Bridge on the left

The left side of the bridge memory, always under the snow. Back to childhood, to see you face. I do not know but not the face, I still hang around here. The day before the Ching Ming Festival, I came to your window in silence, accompanied by the moon, the night. Then could not bear parting, just pull me alone. Traveled far apart, remember to stop yesterday. Snow north of the eaves, boat Fang lights obviously destroy destroy, condensed into the sea the moment, hepatobiliary ice into snow. I had all revel, persevering edge obscure word. Fly snow lingering, difficult to pull Guyan dreams. But also a sad season, Qingming rain slender. I saw, snow bridge on the left, as if everything has not changed, you and I went back to the past. Bright hibiscus, peach scattered, bamboo execute its festival, the villain child breakdown elegant leaf. Baiyun want to fly free fly thousands of miles apart, do not read each other. Mountains and seas, rivers and lakes children, laughing. Suddenly, persevering, longitudinal my house I dust, you have turned into forever. Like a calla lily, withered in the summer. Bridge on the left, into a butterfly snow, white sky, I have Acacia Jinmie [Editor: Rain is also odd].

Bridge landscape

Under “in front of the bridge, swam across a group of ducks.Come Come count, twenty-four thousand six hundred seventy-eight.”I believe this is everyone’s minds childhood best memories.Water gurgling, Willow Green Celadon, the bridge should be some beautiful scenery.I like modern hazy representatives of the poet Bian Zhilin song “Fragment”: You look at the scenery on the bridge, watching the scenery to see you upstairs; the moon decorate your window, you have decorated the dreams of others.Natural scenery with its unique way of return of passionate people on the bridge, and the bridge should the people in what way to return a piece of good intentions do people upstairs?    Here is the westernmost city of Xihua County, this ditch under the bridge there is a reminiscent of, a little wild name – pairs of wolves.No one here ever seen a wolf, not even a shadow WILDCAT not have seen.Over the years, the West China town but really developed.Story, and Lu Kuan, the city has grown.Planners really generous, not to mention the South administrative district, a high-rise where they stand, and that style and that style no less a medium-sized cities in developed countries; not even that old rabbit shit rugged desolate land, several spring and summer, the villa courtyard into sky.    Lively, many people, quality of life up, and this bridge has become a garbage dump.At first, a one to own a garbage bag pack installed, the evening dusk or dawn early morning, taking advantage of morning exercise machine quietly left to buy food.Perhaps the sharp increase in households, perhaps accustomed to.Today, blue sky day, Lang Lang events, car car pull, completely ignored, had no previous hint of shyness.The higher the garbage heap, becomes longer, which affects the lives of close to residents, it was simply in the garbage next to the wire rod erect a sign that read “Who in the west of this garbage, dead his family.”.Blocking was also really cruel curse.Not the length of the development, the only higher ground heap.Whenever the spring and summer, the temperature rose, waste fermentation, mosquitoes everywhere, stink to high heaven.From here, no one does not say that a tube, but most of them are civilians, just talk.    Speaking tube, really is not a simple matter.Big town, originally a town, but now split into three, Kunshan City Wa Kei city three offices.It so happened that this bridge is located between Kei Wa.Across the way, northbound Kei is a city, it is a Wa Bridge City.Office work has always been the place to be these days, people have other people’s difficulties, no funds in this area you supposed to say.Said last year, the county engaged in a three-city joint creation, or at a higher level of intervention by Kei under the city’s Chaoyang district funding to clean up the garbage here.It is said that a full pull eight cars, and later reimbursement minors, had to dig into their own pockets, output fell only good thing no one did.Nephew lanterns – business as usual, on the walls that create a “civilized city, health city, garden city” slogan is also clearly visible in the sunshine, it is particularly glaring.    Listen to people say, the transformation of this pair of wolves ditch has also been incorporated into the planning of the county, eight hundred children being written into the government work report, can not remember which year it made a commitment to the people, the Jialu River, east canal, city water ditch double wolf governance as one of the “ten events”.To the sky bluer, the water clearer, higher also set aside a lot of money earmarked.Cutting a tree, dig a ditch, buried pipe also.Place called Sun dike from a corner mention Ying River drainage sluice, flowing several times.Water quality is really good, it was still too caught this small fish.Be overtaken by events, here is a ditch of despair already stagnant water, clear wind can not afford the slightest ripple.    It seems really do not have a little hope.An officer in busy event, grasping the economic, running projects, what in the world a few hundred strong, “KFC”, “Foxconn” have been settled.Soon a small town west China have high-speed, the construction of an airport.We Caomin these people do not expect too much, do not seek this ditch turned into the park, there are literally true wolf, the bridge only hope that someone’s trash tube.    I know this garbage must be Rendui can livelihood livelihood, people are living will create garbage, garbage is necessary to have a place to process; I also know that people need to raise awareness of civilization, is not anxious to improve things.I do not understand, as a government, just a few hundred meters away from the construction of the bridge is not enabled why waste transfer station.Attached to the people’s livelihood, this bridge is really not trivial garbage can.

