With some rage decisive means.

  In case of Zhou Yu Yi Zheng, Yimushihang swept up, why would get angry quickly Ming Bai Qinbo.
  While this anonymous letter is aimed at Qin Bo, but the letter that direct people to do bad things but their.
  The letter made up a bunch of half-truths to deceive the people of the pit of her past experience and made her one can do anything for money liar Fearless.
  Not only that, the man made up after completing her identity began to make up for the right of inheritance Baihui Cheng Qin Qin people because she Qin Ming Jue next couple of insanity, in fact, two of them are liars, as is the Tengyun.
  ”There are figures.Do not say, take less than a ghost, then the two of us really like the god of dance.”
  Some photos of the mail is monitored shots, some photographs, the number of which is not much, we are taken to the Royal Park.
  ”But what’s the use that person to do so?Uncle aunt certainly believe you, but they did not evidence that I am a liar, as long as they clarify, are these employees will not revolt?This is not ancient, courtiers would play dead admonish this set.”
  Because the first Qin Bo angry for her, Yu Zhou in case it was not there any particularly good find yourself angry place.
  She is not able to understand each other do projects

Young kidnapping or how much some negative impact on her, with a black powder words, let someone else use the idea of kidnapping, you can simply what role?There is always guilt on the victims of this society, no alternative.

  But tonight play these games, Sheng Joe has been successfully used his acting skills and attitudes we reversed the impression of her, others, after all, still have to personally contacted in order to distinguish right from wrong.
  With the crew eleven farewell, Jane Ding and white on the side with her back to the hotel, do not trust Jane Ding, also wanted to take her to the hospital to check, Sheng Joe is rejected.
  If was photographed, she said into the group on the first day in the hospital, I do not know what hypocritical rhetoric will be heard.
  Back at the hotel just going to take a bath, I received a phone Horch.He knows her into the group today, worried that she hurt not good, asked a few cases, Sheng Joe did not mention the headache with him like a baby: “This play is good sand sculpture ah, every time I could not help but want to laugh.”
  Horch: “The script was a sand sculpture kiss you?”
  Sheng Joe: “.”
  Your focus is very tricky ah.
  Sheng Joe quickly change the subject: “Horch, you give yourself today hit list yet?”
  Horch: “.”
  Sheng Joe earnestness: “sign can not be broken ah!Remember to re-sign after six o’clock every morning, we will randomly presented points, and each is a cornerstone Rising!”

I never said I was good, but why you mistook my goodness bullied, to mess with my head, everything today, are not you deserve it!”

Bowen was staring fiercely Chunxiao, he screamed: “I’m beyond redemption?!You think just found a new man to spoil my body, I will be able to utter it?You think I discipline these days in the House of painstaking efforts are in vain do?I just find the old lady cried a cry, the old people must take pity on me, I would absolutely do not marry this and other menial beast!And you, you Chunxiao, is really beyond redemption!”
Then, he laughed: “You think you can pull me die with you?You alone, but also with?!You were sold to a brothel who suffered from bullying, people trampled!This is your destiny, and I, still in Ji Jiawei from wind hehe!”
Spring Min Zhaochun no longer speak.
Bowen thought that she was afraid, the more crazy laughing up: “Originally, if you really believe me, I climbed today is the uncle of the bed, then perhaps I can see on your poor with you a pull to be this great opportunity you

Like a hot flame burning in hell, “Why did you not let my wife!”

An Wei Zhen Wu secret to listening, a bit indifferent caress chin, she saw two brothers Wu and Wu Tao now you die I die situation, do not bother tube in the cold watching Zhou Zhou, Shen heels walked around the North Star.

Wu this time there is no effort to see Wei Zhen security, he now has to listen to them, and Wu Tao today he can not be placed in a non-death, but for Wu Tao said, he was dazed, “What wife?When you married?”

“Oh, you forgot?”Wu Tao Lengheng a cry,” that day four years ago, I took my fiancee came back, I just let her sit in the living room downstairs, I’ll call my mother, the results of Wu, like you ruthless man, you have no reason to live in this world?!”

