A sunny window

Taiwan mountaineering circles spread a story, a beautiful and sad story.    Legend has it that a young mountaineer, climbing once when accidentally dropped in the ice; decades later, his wife climb to that area, have been frozen the chance to find a husband for decades in glacier.The young man buried in the snow, also holds the appearance of his young age, and his wife in the earth because there is already a grow old temples Feishuang.    When I first heard this story, he shook up the entire chest, it is so short, so powerfully revealed who is in space and time, determined to be small, and there are just as many opportunities in dozens of coincidence years after the couple met in glacier.    Many years ago, a movie called “Lost Horizon”, there is no time and space, people lived a carefree happy life.One day, a young man lost in mountaineering, and broke into Lost Horizon, and fell in love with a beautiful girl in there; the girl longing for human love, young girls eager to take back to their own home, they despite everyone’s objections, across the Taniguchi horizon, through the snow and ice of the frozen earth, arduous journey before returning to earth; are not intended to turn back the moment the young, the girl is already a silver-haired, wrinkled, foot in the grave.The story then opened a sad ending in the elegant music and pure white snow.    Originally, the loss of life in the horizon of this love couple, their love is sincere, but also have the courage to create the future, why they can not have a happy ending it?Problems in time and space, a space-time flow at a constant in time and space, pulled away at the moment they met, and space, can not help but fall into a sad fog.    Recently, the Taipei premiere in the Novels “Peony Pavilion” adaptation of the stage play, read a few of my youth, “Peony Pavilion”, only that it is an ordinary love story, age longer, reread the novel, actually product a deep sense of helplessness.After decades of change, it is not just a woman for Love gone hua thousands of memories of girlhood, but after the sadness of the human circulation space and time can not be the.Time and space where the flow of irresistible, to actually make the final once the spring to make the old roots, flowers killed two people do not know.    ”Time” and “space” for the two road shuttle tapestry of life, their shuttle to come and go could be so heartless.    In Greek mythology, there is a hill immortal ageless immortals live, Yamaguchi has a large checkpoint, guarded this hurdle is the “god of time”, which the rheological time blocked in the mountains outside, so that those gods can eternal youth, may the sun and moon and mountains and the same immortal.    As we mortals, the gods did not like luck, looked up every day, stand and walk around to see the wall clock ticking hurried footsteps, even sitting on the balcony meditation, can also see the sunrise, moonset, the wind had star Shen, from far outward through the day.One day, we even encountered juvenile playmate, he found a few stems slightly gray hair, and our mood micro approaching middle age, the.One day, we suddenly found in the yard of lilac flowers, but a trip back, but the petals off the floor.One day, we see the old house before the house demolished, but before long, they built a new building.one day.We finally noticed, transfer the passage of time and space which is ruthless and overbearing, there is no room for negotiation.    Chinese folk fairy tales also often describe such a scenario, there is a man in by chance to the sky, or swim underwater, ten days after his return to earth, found Renshiquanfei, know what to do; because “day in heaven, earth a year “, he play a dozen large, the world has passed more than a decade, a decade of change in how great it?It can be as large as you return home, but can not find their own door, not recognize their loved ones.Zhizhang of “Returning Home” where it can express this feeling: “I left home boss back, no change mane bad accent; children meet strangers, asked the passengers where to laugh?”Decades away from home, you can even make it easy to potential host and guest!    Buddha said, “Hue is the magic, the world of impermanence” is really fathom the true time and space, let us see a bud will soon bloom, and soon have to tone it down a.    Author of “Water Margin,” the Shinai is a short passage in the book’s preface: “Every word Frankenstein, person A several-year-old earlier this.Several of her husband, while the plot of that.Today the plot in its year-old sort of?Preferably the sum of the NO?I have learned the past visible change off.If so restless, I books so far sentence, the sentence has been previously changed destroy disease, pain is also available.”(I often say to people ‘person A is now several years old’ surprised some, is piled up and you can save the meaning of, and now he’s at the age where it accumulates?You can count out?I have seen in the past disappeared completely changed not only the way I wrote this sentence, the sentence before the time has change soon disappear, this is the most painful.) It tells a great novelist sorrow of time and space.Ancient China’s great novel, as long as we pay attention, it is talking about almost all of time and space have a profound question, “Dream of Red Mansions,” the gentle bustling syphilis wealth, eventually went dead time and space to Water Margin “heroes Shigeyoshi commit suicide, Finally, the fate of desolation; “Three Kingdoms,” the big theme is “the world trend long period of division, together for a long time to divide”; “Golden Lotus” is a fantastic color and phase of the scattered off; “flowers in the mirror” is the water of the month, the mirror of the flower; “Strange” is the power of God ghosts, all is vanity; “the West Chamber” is emotional separated displaced; “Travels” is more obvious tells: “I’ve watched him rising up, he saw the building collapsed.”Our literature almost without exception, to say the people in time and space in the tiny, but no one depth discussion from this point of view, otherwise it will find Chinese folk thought, grading of time and space have a very sensitive sense of touch.Western proverb: “You have to always be happy, only to find pain inside.”Right way out of the space and time and the contradictions of life, when we feel happy, not always biased, nostalgia does not go, and ever is that boring stuff – this is on the edge of life from time to time make fun of our time and space.    Plato wrote a short poem two lines: You look at what star, my star?    I am willing to sky, to seeing many of you people can use how beautiful sentences, how to write beautiful novel of life, but we can not be the sky, the stars can not be eternal, only looking at the stars fade away sentimental part.    There are many happy memories of the past, with the old man wished he could meet again, wished he could stop queue for Love, in fact, it is distant horizon, it is Time is fleeting, even if really one day meet with old friends, and I feel like frozen in polar ice , can not help being shot in time and space and endless sad it!Modern Japanese poet Izumi Shikibu there is a well-known short poem: heart miss the people, saw fireflies on Ze, also suspected soul out of his body sleepwalking.    I like the mood of this poem, in particular, “Firefly,” a metaphor, we remember who it not a summer fireflies convulsively suddenly off, or in a dark sky to turn away, and even their own soul also sleepwalking can not keep up, time and space to really ruthless deep sentimental.

