Secretary Liao glanced down at the roster on the desk,According to the name on the roster:“Peng Changyi,Please tell everyone。”

Guan Hao smiled at him,Reach out to him。
Only then did Peng Changyi wake up,Make sure that Secretary Liao is talking about himself。He quickly stood up,Said:“The year I left was1749Ten thousand yuan,Is also the best level in history。Report finished。”
“please sit down。”Secretary Liao said:“Money corrupted by a corrupt official,It’s equivalent to our total fiscal revenue for one year in a county with a population of 300,000。Comrades,You say,The central government can allow such corruption to survive?”
The students are silent。
First246chapter Warm back
Secretary Liao said:“Definitely not。so,Fight corruption,It is the main content of our party’s governance and crackdown since the founding of the country,Is the ruling foundation of our party。I told you exactly what I meant。 An environmental protection bureau chief,Should have made a big splash in his career,Now he has to stay in jail because of corruption。This person has calculated a few accounts for himself and the corrupt officials in the world.——political、economic、reputation、family、free、Affection、Health and other loss accounts,It can be said that the result of the settlement is not worth the loss,Every word is crying。Is there such an example in our province??Also have,Maybe you are also aware,First half,Because a group of officials were investigated and dealt with,Some of them embezzled more than 100,000 yuan,Some embezzled millions of dollars,There is a cadre who came out of the mountain,Sentenced for corruption,His old father felt ashamed to meet people,Hanged himself in his hometown,The suicide note he left to his son is only one sentence,Ah,I used to be proud of you,now,Ashamed of you……”
“I will tell you this today,Is to increase our vigilance,Uphold all moral and legal standards,Don’t reach out,Reach out and be caught,Just can’t catch it now,I will catch it in the future,and so,Be frank and frank,Do things openly。”
Peng Changyi couldn’t help but remember the scene of seeing Zhai Bingde with Meng Ke yesterday afternoon.,The secretary of the municipal party committee,Has now become a prisoner,Peng Changyi felt deeply ashamed the moment he saw them,He didn’t stay with his mother for a few minutes before he went back to prison because he was unwell。
“Corruption is not only manifested in corruption and bribery,Corruption manifests on multiple levels。In the hearts of many people,It seems that the county party secretary’s job is not to seek trouble,But to seek。Their eyes are always blocked and staring at it,Staring at the emotions and sorrows of the leaders above,Do what you like。The leaders above are full of spirit,A large number of officials below must also be extraordinary,Leap forward at every turn,Generous,Doesn’t seem to really want to do things,They have only one purpose,That is to cater,Cater to。Treat doing things as a means rather than an end,This is wrong,Also dangerous,It’s to ruin our ethos。This is also a sign of corruption!”
Peng Changyi’s heart jumped,He thought of the other day,I worry about not having a suitable big project,Or Wu Guanqi’s clever persuasion,So that his heart gradually calmed down。
Secretary Liao said:“In this climate,Local governments compete to compare,Big project,A city,There are not one or two big projects,Like a family without shark fin、abalone、Lobster Hotel,Not up to grade,I think it will be looked down upon by the higher-level party committee and government,Worried about being classified,Dull face,Waist is not straight,Speak hard,This comparison has become deformed in some places,It’s almost as good as when the satellite was released。”
He raised his voice。
“Of course,This has a lot to do with our use of economic indicators to assess the performance of officials。Your tenure is for a certain period,Everyone wants to play a big game in tenure,Have big moves,Big deed,And the most effective is to attract investment,Is visible、Tangible achievements,This may be the development strategy of your county party secretary。But what I want to say is,Under the control of this strategic thinking,Certain short-term behavior,Repeated investment,Extravagance,Even make a big splash,Construction of high-end buildings、Over-standard office building。Speaking of which,Let me reiterate the views of the provincial party committee,All government buildings or halls under construction,For whatever reason,Stop construction immediately,This is absolutely unambiguous!The central government has made repeated orders,No high-end office space is allowed,You just make the Yamen beautiful,No matter how strong,Not serving the common people,It also has a glamorous appearance,Will be cast aside by ordinary people,As a writer said,Is it just a gorgeous robe?……”
Peng Changyi’s heart beat,So risky!
“I have been here for almost a year,I consciously went to some rural areas,Turned around,Found a problem,This question makes me feel chill。Reform and opening up for so many years,Our city has undergone earth-shaking changes,But the countryside that has nurtured us has not changed much,After solving the initial food and clothing problem,Our farmer brother,Did not taste any sweetness,I don’t hide my opinion,We have been plundering from the peasant brothers,We got the land from them,For the construction of high-rise buildings,but,Pay them little and little,and so,They sue,Just make noise,Human lives have appeared in some places,These are lessons!it’s here,I suggest you county officials,Whenever you feel empty、Or feel okay,When I feel free,You go to the countryside,Go to the countryside,Look at our countryside,You will know what to do or not to do。”
His face is solemn,Deep gaze:“and so,You county officials,While keen on big projects,Take care of the three rural issues,Take into account the issue of coordinated urban and rural development。”
Say here,He feels dry mouth,Drank a few sips of water,Guan Hao just got up,I saw that the principal of the party school sitting in front had come forward,The cup for Secretary Liao was filled with water。