Bridge County one hundred fierce mystery

This morning a hundred bridges county magistrate Ann received a report, said the blacksmith Shang Dabiao hundred Town last night was killed in his shop in!An magistrate surprised, took office two years, the county bridge across one hundred of his dominion in peace, how this percentage Town blink of an eye suddenly a murder case?He quickly put a few personal nunnery Detective and rushed to the site of the incident.  Live miserable.The dead lying on the ground, beneath a blood.Shangtai Biao’s wife has been very tough battle cry, helped by two neighborhood.  An magistrate careful observation site.Seven or eight knives cut the dead face, it is already beyond recognition.Fatal injuries in the neck, the artery is cut off, causing blood to make the deceased died.Clothes are stained with blood on the deceased.  An magistrate Quanzhu Shangtai Biao’s wife, asked about the situation before and after the accident she Shang Taibiao.Learned from her mouth last night after dinner, said the end of the Shang Dabiao, go to the shop checkout knot count money, look at this month earn how much, if considered late into the night, they sleep in the shop, do not wait him.At dawn until the next day to call him to breakfast, only to find that he had brutally unexpected calamity.She pointed to the dead sandals sad to say: this pair of shoes I just gave him a few days ago, who knows it became the last pair!Having then cries up.  An effort magistrate for questioning, small nunnery also look closely at the dead.Although he was only thirteen or fourteen, but unlike most of the children saw blood scared to death, but the wounds of the dead face, wounds and blood on the clothes looked and looked on his neck, also break apart hands of the deceased closer look.  An magistrate looked at the nunnery was busy, did not stop him.This small nunnery is safe magistrate on the road bridge to one hundred two years ago, the county office of picking up.At that time the little boy passed out in the street, Anfu people gave him a bowl of water to drink to his rescue came from his mouth that his parents are doing business, because it was the bandits, the whole family is dead, only he people escaped.An Fu to see the little boy who kindly face, get up to Anfu people kneel, requesting Anfu people take him, so that he can do, as servants, he will pour some tea; when the nunnery, you can copy the copy instruments helped calculate the accounts, because he learned to write with her father count.In this way, he became a magistrate Ann nunnery.The Little Book Tongcong Ming clever and diligent, very fond of De magistrate, he was always close at hand.  An magistrate reminded Shangtai Biao’s wife, let her take a look at the shop there are no other available clues to solve the case.She made an effort, first to find books, but when she found the money box, can not help but uttered a cry.It turned out that the money box was forced open, there are no penny.An magistrate ordered a blockade of the scene, with people returned to the county government.  Two people sent to investigate after another back, Ann magistrate situation before and after the incident have a general understanding.According to the blacksmith’s neighbors say, like midnight yesterday heard a scream, and then it is no longer a movement, the next day to know Shangtai Biao was killed.This Shang Taibiao treat gas, have not spoken to smile, very good reputation, and have not heard anything enemies, how can it suddenly was killed?An initial magistrate judge this is the case with Tucaihaiming.Although the proceeds will not be a large common forge under a month, but the prize money is enough to prove that the murderer was empty box for the money from, but could not bear the financial Shang Dabiao only lead to fatal disaster.  Murderer left no valuable evidence at the scene, a huge percentage bridge counties, where to find the murderer?An magistrate sometimes feel unable to start.When anxious magistrate is safe, Detective found a new clue: On Mill Mou good memory from last night went out to play cards so far failed to return home, the family asked all the friends and family has not seen him all traces.  An magistrate burst of excitement.It was at this time missing, and in all likelihood this relationship slayings!He immediately sent for a detailed investigation.  Soon, people surveyed came back to Ann magistrate reported that Mou keep good mill on the west side of the blacksmith’s shop, blacksmith shop not too far away.The sale of small, but steady, this good Mou exist at Best Town is also regarded as carefree people eat and drink.Mou keep good everything is good, there is a gambling problems.The incident that night, but also good to keep Mou Strand to gamble on three cattle.Several gamblers confirmed that night good save Mou lose a lot of money, did not leave the middle of the night three cattle.  An magistrate heart suddenly see the light up.Three from cattle to go through the mill shop Shangtai Biao, it must be kept good MU lost anxious eyes, passing the forge, saw the number of Shang Dabiao money afterwards they played a arise to harm, Figure fiscal kill the Shang Dabiao!  An magistrate ordered several plainclothes Detective surveillance around the mill, also sent a few Detective, holding good painting hatched graphic Mou kept good, keep in mind the physical characteristics Mou keep good, good memory Mou visits within the county.  Thirty-one days later, we found no traces of Mu kept good; two days later, still no news five days later, still no little progress, security magistrate begun unrest.At this point, the prefect of adults send someone to tell Ann magistrate, the awful bloodshed has alarmed the Board of Punishments, prefect of adults to solve the case within safe limits magistrate month, otherwise the security magistrate to confess his Board of Punishments.  An magistrate know to explain what means the Board of Punishments.Seeing that case there is no progress, shorten the duration of a day, Ann magistrate frown all day, moan and groan.  That day, a small nunnery Ann magistrate Chuibei.Beat for a while, gently said: adults, there is a saying I do not know when to speak villain improper to speak.  An magistrate sighed and said: You have something to say.  Small nunnery said: adults, do not find a good save Mou.Please check out this people quickly and Shang Dabiao Town and from the forge and more people from the forge closer among the people there and Mou keep a good woman missing.  An magistrate surprised: You mean a small nunnery music: adults, if they can be found in this woman, it means I was right, I would tell all my adult suspect.  An magistrate know that a small nunnery has always been clever clever, because it is unable to do anything now, it might listen to his back, right to the dead horse a living horse medicine.He immediately sent in small nunnery said range checking account in the name of the missing woman visits.No small nunnery expected, blacksmith east of forests to open tea house had a daughter, named Lin liang, Laotaibuxiao, underachievement, had never married.The Cha Hukou, always find her.I asked forests, forests always said her daughter went to visit relatives, to see his face flustered, very suspicious.Because liang Lin a daughter at home, usually do not show their faces, her disappearance did not attract attention at the beginning of the incident.An magistrate ordered subpoena forests.  Forests were brought.An magistrate saw scared kneeling on the ground, requiring about security magistrate Pingtui.An magistrate signals to other people to step down, leaving only a small nunnery.Forests tears: adults ah, I was the daughter disappeared!Daughter out of sight, I Buganshengzhang, one is afraid of everyone spittle drown I!Second, because the dead Anzhe say throw the old head that I had privately promised her body Shang Taibiao, but Shang Dabiao already married, my wife does not agree with life and death, Shangtai Biao’s wife to be hanged and Mobo Zi Shang Taibiao large trouble a matter before anything.Now Shangtai Biao died suddenly, I fear missing and dead Shang Taibiao daughter was implicated linked to our household, so it did not conceal fourthorder back into the room, the magistrate asked the little nunnery: Missing woman found out, do you think liang Lin Shang Dabiao because she did not marry and revenge killings, and now fled yet?  Small nunnery shook her head: she took a needle in hand, is tall and stout Shangtai Biao tried to kill, it may not killing the.Adults, adults give you the prefect deadline running out, in my opinion, it is imperative to do two things at once: first, the investigation Shang Taibiao liang and Lin’s family, the two lists of names of relatives and friends.Second, multi-liang and Lin Shang Taibiao draw some paintings shadow graphics, multi-copying explain their physical characteristics of the two of you to write an adult an investigation to track down the application, and then personally, requesting an investigation to track down the prefect of adults in the larger context this duo.Those who have Shangtai Biao and Lin Yu Niang relatives and friends do not have a place to investigate, from one hundred town close to the places where they do not have to check.  An magistrate puzzled: Do you mean to arrest Shang Taibiao?He is not dead yet?  Small nunnery smiled: adults, time waits for no one, press I said to do, I’ll call you explain.  An magistrate skepticism by small nunnery say sent handed down.And so these people back cross, the magistrate Ann hatched pattern to list the child, physical characteristics, and an investigation to track down the application packed to go and meet with the prefect.Pro sedan chair, Ann magistrate sure, he saw a small nunnery.Small nunnery immediately take the hint, leans security magistrate ear whispered: adults go to Relax!  Friday from prefect there to come back, can not wait to Ann magistrate got a small nunnery, and asked him: Do you mind that reliable it?If this move is not working I can not explain to the prefect of adults ah!Small nunnery: We wait, a few days in relation to the news.An magistrate or hold carefully Q: Shang Taibiao obviously dead, and his wife are look for, and how you let him catch?Small nunnery waved his hand, told the magistrate security, etc. When taken into custody, the Shang Taibiao since he will explain.  A few days later, the county sent the horse flying outside Barry newspaper, saying where they found a man and a woman very much like an investigation to track down people on the make, Ann magistrate immediately sent people flying with a cop to arrest.When it was getting dark, good cop and his party will have to rent a house Shangtai Biao and Lin Yu Niang both brought to justice.  Already dead Shangtai Biao was tied up alive from the field to catch back!The news hit hundred County Bridge.People are confused: the dead and came back alive, which in the end is how is it?Who is the dead man in the end?  An equally puzzled magistrate.He ordered the two men remanded to prison, then got a small nunnery, asked him: Tell me right now?  Small nunnery said the dead face cut seven or eight knives, already beyond recognition, from the face has been unable to identify it is not Shang Taibiao.People thought that the deceased was Shangtai Biao, but according to his death in Shang Taibiao of the shop, wearing Shang Dabiao clothes and shoes do Shang Dabiao new wife, physical characteristics and almost the same Shang Dabiao.  But the scene there is sufficient evidence that the victims were not Shang Taibiao.First, as Shang Dabiao blacksmith in the right hand holding the hammer day long left hand holding the clamp, a long years, the palm of his left hand and the second finger joints should have a length to clamp callous child, which It is one of the biggest difference between blacksmiths and other industry people.Can deceased left no such calluses, indicating that the deceased is not a blacksmith Shang Taibiao.Second, cut the artery on the neck of the deceased, a lot of blood, can cut the dead on the side of the collar, very little blood on the shoulder, there is no place in the knife a lot of blood, and the blood has part of darting on, there are some obvious man-made cast, indicating that the clothes are not worn when the deceased was killed, but to put on after the death of.And so on, lying dead after being replaced shoes even more convenient.Third, the wound of the dead face is cut to death because they do not wound eversion, and the white flesh wound, is described in the following human blood no longer flows knife.People dead, why in his face and then cut seventy-eight knife?In addition there is hatred would only be to destroy the dead people can not identify who looks dead in the end is so willed Bale.After killing the murderer dead, disfigured and change clothes and shoes, trying to get people to believe that the deceased was Shang Dabiao!  Why do this murderer?Shang Dabiao appeared that a false impression it away immediately, what is the point?Only one case never it away, that is: the murderer is Shang Dabiao!Shang Taibiao Why are we doing?Not vested interest can not map name, most likely for love, he played a quick change for a woman, and that person wants emigrated been easy life.Only by allowing people to believe he was dead, and no one was held accountable, he’s a nice easy life to long-term, stable.They used a heavy price mutilation of human lives to achieve this purpose, the note is determined to cut off all contact with this community, in this life and never come back.And they can not contact any relatives, on the contrary, they fear that relatives and friends recognize them, so they will not have to go to friends and relatives living place.  As for the dead, it is the hapless good save Mou.Shang Dabiao he was chosen only because he Shangtai Biao and physical characteristics are very similar, there are evening out of the habit of playing cards, easy to start.Two years of doing business with the street, not far from the store, should be mutually recognized.  Shang Taibiao premeditated, stare Well good save Mou, Mou wait until the store brand good kick pass their own shop to shop lured him to suddenly start, we created this murder case.In order to produce the illusion of murder for money, he deliberately forced open the money box, put all the money away.After a good save Mou killed Huanhaoyifu shoes, and he had an appointment liang Lin left two hundred Chenzheyese Ann Town magistrate to hear the eyes are straight.Remarks impeccable, can say this was actually a thirteen-year-old child!An magistrate decided immediately arraigned Shangtai Biao, to prove he was right to infer that the child.  Six interrogation finished Shangtai Biao, Ann magistrate back into the room.The trial transcripts small nunnery just to Ann magistrate, is preparing to make way.An magistrate looked at the back of a small nunnery, could not help secretly admire: Shang Taibiao confession actually infer a small nunnery and no less!An magistrate to small nunnery called back, Lianyi Chen: your parents are not doing business!The son of ordinary business people how have such insight?That you are not a surname Liang?  Small nunnery plopped to safety magistrate knelt down: Now that adults have life experience to see through the villain, villain on the whole tell an adult!  It turned out that a small nunnery was once reputed country’s youngest son Punishments Detective beam adults, named Liang Enliang.Liang Enliang childhood never forget, savvy high, whenever I hear his father tell the story of detection are deeply to heart, pondering.Over time, he knew a lot of methods of detection of cases.  Later beam to the adults involved in tracing one case when the Korean prime minister horse adults, the adults in front of the horse incompetence tell tales of the emperor, framed adults beam, a beam adults are Manmenchaozhan.Fortunately, the old housekeeper laid down his life to the rescue, small bright grace was lucky enough to escape a survival.In fleeing on the road, hungry and hurt the band collapsed on the roadside, but fortunately met Ann magistrate.Because the adult horse sent around to track down escaped Liangen Liang, Liang Enliang had to conceal the true identity.  After experiencing the awful murder, did not want much, so as not to expose the true identity, but to see Ann magistrate solve the case go astray, and was prefect of the adult limit of despair and worry if they are not helping hand extended, seeing apocalyptic savior to this only at the risk of exposure to the risk of identity for security magistrate advice.  Here, a small nunnery is in tears.He said that human rights inone Martha, Ann request the magistrate to keep secret his life.  Ann Liang Enliang magistrate to help them, his back laughing: Now do not conserved no secret that there is a good news to tell you!The emperor has made a decree, you Liangjia Ping anti rehabilitate the!Now we are looking for you everywhere, so you inherit your father returned to Beijing’s official position yet!Small nunnery, no, no, it should be changed to call beams adults, after that you have to rely on more than carrying it!I’ll let you pick up a servant to the never ending, you have a good rest tomorrow morning with people I personally escort you to Beijing!  Early next morning, Ann magistrate sent a servant to wake Liang Enliang.Sent people running three steps and two steps back: adults, adults Liang gone!  An magistrate Liangen Liang hurriedly came to the room, but not really Liang Enliang sight, I saw a letter on the table.An magistrate the letter in my hand, see the letter reads: An adults, please forgive me leave without saying goodbye!This time the emperor issued a decree that will be named Ma traitor to find me ruse, he wants to dig up the roots!Xiexie An adult two years to take care of me!An adult’s saving grace, I Liang Enliang this life must be reported!

Bridge and river.