A sunny top spot

Shibusawa got into the top spot of chief manager.This is a great power, very many benefits of jobs, is known as a sunny top spot.However, he was in this position is very casual.The original manager Corey had called the clerk Hirakawa Paul died suddenly suffering from acute disease, discovered in doubt when he took over the books, in little time, actually has more than 280 million in false expenses.Shibusawa chief on as manager, of course, continue to pursue shoulder the responsibility Hirakawa Paul embezzlement of public funds, which in contact with Paul’s widow Hirakawa Hirakawa Sumiko had more, Sumiko every piteously to Shibusawa Hanyuanjiaoqu.The face of a beautiful young woman’s tears and flattery, Shibusawa actually move the heart again, this wild mandarin ducks to a remote tourist resort.After washing strike Thalasso, Sumiko interest big time, requirements and Shibusawa a photo taken together, as souvenirs.Shibusawa has always been careful, but he fail to beat Sumiko feelings, and taking into account that tourism is not an acquaintance, it agreed to the request of Sumiko.Who knows their group photo, the photo studio as a sample in tourism to display for a while.And just to be a classmate named Araki and severe when the school saw Shibusawa.Araki managed to reprint a photo, and then to her door.For the first time just a friendly talk kindly.The second on the vaguely talked about the photograph thing.The third is proposed to Shibusawa small favor: I borrowed a sum of money to the bank, that bank guarantee required, I think your company.Shibusawa flatly refused: The Company from the guarantor is not.That I knew.Araki said, I just want to ask you to open a company promissory notes lend me, I just want a bright light these promissory notes, the banks know that I have business dealings with your company, credit is not a problem.Shibusawa or Dodge: I do not have so much power.Araki confidently said: It is a matter within the issuing postdated checks chief manager of the terms of reference.Shibusawa because photo handle pinch in the hands of Araki, but also think of a promissory note to borrow little relationship, they agreed, but honestly care: Do not sell promissory notes.Things just decided, Shibusawa always feel uneasy, on cue, the next day Araki panic again, that goes promissory note has been taken to the bank as collateral, the bank actually received You can go after any transfer.If so, Shibusawa company will be losing a large sum, tracing up Shibusawa will be subject to severe punishment.Shibusawa angrily asked: how you can entrap me?I had no alternative, I assure you, I have overdrawn several million in the bank it, my days are also sad than you na!What should I do!Shibusawa discouraged.You come up with two million yuan to redeem the promissory note!Where am I going to raise this sum it?The chief manager of redundancy payments more than two million yuan it?This means Shibusawa will lose this chief manager of the sunny top spot.He would also like to struggle, but Araki said coldly: losses may bring a picture bigger than this it?Shibusawa nothing to say.Araki left, he drank stuffy wine meal, then stumbled up to Sumiko home.Sumiko is makeup, he met with warm hospitality, drunken Shibusawa lost its former grace, he looked at Sumiko nines think: If we had not shot goes damn picture, how would stir up so much calamity?He Yibalaguo Sumiko, his hands tightly grabbed her neck, spluttered: noxious, 2,000,000, noxious, 2 million!Sumiko have been tapped breathlessly, however, repeatedly shouting: fast to let go, I come up with two million yuan.How you have money?Sumiko break free from the hands of Shibusawa out, opened the safe and took out 200 million to the Shibusawa: My husband is Hirakawa Paul took more than 280 million, 2 million yuan will now give you the rest of the money, as my cost of living, but you these keys back to my house.Lost Sumiko, Shibusawa course was not without regret, but finally saved this chief manager of the sunny top spot.Unexpectedly, did not last long, general manager of the company passed to the Shibusawa, the Shibusawa of all secret things shake out.Originally, the general manager was a crafty person, although he put in the position of manager, chief Shibusawa on, but learned a lesson Paul Hirakawa corruption of Shibusawa every move is monitored, Shibusawa and Sumiko and cohabitation private issuing postdated checks things, he rests in the hands.But he still cited without hair, the aim should be investigated for corruption Hirakawa ensure that sum was now Shibusawa took 2 million yuan out of thin air to redeem promissory note taking, after tracing, Shibusawa can no longer deny.Chief manager of course, also substitutions.

A sum fire

In the past, Leshan spring door wharf, there is an old couple opened a teahouse.Kind-hearted old married couple, forming popularity.Just teahouse is located on the waterfront, with doors and windows and bad, winter, north wind blowing in, blowing people trembling.Because very few people drink tea, cold business, the old couple had ridiculed a full meal to pass the day.This year’s winter, came a monk, he did not drink tea, but according to the late arrival of the tea house to discuss a fireside seat, saying it was very cold.Good-hearted old married couple, dedicated to the monk burning fire pot roast.By the time of closing, the monks got up, do not leave, go straight to the river.A monk was about to leave, Father wait any longer, pulled the monk asked: Master, so late, this is where you go back ah?Monk does not speak, hand Gun Hill pointed across the river.A grandmother surprised.Said: this dark night, they received a crossing, past master how ah?Monk said: monk own way.Drifted away.The second night, the monk again.He took a piece of paper, paper drew a word.He said to an old married couple: a donor, I am now going to go out, thank you for your help.Pinseng write for you a web nave you hung it in this court room, the package you are no longer cold.After the monks left, the old couple skepticism that the word hang in the house.Oddly enough, not cold night.It turned out the light on the wall that became a pen word poker, shine.Breaking past the cold hut, even in the spring cozy.So, spring teahouse door fame, even the Sichuan opera singing team also moved to sit here playing friends to play a.For a time, patrons of friends to play sold-out, the old couple’s business boomed.People say: This rare ‘a’ word ah!To the beginning of winter frost, especially cold tender.Several days of heavy snow, icy Minjiang River, pedestrians can walk to the river from the ice.JiaZhou magistrate dare litigation forum cold during the day, night quilt cover three large teeth and beat shake.His wife said to him: an old married couple opened riverside teahouse, had a treasure, hanging on the wall shine, warm, such as raising.You as a parent county palace, why not ask them brought honor honor, so that his aging mother also sell light stick?The most henpecked magistrate, after listening to that dare not comply.The next morning with a group of runners came to the door spring tea.He looked a long time that the word of the wall of an old married couple say: open teahouse, the county recently lady cold, especially to lend you this’ a word used with.Next year you also dog days.Father begged the magistrate said: adults, the ‘a’ word is the sum of the fire, ah, this twelfth day, thanks to it to attract guests, adults if taken away, we intended to take off, with no way out way out ah!Magistrate laughed and said: Well it easier to handle.Wang year to sell the old lady fan inscriptions, business is booming, today the county personally write a hall for you, pack your patrons to his door.Said called followers brought pen and ink paper, brush brush to write four words at home.Father without hesitation, magistrate eyelid becomes angry and said: Bushitaiju villain, the county Liu single-handedly authentic body, are not as poor monk-like dog paw ‘a’ word it?Whether he would be willing to an old married couple, called runners took the word go.Poor old married couple on the night of broken tea incense.The magistrate had the word nave, treasure, when he handed his wife, also sold a while good.Nipped lady magistrate tickled to death, immediately ordered the maid hanging in the room.That night, in bed magistrate Liangkou Er, and really warm and cloud love rain means I do not know how happy.But did not sleep long, the couple felt heat up.Three quilt cover shall not cover two, two stand on a cover, a change also hot and blankets.Later, the blankets will not cover the simply do not cover.But still warm, had to move out of the summer sleeping mat, lying naked naked.While, on the mat and soaked with sweat.The magistrate said to his wife: Forget it, or go to the teahouse it, it seems a blessing we did not endure this fire.Magistrate wife look at that word, red flashing cute enough, how willing to take away, and quickly said: devil, you have to Shoubu I’ve had, a little hot is better than cold not good shake.Quickly get the fan to fan to hit his aging mother, cool off.Magistrate can not, only to find two large fan, everyone one, you are one, my one, kept fanning.Violently violently, magistrate wife goes as far as a fan of the bright red word fan burning the.Coax to cry, son washed from the flames ten feet tall.Blink of an eye, the room full of smoke and fire, kindled the fire.Shocked when they heard the magistrate channeling couple stumbled out of bed, wearing their pants too late, closed the door on Vulcan.Kochi is a corrupt, unpopular.Yamen fire, and all the people stand.They saw a dragon out of the flames, to fly to Gun Hill.The next day, people find a pair of men and women in the field of rubble have been burned.On the third day afternoon, the monk came to the door spring teahouse, and give a word nave.Since then, no longer dares ask this sum fire to an old married couple.So, people talking, saying that the monk must have been a big Buddha Gun Hill.I believe that everyone has a way to make the world a small step closer to a better.I believe one thing: you, is power.Watch horse weathervane side, the spread of horse style side views!