Wu also like to think of it this time what, four years ago, he really seems to have seen a woman, it was a very beautiful woman.

Text Chapter 247 infant spirit

Vague memory, Wu still remember the man with bright red lips and white skin, slim waist long leg curl.That he seems to be just over eighteen years of age rite, so drink a little worse

School, even if it is slowly walked over, in fact, far from it when walking exercise.

  But XIA away from classes this semester arrangements are more awkward time.In addition to the eight o’clock in the morning the first lesson, there is a final one night, half past eight pm on the school.
  She is currently teaching the history of European civilization is a public elective course, belong to various colleges can choose various professional large general education classes, most students are placed in the first three years of university public elective credits take full election this door people are also many lessons are arranged in a multi-seating capacity amphitheater in.
  Students, large classrooms, a volley of more than a row of tall amphitheater, XIA away when the school, they did not notice each student, unless the movement is particularly large or is sitting in the first few rows.
  After all, not a professional small lesson, but XIA away it very interesting, and after class is also still a lot of interest to students and ask her point question, or want to copy courseware like.
  But this evening after class, XIA away standing edge of the platform to ask questions of a student Lianhan her several times, Lin, as if she did not like to hear, did not answer.
  Indeed, she did not expect, it was sitting in the last row by

Column misfortune, had been clutching the man’s arm, hit the pressure off the back skin burning pain.

  Corridor lights, then snapped open.
  Xin long micro raising his hand over his eyes, his eyes overflow physiological eyes water, and then heard a dull pleasant male voice said: “Do not worry, all right.”

Chapter 115
  She wiped her face, looked up.
  In front of people wearing the cap down, back to the light face somewhat vague, tall slender physique moved, she came toward.
  Oct-long micro reflex back, spine hit the door, no retreat.
  Although he saved her, but she is still a little nervous, saw him coming, subconsciously I wanted to run away.
  Sip a sip of his lips, he stopped and looked at her silence.
  ”.Thank you, “she pinched handle heart, eyes on the man lost consciousness behind him, biting her lower lip, whispered,” I did not carry a cell phone, can you help me do the police?”
  ”I do not have a phone.”His voice was faint.
  This micro-Xin long to see him again, some incredible, “There is no cell phone?”
  His hook the hook lip shallow, beautiful pretty thin red lips,

He’s dangerous, Chinese fire brigade brother is very professional, speed and mobility are the best.

  Chen then diving and Chakun quickly evacuated, and seriously injured Gokseong also been sent to the hospital.
  Chen originally wanted to ask Gokseong diving out of his mouth what kind of person he wants to do life, the result is now less than the asking.
  Leaving Chen diving worried that the police will be involved in the investigation, if Gokseong blamed, said he was wounded Chakun burglary, the police will inevitably be wanted Chakun.
  By the time Chakun this identity in the face of the police is absolutely no point advantage.
  As a result, Chakun will certainly be in trouble.
  And Chen diving to Chakun stay to help him, his side there is a upright Su Ching, Ching Su Chen how could permit diving secretly harboring a wanted man it.
  So anyway, Chen diving must find a way to change that.
  He quickly contacted all day mirage hospital emergency room, the judge was sent to the hospital Gokseong.
  When Chen diving and Chakun go to the hospital, the police who had surrounded the emergency room to the.
  Chen diving really have no idea there any way to change the status quo, we can only find a way out Chakun first day mirage.
  But when Chen made this decision diving, emergency room doctors came out, on-site police announced a message.

Eyes light up, stand up and quickly occupied the top position dual process, squint and smile: “I am interesting.”

