon understand that he is not the kind of secular prejudices about people.In fact, Mr. Sibi Luo is the first cognitive me ‘aesthetic motivation’ You call it a.  What a strange man.Costain says.In this case the positive terminal of the main course waiter.  After Lafleur relish over half of the meat product, swallow, before he said the following words.My people do not willing to use the ‘best’ category of words.But it seems to me, it can be described as standing in Sibi Luo representative peak of civilization!  Costain eating their share of barbecue, eating, eating, raised her eyebrows.Barbecue immersed in a thick soup, the ingredients did not see green leafy vegetables like.A touch of steam drifted out of his nostrils smell a wonderful, sultry scent, could not help salivating.He slowly, thoughtfully, like not eating a barbecue, but in taste (17,561,791) Austrian composer Mozart (Mozart, the main representative of Viennese classical music, the composer began five years old, wrote a lot of work, the main opera “the Marriage of Figaro,” the Magic Flute concertos and symphonies, chamber music, etc..) Subtle and delicate at the symphony.He found that there is indeed a barbecue here endless taste: the skin crisp and spicy taste, the inner layer of half-baked, bite, blood Smirnov, just feel its light taste, but it is satisfied.  Just a piece of meat off the belly, he was a starving man, hands kept’re going to have a second block, third block, and with great difficulty that managed to restrain such a voracious eating, not eating meat.He might have been savoring one of the delicious.When he ate barbecue plate spotless, I did not realize that he and Lafleur meat throughout the process, from beginning to end have not spoken one word.He mentioned this detail, Lafleur said: spare some time to speak to the face of such delicious?  Costain looked up and look around this dimly lit and shabby restaurant, diners looked at those blissful silence, caused a new experience.Attend, he said ashamed, I can not attend.I’ll apologize unreservedly to just doubt.Your words of praise for Sibi Luo, fair sentence, there is no exaggeration place.  what!Lafleur said, beaming look, beauty still living.I mentioned specialties here for you, unfortunately not tonight Supply.In contrast, just eat worth mentioning.  God!Costain exclaimed, that is quite a rarity stuff?Nightingale tongue?Unicorn gravy?  neither.Lafleur said that it was lamb.  Lamb?  After Lafleur lost in thought for a moment and said: If I might speak freely, talk about the views of this dish, you might think I’m talking nonsense.The thought of this dish, I was fascinated.This dish is neither greasy fatty rib meat, nor is it strong leg.But selected from existing rare sheep meat.According to the man whose name is the name of the dish species of sheep and lamb taken Ami Stein.  Costain frowned, said: Ami Stan lamb?  Ami Stan is on the border of Afghanistan and Russia, a little-known wilderness.From Sibi Luo occasionally talked of few words, I guess it is a piece of high ground, this is an excellent sheep grazing on grass highlands was pitifully few survived down.Sibi Luo in some way, to get the right to do this kind of monopoly sheep, and thus became the sole owner of the restaurant, right on the menu marked on lamb Ami Stein.Let me tell you, eat this dish can be said to be a golden opportunity.Customers are not more clever, eat this dish, it all depends on your luck.  I think, Costain said, but added Sibi Luo messages can supply trailer out.  Argument against doing this is simple, Lafleur said the city gluttonous generation of a large number, if prior to disclose the slightest wind, they entirely possible out of curiosity, once you understand this dish, it will put the store old customers to squeeze out.  Are you saying, Costain put forward different views, in this city, or the whole wide world to know that there is such a restaurant Sibi Luo people are just handful here?  Almost so to speak.For some reason, there are one or two regulars is not here.  incredible.  This is because, in the words imply slightly threats LaFleur, each customer must assume the solemn duty of confidentiality.You accepted my invitation tonight, that automatically assume this duty.I hope you do not live up to their obligations.  Costain to blush.I’m your employee, by virtue of this point can guarantee that I can tight-lipped about the.But I have a question: such a good dish, but put so many people turned away, is it a wise it?  You know, if do as you say, what the consequences will inevitably cause?Lafleur asked sternly, it will hold to a bunch of idiots, every night should complain, how does offer chocolate sauce duck.That scene you can tolerate it?  Can not.Costain admitted, so to say I have to agree with you up.  Lafleur sleepy body to the back of the chair a reliable, shook a hand in their own eyes, I do not see what that means.I was a lonely man.He whispered, not that I want to loneliness.You probably think that these words may sound a bit strange, is not it?Probably I feel nearly crazy, but I deeply feel that this restaurant is this crazy cold world warm refuge, both my home and my friend.  In the eyes of Costain, the other has always been a overbearing own employer, either bit overly attentive hosts.After listening to his words, he felt his stomach stuffed belly full, whole body relaxed, but swirls an irresistible compassion.  Since that day to accept the invitation to go Sibi Luo Lafleur restaurant dining together, over two weeks.During that time, it has become a routine ritual.Shortly after five o’clock in the afternoon every day, Costain will be out of the office, into the hallway and locked the door behind office.His coat is always neatly draped over his left arm, looked into the glass on the door and looked to see that the top of the head Homburg hat (a Homburg hat brim rolled up, crowns have longitudinal concave soft felt.The first production named Homburg, Germany.) Dade angle is not just right.In the past, after he checked hat point on a cigarette, but in urging Lafleur, he was determined to try to take his own determination to quit smoking.Then he walked down the hall, and Lafleur sidelines with the Fed over, stay beside him, cleared his throat.Ah, Costain, I hope you do not have other plans tonight?  