A successful man “coax wife” prescription

I played from the sea that day, his wife quit her job to do single-mindedly wife and mother, my business grew and grew higher and higher heart qi children, slowly found her not quite what I said she did not know what to think she did not understand, but her temper more and more irritable, while suspicion increasingly heavy, and once I was in a meeting, she kept a cell phone, I shut down, she hit the real plane this trouble and loneliness in yet it is unspeakable.I doubted their marriage, but there are concerns.After all, my wife and I have feelings for so many years through thick and thin.    Wife thought this is mainly because they are now all these years her world and my only son, and now the son of a boarding school, an affluent life, and the days are idle, lonely emptiness she inevitably cranky, long time psychology will naturally go wrong.    Next, I started a plan.His wife was a medical student, I was in a friend to open medical device company to get her the job of a salesman, first she refused to go, so that we can be afraid, I told her: you are already a successful wife and mother , but you can also do a successful woman.    The clerk has been working for almost a decade spent at home wife is indeed a challenge, not that hard, but also to deal with various kinds of people, it is inevitable that by the time people watch others face contempt.In those days she comes home every day, he said: quit, not people doing this job.However, the next morning I was still forced her to get up, watching her go out three times a day to call her encouragement: Do not be discouraged, try again the next one, chances are it negotiate!    I’ll never forget the scene to talk to his wife to go home at first pen list.She a door into my arms, straining patted my back loud cheers: negotiate, I negotiate!Haha her eyes sparkled, my body filled with an active vitality so happy my wife for a long time no see!Originally the home of lifeless atmosphere suddenly was activated I think she has gradually come to understand the thrill of working to bring people let them go, and I also infected her passion, work up the spirit of times, so that employees have asked me: Shen total recently What a happy event is not met?    Late last year, his wife got a considerable amount of commission, she invited me and my son use the money to play with a trip to Sanya.By the sea, his wife happily humming the song: Grandma’s Penghu Bay beach by the waves coconut sunset, she looked so beautiful and moving, that moment, I was really happy for her.    But this is not enough.University school of those things the wife has forgotten, out of date, so I gave her a reported English courses Foreign Language Institute, said that more and more foreigners in Beijing for her to master English in order to do business with them.    In order to arouse his wife’s interest in learning, I set a rule at home: every day after dinner is a time to say English, who say Chinese inattentive to fine doing sit-ups 20.To this end trouble a lot of jokes.One night his wife was on the toilet, suddenly heard the rain and wanted me to go to the balcony the clothes back, but the moment they can not think of what to say in English balcony, only called me in the past, he kept a finger balcony I froze for a long time before blurting: you want me to jump?Anxious wife of Chinese blurted out: stupid!The result, not only to her own clothes to go back, have obediently cook 20 sit-ups.Such several times, my wife and I not only improved the English also exercise the body, they do not do both.But his wife learn English is the biggest gain can communicate with many people, learning English are young, teach also all foreign teachers, she often interact with these people, a lot of eyes open minded nature, large the international situation small affair can discuss about it, and then like before day is full of short Li Zhang parents, bored people feel restless.    Later, I gave his wife bought a computer, taught her on the net, Oh, great, she do business with people on the Internet, learn how to cook the Internet, read the news online, make friends online, become a veritable geek.Have a friends wife also launched a campaign to pursue, but also poetry is flowers, really made me nervous for a while, his wife is very proud: Look, I’m still quite attractive bar!    To do business, learn English, the Internet, and friends, now his wife could be described as colorful, just before I have to go back a little later, she would be a person full of resentment at home, but now they called me and said she often: tonight I want to come back late, you eat out of it.As a result, I had more free time, and you can drink and chat with a few buddies children.    Now, my friends and I have what party or what activities the company will join with his wife, introduced her to everyone, his wife now becoming more and more beautiful, cheerful, clever, generous, and she really became my half of the sky, whether in life, career or spiritually.    Wife, 36-year-old birthday evening, we eat Western food, flowers and candlelight, music, wine in Rogers, in infection romantic atmosphere, I hold his wife’s hand and sincerely say: Thank you for all these years for me and the family to pay, although I rarely expressed, but I hope you understand: I love you.Wife suddenly froze, long before choking back tears to say one sentence: I should thank you for the care and thought.Has the world’s best husband, what does not satisfy?    When you enjoy travel to the cause of the sky, do not forget to also bring his wife to let her fly with you, to withstand wind and rain baptism, share magnificent world together.Marriage awe, with happiness Juanqimei, you’ll get double pleasure.

