Qin Liang is embarrassed,Although he didn’t want to deliberately fool Liu Xiaoyun,Just said casually,But Liu Xiaoyun exposed it face to face like this,Still make him quite unable to come to Taiwan,There is a feeling of stealing and being caught on the spot!
“I’ll give Xiaoxue the drink first,Then come back and talk to you,So you still have some time,Hurry up and make up the reasons for continuing to fool me,When I’m back, you can continue to fool me。”
Liu Xiaoyun finished these few words in a hurry,Turning around with three bottles of drinks……Watching Liu Xiaoyun leave behind,Qin Liang only felt a sorrow that came directly into his heart!It’s too hard!I want to make up a story in front of Liu Xiaoyun,That’s a big knife in front of Guan Gong,Overweight,The rhythm of self-inflicted shame!This magic
Like a little girl,It’s simply an incredible ability to perceive everything,No matter what tricks you play in front of her,I can’t hide from her!
“I can only get three bottles,Take what you guys want to drink,I won’t take care of you。”
Liu Xiaoyun handed the drinks to Shen Ruoxue separately,Empress of Mandarin Duck and Luna,Smiled and finished talking to Yang Zhi and the others,Turned around and walked back to Yinliang’s side。
“you……you’re back。”
Qin Liang asked awkwardly, looking for words。
“Yep,I’m back,how?The reason has not been compiled yet?Otherwise, I’ll walk away for a few minutes,I’ll come back to listen to you when you make it up?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked with a smile。
Qin Liang smiled bitterly and didn’t know what to say,Since I know I can’t fool Liu Xiaoyun,He simply omitted to defend himself。
“Is there something difficult to solve??”
Liu Xiaoyun stopped smiling,Start to ask seriously,Then look straight into Qin Liang’s eyes,Seems to be ready to watch,Discern whether what Qin Liang said next is true。
“No,Nothing,You don’t have to think about it,I actually just want to sit here and have a drink。Ha ha。”
Qin Liang spoke very frankly this time,The fact is exactly what he said。
“Really okay?”Liu Xiaoyun’s doubtful question,Both Yang Shiyun and Meizi told her;If a person lied to,His eyes are dodging,Unless professionally trained,Or the mental quality is super strong。Although Qin Liang is not an ordinary person,but
Liu Xiaoyun relies on a woman’s unique intuition,I can still feel that Qin Liang didn’t lie this time。
“of course not。”