She is a pleasure Qing Ling river, slowly flowing, light passing.Looking up at the blue sky, white clouds, laughing flowers dotted on both sides, this world is so beautiful, she can not help but played a hymn melodies with Buzz.She love the feel of it, as the sky, no matter where we go, always feel relatively gentle all the way and walk away, never lonely.  Hey, why the head of the area of the sky suddenly dark up?The original went to the bridge at that dark green.This bridge already exists for a long time, a long time that even the river can not remember when he’d come, what is almost drowned when Moss.One thing can be very clear river, she does not like the bridge, because he cut off her blue eyes caress, and he is always so deep, dark, as it constituted a block of stone, seems to have lots to talk about sad and sorry , the weight of the stream of breath.So every time the river through here have picked up speed, rapid walk through.  Finally one day, the river put her mind to tell the blue sky, blue sky and the river in order to help untie this knot, the rise of a large wind and rain, the river jumped up high spirits, rushed violently toward the bridge, again and again, a wave another wave; this on the dilapidated bridge and finally could not help but impact Creek was crushed.I do not know why, fallen bridges at the moment, there’s no trace of the river happy and satisfied, but the pain a bit faint heart.  The days passed, although the bridge has been broken, can not stop looking at the sight of the river, the river can each pass next to the bridge always tempted to slow down, habitually looked around, there is no bridge, life What seems missing.And because of the collapse of the bridge, people on both sides had to wade walk through the river, there are innumerable river or stepped body large or small feet in disorder, completely broke the quiet of the river every day; some pins are also times dust and sludge.  The river began to miss the bridge, and this deep heartfelt thoughts every day.During the day people are coming and going debilitated body and mind to the night can only sigh in silence; she could not in the mood to go on, as the blue sky, flowers kiss.There are only remorse and lament over and over again; So she prayed to heaven, looking forward to be able to bridge back to her.  Just then, there has been an auspicious clouds in the sky, while sitting on the clouds to see what the river dreaming of Buddha.Creek quickly Buddhas talk to his remorse and expressed his desire.After listening to the Buddha said: I’m sorry, I can not help you with this desire, I do not want to help you, but I can not help you..Creek looked confused kindly face of the Buddha, how would not believe the salvation of the Buddha actually rejected his request.Buddha sigh of relief, said: I’ll give you a story, the story of a creature Chilian.Creek have a feeling this story is certainly to do with themselves, so listening attentively.  Buddha said slowly: do not know how many years ago was covered in morning glory on the wall of the walls, there is a very naughty little morning glory, the old want to go outside the park to enjoy the scenery.She tried to grow, and finally got his wish crossed the walls, she was very happy, every day bloom bright.But she did not know she was supporting her behind the walls fell in love with this unique flower; and has been quietly supporting her weak body, but she also failed to look back until dying at him.He was not willing, then let him pray to Buddha reincarnation and then meet with her.The second world, small morning glory reincarnation made a small fish, but the Buddha satisfy his desire to give his reincarnation as nourish the fish of the lake.Fish in the lake grow happily, looking at her happily cruising, he or that happy; always softly embrace her feeling made him special satisfaction, but he knew the fish was inseparable from the water, so he thought she would always remain in his arms, never leave.But he was wrong, the fish grow up with the undercurrent to explore other worlds, and he only anxious Buddha paused, looked at a river, the river’s heart almost jumped out, although full of questions but I will not dare to ask.Buddha sighed again, then said: I have been crossing the world, had never seen such a lovestruck creatures, you know he was a total of how many times I pray to you??Creek afraid to answer, like the Buddha said to himself: I will no longer bear to see him so tortured, but he refused to give up; this is the first 500 times, the last time he came up to me, I promised him give him one last chance; this is the last time.Buddha looked straight into the river, said: I think you already know, then you’re more than that small morning glory, while the bridge is the silence that I support you, love you, you pursue the walls 500 of the world.  Creek hearts set off a firestorm; one playing the hidden undercurrent rapid roll, so she could not breathe and think; I do not know when, in the hands of the Buddha there was a small Yuping, the Buddha said: I am here today is also something to you, there is a time to ask me when he shed tears, every time I have collected a drop, there is a total of 499 drops of tears, that is, those tears flow for you, it is returned to you together!; Then, the Buddha Yu Ping river to blows, Yu Ping River falling to the heart, bottle scattered scattered tears, the heart is ready to burst up the creek.Suddenly, she saw the situation of each of the world, to see how he loved her, as she Acacia, waiting for her, for her joy, her loss.So he is on I of the forest, her buddies buddy; he was always like a big brother care for her, to help her regrets; and maple Nao Yixian when she wanted to give up, he always dissuade her, to comfort her ; Creek puzzled, her courage to ask the Buddha: You say he loves me, why would he want to persuade me and maple and maple good without the opportunity to replace it??Buddha replied: tell you the truth, I have asked him the same question; he said: hundreds of the world after this pursuit and sentiment, he felt love for you has become an irresistible habit; you care his heart became only mission and responsibility.He loves you, but not want to hold you; but to make you feel more happiness and joy.Do you know why he is willing to do thousands of people step on reincarnation, people riding the bridge it??Is to protect you from intrusive people can live happily calm.  River could not hold back the tears running, and jumped up with a soft body desperately want to lift up the broken bridge.Buddha could not bear, he said: children, abandon it, so you do is useless, you look at him in the middle of that heart has been completely broken, then how do you not help ah.Creek sobbed and asked the Buddha, I have had opportunity to see him do??Buddha lovingly looked at her and said: I’m afraid to die, he spent all of reincarnation opportunity to meet with you, this is his last chance, he can not be the reincarnation!  Creek trembling body over and over again caressing the shore broken bridges; and said softly: I also choose not to cycle, always be with him.Buddha sigh: this is why you do, I just want to tell you, cherish what they have, do not wait until then to lose repentant; cherish the people you love, be kind to love themselves before they can leave less sorry na!!Creek Moran said: I know, I know how can I do.  Day so a day flowing, just like the waves of the river bridge leaned forward as dull and persistent.People finally tired of the hardships to cross the river every day, decided to repair a bridge over the river.Decided to get involved in the day, people are surprised to find that the river suddenly dried up, and the shore was abandoned bridge but like Smart With life-like, shiny up.Curious people walked over to check it out, did not know what time, in which horizontal stone actually filled with river water that also gently Yang Zhao, as if in front of people smiling.So people have to move the huge collection, and gave him a nice name agate water tank.  Finally, water stone often dependent, not separated forever!!