A success is not necessarily true capability

A success is not necessarily true capability have so a fairy tale, that is the zebra Eric escape in a lion attack, instinctively back a kick, just kicked the forehead of a lion, the lion fell to the ground, a little while go west on life.Then it spread in the herd Eric is sent by God to protect the horses of Pegasus.Under everyone’s Eric became a respected leader on the prairie zebra, lions, too, know that they will partner in a valiant loss of life beneath its iron heel, naturally no one dare take the initiative to go before Eric’s trouble.    A year later, Eric happiness comfort in the fat.Great size coupled with shiny shiny fur, let everyone know that this is a horse of the statue, with leisurely walking posture, the full identity of the leader.    One day, a stray from the field this lion, to see the herd had coveted.It decided to choose its moves of a weak prey principle.Idea, I found it a bit to find the herd, see a lot of the weak, but not skinny, is as small as a lamb, it is not worth their fill lions.When being hesitant, it’s suddenly a bright eyes, a bloated, shiny shiny, walking is worth a stroll zebra got its sight.With it concluded that horse, though not old, but definitely not run force.Thought here, which stray lion head joy from the heart out, then jump to a dog attack to its promising zebra.Eric has also been found that the lion to hit it, in addition to speed up Duolu escape, but also resorted to the historical experience it once Tisi a lion, and lift hind legs frequently go to play the Lions, but this lion cunningly a migraine hide later, and while zebra slowed down the occasion, a biting its throat.Public zebra see their leader is a very general lion did not take much effort to capture, and stop all running Dengqi surprised eyes.    May grassland zebra leader Eric became a very delicious general population of lions, zebra as lower animals may not be able to find out the real crux of the problem, but as higher animals, people, and then can not find the crux of the problem is a joke the.Eric as a zebra shoes Tisi a lion is the fact that we need not argue, should be regarded as extremely wonderful success, but also have to admit that Eric wonderful success is contingent income, not necessarily result.If Eric was smart, since we respected myself as a leader, we must take this as the beginning, and worked hard running ability and survival skills, and must not be overconfident of ease and lifting up thyself.    Zebra Zebra always, can not withstand the temptation of a little bit of dignity he so naive as to fatten the fat, with the early life fill the stomach of a lion.But we zebra Eric’s tragic ending can give humans put up a good reference benchmark.It is from the negative to tell people: an occasional wonderful success nothing, really ability, I really have to rely on their own ability to survive in the process, the continuously sum up experience and does not allow hypocrisy and pride, in order to facilitate and reinforce their own survival the basis for development.Otherwise, an occasional wonderful success will lead to the failure of their own forever.