No.Costain always reply, I was a carefree free of the body.Or is intended to let statue.And so similar courtesy.Sometimes he felt, if he occasionally refused to change this routine, is not it appear more decent more.But Lafleur heard his answer is always radiant, jubilant, enthusiastic and eagerly pulled his arm away, the face of this situation, so you can not refuse.  Costain thought: the perilous world of business, to gain a firm foothold, in addition to a good relationship with their employer, but also a more reliable way?A person familiar with the matter confidential secretary office already open Fangchuhualai, said Lafleur for Costain fallen in love with toe.This is of great benefit to him.  Then there is food!Sibi Luo incomparable cuisine restaurant!Costain has always been this skinny thin the first time I noticed his significant weight in the growing.Two weeks later, no longer skinny, plump and smooth muscle has become a.Everywhere are signs of significant departure blessing and told him how not elated?One night, looked at his body when Costain bath, while the thought, plump Lafleur before the discovery of the New World Sibi Luo restaurants, and perhaps also a skinny skinny guy now.  That being said, accepting the invitation Lafleur move for him is obviously nothing like the.Perhaps it tasted wonderful, and the cry of praise Ami Stan lamb, after the meeting had Mr. Sibi Luo, you can refuse once or twice, it was said, too.Mr. Sibi Luo far it has not yet been seen yet.Previously should be avoided.  In Sibi Luo dining restaurant one night after a full two weeks, two wishes Costain have been achieved: he not only eat the lamb Ami Stan, we also saw Sibi Luo.But the result was far beyond his expectations.  They arrange waiter seated, immediately leaned down to solemnly declare: the specialties gentlemen, tonight.Costain abnormal surprised, can not wait between heart fluttered up.He saw the opposite Lafleur hands on the table trembling violently.This is a little unhinged.His mind was so sudden idea.You see the two big men, it looks both smart, yet sane, how to become so hurry, like a pair of hungry cat, waiting for someone threw meat!  Exactly what it!Lafleur voices of the Costain surprised, almost jumped up.Cooking unprecedented in the history of the brilliant achievements!The face of it, it’s in your body inspired by emotions so that you know what to do.  How did you know?Whispered Costain.  How to know?Because ten years ago I had the same loss you experience.In addition to gaffes, also easy to see that human beings when faced with the temptation of the kind of meat coveted ugly.  Other people do this?Costain whispered, they will have the same experience it?  You judge for yourself.  Costain secretly looked at the nearby table.You were right, he said, at least that is not unusual in the enjoyment of human.  Lafleur’s head a little one-sided, said: One of them seems to be sorely disappointed.  Costain follow the direction of his fingers at the past.I saw at that table referred to Lafleur sat alone only a white-haired man, the empty chair across from him.Costain looked feel frowned.  Not on the.He think of it, it is that burly bald man, said to the bar?I believe that this is the first time two weeks he did not come.  Perhaps the first time in a decade it.Lafleur said sympathetically, self Sibi Luo first time to eat at restaurants along, whether it is sunny rain, and regardless of disaster woe, I never saw him do not come.Imagine, precisely when he does not come the first time ever, that Ami Stan Lamb is the day’s special, how the expression on his face?  Costain and nervously looked at the empty chair.Really is the first time did not come?He murmured.  Mr. Lafleur!friend!I am very happy.Very, very happy.Do not, please do not stand up.I will take the place of.Carter, a chair will magically appear in the table under his body.Ami Stan lamb is definitely a big success, is not it?I stayed the whole day in the kitchen that bad ah simmer, stew it, and personally supervised the stupid cook, do not go wrong to ensure that every aspect.This is very important part, is not it?Your friends do not know me.Is not who introduced?  His remarks such as the surging water, rolling in, only to hear Costain blossoming ripples stirred up the heart, ears whining.He listened, enraptured, staggering.You see the other side that surprisingly large mouth wide open, continuous spit cadence monologue, two thin lips, with bubbling out each syllable, squirmed, twisted up.Look at the bird flat nose, beneath a cluster of unkempt whiskers, eyes away to apart, look no different from Asians, twinkling in the flickering light; you watch the soft hair from that but not high forehead wrinkles giving her hair back very pale color is very pale, almost colorless.That face is really strange, Costain glance there a sense of deja vu, so they struggled, desperately, but I could not remember in the end is how is it.  Costain is watching, Lafleur hear voices, recovered.Mr. Sibi Luo, this is Mr. Costain, he is my good friend and colleague.Costain stood up and squeezed the initiative outstretched hand.In hand, I just feel that the hands warm, dried out, the hard.  I’m glad, Mr. Costain.Very, very happy.Only to hear him whining said that he had, you liked the spacious office, it is not?I can guarantee that you will be attentive hospitality in our restaurant.  Lafleur and giggled out loud.Not, Mr. Costain to come here every day for two weeks already eating.He said he can admire body cast to your store, Sibi Luo.  His eyes turned Costain.Thanks indulgence.You come to eat here is my great honor, and I use my food as a reward, is not it?I’m sure, here’s unparalleled Ami Stan lamb, you are afraid of the past have not tasted such delicacies.Raw materials hard to come by, some effort should be spent on cooking.  