Bridge across the Golden City

– note 1 Prague Castle Longbridge six-member delegation finally get on to the bridge.We were greeted on both sides opposite lamppost, a classic glass shade lamp holding a warm golden purpose.Scraped surface water is cold river wind, but also bullying the side of my elbows and knees.Fortunately, two rows of golden bridge lights, eye not only warm, more warm heart, just to keep out the cold Traveler.Yinger gurgling sound of water under the bridge, the river must have been magic Tao.Thirty years ago, the United States alone off, often listening to Bismarck Tana “magic Tao River” in the winter afternoon, and the German-volt Chad grams of “New World Symphony”, must not think that one day they could even set foot on hometown, their Hiromi reduced to sonic waves which under the bridge.Against the thick stone fence, you can see the wooden stoop next to the pier, habitat rows are given eismowe, although late at night cold, but there is no huddle of the state.Yang Zhao far down the river shore lights, all is comforting cooked rotten copper gold, among the gentle and with a mysterious, fairy tale illustrations like what.    Bridge is a curious thing.It stand on both sides, and the transition was originally set up, but the people on the bridge, but do not hurry to rush to the other side, but delay scenic tour up.The original roads, has become the stands, not only can the sky overlooking the water, an overview of the two sides, but also can look at and go, take a stroll.Love is not a bridge does not hate its short, it is best never get head, so tons of heavy strapping on your volley care waves, shore behind not catch you, catch you in front of the shore is also vain.So you surreal world, was not arrested, just as is the bridge saddle, riding on the back of a river.River is the metaphor of the time, day and night, but also the dead of the alias.But gone is water, not river.Which changes from a panoramic view of the river is the time it does not change, we, the river and it seems eternal.People tire of view of the bridge, perhaps passed away while still in, move often and constant life.The bridge, two shore to seize the escape does not go, let go of the grip middle of the river, it’s meaning, metaphysical metaphysician available to pondering the metaphysical poets wish either to singing.    But at the moment I can not calmly seek sentence on the bridge, as it has been late at night, weather in early November, this landlocked country in Central Europe, considerable temperature difference between day and night.In the coats, and I wearing a suit and a thick, but no sweater.At the moment, the bridge only six or seven degrees Celsius temperature of the upper and lower bar.Of course not ignorance, even dressed so thin it to the bridge, but because the Fort Bragg just go to the other side of the mountain, to participate in International PEN’s welcome cocktail party, I am afraid too warm indoors, afraid to wear too many clothes.    Thought of this, the other side can not help but look back.End of the bridge near Fort hundred feet high, a dashing Gothic square tower, against the wedge-shaped spire dense mass, the glow lighting up according to Yang, then the night chu impressively if Genius.The minarets are constantly followed by clusters are crowded to peep us, and hate it too close to the bridge in Fort tail too high, blocking the item back, who can not get the head.But farther up higher and crystal clear sky, a corner has been exposed Fort Bragg.  ”Come here, see!”We cried in front of the first West.  He turned around in time to bridge the heart.Yin West was there waiting for us.Her eyes excitement is passing over our heads, to the distant balcony, pointing to empty more outriggers.We rushed to her side, once again recalled, suddenly, spent the whole root.    Fort end of the bridge just low down.Behind it, not above, all of the West Bank over the roof, tower and tree tops, dignified rise of Fort Bragg Saga of illusion, that mighty monarchs of the city’s momentum, style, spirit, and not all the towering high, more in the 1,000-window parallelism, rampant continue, however long winding one go.I wonder if there are tens of thousands of candles in footlights albedo wall, extended even to speak of white walls Longzhe layer illusory eggshell cream, made it very crystal clear confusion eye, it’s that started almost one kilometer long dream.Miracle on miracle more and more believers Adams St. Vincent Cathedral rises on the castle square, a cluster of steep tower repair Mount Bi Li, Ling almost everything on this magnificent, pierce the cold night sky Bohemia.    That cluster of jagged towers, towering Tau Kok, outline hale and hearty, believers pray to saints give to the sky, is the focus of all eyes are fixed on the Prague.That is buried beneath Charles IV, Tibet, six hundred years ago is the crown and scepter of the kings of Bohemia.The so-called Fort Bragg (Prazskyhrad) is not a mere castle, but a dizzying set of beautiful buildings, plates of imports imports, calendar and sixth century been completed, of which at least six palaces, four towers, five churches, as well as a gallery.    Just receptions in the northwest end of the Fort, a luxury Spanish Hall (SpanishHall) held.Accustomed to low-voltage overhead ceiling modern man, on the third floor of the empty hall as high pitch arrogance, really “open soon”.Multiplexing valve has dense core chandeliers Chan al imminent, then the phase cross-reflecting mirror surrounded by a wall, even more magnificent.Originally scheduled for eleven o’clock only scattered, but after a nine, a little drunk, so we have intolerant crowds, wild predators, they leave early.A second step into the courtyard wide as the square, into the night threatening think there is something in the oppression of the night, disturbing.It turned out to be two Genius Behind the palace building, overlooking glimpse of our being Dandan.Under alarmed, six people through the dark corridor to the third courtyard.Has not calmed down, pressing zygomaticofrontal twin towers early Bitian cedis stand in front of, not above; cliffs pull-liter momentum, all the lines are all up after an acute angle to fly, have been brought to our attention top of the tower, but that rugged slopes too steep, no care toe, while Yang glanced at too high an angle, how worthy stay, so climbing adventure eyes immediately and he slipped, fell straight down.  This St. dimension to Sri Lanka from the Cathedral, built in 1344, the west side of the neo-Gothic towers is built by the late nineteenth century, eighty-two meters high, the top of the door of people petals Rose window a diameter of ten meters forty, stained glass is painted Genesis.The above activities are later learned, when we look hard climb, sleepy night sky I saw the Twin Towers stood fight high, is footlights from the lighting, just like sleepwalking can see, of course, not to mention the subject to identify the rose window.    Bacteria West led us all the way to the east between the giant palace temple in Fort Bragg staggered overlap of light and shadow, and explore the way out.She proficient in both German and Russian, both of which are used conqueror of Prague, so she led us to ask the way, a la carte, all in German.In fact, the Czech language for Slavic Department, its west branch, with the Russian close.With “tea” word, for example, European countries are in Chinese pronunciation, Czech said CAJ, Russian and vegetarian, is learning Mandarin.German T-shirts say, but the English and the same, is to learn Hokkien.    In the warm yellow street lights guide, we walked along the ramp purple gray brick, all the way to the back door of the castle.Prague has more than 1.2 million people, but apparently not in the castle in.Cold silence windless air, only six of laughter and footsteps in the meandering alley faint echoes of shortage.Lane long and oblique, tidy and clean, the occasional passing car, the tires were sharply grind fine and sound in brick lane, reminding us of scenes showers Youyuanerjin, reverted to far sounds very Sentiment.    We finally out of the castle, review Gate, flanked by a guard to keep watch.Think of Kafka?To enter a mysterious castle without obtaining the door, but we have lent out from the door in a dark castle, perhaps a symbol of freedom in Prague, and now is the liberal president, but also an outstanding playwright, Havel (VaclavHavel, 1936), sitting in this office in Fort Bragg.    Gate right, lying projecting into the cliff, on which stands, further around the remaining ancient battlement Sec.With battlements overlooking the undulating roof over the million and quiet magic Tao Hebei stream, the east coast of the lights in the eyes do.Blurred night, overlooking the first time this strange city, naturally difficult to identify a surprise, but the city is golden lights, clumps clusters, like a light core, that gentle and mysterious disk Jinhui, makes your head warm and rapture, despite the unfamiliar, but its sense of deja vu, until the suspect is a dream.No wonder called the golden city of Prague.    And in this one high and low lights staggered meandering distance network, there is a row of golden exceptionally prominent, echoing Ling water and wave to each other, we are southeast.That should be – ah, the famous Charles Bridge.The first Xixin then nodded, smiled and said it is.    So we inspired, heavy lifting tired feet, outside yellowish brown wall, along the pattern woven into the ancient stone steps, steps down the hill.    And now, we actually stand in the heart of the bridge, look back just groping out of the temple palace, now suddenly has chu other side, into a castle in the air and imaginative insanity people, the dream castle.Really, from that which we are out of it?Zhuang this type of question, even if asked disappearing water under the bridge north, this ancient capital of witnesses, in addition to the noncommittal murmur, I am afraid to ask anything out.    2 Charles Bridge Two days later, we went to the tall possessed Charles Bridge (CharlesBridge, Czech is Karluvmost).Magic Tao River bridge (Vltava, for the Czech Vltava) on the Twelve, not only this Charles Bridge opened to traffic, just walking, like thus no wonder pedestrian bridge.He said that the bridge, the bridge is actually swim.Not only because the bridge overlooking the view of the water, you can enjoy a view of both sides: Staring at the water for a long time, it will be a little under hypnosis, trance is right; and from the bridge to see the shore, not only resourceful, but also because far enough, it is beauty distance.If the bridge can not afford to dust the car, or take a stroll more.If someone on the bridge entertainer, or carving impressive, of course, is even more touching.Charles Bridge with all these conditions, so pedestrians linger on the bridge, in no hurry to cross the bridge: means, but better than the purpose.    Charles Bridge Charles IV (Charles, 1316–1376) named, was founded in 1357, until the early years of the fifteenth century to complete.Five hundred and twenty meters long bridge, ten meters wide by sixteen piers support, all with dusty sandstone brick.Bridge-building people are building director Charles IV of Balak (PeterParler): He is the genius of Gothic architecture, including the Cathedral of St. Vincent and the only Sri Lanka, including the Old Town Bridge Tower, Prague in the Middle Ages are several magnificent buildings his masterpiece.Since the seventeenth century, stone fence on both sides of the statue continues to increase for the saints, or as a single image, such as St. Augustine, or for the group portrait, for example, Our Lady of grief hold Jesus, or the local patron saint, such as San Vincenzo plug Sila Si (Vaclav), equidistant confrontation, There were 31 group as much as seats are even up to twenty feet, is simply an open-air sculpture exhibition of the Catholic Church.    Neither take the car on the bridge, ten meters brick paved trail became a full deck, it appeared to be very wide of Tanzania.There are some vendors on both sides, mostly scenery on the river to sell paintings or photographs, the level is high, or is native hairpin brooches, necklaces, earrings and the like, the shape is not tacky, occasionally Russian puppet or Dutch-style porcelain Street house.These small stalls schedule is very loose, we will hold a business license, and all hold music, not megaphone.There are also music, or guitar, violin, or for the jazz band, but the bridge open, the sound of running water, even warm jazz saxophone, also fast with the wind dispersed the river.Only one strike, scattered applause, we can not bear, always to the upside of investing more fedora a few coppers.On one occasion also saw someone juggle, very clever.Such a leisurely river customs, reminds me of the “painting” of the situation.    Pedestrian bridge, serious hurry rarely, mostly look around, or in small groups, like the line break also, and more young people are still.Coming and going, have their own ways, including couples hugged and kissed, without losing the individual’s privacy in public.If travel alone, this bridge is also on the sidelines of the beings or want the best place for pavilion.  Riverview is also very impressive, and the view of the tire.Prague is the ancient city of the millennium, long time for the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia, in any Roman Emperor Charles IV of years, and more expensive for the empire, but also several European cities in the fourteenth century.Fortunately, this city of gold not been BingXian major damage, and rarely obtrusive modern architecture discord between them, so the ancient architectural styles, from Romanesque to forceful elegant Gothic, Baroque palaces from the vagina to the new art, both have saved so far, Naishi Prague become a giant concrete and “living museum of the history of the building, and had practically lived in Prague traditional arts in.    Looking at the two sides stand on Charles Bridge, Old Town Square or wander in to see the endless Gothic building Ta Dai Li Dai Qing, stern guarded, wearing a stolen armored Yousi, as early as the fall of the ancient city guard.But against these Lengsu figure, but the city is bustling, lively with orange roof, and below, neat and close rows of windows, that lively rhythm, catching Mozart Allegro.The most valuable, rows of townhouses, one after another, even palaces, almost all four-storey, so look around, Sentiment smooth and complete weather.    