If this knife fell directly into Shen Xuan’s chest,So Shen Xuan will definitely lose his blood too much and die.。

other people,Also looked at Shen Xuan。
It looks at them,This,Shen Xuan has no way to escape from here.。
“Humph,Want to deal with me?”
“Although I can’t see my eyes.,But you want to deal with me.,A little bit。”
Just wait for a while,Shen Xuan can restore vision。
By the time,Shen Xuan’s combat power,Will be greatly improved。
And now,Shen Xuan listened,Just when the knife is about to pierce into Shen Xuan,Directly by Shen Xuan one hand。
Finish,Shen Xuan very simply decisive is a punch。
“Since you want my life。”
“So now,I will give your life and then say it.!”
People don’t commit me, I don’t commit crimes.,If http://www.changzhibao.cn people commit me,Paid!
This is the principle of Shen Xuan’s。
And now,They have touched Shen Xuan’s bottom line。
So in any case,Shen Xuan will never let them。
Think here,Shen Xuan will not give them a chance to give them,I don’t say it again.。
A set of combined fists,The nearest person from Shenxuan,All are all directly hit,Directly。
Other original plans are going to start with Shen Xuan,but now,But suddenly stopped。
“what to do?”
One of them looked at others,Suddenly asked。
at this point,Let them be difficult。
If now,Don’t resolve Shen Xuan,After Qing Qixuan recovered,All of them are safe and sound。
But,If you are now,In fact, they,Also don’t have much grasp。
A time between,Everyone has fallen into difficult。
but,One of them biting his teeth:“How much do you do so?,We are so many people,Dealing with a temporary people,Don’t you still??”
When this person finished,Those people around are nodded,Start shooting in front of you。
“makes sense,Starvation,Dying,Requisites,Fight。”
“Together,If you can get rid of his words,That’s really earned。”
“This is of course,Go together,First solve him again。”
Those people around said,It is a quick shot。
But this time,Shen Xuan’s vision returned some。
“Humph,Just now, don’t solve me.,Now,You will not have any chance.!”
What is rich in insurance?,I have to see if I have this strength.。
Before Shen Xuan did not fear,Don’t say something more now.。
So this time,Shen Xuan directly grabbed one of them,Asked coldly。
“Hurry up,Who is sending you??”
Shen Xuan’s words,But did not make the person have any fear。
“Humph,You die this heart.,I will never tell you.。”
When I http://www.yesdance.cn heard this,Shen Xuan whole personal brow is slightly frowned。