As can be seen from that face, he seemed to have a problem annoying, but tried to ignore it Costain.I have thought about, he said, now that you mention so many difficulties, then why evil pains to Ami Stan lamb dedicated to everyone it?Indeed, other dishes here, you have done well enough, you worry about the bad reputation.  Sibi Luo was elated happy, smiling face became a large disk.Perhaps it is a psychological problem, is not it?Someone found a miracle, be sure to share with others.Perhaps only see people explore together with their obvious demonstration of joy, their only feel supreme happiness.Maybe he shrugged and went on to say, it is related to business know-how.  Well, since you said so many reasons, Costain ton of bricks, asked, you gave those customers set the rules, so why should open a restaurant open to the public, running a private club not better?  Costain facing eyes, his fiery eyes suddenly stare up, and move toward him.Amazing eyes, is not it?I’ll tell you why.As compared to today’s most luxurious club, the individual’s privacy in a public place to dine but get better protection!Here, someone else but ask your private affairs, has no intention Snoop privacy of your life.Here is a word ‘eat’.Guests name yet who, who lives where we are not interested; at why, and why away, we do not want to find out.All come off, we welcome.That is my answer, right?  This is something vehemently stunned and dumbfounded Costain.I can no intention of spying on private affairs of others.He stammered.  Sibi Luo tongue licked his lips in a thin.Yes, yes, he was relieved from the other way, you do not want others to spy affair.Do not let me give you the impression that.On the contrary, you are welcome to put forward questions.  Come on, Costain, Lafleur said, do not let Sibi Luo terrified.I’ve known him for years.I assure you, He’s sharp tongue, a soft heart.Pretty soon, he will put the whole baby store to let you know of course, exceptions to the kitchen, he will not let you see.  This right, Sibi Luo face with a smile, said Mr. Costain seems to have to wait some time, else I obeyed all.  Lafleur happily clapped his hand on the table.I tell you what was?He said Sibi Luo, real speak, in addition to your people, no one you been to the sanctity of the kitchen?  Sibi Luo pointed to the rise.You look at the wall above his own head, he said solemnly, that was my very respectful of a person’s image.He is my very close friends over the years and to the old customers.He’s been to my kitchen, my kitchen is not enough to prove that no one went inside.  Costain closer look from the photos on the wall, I feel exceedingly familiar.Not, he said excitedly, he was a famous writer Lafleur, you know him he wrote satirical short stories and a lot of very exciting spicy.Then suddenly away, disappeared in Mexico!  Know, of course, know!Lafleur said aloud, think of sitting for so many years under his picture, and actually did not recognize him!He turned to Sibi Luo said, you say he is your close friend?He’s missing for you is certainly not light a blow.  Sibi Luo Lazhanglelian.Yes Yes.Absolutely right.But, gentlemen, you think about it from another angle: fame after his death than during his lifetime may be big, is not it?He was a most tragic person.He often told me that his only feel happy time is spent on this side of the table.Listen to more than tragic, is not it?The only advantage I can give him is to let him personally saw my kitchen mysteries.In fact, this is nothing but an ordinary, mundane kitchen Bale.  Listen to you as if to say he would not be dead, Costain said, but after all, the lack of hard evidence to prove that it is true.  Sibi Luo stared photo, lost in thought.Indeed there is no evidence, he said softly, very strange, is not it?  Entrees end up.Sibi Luo quickly stand up to personally serve They come from.He became high spirits, tureen on the lower end of the tray, and sniff the aroma smell inside overflow, showing an elated, contented look.Then a block of meat juice dripping mounted in two shallow dish, carefully, to prevent a drop wasted gravy.Later seems to be tired, panting, he sat back in his chair, backed up.Gentlemen, he said, enjoy it.  Costain chewed the first piece of meat, swallowed.Then look blurred looked empty fork of a composition.  God!He whispered something to praise.  Yes, is not it?Well even than you think?  Costain shook his head blankly.Like mortal impossible insight into his soul, every word he spoke slowly, no resuscitation Chike not imagine Ami Stan all the beauty of lamb.  Perhaps, then Sibi Luo far as to explore, leans in front of Costain, very close, very close, Costain just felt nice and warm odor straight nose drilled Perhaps you have just read your a soul, is not?  Costain tried to put himself pushed to go to some, but not other people feel themselves offended.Maybe so, he laughed, but also form a pleasing picture: eyes full of fangs claws.I did not mean to disrespect you, I do not want Amy Stein regarded as a lamb own church.  Sibi Luo stood up, gently put a hand on his shoulder.Good sharp eyes, he said, sometimes, when you’re doing nothing, perhaps, sitting in a dark room for a while, thinking what kind of a world this world, the future is kind of how this time you should turn to think about lamb on the importance of religion.It is bound interesting.Now, when it comes to where he bowed to two people, me too long to bother you, hinder you dine.I am so happy.He said, and nodded to Costain.I believe you and I meet again.  I saw the row of teeth, shiny, bright-eyed.Sibi Luo in the hallway between the dining table disappeared.  Costain twist around, looked at it backs away.I was not a bit offended him?he asks.  Lafleur stopped eating, looked up.Offend him?He loved to talk this way.Ami Stan lamb is his ritual, as long as he opened Buddist, it will haunt you say a never-ending, proselytizing than the pastor urges people to convert to more than ten times worse.  Costain and eat up, but the face is still in front of him shaking.A very interesting man, he thought to himself Road, very interesting.  