Eau many White Gull on the pier, every pedestrian feeding, you have to fly the shuttle side of the fence interwoven.Pedestrian just throw a piece of bread in the air, yet falling, speak flash of white light, agile yellow beak has long been received in the past.But only a few pieces, many of which turned out to be summoned Su Yi Xia high to high, Wheeling chase imaginary, showing off such amazing dodge.    Fort Bragg 3 Golden Lane to explore, have fun yet been finalized.Every day, Yan West and that brought us to the Golden Lane (Zlataulicka).It was a very nostalgic brick long lane road, in the northeastern corner of Fort, through one end of the prisoner Daly ancient towers, on the other end Baita.Stone slope along the way from the end of Fort, into the castle, turn right to two.Lane south of Burr Greif is declared, the north bunker walls, one meter thick ancient.Barriers both steep and tall walls of the palace, Golden Lane curled up in the meantime, like a valley, a short row of townhouses, covered with tile roof, rests on the potential of thick fort walls.After the sixteenth century, lived in this humble row house, is known as the sharpshooter (sharpshooers) artillery, and later goldsmiths, tailors also like to open this shop.According to legend, before Rudolf II, this alley is open alchemical shop, so called Golden Lane.    Today, these Aiwu, some painted red soil, some painted yellow, light gray, curled up in a covered ramp red roof tiles, it is an illusion, how come into the fairy tale illustrations in the?Three times the alley only a hundred 30 meters long, but it does not rule width, narrow width at about at.Through narrow, the cantilever can almost touch the walls on both sides, to be low-ranking low door, wall color and painted Something Childish, is very dear and beloved feel it, and a little unrealistic.Go into the door, it is as small as a house boat, as long as people a little more, there will be crowds, but also like a crowded elevator in.    Of course, artillery and goldsmiths are gone.Visitors are constantly excited, and out of a mini toy store, crystal shop, bookstore, cafe, invariably buy some souvenirs back.The most attractive one in the pale green wall nail a piece of thin bronze medal, engraved on the “Franco-chee Kafka house”, rather with Van Gogh-style grass green lintel, scribbled on “Two Dozen number”.Inside is a tiny bookstore, in addition to some of Kafka’s display captions, is a selling books.I used seventy kroner (crowns, Czech as korun, and NT $ equivalent) to buy a Prague “cartoon map,” very proud.    ”Cartoon map” is my nickname to take, because the regular map original abstract symbols, both with comic strokes, briefly to crisp and vivid figurative coming up: the result is the terrain and maintain a normal position, but the construction and pedestrians, the proportion of streets and squares, but free to zoom, do not have humorous.    When the Golden Lane is coming to an end, some become narrower, the following is gray brick trail, pale line above cloudy sky on both sides of the walls are surfacing, vertical and horizontal mottled vicissitudes.Pedestrian walk, tramp trampling however, do not have a sense of being hidden Geshi.This is a time tunnel leading to the empty courtyard, surrounded on three sides iron gray thick walls, only a few fans foreclosed high windows.Obviously, this is the end of the castle.    Cold stillness, we sat under parasols edged summer, holding a cup of coffee and hot tea warm.South of the fortress wall was covered with two doors, gray brown and mottled, is also foreclosed the.Brass ring on the door, the last one was knocking it who asked lonely full House, refused to answer all the stone.So we sat, as if listening to six hundred years castle faint whisper, a gray decadent tell the story.If this late at night, the ghost of Charles IV cough, the whole ghost town that has echoes.And through alleys, visitors can still get a glimpse of that one dealings without a break, reminding us of scenes separated by I.    4 Jewish Quarter where music-lovers know that Prague is Tana Bismarck and the German city of V g Chad.Similarly, readers of literature also know that Kafka, sad Jewish genius, also born here, writing, spent his short life years.    Sadly Jews in Prague, has thousand years of history.Slavs came early in the fifth century, today we live in the mountains where the Fort Bragg.Then in the tenth century to the descendants of Abraham, first settled in the east bank of the river further upstream of Tao magic, more middle of the thirteenth century in the north of the Old City, just magic at the turn Tao River east to today’s “old Jewish new Church “(Staronovasyngoga) as the center, the development of the Jewish Quarter to.Although Jews very lucrative tax authorities attitude towards them when they actually green, the people of Prague and also very friendly, the Jews and disenfranchised, sometimes even being evicted.Until 1848, enlightened Shihab Division Fort emperor Joseph II (JosephⅡ) was given citizenship.Jews For Thanksgiving, is this a region renamed “Joseph City” (Jlsefoy), has been in use so far.    This Joseph around the city in Prague Old Town, Prague is the smallest of the area, but tourists must-visit.Yin West really take us to a tour.We ride from the subway station of Florence (FLORENC) to Bridge Station (Miustek), then bus station to the Old City (of Staromestska), along Xiluo Ka Street eastbound section, then to the Old Jewish Cemetery.Xi Luoka winds all the way from street to street 利斯托巴杜, this messy but deserted cemetery was irregular?Font.During tomb is said as many as twelve thousand, three hundred years were buried between the stacked layers, often heap new soil on top of the tomb, and then buried the new ghost.The earliest stone monument in 1439, the deceased was a poet and Arab legal experts will be more than Kara, this is the final burial of Moses Baker, while in 1787.Having filled tomb, “Victors”, the dead will be buried next to go elsewhere.    As usual the day overcast, no wind and lonely, get into the cemetery has a half in the afternoon.Yela depleted dead trees in the forest, the cemetery’s great, full eclipse yellow rust red, make piled rows of a stone column, already half stuck in the earth, either positive or inclined, or tilted back and wish, or earth people have deep and I saw the top of the monument, or unearthed and high desire and people together, shoulder or cross-stacked legend leans back, or be light or welcome back, tablet-shaped or square or triangular or symmetric complex, strange, different and foot.Relief stone surface unadorned and vigorous, some patterns itself unrestrained dripping, then weathered many storms eagle everlasting rain erosion, half the people carved half by the good fortune to hone, and finally hued finish the full House of sculpture exhibition, on display with three a hundred years of illness and death, an entire nation homeless afar Cry disturbing dream.    We stop and go, pondering a long time, in vain to guess Ancient Hebrew engraved on the monument is who and what surname the industry, but also the texture of the stones found quite a difference; where marbled rough, pale blue and black together stand near sandstone, smooth texture, light red or white, or should be marble, sandstone tombstones years to ancient marble monument when the late stage.    ”This large Ecstasy Stonehenge,” turned away I said to Grace, “it can be called Prague Beilin.” Exactly, ‘Grace approached, “but how only monument, but not grave?”Yin West also came face to read the booklet, said:” It is said that the stone fill, then erected a monument on earth, a total of ten layers deep.” Incredible, ‘implicitly also carrying a camera, caught up.Look around but not state ribbon, memory, and I asked my first West, West Yin smiled and answered: “She is waiting for us outside of it.She said, dusk to see the grave Mo.”After this said, we are a little uneasy, I feel even more gloomy cemetery aggravated deep bleak autumn.Sometimes people face diametrically group monument, the sky seems to be a layer of dark.    ”Hustle and bustle life, but also leaving a stone.”Grace laments.    ”It left a monument on the good,” said Yin West.During the “World War II, the Nazis killed in this area more than 70,000 Jews.These innocent people in the synagogue memorial wall, and everyone’s name and year accounted for only a short narrow line just a little – “” Really ah?”Hidden say.”Where is it?” ‘Just next door to the church,’ said Yan West.”Come with me.”Cemetery entrance there is a baroque chapel, the church is called Ke Laozi (KlausSynagogue), which exhibited Guxibolai text version of manuscripts and rare books, but it is Dihuai removal difficult, but it is gathered upstairs children’s book.That depicting innocent sketches and watercolors, lively lines, simple composition, vivid hues, showing mischievous innocence in along with the unique, humorous.Watch his potential, if be nurtured, not necessarily to Japan’s achievement Miro or Klee.However, after reading the description next to you suddenly mood to laugh.Off in the Terezin (Terezin) concentration camp during the Nazi occupation of all these children they are small captive.When the other children sing nursery rhymes look at fairy tales, they suffocate in crowded cargo carriage, escorted to cough and it is absolutely Kazakhstan gas chambers, and that genocide slaughterhouse.    Heavy footsteps, the mood is more deep, we went to a church south.It was built in the fifteenth century Renaissance-style historic houses, churches called Pincus (PinkasSynagogue), being renovated.Get in within the Church, the face is an empty profile Su sad atmosphere, intuition has been the situation was serious.The small high window, below only one side and one side of the cliff, desperate to glimpse his back days, shortness of breath, as in the dungeon.From the high steep rock walls, a connected one, from above the upper end of the head, dense, almost spare no pains, it’s hard to look proudly, rows of cross engraved name of the deceased and the victims of date, with the name blood red, black death is a obituary has been arranged in the corner.We see vertigo and Bisuan.Xu leaned in to read the fine trial before this catastrophe genocide reduced to eleven families bad news.I stood under the knife part of the wall, psychologists found that much of Freud clan, is engraved: FREUDArtur17.V1887-1.X1944Flora24.Ⅱ1893–1.X1944 such a typesetter, a grieving very short skirts, say do this for a couple of hardy life.Husband, Arthur Freud Flora six years older than his wife, both killed on the same day, died of October 1, 1944, her husband 57, wife, aged 51, from the end of World War II when it but seven months, it did not escape unscathed.Another scholar Franco family with the same surname, carved out below: FRANKLleo28.11904–26.X1942Olga16.Ⅲ1910-26.X1942Pavel2.W1938-26.X1942 which shows a family of three also robbed the same day, died October 26 1942, only 38 years old Leo Dad, Mom E good only thirty-two, then four years old boy Bavi.Only this one on crowds, nearly 200 row row as much as almost any pick one to check are the same year died the same day, with occasional exceptions, are poor not by much.Near the foot of a wall of the place, I found to break the Buddha’s death is one of three generations: FLEISCHERAdolf15.X1872–6.Ⅵ1943Hermina20.Ⅶ1874-18.Ⅶ1943Oscar29.Ⅳ1902-28.Ⅳ1942Gerda12.Ⅳ1913-28.Ⅳ1942Jiri23.X1937-28.Ⅳ1942 according to this string of ominous figures, when Adolf presumed grandfather died June 6, 1943, at the age of (grace years?) Seventy-one, than his late grandmother Hai Minna died about a half months grace of sixty and nine years: the one and a half months of her grief or imagined Youyi.As Oscar father, mother Da Ge children, children Jerry, as early as on 28 April 1942 while die, but grandparents know that, this line alone but difficult to imagine a half row of numbers.    I’m all the way to look at the past, fretting and eye acid, to the side of the cliff face pressure to me, my breath.Seventy-seven thousand two hundred ninety-seven naked bodies, from the oldest to the infant and juvenile, in the gas chambers of despair and closed the giant tomb twisted struggling dead, thousands Wan limb bones of the body to me a shovel to throw a truck cast, my piles layers of gland below.So the name of seventy thousand, seventy thousand unwilling to unjustly ghost, all things together in this dense wall of grief Ma Ma cry cry, crying genocide, cry, shout husband wife, the mother called the child, call Sun Zu , as high-decibel grief and resentment, debilitating to my ear nerve avalanche, the history of the aftermath of the echo rolled into a maelstrom drowned, I will roll into.I heard in the depths of my mother’s war cry echoes.    Nanjing Massacre, Bombing Raid, where my Wailing Wall?On the front of this cliff, no matter how crowded, more than seventy thousand Jewish innocent people finally have in place, the husband against his late wife, mother leaning tender children, as well as for home loss to pay tribute.But my fellow tribe, samurai sword razed burn that many ghosts bomb, the nameless, no cases of non-pro, no no grave monument, between heaven and earth, did they have the Wailing Wall for the people side of the half-plane identified?    5 Kafka stay in Prague Jews today, we are running out.Once, they are active in the economic and cultural development of the city of gold, but often not win local Czechs friendship.Hitler’s most ruthless or.His plan is to “solve”, leaving only a “genocide museum extinction”, that is today’s six surviving synagogues and a Jewish cemetery.    German and Czech language and Czech literature.Rilke (R.M.Rilke, 1875–1926), a non-Fil (FranzWerfel, 1890 Nian Zhi 1945), Kafka (Franz Kafka, 1883-1924) was born in Prague with the German writer, but before the duo could not make friends with a German Jewish circles, it touches on Jewish Kafka intentionally and local people to and from the Czech Republic, and openly support socialism.    