A Study in Scarlet

This morning, Holmes received a letter for help sheriff’s National Police Agency Gregson.The letter said, last night, Lauriston Gardens 3rd Street there was a murder.Site has a body of a man, dressed in his pocket with a business card, on which è · J · cone primary, Ohio people and so forth.After the scene, neither signs of robbery and did not find any evidence to explain the cause of death.Although the house several bloodstains, but no injuries on the deceased.This room windows and doors closed, long uninhabited.How to go and how the deceased died, police puzzled, he invited Holmes to solve the case.  Holmes read the letter, he invited Watson to go with the scene.  Stop, the driver, quick stop!When the carriage drove away from the scene of the accident there are about one hundred yards, Holmes insisted on getting off.Carriage had stopped, Holmes and Watson slowly away toward the garden walk Lauriston III.  Lauriston Gardens 3rd Street is the seat of an empty house, on three rows of windows facing the street close to the leasing of posts.There is a garden in front of the empty house, during thorn, separated from the house and the street.The middle of a small garden with yellow trail paved with clay and stone.Last night at a night of rain, muddy everywhere.  Holmes in no hurry into the house, he walked on the sidewalk, while watching the ground, while they stare at the sky and the house opposite, and Mucha on a low wall, as if thinking about what.  Then, Holmes still leisurely onto the garden path from grass beside the sidewalk.His head down, staring look at those messy footprints on the trail.  At this time, Gregson sheriff came from the house over there, he firmly hold Holmes’s hand, said excitedly: you come, it was very good, everything here is maintain the status quo.  Holmes simply ask about the case investigation Gregson few words later, he strode into the room, went straight to the location where the crime restaurant.The restaurant is a large square room, opposite the door there is a fireplace, stove end of the period stood red candle.The house is only a window, dimly lit.  Deceased lying on the floor, he looks forty three or four years old, of medium build, broad shoulders, black hair, a short beard hard; who wore thick black dress shirt and vest it, filled with white collar and cuffs, light-colored pants.Deceased fists clenched, arms stretched, legs folded, like a dying.Covered hat on the floor beside the dead.  Holmes went before the corpse, knelt down and concentrate on checking the.  You certainly do him no injuries?Holmes asked, gesturing to the surrounding blood.  Does not.Gregson replied..  Well, these must be the blood of another person, perhaps a murderer.Holmes spoke, he carefully examined by hand unbuttoned the dead.He leaned down, lips, nose sniffed the dead, and tilted his head and looked at the soles of the deceased patent leather boots.  Inspection is completed, Holmes said: You can send the bodies buried.  When the four stretcher-bearers lifted the corpse, a ring rolled from the dead body to the floor.  Gregson from the deceased to search some of the things to see Holmes, in addition to the ring, as well as a necklace, a few business cards and some change.There are also two letters was sent to my primary cone dead, another letter was addressed to Stan Johnson Festival.Meanwhile, still on the wall found a German text written in blood: rache.  Holmes very carefully measured the distance between the marks on the walls everywhere, and with a magnifying glass to the wall of a blood word letter by letter observed again, and picked a handful of gray dust from the ground and put in an envelope.  After Holmes asked the police found the body of the address of the first, before leaving, he turned and said to the people present: According to my observation analysis, this is a murder case.The murderer was a tall middle-aged man, wearing a pair of thick leather boots square head, his right hand nails long, smoked cigars in India.He is the victim and ride together to the wagon.  People looked at each other, revealing a skeptical look.  Then the murderer is murdered him what it means?Some of them asked..  Poisoned.Holmes categorically finished, the door strides, and then added back to, in the German, ‘rache’ is meant Revenge.  In the carriage, Watson asked Sherlock Holmes: how do you know the murderer and the victim is a ride in a carriage to get there?  Holmes replied: Once there, I would see the first signs prescribe wagon wheel beside the road along the stone.Since one week before the rain last night is sunny, so, leaving deep wheel tracks of the carriage must have been there last night to.  It appears to be very simple, Watson said, but the murderer’s height and how you know it?  A person’s height, most likely know from the length of his stride.I dust the house and on the Measure that distance in the individual pace of clay on the ground outside the house.Then I found a checking my calculations are correct way.Most people writing on the wall when it is natural to write in place and the line of sight parallel.Now writing on the wall just six feet off the ground.  That his age it?Watson then asked.  Well, if a person can effortlessly stride four feet and a half, he will never be an old man.The flower garden as wide corridor there is a puddle, he clearly be a step in the past, but it is taking a detour of patent leather boots, boots square head is from the top step of the past.What you do not understand it?  India fingernails and cigar it?Watson has demanded..  Wall word is dipped in the blood of a person with the index finger of writing.I have seen with a magnifying glass wall when writing some powder was scraped down.If this man nails trimmed, never like this.I also collected from the floor of some scattered ash, it’s very dark in color and is undulating, only India cigar ash is so.A competent detective will not let these minor details of the place.  When they were talking, a car unknowingly came to the entrance of the alley.Holmes found last night found the body of the police, who said he was to see this uninhabited house with lights only go in to see the.After the discovery of the body, shouting out companion when he met a tall drunk, drunk and describes the features.  The drunken man you met last night, is this mysterious case clues, and now we’re looking for him.It seems you missed the opportunity of soaring.Holmes said to the police.  On the way home, Holmes, Watson could not help but ask: police officer said the drunkard and features that you can imagine criminals coincided, but I do not understand why the return of the criminals it?  Ring, he is to come back to this thing.We can now take this ring as bait, so he hooked.Holmes confidently say.  So Holmes Designs Post a particular street finder ring lost property advertisement in a newspaper, read: Brixton Road, this morning between the White Hart pub and the Netherlands woods Lost gold wedding ring a.Who lost to please at the Dr. Watson Baker Street 221 b receive eight o’clock to nine o’clock tonight.  Unexpectedly, came to claim the ring was actually a bit old woman.After some conversation, Holmes hinted Watson returns the ring to her.  The old woman said many thanks, then later, the ring wrapped into his pocket, then went downstairs to drag.  She just left the door, Holmes immediately put on his coat, hurried to say: I want to follow her, she would take me to the perpetrators go.You do not sleep, waiting for me.  Approximately 12 o’clock at night, Holmes is back.Watson see from his face that he did not succeed.  Holmes told Watson that the old woman did not go out and walk, called a passing carriage.After seeing the old woman on the train, he also followed jumped into the rear carriage.  When approaching the destination, Holmes jumped off the wagon.Curiously, the coachman to stop the car, open the door, but no one do not know when the old woman had decamp.  Is that hobbled the old woman can escape hidden from you and the driver in driving the process it fled jumping?Watson asked in surprise.  Holmes said seriously: the two of us it is an old woman, people actually suffered such a lie.He must be a competent young man, was a great actor, I’m not prepared to take, jumping slipped away.  The next day dinner, Watson was heard a messy heard footsteps on the stairs and hallway.  Holmes said: This is the Baker Street detective team squad.Voice hardly ever saw six at street urchin rushed in.  It turned out that Holmes had instructions to Wiggins group of children led by snooping around news, they had come to the complex life.Holmes reward them a shilling apiece, they in turn sent out.  Soon after, Holmes received the message, found in Section Stan Johnson had been stabbed in the heart and died, his money punctuality, his face was written in blood on a rache in a small hotel, the bed had a little box, there are two pills.Came to the scene, Holmes said this is the primary cause of death cone poison, he brought water to dissolve after a dog eat dog died immediately dead.Holmes said that according to field observations, research and comprehensive analysis of the situation in Scarlet, he already knows who the killer is.