He spent a month’s time to discover why that face made him feel strangely familiar.Once found, he could not help but laugh in bed.Not naturally funny.”Alice in Wonderland” ( “Alice in Wonderland” is the nineteenth-century British writer Lewis Carroll wrote fairy tales.) That the dog grinning Cheshire cat presumably written for the models based on Si Biluo!  The next evening, Costain and Lafleur braved strong winds, the road to Sibi Luo walked effortlessly restaurants.This time he put his idea to the Lafleur.Lafleur like listening unmoved.  Maybe you’re right to be.He said, I am not good at how the wind blows.I have lost count of the book is read these years, because it is a very long time ago, really.  As if to take over his Buddist like, across the street suddenly sounded shrill cry numbers, two people suddenly stopped.There was an accident!Lafleur said, go look!  I saw a place away from the entrance to the restaurant near Sibi Luo, two figures tussle together in the evening among twilight.Two people wrestle with, sometimes forward, sometimes backward.Suddenly the two men huddled, rolled along the sidewalk side of the road.It sounds pathetic number rang, although Lafleur is a big fat man, but fairly quickly swept up and ran, the more Costain behind, carefully follow.  Lying flat on the sidewalk on a slender man, his face slightly black, shining white hair.A look, a servant Sibi Luo men.Big hands grabbed his throat, his fingers trying to go through that big hand.The other huge body brutally pressed down, he wore knee feebly, to break out from under the weight.  Lafleur ran up out of breath.stop!He shouted, how it touches?  Almost from the pair burst out of the eye sockets with a begging look, turning Lafleur.Help me, Mr..This man drunk.  I am drunk, you dirty Costain then saw the man is sailors, dressed in dirty sailor suit.The surrounding air filled with the strong smell of alcohol.Dig in my pocket, and said I was drunk, you’d dare say it again!His fingers more firmly against each other to pull the meat.The other party was allowed to pull hum.  Lafleur grabbed the sailor’s shoulder.Let go, hear no?Immediately let go of your hand!He shouted.Then that crooked body sailor who hit Costain.Costain knocked stumbled straight back.  Lafleur see one of us at a disadvantage, furious, took immediate action.He said nothing to the sailor jumps in the past, suddenly, pointing at each other’s face and ribs severely beaten up Henti.That guy was hit at the beginning of Mongolia, and later stood up, dashed to Lafleur.Immediately tightly twisted together.Costain also came to war.The last three were upright scuffle was paralyzed on the ground.Lafleur and Costain slowly got up, looked down to see the man lying on the ground.  You see he is either passed out drunk, Costain said, either the ground when his head fell.Anyway, I have to call the police to deal with.  No, no, sir, and that waiter feebly from the ground up, leaning unsteadily.Do not call the police.Mr. Sibi Luo do not like it.You know, Mr..When he finished he grabbed Costain, begged them, Costain looked Lafleur.  Of course, do not need.Lafleur said there was no need to disturb the police.This brutal alcoholic, someone picked him up soon.This may in the end is how is it?  That guy, Mr..He walked rickety strange way, I pushed him, I did not malicious.He hands it to me and said I want to grab his stuff.  I expected.Lafleur gently push the waiter.Now go, and as people take good care of care.  This seems eyes filled with tears of bellhop.Sir, thanks to you, I only retrieve Mania.I need it if there is a place in front of a vacant lot Sibi Luo restaurants.Lafleur turned in there.No need, no need, this is nothing.You go, if asked what Sibi Luo, asked him to come to me.I will say clearly.  You saved my life, Mr..The two restaurants on just closed behind them, and finally they hear such a sentence.  You see, Costain, a few minutes later, Lafleur pulled the chair from under the table, said the prime of life of a civilized people, alcohol sky, because of a poor people rely on him too, for no reason he should actually go whole dead.  Although presumably it could perhaps be considered shocking, but Costain still trying to take over a word understatement.Only crazy people would be won alcoholism.He said, however, that such a degree is certainly not accidental drunk sailor.  Accidental?Of course there are reasons, the letter is barbaric atavism!Lafleur’s waved his hand, taking on everything quite posture.Why are we sitting here eating meat?This is not only to meet the physical needs, but also because of our atavistic nature urgent need to release.Think, Costain.Do you remember I once Sibi Luo said to be representative of civilization?I now understand why so to speak?He was great, a thorough understanding of human nature.But he and those mediocrity, let him go all out, one dedicated to satisfy our innate nature, while the ignorant bystander and will not cause harm.  I think Amelia Stein lamb wonderful place, Costain said that the words of your intention clear picture.By the way, it will appear on the menu, please?Last month supply before it?  They are flat and that the waiter to pour cup, hesitated to say: I’m sorry, sir, do not supply specialties that road tonight.  Hear his answer?Lafleur muttered, maybe I had bad luck the next time it’s my turn to missed opportunities.  Costain looked at him stare.Come on, impossible.  Damn, how impossible?Lafleur put a half cup of water to drink, the waiter immediately fill the cup.I want to go to South America for a surprise inspection.Time is one month, or two months, in the end only God knows how long.  There’s something bad you?  Maybe not so bad.Lafleur suddenly grinned, do not forget, I overhead Sibi Luo restaurant but not a small number.  I can not hear anybody about this in the office going.  If you have heard of, even if is not a surprise.In addition to myself, there is still no one knows you know.I want them to come to a surprise attack.Put them in there out of the ghost tricks get to the bottom.As for the people in the office, I want to say to them to go to a place for excursions.Maybe you say: too tired to go to a sanatorium to recuperate.Anyway, I will give reliable person on behalf of business management, you can be considered a.  