However, like his characters in the novel, as Kafka does not always sudden break their plight, or else be doomed happy life.As a kind of Jewish, he became the target of anti-Semitic.From a German family, he had to endure hostile to the people of the Czech Republic.Shang father, he has no place in the proletariat.Another unhappy due to detest his career: his “Labor Accident Insurance Association,” made a row fourteen years of civil service, it is no wonder he inked in particular and more of the ridiculous bureaucracy.    In addition, it resembles the contradiction between Kafka and women: he has set twice married, we are not below.But he has been oppressed, distorted his personality, and his father was burly and assertive.In a letter sent no where Kafka blame his father did not understand him, make him lose confidence, and produces feelings of guilt.His father even scolded him “insects” (einungeziefer).Strained family life, strong religious doubt, constantly tormented him.In “The Trial,” “The Castle” and “The Metamorphosis” and other works, the young protagonist is always subject to patriarchal authority figures or misunderstanding miscarriage of justice, abuse and even killings.    So, this depression and anxiety in the mind wandering sleepwalking nightmare day in his life are trapped in Prague from the maze until late, only to die from lung disease due to a nursing home in the suburbs of Vienna.During his lifetime he published works too, failed to fame, and even told his friends are dying Broad (MaxBrod) will burn his manuscripts of a.Fortunately Brod not only did not listen to him, but those masterpieces, along with three thousand of the diary, letters, prints are ready by.Unfortunately, during the Nazi regime and then under Communist Party, these works are not in circulation.In 1931, many of his manuscripts confiscated by the Gestapo, not from below.Later, his three sisters were sent to concentration camps, were killed.    Until the fifties, in Kafka’s death three decades, his work was translated into German, Czech, and translated into English by the Scottish poet Muir couple (EdwinandWillaMuir).    Prague, beautiful and sad city of gold, which the Jewish experience, especially miserably.This magnificent ancient capital of culture, everywhere can hear echoes of Kafka cough.The most interesting history full of flavor marketplace Old Town Square (Staromestskenamesti), there are rococo Kinsky Palace, an 18th century, Kafka on the inside of the German school read the book, which his father also open over fashion accessories shop.Across the square, as well as Kafka Gallery.Entrance to the Jewish Quarter, Meisel Street V Kafka statue.Many bookstore windows are arrayed his books, his portrait hung.    Painting Kafka Nongmeidayan, melancholy eyes cheerful anxious, that it is high on the pupil prison window, prisoners of deep soul climb out the window to spy.Hair into blunt accumulator, the low pressure in the forehead.The big jug ears protruding from both sides seemed to listen to what the alert was suspicious, surprising movement.Straight nose, eyebrows cut from the bold outline of fall, is full and rich sensual lips positive with care.    Prague maze to a loss of Kafka storm became a nightmare, a nightmare that has come back to the last, with the title to this city of gold.    6 stolen in mind, also known as the Prague metro subway, not the size of Paris, London, and only three lines, but also clean, swift, convenient, and cheap.It is amazing: tunnel dug very deep, steep slopes and escalators only, and move very quickly, and if the initial unstable quasi-riding, and firmly grasp the handrail, it is easy to fall down.Down stairways and long ramp is divided into two layers, each have fifth floor as high.Ramp down down, although no skiing so fast, the situation may surprise.Dive occasion, under Kan ravine, it has Iraqi bottom out in fear.    Putrajaya population of over 1.2 million, the street does not seem how bustling, but it is really crowded subway station, may not be so crowded, but because the elevator is too fast, to be swooped down one side, the other side Yang and Ang the doubling staggered trend, it is exceptionally tight.Rush hour, the car Mojian Cabei, even more crowded.    We got to Prague, in the Czech representative office on behalf of his wife and yellow FEDERATION adviser pick banquet, during which inevitably asked about local policing.The owner smiled and said: “but will not rush, but a lot of pickpockets, they have to beware.”Everyone was relieved, implicitly said:” Do not grab enough.As for stealing thing, but also with wisdom – “and make others laugh.    Since then, we have a shadow thief of hearts, especially into a subway station, the wizard will prompt you to strengthen Western Yin alert.I travel abroad, given the chance subway, rarely let go, feel like a local, the lower classes huddled together, although what it can not “go to the public,” at least be considered met a cross-section of local life, energy and locals same rhythm, always worth.    One day, in Prague a crowded subway car, see a skinny old man Li sensual quite a few girls in the blame, the old man standing chain rings, the girls sat in a row.At first we thought that torrent of Slavic languages, the elders in training the younger generation, until a girl blush blush smile stood up, and the old man sat down immediately to the space, it suddenly they are not a people, but young people do not blame the old man understand your seat, fails to respect for the elderly ceremony.We have quite mixed feelings, think that old man who can confidently public seat to the young, which shows the ancient ritual has not been lost, the people are not entirely how thin.Unexpectedly, the next day in the same subway car full house, a 15-year-old boy, look like high school students, so I actually got up, I was very surprised.This boy could not bear to live up to the good intentions, I laughed Xie, immediately sat down side.The child “Rihangyishan” seems a little bit shy, even half looked over his left.This scene impressed me deeply, so far still warm in their hearts.This small national diplomat, an idea of benevolence, won by the decline of tourists grateful better than a thousand words is not ashamed of sightseeing Manual.Suffering Bohemians, a series of experienced abuse and many other Nazi torture, but there are still so many good children, it is on the “communist state” can not help but change.    Prague the fourth day of the night, we take the subway four hotel.Car to Republic Square station (MamestiRepublicky), five people have to get off, I followed, I was about to taken the cars, Suddenly someone shouted “wallet!wallet!”Sound high and desperate.When I set up to God, implicitly, he has been out on the carriage, followed by Yan West.The car burst of shock disorder, only to hear implicitly said: “documents all gone!”The whole carriage eyes are hidden hedgehog gathered to him, he grabbed the old man looked up and down a sixty old man grabbed a brown bag in hand, opened it – is empty!    This time, the door is automatically closed.Through the window, Bang Yuan, Grace, I was kept on the platform bewildered to visit us.Moving car.Yin West shouted to them: “You first go back to the hotel!”Train out of the station, add up to speed.It was found old people seem bewildered look, carrying a bag it appears to be innocent.Yin West to implicitly ask how heavy the disaster, I am in fretting, only Meng Meng realized that the “documents all gone!”It seems to be more serious than losing money.Suddenly, Florence to Terminal.Implicitly said: “get off it!”Yin West and I will immediately get off his.We all the way back to the hotel, on his way to inspect hidden his backpack, found that even with NT dollars, was also stripped of his wallet worth about five hundred dollars.”Fortunately,” he finally said, “most of the dollars in her purse.Taiwan’s identity card was gone together with the debit card, passport fortunately Modiu.But – “” But how?”I nervously Road.    ”Was also stripped of the purse is on the back of his hip pocket,” implicitly tut marvel.”Bags are buttons buttoned, but the wallet chops away, buttons or buckles smartly.Really strange!”Yin West and I could not understand.I laughed and said: “I’m afraid there really three hands – one hand the solution button in one hand and stealing money, and then only on the third button.”I know passport still, non-destructive money left, we have good breath.I suddenly laughed, pointing implicitly said: “Are you listening to on behalf of Xie said here only steal or rob, others did not open, but you cut in and said:” stealing money rely on the wisdom, it should be.”It’s a prophecy!”Short love long edge of the glass industry in the Czech Republic is quite a long history, as early as the fourteenth century has been manufacturing glass church window color.Today carved Bohemian crystal, wider by the States welcomed.Shopping in Prague, is the most tempting array of crystal shop, almost every street has some street open several more in a row.Those color cups and vases, fruit and chandeliers, not only elegant and pure tone, amazing occasion to watch in the head, stroke in hand, people feel lost in a maze of transparent, alas, colorful dream.Woke up, the dream has been packed up, put in your pocket, it is quite heavy, but my heart felt light.Moreover, the price is not expensive: NT thirty-two hundred dollars can buy a small fine, a thousand, you can have a noble and generous.    We look at a home in the past, more and more heavy bags, more and more bright eyes.Sentiment rising.Of course, one can not help but feel expensive, heavy luggage or worry, I will read out the impromptu four-character tactic to boost morale: Yesterday acquired Tate poor do not buy big upset today, I find it interesting, they will read it together tomorrow, really feel righteous, the more you buy more effortless.    Czech Tourism Bureau, if sensible, that I should be “persuasive song” bought publicity, will be able to understand its stingy miser teach countless soup.    Czech wood is also doing pretty well.Souvenir shop you can buy lacquer box painted, exquisite brighter, very ornamental irresistible hand.Couple of thousand dollars can buy boutique.There is a box painted fantasy magic carpet flying, magical gorgeous, beautiful, but I mean a thought, without setting start, end up “upset tomorrow,” ridiculed.  There is also a Russian puppet, a bit like China’s tumbler, painted a plump Pied country girls, seven-color bright summer high if the Russian painter (MarcChagall) screen.This is the window common country girl standing in a row, sometimes as many as eleven or twelve, but turn to a smaller size than a.When you look closely, all these chubby girl can be stripped waist, it was empty, just install “sister” under a smaller size.    One night, we went to see Mozart’s opera “Tang Qiao Giovanni” (DonGiovanul), is not a real person but the puppet play.Mozart was born in Salzburg, died in Vienna, but his music is an integral and Prague.Golden City in his life been there three times, and the second is to go, “Tang Qiao Giovanni” world premiere.That splendid and full of Overture is the rapidly spectrum to the eve of the show, the band is now simply look now playing.Mozart personally directed, foreground and background to work together, but still very successful.But “Tang Qiao Giovanni” is not very popular in Vienna, Mozart so grateful for Prague, but Prague is also proud.    1991, to commemorate the bicentennial of Mozart’s death, Prague’s National Puppet Theater (NationalMarionetteTheatre) debut, “Tang Qiao Giovanni” Unexpectedly very well received, three years down, almost seven games played, the audience reached more than 10 a million people.The night we went, but also fully booked.About half of those high personal puppet, nearly comic style, by the people behind the scenes manipulation of cable, in close coordination with the music, and gestures, turned and bent over, even kneeling down to his back, all the action in unexpected humorous do not have, it is wonderful between the true magic.    Leaving in the morning, do not love Yiyi.Implicitly, the days of thinking, I keep my four, supernatural power, and go to the Charles Bridge.Thin cold cloudy day, river surface wind bully, only seven or eight degrees scene.Public art smells bridge, pedestrians come and go, the city still so everlasting and leisure.Think of two hundred years ago, Mozart rehearsal strike “Tang Qiao Giovanni”, nestled along the chestnut small dark green all the way home, but also from the Charles Bridge, this is I was marching Friends of brick bridges, to the other side of Shitainici Hotels drink a glass of strong Turkish coffee; remembered footsteps of Kafka, Rilke also stepped on this bridge sack sack, moved among the more feel from the situation is getting stronger.    We just bought the store in the bridge carrying puppets; implicitly and Grace each carrying a small Chaplin, flatter, waving sticks, build black mustache, Zhang toe, very comical.I have to mention is the big eyes and a pointed nose puppet Pinocchio, is cute.    Along the end of the bridge ramp down stone steps, we walked down the bridge, they came Campel small village, into a company called “Golden Scissors” small restaurant.Small shops such as a boat, set off with white gauze picturesque window view was exquisite, only half the price of vegetables in Taipei.All this, plus warm in households, desolate aroma of shining on the river, so we rely on lazy but, like the ancient Greek food indulge unconventional date of the prodigal son, wandering Wanggui.Especially hidden, though stolen, Juan Juan to Prague not change its deep.Asked about his feelings at the moment, his tone tranquil and timeless: “totally fate,” said hidden.”Wallet with me for many years, this edge to make, so breaking up.As for the identity card goes well, I would not go back with me, just another ego, subconscious forever stay in the city of Prague.”It seems implicitly by this young, high realm Day.He is no longer victims, but a philosopher, steal, and be able to succeed, is smart.Stolen, and can let go, even at ease, that is wisdom.    So we cross the bridge with the wise men, another six hundred years of Charles Bridge.White Gull dancing, repent and be saved.    January 1995

