“Roar~”Sadista’s whole person instantly turned into nothingness。Melt with that black wolf。

The black wolf roared and arrived in front of Wright in an instant,At the same time open the mouth of the blood basin。Seems to try to swallow Wright directly。And the space in the mouth of the blood basin also has cracks。
And when the black wolf swallowed Wright,The sharp guns in Wright’s palm are also completely gathered,Like the sun,Stabbed!
【Water and fire compatible】It is the application of the preliminary fusion of the two principles。
【Fire and water burst】It’s a move that completely merges the two principles!
And this formula【http://www.szhsjj.cnWater and fire explosion】It is a deeper application of the two principles of selection and fusion。
‘water’By the soft method,Make the energy condensed into one point,And finally turned into‘fire’Burst all power!
As if a big day in the void collapsed instantly,Turned into endless light and heat, it hit the dark wolf that swallowed everything。
Quietly,Light and dark,Space annihilation。
The light and heat of the sun overwhelmed the devouring power of the black wolf。
The black wolf disintegrated and shattered,Turn into a human form and fall on the ground。
“I。。I。。。family。。。”Sadista looks sad,Fortunately,Then the body is annihilated every inch,Turned into ashes。
Looking at the two gods and space rings in my hand,Wright sighed,In this original book, the master who was killed by Qinghuo Leilin with a single move seems to be a person with a http://www.yjhsuji.cn story.,Ok,God,But since it’s dead anyway, it doesn’t make any sense。
Wright also has a clearer definition of his own strength at this moment,I’m doing my best,Material attacks can completely kill ordinary six-star demons。This strength,Even at the highest planes, they have considerable strength,Can basically guarantee safety。
But at the moment,Let’s break into this cemetery of the gods first。Wright waved his hand,Put Sadista’s body and space ring into his own hands。
On the 16th floor of the Tomb of the Gods。
There is only one god at this level now,The upper god of the Xuanwu clan。
now,This upper god is frantically attacking the stele in front of him。