I?Costain was taken aback, asked,.  Tomorrow you go to work, I received a notice mentioning the post.But not me personally given to you.Please note that this is irrelevant to my friendship with you.You are an excellent job, from my gratitude to you a deep.  Costain heard such words of praise, become radiant.You do not go to work tomorrow, that we should get going tonight?  Lafleur nodded..This while I have been busy booking tickets and accommodation to do.If completed so this time is naturally a farewell feast.  You know, slow sound of slow gas Costain said, I sincerely hope, I hope you do wrong we do.I believe that we’re here eating significance far beyond my imagination.  This time the waiter interrupted.Well now serving, sir?This allows two people were shocked.  Of course, of course.Lafleur said gruffly, I did not notice you are waiting for the.  I was preoccupied, the waiter turned left, Lafleur said Costain, which under the lamb to eat Ami Stein.To tell the truth, as early as a week before I had to leave, the reason for procrastination, real hope someday run into a good luck night.But now must go up.I hope someday you sit here and enjoy their own share of Amelia Stein lamb, I can think of is not without regret.  Costain laughed.Will, certainly will.He said, eat it.  He had just finished a plate of something, a waiter reached for the plate.He noted that this is not usual that the waiter served them.It is precisely the man beaten.  I said, Costain ask, how are you feeling now?It is not comfortable?  The waiter did not bother, but with the kind of mood will be very nervous people look, turned and whispered to Lafleur said: You saved my life, Mr..Thanks to you.I laid down his life to repay your kindness!  Lafleur looked up in surprise, shook his.No, he said, I simply do not repay, okay?I thank you again and again, it can be considered repay me up.You go to work, no more about this thing.  After listening to the waiter that did not move, but raise some voices: I play a blood oath, Mr. God, even if you do not repay, and I will save you!Do not go to the kitchen, Mr..I say this with his own life in exchange for your life.Tonight, the future at any time not into the restaurant kitchen Sibi Luo!  Lafleur body leaned back, stunned.Do not enter the kitchen?If Mr. Sibi Luo whim, invited me to why Qu Bude?What’s the matter?  A hand fell heavily Costain’s back, and with one hand catch that waiter’s arm.The waiter motionless froze in place, closed lips, eyes downcast.  What are you actually talking about, gentlemen?Only to hear the sound of grumbling sounded, come really makes clever.Times and so, I think, this time I came very timely, just to answer all your questions, is not it?  Lafleur Qingshu breath.Ah, Mr. Sibi Luo, thank God, you can come.This guy kept saying that I can not enter your store’s kitchen.Do you know what this means he?  Sibi Luo mouth wide open grin, exposing teeth to.Is not.The good-hearted man, for he was sincere advice How about you.What happened was this: I love the excitement of the chef heard rumors that I might make a guest into the kitchen of his baby, he provoked furious.Look at his appearance was angry, really makes people afraid, gentlemen!He even threatened to refuse to work on the spot quit.You all know what this means for Sibi Luo Restaurants.Fortunately, I managed to show that he can go to a distinguished guest and authentic experts to the scene to look at his craft, it is a great honor.Now he has a calm, not angry, it is not?  He let go of the waiter’s arm.Not your place to wait.He said softly, remember: do not allow such a thing never happened.  The waiter head bowed, quietly slipped away.Sibi Luo dragged to a chair, sat down at the table, he reached out and gently stroked his hair.This time the bottom exposed to you, is not it?Mr. Lafleur, this time you come, wanted to give you a surprise.But never a surprise at all.The only remaining ‘invitation’ This is the mind.  Beads of sweat on his forehead rag Lafleur.You are serious about it?He asked, his voice hoarse, you mean, tonight we really can witness your dish is how to do it?  Sibi Luo that sharp nails on the tablecloth scratched, leaving a thin, straight nail marks on it.Well, he said, this is my face a major dilemma situation.He looked solemnly TV drama Road signs.You, Mr. Lafleur, is my old customers, has a decade.But this friend Costain raised his hand to show their discontent.I fully understand.This time you’re just a person invited Mr. Lafleur.I stay here too embarrassing a natural.However Coincidentally enough, earlier this evening I have another appointment, I’ll go anyway,.So you do not dilemma.Really.  No, Lafleur said, absolutely not.That is so unfair.I have been with you to go with, Costain.If you are missing, what fun at all?Sibi Luo can make an exception, nothing but just this once.  Two people are looking at Sibi Luo, I saw he regretted shrugged.  Kesitanhuo stood up.I can not be here to stay, and Lafleur.Otherwise it will spoil your great history of.Moreover, he seemed a joke, say, the thought of that nasty when chef holding a knife waiting for you to cut, I was not in a good spot.I’ll leave.Lafleur because of guilt and silence, to this end, so that the situation caused by the cold field, Costain still went on, so that you together with Sibi Luo alone.I am confident that he will be painstaking to let you see the wonderful scene.When he finished he held out his hand, firmly shook fiercely Lafleur.  You’re a friend, Costain, he said, I hope you continue to eat here, we’ll still be here after reunion.Reunion day not too long.  Sibi Luo out of the way to let the past Costain.I’m waiting for you.Then tell the French: Goodbye.  Costain in the dimly lit hall stopped for a little while, a full tie in front of the mirror, the Homburg hat on straight.Then turned with satisfaction, was last seen Lafleur and Sibi Luo has come to the kitchen door, Sibi Luo is holding with one hand warmly TV drama opened the kitchen door, one hand placed with loving tenderness Lafleur’s shoulder meat balls.