A strange murder

First, the incident that night, tree-lined Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Team received a report with your phone: a villa in the Garden district, a young nurse in her bedroom killed man of the house.The nurse told Mo snow, man of the house called Nie Guoqing, tree-lined city of Bodo Electric Co., Chairman of the Board.After receiving the report, Urban Criminal Investigation Interpol captain Ningxia with a few rushes past.The report is the son of Nie Nie Guoqing Master, master Nie Hakata division of the company manager.According to him, that night, he and his cousin Yasumasa go home for dinner, drank wine, and then two people watched television broadcast in the football game, fast 11:02 personnel returned to their rooms to sleep.Cousin Yasumasa also Hakata company to work and live in company dormitories, not married because exigencies, Cengfan often come to his home, sometimes getting late and sleep in the room.About 12 o’clock, he was awakened by a sudden burst of sound, feeling very strange, they get out of bed out the door, door to door carefully inspected.Then he saw Paul Mumo snow room lights, door ajar, and then push the door.A door, I saw my father was lying in a pool of blood Nie Guoqing, has cut off gas.Mo snow lying on the floor in front of the bed shivering, holding a fruit knife spattered with blood, cousin Yasumasa at a loss to stand next to.He felt dizzy, tolerate the grief went downstairs to play the alarm call.It seems simple case.After the crime scene, the Ningxia Mo snow and Yasumasa two men back to the bureau for questioning.Mo snow this year twenties, looks very handsome, her eyes some slack turn cold, but pleaded guilty to a good attitude, she cried middle of the night someone wanted to touch her room indecently assaulted her, so she Moqi around fruit knife I stabbed him, did not think Nie Guoqing.After forensic examination, the knife stab in the heart Nie Guoqing, died on the spot.Then, Ningxia and questioned Yasumasa, Yasumasa say this day 0:00 o’clock, he was about to fall asleep in the downstairs room, I heard the sound of heavy upstairs, he felt very strange, for fear that the family into the thief , quickly got up and ran upstairs, a room upstairs and saw lights Mo snow, Nie Guoqing fell to the ground Ningxia Q: Do you see the snow murder?Yasumasa say: no.Ningxia Q: room lights?Yasumasa said: lit..Ningxia ask: Mo snow was saying?Yasumasa said: She was still unconscious, I slowly woke up after the go.Ningxia’s mind with the initial case: Nie Guoqing For Mo snow indecent assault right, Mo snow to protect himself, so he killed Nie Guoqing.Not to mention the fact that Mo snow I also confessed to the murder, the case can basically settled.In view of this, the Municipal Public Security Bureau on the implementation of criminal detention Mo snow.The next morning, Nie master criminal investigation team to find Ningxia, said he felt his cousin Yasumasa a major suspect, Paul Mumo last night he walked into the room to see snow Yasumasa look nervous, he suspected that Mo Kang governance snow conspiracy to kill his father, because he found the father custody of a few large books are gone, the number add up to 2 million yuan is huge, probably both of them murder.Ningxia listened, his brow wrinkled up not help, he felt not the case is complicated, but becomes a strange.As he continued questioning Kang governance arrangements Mo snow, while snow Mo sent to the home to investigate.Second, doubts two days, snow Mo responsible for the investigation of Liu and Li two Interpol returned, they brought back a shocking piece of news: Mo snow is the illegitimate daughter of Nie Guoqing.Mo snow is fertile field countryman, Nie Guoqing year when the educated youth went down on the fertile field Township, lived there before leaving for nearly eight years, the most fertile field rural elderly know this person Nie Guoqing.That is where young Nie Guoqing had a love affair with a girl, they ate the forbidden fruit.Soon, the policy loose, Nie Guoqing can return to the city.In order not to affect the future of Nie Guoqing, the girls let him go, and he secretly gave birth to a daughter, the daughter is Mo snow.Nie Guoqing this go on never returned Feitian Township.Until a few years ago, Mo snow terminally ill mother is about to die, wrote a trustee to Nie Guoqing, he told his personal life Mo snow.Perhaps conscience, Nie Guoqing sent for Mo snow to his own home, a caregiver nominally, in fact, as a daughter to take care of them.After listening to the report, Ningxia frowned deeper, and he felt that this case is not simple, certainly a novelty, just for a moment, reason no clue.At this point, the criminal investigation team vice captain Wang Jun, holding a dossier smile on his face walked in, said: Ning team, recruit, recruit a whole Yasumasa.Oh!Ningxia one, could not help eyes light up, he said: Really recruited?Wang Jun, a sip of water, said: whole move, and spent a day and a night battle.However, you can move it useless crooked!With all positive move.Ningxia impatiently took the dossier and began to read, which recorded Yasumasa confession: Later that night, I was awakened by the ring while upstairs, thinking that the thief entered the room, they crept up the stairs feet.A upstairs I want to see Nie Guoqing snow indecent assault Mo, Mo snow was already fainted.I stepped forward to dissuade him, he waved a fan gave me a slap in the face, I also snapped to get out.I am a fit of anger, a fruit knife on the table next to put him grabbed stabbed down.I saw him lying on the ground, not the atmosphere, and my heart suddenly frightened, and without thinking I put in the hands of a fruit knife stuffed into the hands of Mo snow, when going out, Nie master came in Ningxia carefully Aberdeen fine reading material Yasumasa confession, close the dossier, light sigh, said Wang Jun: Yasumasa say all false.Wang Jun heard, not help Dengyuan eyes, do not believe say: what his confession was false?impossible.Ningxia smiled, pulled out a cigarette, lit up, take a deep one, said: Wang, I have a doubt, Mo snow and Yasumasa two people admitted that he killed Nie Guoqing, this is why?You who believe in the end of confession?Wang Jun said, wondering: two people must have a say a lie, I think Yasumasa confessions credibility is relatively large, because only he can knife stabbed Nie Guoqing, and Mo snow, after all, is a girl, the effort is not enough.Ningxia says: analysis have to be justified, but it does not meet the ethical common sense.Then, Ningxia schematic old Liu Heung put them in the fruitful field survey results to report about Wang Jun.After listening to the report, Wang Jun, a little ignorant, saying: If Mo really Nie Guoqing snow biological female, it really can not happen this kind of thing ah!Imposing a chairman Bodo Electric Company, to what kind of woman did not, how would his daughter start it?Ningxia nodded and said: So, now the key is that we must ask Mo snow that night what she has gone through in the end, what to see?I see, I’ll go to trial Mo snow.Wang Jun said as he walked out.WWW.5aigushi.COM Third, the truth of time has passed one day after the trial, Mo snow insisted that she move the knife, although her account there are a lot of questions, but she was always a little bite and hold.Anyway, when she regained consciousness, knife in hand – this is a fact.Now there are two questions, one Mo snow exactly when awake, Yasumasa confessed that when he entered Mo snow is in a coma state, and Mo snow, said she woke up Yasumasa came in; and second, what is the room lights when bright.They are not mentioned in the account of lights, while Nie Shuo go, Mo snow room lights are bright.  Ningxia read the account of the material Mo snow, snow Mo decided to conduct a trial.That afternoon, Mo snow was again brought into the interrogation room, her face pale and haggard lot.Ningxia motioned her to sit down, then straight to the point when he said: Mo snow, we have questioned you several times, you have to admit that he killed Nie Guoqing, but I do not understand is that night indecent assault the person you really are Nie National Day do?Does not he know you were his own daughter?Mo snow heard here, could not help the body startled, looked in horror Ningxia.Ningxia and she went on as a right: Nie Guoqing if you really want to indecent assault, not only animal as he, but also suffered a fruitful field of rural folks reviled, even to the underworld, he has a face to face how you die mother does?

