“Aunt Mei is responsible for me too。”Shen Huandao,“Mr. Zhang,I haven’t thank you yet,This time to help me publish a novel!Including translation,Really hard!”

“Hey,So polite?”Zhang Zaiyundao,“If you don’t mind Teacher Chu,I take advantage,Call me Brother Yun?”
“Ok,Brother Yun,You can also call me Xiaohuan。”Shen Huan。
“No no no,Where do i have this qualification?”Zhang Zaiyun shook his head repeatedly,“Teacher Chu, don’t you know,You are already very hot in Tai Chi country!To find you,They are going crazy!”
What he said is also the truth。
If you didn’t know that Shen Huan only had16year old,And he already46Years old,He dare not let Shen Huanzun call him。
Because of Shen Huan’s identity and status,Absolutely crushed him。
As long as Shen Huan says that he is Chu Liuxiang,Then he can be naturalized into Tai Chi country immediately。
Even if he didn’t have such plans,He is also a great writer who is well-known in Tai Chi country。
And he Zhang Zaiyun,It’s just a stationed reporter,Very ordinary in comparison。
But can join《Gift in Room 7》inside,Did a translation of this novel,Zhang Zaiyun is very proud of himself。
Since Zhang Zaiyun insisted,Shen Huan didn’t force him,“I am also using translation software to watch news from Tai Chi country this time,《Gift in Room 7》not bad,Did not live up to my expectations。”
“More than good!?”Zhang Zaiyun’s exaggerated way,“If there is no special accident,Excellent Book Award of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Tai Chi Country this year,Ms. Chu must be yours!”
Excellent Book Award of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Tai Chi Country,Is the Nobel Prize for Literature in Tai Chi,To commend the best in each year、The most influential books。