A special trial

And before dark, Hao Ping, director of the tender to do Linjiang received a giant real estate executives Yue new phone, saying in a hurry, asked him to immediately come Shanglinyuan.  When Hao Ping drove Shanglinyuan Development Headquarters, New Yue already waiting there.  New Yue told him that afternoon piling engineering team approach, in the northwest corner near Flanagan small pile of pine woods simply can not play, that is not broken pile pile driver burnout.The last one is about to break into the pile head suddenly broken off, injured two people.Some say it must be something strange underground, to find tools to dig.The results in the ground one meter dug up three bones.  Haoping Qi strange, to say: here in the past have not heard of the grave ah!  They came next to a small patch of pine forest, Hao Ping Yue took the torch to a photo of a novice, I saw half the depth of the pit, and she has three corpses lying in disorder in which the pit but could not see a coffin.  New Yue said: As far as I can judge, after the death of the deceased should be hastily buried here!  Hao Ping watch the corpses had rust corrosion, apparently for some years.Somehow, Hao Ping sudden fear in the heart, get out of the new schematic Yue.  Yue Hao Ping came to the site with a new office, Hao Ping said: blackout, do not spread out.Those corpses quickly disposed of, always unlucky!  Yue new nodded, then chief of staff also arranged for the company to implement it Hengshui.  On the way back, Hao Ping suddenly heard the sound earth-shattering explosion came from the direction Shanglinyuan, quickly put the car parked in the street.Soon, an ambulance from the city to see the direction of roaring.  Hao Ping, I thought it must be an accident, hit Yue new phone, but has been unable to connect.I think that three dead bodies, Hao Ping Yue gave up back to find a new idea, driving back home.  Shortly after midnight, Hao Ping Mongolia received a phone call from a new Yue.That Hao Ping sleeping, Yue new anxious to say: you can sleep deficit, a major event!Hao Ping was taken aback.  New Yue said: night you left, I sent get blasted pit, wanted to get rid of bad luck.People not to pit, it somehow rang explosives, killing one and injured several!  Hao straight sinking fair to ask him: how are you?  New Yue said: I’m fine.!Anyway, I could not sleep, over a couple of drinks it, and then discuss to discuss below, and I still do Shanglinyuan!  Hao Ping at this time is no sleep, I think out of such a major event, not to be implicated themselves.Said: Okay, I’ll past.  Hao Ping Ping Tian’s wife had woke up to go out to see Hao Ping, asked him where to go.  Hao Ping while dressing aside and said: I have a friend in a hurry to go to the.  When approaching Shanglinyuan, Yue Hao Ping hit a new phone.New Yue said: I do at the site office, you just come right!  Office door ajar, Hao Ping went into, I do not know what is stumbled, half a day to get up.A closer look, in front of the wall where stood a long table, sat behind the desk three people, two men and a woman.Due to a dimly lit room, see their clothes appearance, only vaguely feel a little weird.In front of three people each placed a piece of brand names, are: Zhao Yongkang, left Tong, XUE Yan, issued faint blue light font.Woman who called XUE Yan arrayed in front of a stack of paper, a pen in his hand, like a recording instruments.Middle of the room, alone stood a small square stool.  Hao Ping surprised, I thought Laoyue What the hell, change the court office, which is to examine Who?Hao Ping not want to understand, it was forcibly pressed to sit down in that small square stool.  At this time, I saw sitting in the middle of the left who called Tong’s elderly opening: now on trial Hao Ping, director of the Office of dereliction of duty and tender Linjiang major leak case!  Hao Ping froze there, looked confused and said: kidding?Who are you, what I trial?There is evidence it?  Course of the trial, the court found that Hao Ping before Shanglinyuan commercial and residential land at public auction, the base price for auction and people leaked information to the real estate giant Yue new boss, a new mountain to come forward by the bribe bid-rigging, and finally looks cheap land Shanglinyuan.In order to repay Hao Ping, Xu Yue new shares thirty percent of the dry, let Hao Ping profit participation bonus of residential development Shanglinyuan.  