Baby with chicken pox caution with hormone ointment

Baby with chicken pox caution with hormone ointment

Winter is a period of high incidence of chickenpox. If your child develops a rash after having a cold, you should seek medical treatment immediately without delay.

  The “Health Report” epidemic profile released by the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau last week showed that 595 cases of chickenpox were reported in Beijing last week, an increase of 8 from the previous week.

58% of the patients were mainly students, nursery children and scattered children.

As of November 21, 2010, the city has reported a total of 14,779 cases of chickenpox, an increase of 5 in the past year.

26%; one death was reported gradually.

  Chickens are most likely to develop chickenpox, Professor Shen Xuzhuang of the Beijing Children’s Hospital Education Department said. Chickenpox is caused by chickenpox zoster virus. It occurs frequently in winter and is a common acute infectious disease. It is highly contagious and is mainly transmitted through droplets and contact.In this way, if you contact clothing, toys, appliances, etc. contaminated with chickenpox virus, they will also be infected.

  Moreover, chickenpox patients are mainly preschool children, especially infants and young children, and children living in groups are also prone to illness.

In terms of its harm, varicella virus can spread to multiple organs, and it is also complicated by skin infections, pneumonia, and encephalitis.

  Experts also remind parents that children should not be too panic after chickenpox. Although chickenpox is a generalized herpes, it usually dries gradually and then scabs after 3 to 5 days, and the scabs will be completely replaced within two weeks and heal.Traces are rarely left.

The key to children with chickenpox is symptomatic treatment, using antiviral infection drugs to prevent infection.

To prevent the child from scarring after scratching, put a cloth bag on the child’s hand.

If your child scratches herpes, she can apply purple potion.

  In addition, do not use hormone-containing ointments such as “easy skin” and “prednisone” for children, because children with chickenpox often have low immunity and should not use hormones.

  Fever and then rash experts point out that chickenpox will appear slightly warm at the beginning of the onset and general discomfort.

And children with chickenpox usually have a fever for one day, and they have anorexia, crying, irritability, or cough.

At the same time or one or two days after the fever, a rash appears on the skin of the scalp, trunk, and extremities, and it quickly develops into macula, pimples, herpes, or scabs.

Moreover, the rash was distributed concentrically, and round or oval blisters were formed quickly, and the blisters were easily broken.

  Experts remind parents of rashes in children with colds. To prevent chickenpox, in addition to getting chickenpox vaccine, the key is to cultivate good hygienic habits for children, wash their hands frequently, and keep windows open and ventilated in the room.

  In addition, the early symptoms of chickenpox are similar to colds, so if your child has cold symptoms, it is best to give your child medicine for colds on time.

Once the child is found to have a chickenpox parasite, take the child to the hospital as soon as possible.