Bridegroom disappearance mystery

Qing Xianfeng seven years of spring and summer, the fields of wheat whistling call to up channeling, high outdoor temperatures every day, people who are thin clothes every day.April is the sixth day Chaijiazhuang Chai Yunfei wedding wedding day.Early in the morning Chai Yunfei home to decorate, drum gongs, crowded.Friends, neighbors, folks who have come to congratulate with gift.Chai Yunfei bridegroom is busy preparing, happy Bulong Zuidou.Auspicious time has come for a new dress and wearing a big red sedan chair arrived on time in front of the bay.Principal greet the bridegroom quickly launched, to marry the bride, but this time was known trace of the missing bridegroom.Beginning we did not care, the guests guess today’s more, the bridegroom might busy greeting guests, at the moment I do not know where to go to go.When you can wait inside and out, back and forth, looked in every corner of the house did not find the bridegroom, this temple land was kept long grass, feeling some bad things.Without bridegroom, this wedding will naturally do not go on before proceeding.In the following days, Chai Yunfei’s family and friends are looking for multi-party, Chai Yunfei but still alive but no one is dead but not dead.Ten days later, the woodshed Chai Yunfei backyard suddenly smelled bad smell, family clawed firewood pile and saw that the body has begun to rot in Chai Yunfei.Le Chai Yunfei corpse’s neck with a rope on three feet long, needless to say this is a clear case of murder.Who is so bold as to dare in broad daylight, in full view of the bridegroom alive strangled, and do not even pretend site?So daring criminals is rare!Speaking at the local Chai Yunfei home can be considered a wealthy family, Chai Yunfei’s father and first wife gave birth to two of his brother Chai Yunfei Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu and a sister Chai Yunfeng, while Chai Yunfei is born concubine.For this reason, Chai Yunfei two brothers from an early age often suffer from bullying, while Chai Yunfei’s father so the two brothers Chai Yunfei extremely dissatisfied.Sister Chai Yunfeng know that sooner or later have to leave firewood home, so never involved in family disputes, even more after later marrying foreign land away from the trouble of non-land.So, after Chai Yunfei killed, it was agreed that the murderer must be killed Chai Yunfei his half brothers Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu.Chai Yunfei’s father also believes that certain Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu fear Chai Yunfei and his family’s wealth and harm to the Chai Yunfei.So, we put Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu tied up, sent to county government.Wang Chenguang after the magistrate hearing the case considered, Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu both motive to kill, conspiracy to kill more time and is not easy to be found the characteristics of an outsider, it is found that they killed the murderer Chai Yunfei, Chai Yunlong, but also how Chaiyun Hu He refused to admit that he is the murderer of his brother.So off to hear the case for nearly a year, Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu sometimes confess sometimes retracted, unable to go eventually admitted to the crime of torture and the killing of brother.Case thus set down, Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu was into death row, just waiting for autumn slaughter ask.Just at this point, Wang Chenguang was transferred to another county office went to court, the magistrate new name surname Shen Jun, a master settle a lawsuit.After carefully reading the Chai Yunfei Shen magistrate murdered a case file that is unlikely Chai Yunlong, Chaiyun Hu’s killing Chai Yunfei.The reason is brother to murder his brother at any time have the opportunity, why to choose the date Chai Yunfei wedding wedding day, when the family and friends gathered, and given the committed crimes in broad daylight it?In such a specific time and place in committing the crime, many people eye miscellaneous, can easily be found even inadvertently caught, risky, little-minded people committed crimes will not choose at this time.So he decided to re-hear the case.Shen magistrate to all those who participated in the day of the wedding were all called Chai Yunfei in county government, and to isolate them, separate inquiries, he asked in great detail, no detail is unwilling to let go carefully and find the clues to solve the case.Who knows all the people all over the asking, but did not get any valuable clues.Could it be that their own analysis and judgment is wrong?Shen magistrate felt my heart at a loss!On this day, he again read the inquiry records and found that the last day to Chai Yunfei home to Hershey who is a mason Chaijiazhuang, he just walked into the house Chai Yunfei, we began looking for Chai Yunfei.Why did he go so late it?Shen magistrate called again to ask the mason, mason explained: Chai Yunfei wedding day early in the morning, he gave a family Murakami repair a leaky houses.To finish the job he went after the Chai Yunfei home, so go get some late.Shen magistrate said: You want to overhaul how this one house away from home Chai Yunfei?Masons, said: far, immediately west of Chai Yunfei home, in the middle separated by only a.So you’re standing on the roof of the house to see Chai Yunfei home woodshed?Shen magistrate asked with interest.Masons quickly said: Yes, can see.Shen magistrate happy Yipaidatui, said: Well, you think about it, the day you see what people have been to Chai Yunfei home woodshed?Masons then said: I saw my sister’s Chaiyun Feng Chai Yunfei and her cousin, health workers Guren Yi holding hands and looking very affectionate went into the woodshed.Later Chai Yunfei also went to the woodshed, and then later, I’m back down from the roof of a neighbor’s for a new clothes came home Chai Yunfei.Is Chaiyun Feng and Gu Renyi killed his brother Chai Yunfei?Can two men and Chai Yunfei no injustice Wu Chou, it is no reason to harm Chai Yunfei!In order to find a breakthrough to solve the case, the magistrate decided to apply to a speculative.This morning, her family sent word to Chai Yunfeng, saying that her father was ill, so she quickly trip back home.Chai Yunfeng hurried rush around rushed to the father’s side.His father was a strange disease common in rural areas: let the ghost to Hold!And hold his father’s ghost is none other than Chaiyun Feng had died more than a year younger brother Chai Yunfei.So Chai Yunfeng father’s side came a voice to speak his father’s brother became Chai Yunfei voice: my sister, I die wreck it!Chai Yunfeng heard a scared ass collapsed to the ground, trembling as Shaikang, quite a while off and said: Brother, sister not harden, which is all that Gu Renyi idea ah.At this time, hiding in the house heard the application at the magistrate gave the order, Chai Yunfeng woman was tied up runners.At the same time, another road runners will be taken to the county government Guren Yi.It turned out that Gu Renyi though better educated, a mouthful of virtue and morality, but underneath it was a womanizer.Because he and Chai Yunfeng are cousins, grew up playing.So when Chai Yunfeng was a girl, Guren Yi and Chai Yunfeng hooked into adultery.Because they are cousins, plus things done extremely secretive, so in addition to the two of them, no third party knows.Later, after Chai Yunfeng marrying foreign land, their relationship also will be interrupted.Chai Yunfei wedding day, they were for many years and then re-encounter with the Guren Yi and Chai Yunfeng like firewood encountered fire, quickly rising up the hearts of evil.We are busy taking advantage of the marriage of the machine, the two of them hand in hand, hurried into the woodshed, firewood and even have no time to shut the door began struggling behavior.Also if the Chai Yunfei bad, just take things at this point Chai Yunfei came to the woodshed.Gu Renyi see their misdeeds was found, we will want to think Chai Yunfei fell forward on the ground and picked up a length of rope to strangle alive Chai Yunfei.Then he turned and threw herself Chai Yunfeng who continue to pleasure.When done, they continue like nothing, like a wedding.After missing the bridegroom, they pretended to look for and everyone together.After listening to Shen magistrate masons narrative that Guren Yi and Chai Yunfeng is likely due to the rape and murder of people.However, speculation can not serve as the basis for decision.He selected a breakthrough in the case of Chai Yunfeng body, mainly because she was the elder sister of the deceased Chai Yunfei.Shen magistrate coupled with the use of rural people is common, and very superstitious possessed by the ghost of the way, so had no trouble Chai Yunfeng to tell the truth.After Chai Yunfei murder case cracked, local people in unison praised Shen magistrate, affectionately referred to him as gods.

Bride With White Hair

Just because you bear this life I hate my generation three thousand white hair just because you bear my life just because I was white as snow, your life Owes Me and I hate all men life under the sun just because you bear me how much my sword beheaded Ungrateful man they call me the magic that is because they have not seen the gentle enough for a woman twenty years ago and today, twenty years later you came to me Blossoms Valley today you came to me this emotion-laden cliff you kneel in front of me my sword pointed at your throat and ask you to do your knees in front of my tears fall on my sword on the red damask you listen to me twenty years ago I married because their parents tobacco Law past two decades, but not a day I do not want you waking me read you I sleep I dream you have not forgotten one fifteen I know you, I say you will not believe your heart can not eliminate the resentment of my life has held you how I bear to live up to another woman, but now the tobacco Law has passed away with her unworthy of my life and now my cloud Kou has been stable happiness I have no worries I come to you today is to admit I’m begging you forgive me even if I want to Do as long as you are willing to forgive me if you can eliminate hate in your heart as long as you do not kill you will kill me red damask hand sword suddenly you pull your hand to your throat reddened by the blood of my sword drops fall on the grass and I Qi Jian / turned without a word you suddenly sad laugh my red damask how willing to kill me so I’ll say the last word in this life I love you, okay this one woman I love most in this life you had a woman today let me die beside you can die by your side and I could die I fell to the ground I heard you when you turned bloody red navy blue brocade robe I innocently He stood silent tears falling red damask to let me sleep in your arms…  I went back to twenty years ago that gentle woman so bloody red white I uphold my tears speak to uphold how silly ah…  I first met you when you were a young spark Lang now has a Mei Rangong the.  You see here how beautiful ah.  .I’ll hold you to hold up a cold evening has been holding the warmth of your body it seems to have embraced this over a lifetime.I’ll hold you hold you.Show the cloud you die how I live to go, we go to a good place and I picked you jump off a cliff indifferent.Fool jumped into space swan song of red dye ink tears fragrant.

Bride With White Hair

Just because you bear this life I hate my generation three thousand white hair just because you bear my life just because I was white as snow, your life Owes Me and I hate all men life under the sun just because you bear me how much my sword beheaded Ungrateful man they call me the magic that is because they have not seen the gentle enough for a woman twenty years ago and today, twenty years later you came to me Blossoms Valley today you came to me this emotion-laden cliff you kneel in front of me my sword pointed at your throat and ask you to do your knees in front of my tears fall on my sword on the red damask you listen to me twenty years ago I married because their parents tobacco Law past two decades, but not a day I do not want you waking me read you I sleep I dream you have not forgotten one fifteen I know you, I say you will not believe your heart can not eliminate the resentment of my life has held you how I bear to live up to another woman, but now the tobacco Law has passed away with her unworthy of my life and now my cloud Kou has been stable happiness I have no worries I come to you today is to admit I’m begging you forgive me even if I want to Do as long as you are willing to forgive me if you can eliminate hate in your heart as long as you do not kill you will kill me red damask hand sword suddenly you pull your hand to your throat reddened by the blood of my sword drops fall on the grass and I Qi Jian / turned without a word you suddenly sad laugh my red damask how willing to kill me so I’ll say the last word in this life I love you, okay this one woman I love most in this life you had a woman today let me die beside you can die by your side and I could die I fell to the ground I heard you when you turned bloody red navy blue brocade robe I innocently He stood silent tears falling red damask to let me sleep in your arms…  I went back to twenty years ago that gentle woman so bloody red white I uphold my tears speak to uphold how silly ah…  I first met you when you were a young spark Lang now has a Mei Rangong the.  You see here how beautiful ah.  .I’ll hold you to hold up a cold evening has been holding the warmth of your body it seems to have embraced this over a lifetime.I’ll hold you hold you.Show the cloud you die how I live to go, we go to a good place and I picked you jump off a cliff indifferent.Fool jumped into space swan song of red dye ink tears fragrant.