Hao Ping initially refused to acknowledge until later bloody face of Hengshui testify, only reluctantly confess.Hengshui involved in peace Yue Hao all new insider trading, that evening a bang on the site, so that he became one of the victims.Hao Ping deny, however, had to confess.  The end of the trial, XUE Yan used to record, so he signed his mark on it.Hao Ping struggling life and death do not sign.Zhao Yongkang immediately take the baton firmly on the forehead Hao Ping, a pestle, Hao Ping spot fell to the ground having seizures.Zhao Yongkang pulled his fingers pressed the fingerprints on record.  Hao Ping woke up to find himself lying in the hospital, next to the police guarding, are not confused.After the police officer surnamed Zheng introduced herself, she asked Hao Ping last night to go somewhere, and why the family unit has been not contact him.Hao Ping baffling.  Hao Ping from last night out of the house, has been worried about Tian Ping.Until dawn, but he did not come back to her husband, the phone still can not get through, Tian Ping, this was kept, hastened to tender to do, to find Zhang Li, deputy director, asked Hao Ping’s whereabouts.  Zhang Li said that they were waiting for the opening service will be Hao Zhuren.Ping Tian asked: Hao Zhuren gone?  Tian Ping already aware, see chapter legislation in question, to fork over the topic said: He has a bad heart, probably go to the hospital, the phone forgot to bring.Then he went away.  Look Tian Ping hurried to leave the back, Zhang Li hearts made from a whisper, it will not be detained for interrogation?Linjiang recent storm was blowing a honest, many cadres disappeared overnight, and then return to public view, has become suspect.Zhang Li thought, to call a friend at the City Commission for Discipline Inspection.Friends said Hao Ping is the city management cadres, the province is generally not leapfrog review.  After careful consideration, Zhang Li immediately to the police.  Police quickly found unconscious in a small pine Shanglinyuan site office Hao Ping, immediately rushed to hospital.  See Hao Ping has been sober, Yue Zheng police officers asked him and a new relationship, Hao Ping is still the fool.Zheng police officers took him to a court record, Hao Ping, I watched his face was downcast.  The court record is found at the crime scene, which relates to the level of corruption is the problem Hao.Hao Ping Zheng police officers could not withstand pressing harder and harder, and finally confessed their own problems, said the Night Audit thing.Zheng police officers shocked.  In fact, this court record is found, Zheng police officers discovered the problem: a stenographic paper is early days Linjiang Court office paper, signed by Chief Judge in the court record left Tong, Vice-President Zhao Yongkang clerk XUE Yan three people, they are the early days of the court staff Linjiang.That year, they had to form a special tribunal to try corruption cases Linjiang City Deputy Mayor Haotian Qing, so very famous, known as the Pro Jiangsan Jie.Later, in a redeployment, the three missing at the same time, never heard from again, he is suspected of being the bad guys plot.  Zheng police officers also learned that year was temporary Haotian Qing Jiang Sanjie trial is Hao Ping’s grandfather.  When the police have new evidence XingJu Yue Yue denied last night gave new Hao Ping made a phone call.The police confronted him and Hao Ping.Yue Hao Ping found a new number on his cell phone, but did not record the call time on mountain new phone.The bureau explained that the caller may be the thefts software installed on the phone, posing machine flagship phone.  Police will sign the court record paper, above and Shanglinyuan site that sent the remains of three departments detection.The record in writing and signed papers are forged.Three were identified as the remains of two men and a woman, the time of death should be more than fifty years.For DNA comparison with the Pro Jiangsan Jie relatives to determine the identity of the remains of three.  Naturally, was cited as one of the people involved in the case of the Office of the giant company Hengshui, did not expect the next day disappeared.So the police launched an online pursuit of him.Zheng police because they suspected Hengshui is the initiator of this particular trial, his insight into the insider trading between peace Hao Yue new, vivid and imitate sounds.  A few days later, Hengshui arrested.