A story of fortune coins

There was once a pauper, named Tuesday, his pants wearing several holes, and no money to do a new article.  One day, a distant Jiuye rode over to see him, bring a large pot of wine and a big bag of peanuts.  Tuesday at home half a liter of rice, he cooked white rice served Jiuye.But the whole wooden stool legs off, they had to sit on the floor cross-legged, you cup of my cup, drink it that pot of wine, one is not left to eat the peanuts.  Ba Jiufen Tuesday that drunk, suddenly stood up, the hands of the glass and fell to pieces: Well, I is not capital Tuesday, whenever there is a money, so it will not experience poverty more dead than alive!  That Jiuye also drunk, immediately took out a coins from his pocket, when the bang bang fell to the ground, rolled coins twice, Gu Lulu rolled under the bed.  On Tuesday, you bastard thing, even if you give money, is not still experience poverty?Shengjiu two Youxiaoyouma, satiated, down on the kang, a perfect night sleep.  The next morning, that Jiuye rode the horse is gone, because he lived in another market towns far.  That Tuesday unexamined Another six months, his days idle, when no food, people will go and do a few day leading a poor day laborers earn points.  To the New Year approached, he learned to look like someone’s home, clean the house early in the morning got up and watering, I did not expect, extending into the broom under the bed, a sound bite, a sweep out coins.  He suddenly remembered Jiuye to that day, he remembered what I said: Well, I is not capital Tuesday, whenever there is a money, so it will not experience poverty more dead than alive!He thought of the words of UNCLE: You bastard thing, even if you give money, is not still experience poverty?  Thought of here, on Tuesday dropped the broom, ran down the street to get those coins, the streets bustling, due to the New Year, the street was selling water wash, a hot pot of coins, stood beside the fragrance of hot water Southern grapefruit.  Tuesday had an idea, take the coins to buy a pot of hot water, wash himself clean up.  Refreshing wash, he said Tuesday that his boss: the boss, you are not afraid of a joke, I did not make money this year, everyone in the family for several days did not wash your face, you let me end this pot of hot water to go home, but also give them a clean wash.Boss to see him put it quite poor, so I agreed.  Tuesday hurried to the home run put that basin.In fact, where he should wash basin water it?What he wanted was the wash basin.Had never been seen, wash basin is made of copper, pawn shop to get, it can be worth some money.  Tuesday turned into an alley, the hot water drained, wash basin to get it to a pawn shop: the boss, my family money urgently, this basin temporarily bet you here.You lend me half Diaoqian, I come back at night to retrieve basin, according to principal and interest calculation.  Boss to take a small hammer to knock basin, basin issue that nice bong, he had the look just fine copper basin, and only half Diaoqian by day, this business is certainly not losing money, so he willingly remove half Diaoqian, pay to Tuesday.  Tuesday, pulling the half Diaoqian, Hui went up, bought five liters full of soya bean, ran back to the home flooding, dipping well finish it, leaving his father with a large stone grinding up soon do tofu into two plates.  He picked up on the streets, selling out loud: sell tofu, bean curd freshly ground fresh water Luo as saying that market towns had no tofu shop, and that hour, it was every household should prepare to burn supper.  Heard on Tuesday called selling bean curd, a lot of people ran out from the kitchen, surrounded by Tuesday, rushing to buy his tofu, In a moment, the two plates tofu all sold out, one did not rest.  Dark days Tuesday evening sitting in the photos, and that the number of money selling tofu, soy remove buy a large semi-hanging capital, net earned two Diaoqian, more than dozens of coins.  Take sleeves Tuesday wipe sweat happily take half Diaoqian to pawn shops, redeemed the basin; vanities and happily take to the street, back to the boss, to thank him, he was paid more than a boss coins.  Had never been seen, sell soybeans shop has not closed on Tuesday and to that store, use earned money to buy fifteen liters of soybean, the next morning, he got up early in the flooding, ground into six panels tofu, pick go downtown, less than one cup of work, but also sold out, this time earned eight Diaoqian, more than several dozens of coins.  On the third day, Tuesday and made a more tofu Since then, dedicated to start Tuesday tofu business, he slowly accumulated a small sum of money.  Three months later, he bought two small piglets, feeding big with rubbish, and soon, sow gave birth to a litter of piglets children on Tuesday to get Shangwang sold, they get a lot of revenue.  In this way, less than three years, really better off on Tuesday.  In the fourth winter, about the New Year, he made ten breath new clothes and 10 of the new pants, also married a beautiful and wonderful lady back.  Wedding wedding day, Tuesday distant Jiuye who specially invited, let him sit on the seat of their elders, to him some tea, toast, then thank him a gift coins.

A story of coins

A story of real coins understand people who are successful.    A young man, caught a mouse, sold to the pharmacy, he got a coin.He walked the garden, listening to the gardener say thirsty, he has a idea.While he bought with coins a little syrup, and the gardener who gave water to drink.Gardener who drank the water, then one person sent him a bunch of flowers.He went to the market to sell these flowers were eight coins.    One day, the wind and rain, the orchard was full of sticks and dry leaves blown by the wind.The young man said to the gardener: If these snags leaves gave me, I am willing to clean orchard.Gardener very happy: Yes, you can take it!Young bought some candy with eight coins, points to a group of children playing, children helped him pick up all the damaged leaves an empty.Young people went to see the royal kitchen workers say they want to sell a pile of firewood, kitchen workers paid 16 coins bought this pile of firewood.    Young people with 16 copper coins began to seek livelihood, he put up a tea stall in the town not far away, because there are 500 workers to cut grass near the water.Soon after, he met a passing water businessman, businessman told him: Tomorrow there is a horse dealer with 400 horses to town.After listening to the words of businessman, young man thought for a moment, for mowing worker said: Today I do not collect the money, ask each of you to give me a bundle of grass, will you?The workers said generously: OK ah!In this way, young people have 500 Bale.The next day, the horse dealer came to buy feed, then out of one thousand copper coins bought 500 young Bale.    A few years later, young people become well known for the rich story is very simple, and very interesting.The success of young people is not accidental, because he has the qualities of modern management.    First, he was very thoughtful: he had to be understood in order to get paid.He first bottled water to drink gardener, gardeners get the benefits, they gave him in return.This is a win-win wisdom.    Second, he was very eyes: he knows those snags leaves can fetch a high price, but how to get a lot of learning.So, he offered to work in exchange for.This is also in line with social norms made of hard-working rich.    Third, he is very organizational skills: he knew he was alone for one person to do the job.He organized a group of kids to work for him, and candy to pay compensation.From this point of view, he has the leadership and management skills, he won a major low cost investment income.    Fourth, he is very conscious of information: he can capture the opportunity to make money from businessmen and conversation, and then lower the price of the acquisition of a large number of grass resell at a good price.This, and trade in our economy today is very consistent in the information age.    We all dream of success and wealth all around us.Some people complain of poor fortune, some people complain about social injustice, some people feeling incompetent parents in fact, we really lack is the hard work and discover the wealth of the eye.