A taste of Shanghai

To isolate ourselves, hidden for three months, during the work necessary in addition to communication, in others it seems I was like a dull fool.I do not know how my colleagues and superiors think of me, all I could think of nothing to do with most of the day job thing, once again plan their simulation should be the way to go, the road seems to be far-reaching enough ambitious, a little off the actual situation.But they are fundamentally strong and full, so I suspect not do this job long, and even resign immediately think of to try to go that way.    I firmly believe that no matter where are all respect to strength, in order to later livelihood for hope, I have repeatedly hard to force yourself to learn something practical point accumulation, and an oath secretly erected a monument, always remind myself daily chores and can not be lost own.Two years of experience tells me that youth is precious, although Sentimental but full of energy, often because this can accomplish much.    Back to the most true to yourself, away from the first misty, chaotic human mind’s desire.A few days ago in the nearby river that has run into Uncle fishing snails, he said he was fishing with snails living in Shanghai, and adhere to ten years, by his simple words, but it is desolate Naiting.Live in multi-age, everyone has their own way of life, some forced, some are reluctant, like the uncle put their big bust inserted into the river, the river flows away ten years of his life time how many sad and helpless behind it, only he himself knows best.At the forefront of modern Shanghai to see such a big tradition tough this scene, who will be moved.I think growing up in the course of the ill-fated, often suffering us develop into unyielding, against the current practitioner.    That day, I suddenly arises the idea of a walk into the city, tightened his brow, then walked under the scorching sun Sheshan subway station by car to the city.Shanghai’s downtown area on behalf of the dignity and struggle, sharp images are full of magic, in the Pudong Lujiazui skyscrapers crown the cloud, under the command Hongkou and Yangpu Ying is the other side of the alley townhouse community, that patina mottled Shikumen, standing in the cramped tunnel, write to make residential community culture of old Shanghai.When I again went to the Bund, Nanjing Road from ten foreign market stroll, all the way to the capital to see all the atmosphere of luxury shops and business centers faction, which Huaihai Road and as representative of the modern and cosmopolitan Shanghai, so Allah (Shanghai people) proud pressure bargaining chip.Indeed, the appearance of the city, cleanliness Shanghai a few business services in various cities in mainland China is second to none, which is why I prefer the direct reason of Shanghai.I live with a truly privileged Shanghai is still out of tune, and very difficult to live, Hao Zhao.It is still quietly continue to erode my youth, I was just here a stragglers, I am still willing to micro-ant attitude to continue to stay here and stick to look.People living here are mostly accepted Shanghai is a very high degree of heterogeneity of urban genres, giving outsiders a sense of mystery, although I stayed in Shanghai before and after nearly a year of time, heart and hands and feet still touch the resulting limitations to its huge body, as to its soul vein, only colleagues from Shanghai mouths simple thing, this time pregnant with the curious questions I try to put some of the old Shanghai of attractions Zouliaoyizao.When abducted outside the White crossing the chain bridge across Suzhou Creek in Huangpu Park, Pudong Lujiazui found from this point of view more clearly lined with tall buildings, modern atmosphere, which is a feat after the reform and opening up.Right now is the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek confluence of the Huangpu River, also known as Shen Jiang, Huang thanks Chunshenjun break the Warring States period, it said Shanghai has Shanghai.The Suzhou River is also Jiaowu after Songjiang, Shanghai Opening prosperous stronghold, the two rivers have been tied traces the history of Shanghai.Over the Suzhou Creek can see two striking building, Shanghai Pujiang Hotel and Tower, also just people running the nostalgic character.Although ancient building body mass vicissitudes, application in modern business operations, its economic and those extravagant modern buildings is no less than.There are ancient mansion near Shanghai quality reinforced concrete building – Shanghai Postal Museum, words very conspicuous, handwriting style is also very familiar with, is the question of Jiang Zemin.It must be mentioned, I walked in the city, many have Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription in some of the iconic places, it went like to leave handwriting, its significance is not our ordinary people went fine, but I first suspected to be “immortal” the word.    After a left outside the White Bridge Road north extension line extension, Sichuan, Shanghai area the road is a lot of legislation named after a foreign concession, from north to south to all the provinces to name, to the provinces in the east-west cities named.The famous Sichuan Road in Shanghai on the large, this road is very long, I do not know how long to go to see the edge of the road or street number identifies the Sichuan Road, see the logo of the Toronto Road along the street.For Duolun Road Shanghai already heard, it is a cultural street, my heart just fork into it from Xing also in the intersection.In Toronto lengthy road small walk in a circle, in fact, this street is not long, deserted popularity, feeling somewhat unexpected.According to the wall text blurb says this street had lived in a number of domestic influential writers, Lu Xun, Ba Jin, Guo Rou Shi, Ding Ling left-wing writers, on the green grass under the shade of a few small shrubs stand a few literati statue, but also along the street cafes, painting the facade, in addition to those I do not see their sense of taste characteristics.Duolun Road is a corner of a downtown alley, after there had something to eat, look at the phone high moral map, know that is near the Lu Xun Park.Shikumen out Duolun Road, over a side street, there are a few tourist buses stop there in a roundabout roundabout, original dial side of that door is the door to Lu Xun Park and asked to come out of a little girl, said is a free of charge.I Mengran went in, babbling song filling our ears, arm in arm under the trees in groups of elderly pair stroll jump dance, in addition to my Caoxi Park, Jing’an Temple Park, rarely seen in Shanghai so intimate scenes, unlike Guangzhou each district has a large park and lake, seniors can spend all day long in song and dance, which is the construction of public places of entertainment elderly, many cities in the country, Guangzhou are doing better feeling.After Lu Xun Park Lu Xun Memorial and visited the tomb of Lu Xun out from Hongkou Football Stadium, and watching to see the viaduct is not street side, all the way to live in peace.Suddenly feeling great Shanghai can be all-inclusive, I was just overwhelmed during a small molecule, and a lot of people walking confused as to live obedience.    Walking in the streets of downtown Shanghai, there will always see those buildings to imagine the former Shanghai Concession picture.In my opinion Shanghai Far East in modern times is to act as a city, Shanghai is located in the Jianghai exchange, the special geographical position among North and South, Shanghai took the opportunity of competing in the colonial powers divided the country’s poor and weak people, thus creating one kind of Shanghai New culture – Shanghai culture.Shanghai Peace Hotel first floor of the Far East, the Far East prison Tilanqiao prison, the Far East Yue Paramount ballroom, Far East Sheshan Catholic Church and other churches Shanghai this created a mestizo city.With the development of the times, sundials gradually shift, when the concession has now become Shanghai’s most bustling commercial area.We constantly rewriting life, the same city are changing every day, in the past many have been transformed into today’s mainstream, the city trying to copy only the pursuit of speed overlooked features, when our lives are busy and full of the high-rise bridge when covered, these have long turned a blind eye, dull, then often expect to play some crossing.Those rustic nostalgic always make people slow down the pace of the times to feel the gap of baptism and stimulate.And what are the characteristics of the indigenous in Shanghai?I do not know, I know that it is still a few local elders heard of mouth.Old Shanghai specialties, in the diet, as the birthplace of Shanghai local cuisine Dexing Museum, Laozhengxing as well as in Shanghai Yuyuan old hotel, according to colleagues that there are only three authentic Shanghai in order to eat the local cuisine.Unfortunately, last year the leadership of the plant to stay in Jiuting Xianheng hotel Bai Yan, those thick red oil sauce dishes that are authentic local cuisine, ask the waiter to eat downstairs finish, she said softly, with a smile dish on the table Shanghainese are cottage version.While listening to unhappy, can not, not out of their own money, no right to speak.Until now I did not eat authentic local cuisine, I thought if someday you really want to leave Shanghai, and still did not eat the local cuisine be regrettable.    Shanghai, is so evocative of the city, Sun Yat-sen proposed Greater Shanghai Plan, it is estimated Shanghai now so large and old leaders also plan a little association.Remember, people around hours mention Shanghai, it is a city with a mysterious aura, when many people in Shanghai is a piece of my heart magnet too hot, take the time to personally Shanghai is a glorious thing in life.Now open, and all kinds of material civilization up, he walked into Shanghai is not a difficult task, but to their own lives is not easy to stay in Shanghai.I like Shanghai, but it’s real life and I did not have much relationship, so I always felt that Shanghai is just an inn, retirement is inevitable, but it makes me time Nanfennanshe.    July 28, 2013 in Shanghai Sheshan Industrial Park:

A taste of “Little Lake” cruise

[REVIEW] after sunset grabbing away the last hint of sunshine, coming from all directions twilight began beautifully.On the shore of a platform, a dozen Granny old man, in a tape recorder music, swaying up.  In the evening, about the friends I came off WUTONGQIAO looked in place by boat.In this case, the existing boat on the lake in swimming, colorful cruise that dot the lake, the “Little Lake” more to life.We chose a “Bee” tread lightly stepping on the reticle plan to go to the lake.    At the moment, the sunset shines on the lake, the rise of the breeze, waves rippling lake, with waves of flickering glow from afar, Wanru silver snake winds along a section, has been extended to the front of our boat.Dark green quietly walk through the water around us, a few slices of dead leaves wandering in with wave drift.A few small fish playfully chase alongside our boat, we reach out to be close to them, but slips into the water, not far from surfacing again.We are so close to the water, nose and mouth to breathe in the breath of his mouth is full of wind, I gently scooped flickering glow of the lake, tossed on their own forehead, wetting themselves in recent days by the sun almost evaporated to dryness of the skin.    Lakeshore surrounding trees and buildings clear reflection on the lake, but was confused when fold up after our cruise, we seem to be on the top of the tree, the forest floor between walking.    Lakeshore both sides of the thick banyan, some slim, as dignified woman; some twisted waist, like amorous beauty.No matter what kind of attitude, we have both a landscape.    Friends said: “Banyan is a feature of ‘Little Lake’, and it was traced back to the banyan tree planted hundreds of years ago.One that is solid embankment; second is to remove rinderpest, when the Wutongqiao Salt prosperity, needed a lot of cattle for labor, people have to be afraid of cattle plague, the plague is said to go to the banyan tree can be evil, so a lot of planting.Today, some of more than five hundred years old banyan tree, a few people can encirclement.”At the moment, the sun sets, Juanniao return, the tree sing the birds singing one after another.    Over there, on the lake Yung shade cover, a pair of young men and women whisper whisper on cruise ships.    Look, people on the fishing boat fishing nets thrown into the air, and that nets very white, very bright, like a spider web waiting for prey positive lapper, the fisherman threw his hopes, his shiny red sunset face was.    Shore several children, with your fingers painted our boat seems to be asking the parents took him (her) to play Cruise.    After sunset grabbing away the last hint of sunshine, coming from all directions twilight began beautifully.On the shore of a platform, a dozen Granny old man, in a tape recorder music, swaying up.    Shore lit up lights, neon lights also flashes up, bustling streets, light shines on the banyan glow green light.Bridge over the river as a rainbow, with reflection and formed a ring flashing IPL.At the moment, Bodhi, Dragon two mountains, such as Dai, bamboo root row upon row of lighted beach.    Way back then this poet Lee Si-hang, should be driving a boat, swim in the lake, so look at this beauty, feel an upsurge of surging, only lines through the ages: “Shop willow Gaan level, dotted with spring good drawing, people who smoke and fire down , should not let the scenery of West Lake “, from the ‘little Lake’ reputation as.    I have seen countless times on the shore “Little Lake” scenery, and today the water a taste of “Little Lake” scenery, really “cross as many different angles, near and far different level,” the mood.Friends with a little poetic language, said: “People look at the scenery on the shore, we look at the scenery on board, the evening is a beauty, the beauty of our mood.”