A special love letter

Willow is a magazine editor, in charge of the love story column, she had read all kinds of love stories, and her love story has not yet begun.Is not nobody pursue, but she wanted to have a love story of the beginning of the special.  That day, willow see the manuscript tired, I put down the manuscript, began to fantasize about love.Unconsciously, she thought a few days ago on a business trip, the boy met on the train.  At that time, Willow found a boy on the opposite side sleeper hold a series of her magazine, asked what his favorite columns.The boys thought, said, love story, there’s a love story, each one is so wonderful, so touching.Willow heard this, my heart a happy, exposed bottom.She told the boys, she is the editor of this magazine, this column is the love story she is responsible for the.  Wow!I met an editor, so lucky.I’ve never been up close and edited it.Boys excited, both soon to talk in full swing.Later, the boys want to get off, feeling willow actually some very fond memories, she wanted the boys to leave the phone number, but not the nerve to finally open.  I kept thinking, willow increasingly found that the boy is indeed very pleasant, she can not help but regret.Oh Willow sighed, and began to look at the manuscript.The next one love story, let’s face lit willow.Content of the story is probably as follows: a boy on the train, found on the opposite bunk edit a girl much like a magazine.He cast the manuscript to this magazine, and seen the photo editor at the magazine’s website.The boys want to edit and share what face to face, but was worried about mistaken identity, he took out a magazine, this magazine, succeeded in attracting the attention of the opposite girl.Girl soon became apparent that his identity.The boys did not say that he is the author, only the identity of a reader, and as an editor of the girl talked happily.Later, the boys get off, he found he liked this girl, but do not know the girl’s attitude, so I do not know how to do.  The story I write to you, the author did not continue, but to write such a passage: Dear editor willow, the next part of the story, I do not know how to write.Can you help me finish it?  Watching this unfinished manuscript, willow heart like drinking sweet as honey.She secretly thought: This is the most special love letter I received, my love story, from the start here

A spanking chicken

My dad downstairs do not know when they moved to a less agile legs and feet of the old man, he rarely greeted with people every day to drag an old deck chairs under the shade, next to them a teapot, helped himself hungry buy twenty-two buns, out of a day or two, it is estimated camped used to, at first glance do not adapt to live in the building.Later, the uncle did not know what did you get to play a chicken, neutral looks special, especially due to mouth and saw a child just learning to walk chasing people peck, uncle limped behind stalk branches tossed shout, thrust on it will be wrestled to the ground, like a thief caught with.Many days go, go, that chicken has been blossoming into Tate’s husband, and a hair can see it across the body of sinew meat, with Sampras like there are a few hair also total closure on the neck with a much like.Wings significant degradation, to whom I stick with a half-like, short and thick, a walk on the shoulder end.This chicken burly like a sugar triangle, no tutor, as long as it wants to crow, pull the neck and called, never regardless of dawn does not shine.Grandfather talk every day with the chicken, sugar triangle standing next to him, seldom far away, unlike those poultry uneducated, come out the trash or molested Diao ants, which eat human food.What the old man to eat, something to throw to the ground it is enough to eat.Sometimes sugar triangle made temper, picky eaters, the old man can not cure it?Chicken necks to catch a surprise turn it wrestled to the ground.Uncle on this trick, enough for a lifetime.Bel sugar triangle under him, last as long as an owner of Nu Sheng scold, immediately lying on the ground, you do not have hands, people lying down to eat their own crooked neck, Grandpa is not the speaker, it can not stand up.Sugar triangle lying to eat into a scene, often with children begged uncle to let chickens lay down.Sugar triangle also blame bad luck, sometimes hot day to lie on the ground for half an hour, taking into account the performances had pretended to be dead, they can close their eyes half closed.Start all very fond of sugar triangle, because it looks really not very popular, and confident, you look at it, you look at it, it is estimated to strike up a conversation with people talking early on.It has never glanced errors eye dogs, in its eyes that are some small fry, anyone who dares to pee on its site so did not rule shit, sugar triangular wings shaking violently call within five short stature on the washed up, take myself as big Eagles, and the dogs were scared to walk around the building door.One day, I went to my dad there to get something, and one in the funeral, a large canvas support from the shed after seeing our floor, Pengwai stood two stone baidunzi, most strange thing is a big arrayed on each baidunzi cock, looks almost triangular related to sugar, it absolutely must not move in chickens, with sculpture-like, I wonder what this has done too well that the specimen.Our mouth floor, just to see uncle dragged loungers to go out, I helped him put a good chair branch, no words accosted Q: sugar triangle (the nickname I gave the chicken has spread in the community) which went crazy?Grandpa said: former House do not have a funeral, the lent to wake up.I heard, sugar triangle now OK, ah, have to go on the road signing.Taking advantage of novelty, I ran a wreath in front of people went to see the sugar triangle.That children do not look around, I Zhi Zhizhi shout it for a long time it is not reasonable, it is both paws two ropes fixed in stone.Really dedicated ah, it was estimated that sobbing cry it can kneel, movie actor Pizi.Probably because well-informed, sugar triangle began to self-expansion, the pendulum is not correct position, often when people take their own.It is the way to go, followed by bicycle, car horn shake bells useless, sugar white triangle back at you, then go and never step aside.Takes a group of people are confused in the back of a chicken, but it looks especially your eyes spanking.Estimate is the prototype class is also a bully, a fat trace dragon painting phoenix.These days more than a sugar triangle problems, do not pay attention to see the old lady dressed to chase after people suck back heel, which makes those old woman called Ya Ya side while jumping, sugar triangle just behind the wings proudly yell.Those old lady dresses body spray a little perfume, his face creases more than I miss it grandmother, aesthetic seriously flawed.There are insane in front of the children to sprinkle over the sugar triangle rat poison, sugar triangle is eating rice grown grains child can see on those colorful stick?These days do not even eat rat.Some people want to take it to a brick shot dead chicken, but the sugar triangle of intelligence in addition to not speak, have in mind what you can not catch it.Sugar Triangle are still spare time to show the neighbors pretended to be dead and lying down to eat unique skills, their eyes still so spanking.