A story about faith: a receipt on a napkin

A story about faith: receipt paper / Egypt last night, more than 10 points on a napkin, I received a phone call.A strange man, complained pull hook recruitment storm-week business registration and the bad end.  This is what I since 16:00 yesterday received the first 586 (in fact, this figure is I hashed) phone to complain, I apologize hundreds of times on the phone, and teach him to use us yesterday that maze of H5 registration interface.  Finally, he blurting: Ira You do not remember me?Two years ago we talked.  Two years ago?His aging mother or a sister two years ago it Meng?  Yes.Phone there said.It looks like the end of December.  The end of December two years ago, I was alone, Delong three poorest happy when.At that time cafe in Suzhou Street in a small Menlian.I, it is the toilet stench of our first coffeehouse now the most profound memories, on time all the way down the table leg stool legs to climb out every day at 2:00.  At that time, business is very bad.I remember one time a month, we received the brightest entrepreneurs come to chat in a cafe, but nothing seemed undisciplined.The stench in the toilet when the cafe claws, the three of us would rush to the door from where the guests sit less smelly seat.  We feel that the cafe will go bankrupt in the next second.So we are looking for all kinds of poor happy before bankruptcy.We will talk about a variety of ideas a stroll along the Suzhou Street aimlessly afternoon.Remember again to the point of the meal, the three of us and the only brother went to Beijing University cafeteria to eat, and then in the elevator and somehow people did a.  At the university after the fight back to the cafe is already 19 o’clock.Maldron lying on the coffee table playing with the phone, that time he was particularly vulnerable to silence.Just angry, blame his brother should not have been a fight, the other side to buy him back from the US Tiffany chains pulling away.I forgot my time doing, it should be nagging them why men fight.  Then, the hero of this article suddenly played.Lanky, greasy hair.About thirty years old look.We started nobody noticed him.This store will have many of the guests to dress up every day.Anyway, coffee shop are young people coming and going every day this dress.  The man asked me: do you know Xu Xiaoping?He probably thought I was the middle of three relatively Mianshan.  2012, when Xu has been a God entrepreneurial circles.Almost everyone in the cafe are looking for Xu.With a northeast cavity, the cavity Hunan, Sichuan and Mandarin chamber, asking everyone you know do Xu?  Most of the time we have, we will direct disregard.But perhaps just after the fight, bad taste will come up.I scrape up.  We all know, ah, why do you find Xu?I smile blossoming, I intend to take liberties with this little brother.  The man said he had a project, looking for Xu to invest.  What is his specific project, I remember very much, because it is the kind of sounds like holding a high hit, totally irrelevant thing.  Men’s loud, but has been playing with the phone attracted a Delong.He also joined brother molested game.  Xu We know, ah, can introduce to you.But you have to give us a referral fee.Delong stroked down his bald head, joked men.  how much is it?The man asked.  The more he seriously, I meet the more bad taste.Now give me 1000 dollars, I’ll arrange for you to talk to the teacher and Xu.I look like a fair trade.(Of course, is just kidding) man said, I really have no money, and this week I have been overnight at McDonald’s.  I just saw a bad taste and the Madelung.He turned away.  This game probably molested play 10 minutes.We have been bargaining and men.From the press identity card to work in the cafe to get top wages.Two cafes next second would probably collapse entrepreneur, I do not know molesting a tough business, eager to jump into the cannon fodder.  Finally, the man suddenly from carry plastic folder, out of a real estate license.More than 70 square meters of houses, where I remember it was the property of Hangzhou.When I met with Xu Xiaoping, the economy improves, and give you the money to redeem the real estate license.You gave me a receipt.  Maldron said okay, he put his side into the real estate license, and then to write a receipt to the man on a napkin at hand.The man looked at him a look of surprise.  I almost laughed out loud.  Just could not stand.He came back to the real estate license man, told him: Xu schedule is very tight, I can not help you about him.You can talk to me talk about the project.  Men look of disappointment.  I was in bad taste and Maldron own due to extreme boredom generated some guilt.Delong said the investment before you get to the office cafe bar, not a single point, I asked the attendant to provide you Whitewater.I put my own phone number to him.My name is Ella, have the opportunity to patronize each other.  Later, he came back occasionally Cafe.Sometimes we see, will greet.  This silly game, but we have that for two months, the most difficult, most disappeared when done one thing all kinds of absurd.Soon, even the three of us have forgotten their own.  Cafe next second will go bankrupt situation, it has been extended to the end of 2012.  Later, we did pull hook net, by the end of 2013, and a chat with friends, when suddenly talking about just that afternoon, we kick down the frame, take liberties with a new friend in bad taste.  Just say, in fact, helped him to this strange man came out from extreme hardship and confusion.Just say some people for their own belief, no matter how fantasy belief in the eyes of others, but he put his entire net worth pressed in.I think that was the case three of us, although difficult, is still better than this man’s thing.  When alone so calmly and stories, I sat next to suddenly began to sob.Not because that period of time is particularly difficult and boring, nor is it because the thought was to make fun of his own lanky man feels guilty.Difficult and guilt will not let me cry.Instead, just a word, our hidden at the time doing nothing but despair to point out laughing.  I suddenly understood that time, why banlon special silence.Daughter just born, his wife full-time housewife doing, how much life stress ah.  A difficult start and despair, in fact, is a toxin, this toxin so that we did not mind not liver, Hardy to die laughing.We will even take liberties with other equally beleaguered entrepreneurs.  But thanks to this we were sarcastic and molestation.He is a real estate license just come out of the moment, I suddenly understood, everything on it, and in the end what it means.Although I did not say it.  The friend, a look of dismay, looking at the three of us.But after three seconds, he believed the story.Over the past few years, many of my friends on the streets of entrepreneurship, have encountered similar helpless entrepreneurs.In addition to their faith, almost nothing.This group of large and lonely.  Later on, pull hook nets bigger and bigger.Is precisely the pull hook net, lanky man let us make fun of the year is through recruitment week this storm pull hook nets, re-found my.  He is now a small business, with a dozen brothers, began doing their own good at the O2O business, he wanted to recruit people to expand the ranks.  I do not know how he from an overnight at McDonald’s, up to today’s.I do not know how he later forgave us bad taste in the afternoon.I believe that he does not know, in fact, precisely because of his serious and decisive, gently stimulated only three of us waiting bankrupt.  I hope we will become good friends.I hope that this planet is in trouble all the dreamers become friends.Then, we make fun of each other, and support each other, everyone is tough and not despair, weary but not lonely.