Chapter 111
  Toss finished on the carpet it is already very late.
  They head next to head, lying silent for a moment on the carpet.Instant, Mu child star to take rub rub her head: “bath it?”
  Cheng also recall that double side off the field hilarious lingering, slow response to some.
  Hand injury reason, lingering in her looks bloated, double drive not satisfied.
  In the past, led by the star is not without sex, but she always multiply fed back, after all, on this physical thing, or she prevailed.
  May be a right hand injury, she is completely trampled upon state.
  After the stars set off a burst of wild waves, she naturally wanted to hug and kiss her, even further, who knows not the action, it was smart to escape the stars.
  Her voice sounded playful, angry and funny: “I do not bully injured.”
  Cheng double tentatively approaches her several times, she does not escape again and said that the final has been eating dry wipe once.
  Kept saying do not bully injured, but give her a strong mental and physical double whammy, double drive slow for a long time have been lying up.
  Mu child star does not see double drive squeak

Where things can be so intense fear of it, for how outsiders would say to his family, Chen Jiayong really clear enough.

  ”You really do not be afraid, my family are good people, then I used to take you over for a dinner, you will understand.”Miss Bibi Chen Jiayong July” this small ancestors, our family is really mind the softest, most gentle, she is a big temper, you do not listen to what others say, how outsiders say are false, and you feel yourself..”
  She feels himself to be a genuine outsider even more disgusted little bastard right?
  Lu seventy-one always looked at the woman and overly tolerant of Chen Jiayong brain supplement, if he was born in the war years, certainly he died in the hands of the enemies of women.Because Chen Jiayong three view, women are delicate flower, like kindness, care needs care.Even if one or two of evil, and it was forced to live.Otherwise that weak woman, not to mention the shoulder can not Tiaoshou can accomplish anything, let alone the evil.
  Ha ha.
  Sometimes land seventy-one think, Chen Jiayong was born a man to make a woman love to hate.He pity all women, because he believed that women are the most useless.
  What a fucking causal relationship ah.
  So at the moment, Lu seventy-one once again confirmed that want to exterminate the biggest obstacle to wind chimes, is Chen Jiayong.
  Before greatest tragedy did not happen last generation, wind chimes true colors after exposure, grandmother and aunts father and mother are worried legislator, hurt Chen Jiayong.

Chapter 23 acting
  Chen Jialiang can wait

What constellation is February 2

The constellation born on February 2 is Aquarius, and the birth date of Aquarius is January 20-February 18 in the new calendar.. Aquarius, also known as Aquarius, Air signs, is located in the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Uranus dominates. Aquarius is the “star of friendship” in the constellation twelve. they are friendly to people and pay attention to privacy. they like to make friends with all kinds of friends, but it is difficult to make friends with them. it takes a long time to really make friends with them.. They will appear aloof and distant from their families and will not be able to express their feelings towards them.. Aquarius people have a strong personality. They attach great importance to their spiritual world and are supporters of humanitarianism.. However, since Aquarius people were born in a cold winter day, their personalities always have a hint of melancholy. Their smiles always have a hint of melancholy in their eyes. People who do not know them will be attracted by their melancholy smiles.. Appearances show a state of alternating enthusiasm and apathy. They are as quiet as virgins and as free as rabbits.. Their hearts are as calm as winter’s. They love all new and fresh things, are willing to accept new discoveries, and like to explore mysterious things.. He has great potential to become a philosopher and an artist.. They advocate freedom, do not want to be bound, and often jump out of the shackles of the secular and appear independent..   Aquarius is a constellation with strong individualism because of its intelligence, independent personality and love of exploration and observation.. Curiosity is strong and freedom is advocated. Because their ideas are often Alone thinking of a different way and subvert tradition, they will give people an odd impression, which makes them difficult to integrate into the crowd and give people the impression of being independent and inaccessible..   Their greatest characteristic is innovation and they are pioneers of new ideas.. People with the sun in Aquarius are ahead of time and full of pioneering spirit.. Personality friendly fraternity, creativity and foresight, good at observation and analysis. I don’t like The Conformist according to custom. I speak and do things according to my interest. I have my own ideas and pursue a unique way of life.. Emphasize spiritual and material enrichment. He is good at rational analysis and often combines strong desire with independent spirit.. I like to make decisions with free thoughts and follow my inclinations.. But sometimes it is too opinionated to appear stubborn and self-centered.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.